New Disney TV series “Super Awesome Katy”

New Disney TV series “Super Awesome Katy”

A new Disney TV show is currently holding auditions for new cast members. The new show is called “Super Awesome Katy” and it is Zendaya Coleman’s new project. That’s right, Zendaya has another Disney show she will be starring in and this time she is “Super Awesome”.

Zendaya, now older plays a teen whose family is in the spy business, trying to follow in her families foot steps, Zendaya wants to be a teenage spy herself. Zendaya plays Katy… a super awesome wiz kid who is great at almost anything but really great at computers and science. Since “Shake It Up” is finally over, it’s great that Zendaya will be getting another show and another cast to support her in the new Disney Channel series.

So Zendaya gets the lead role, but rumor has it that other great parts are still up for grab and casting directors are still holding auditions and casting calls for supporting roles and guest stars for various episodes.

Rob Lotterstein, of ‘Shake It Up’ is also going to produce this new Disney channel Pilot, and the show, if it gets picked up by the Disney Channel. Right now the show is in its pilot stage and if Disney likes the pilot, they will pick up the show and make it into a full blown series.

Disney Channel 2014 auditions

If this Disney TV pilot goes into full series production, we can expect to see it on air either late in 2014 or early in 2015…. and we all hope that Disney does pick it up because Zendaya needs a new project and those wishing to also audition and get on the show hope that it all works out.

So who do you think should star alongside of Zendaya Coleman in this new show? Do you have some great actors in mind…. use the comment section to let everyone know about who should get the casting call for “Super Awesome Katy”.

Zendaya casting call for new show

Since we love pretty much everything Disney, this show sounds great and hopefully it will become a new series giving lots of others a way to get on a Disney Channel show…. including background extras who will get hired once the show goes into full production.

For anyone that questions Zendaya’s popularity, you can check out this video that has over 37 million views:

We know that Zendaya gets the lead role but it would be great to see who else auditions for the coveted roles and who aces their audition and actually gets the gig.

206 thoughts on “New Disney TV series “Super Awesome Katy”

  1. Tommya Davis

    I would be excellent for this show!I can do anything you ask. I can dance, sing, and act out any part. I always give it my all, and never give up.
    Here’s a description of me:
    African American
    12 years
    Light/ Dark Brown Hair
    Brown Eyes
    I would be amazing for this.

  2. Kylee Richard

    My name is Kylee Richard. I’ve been in show business for 4 years now! I’m 12 years old but look older! I’m black/white! I’m 5’0, very outgoing and fun. I can travel anywhere and work anytime. I’m home schooled so I can act. You can find me on Instagram @kylee.richard! Also I have black eyes and dark brown hair. So if you need me I free when ever.

  3. Ilaria

    I would like to participate in this new TV series, it sounds awesome! Here’s a description of me:
    11 years old, Italian/American, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes.
    Please, please, please contact me if you’re interested!

  4. Britney

    Hi, my name is Britney. I’m fifteen years old, and I love acting. I grew up watching Disney channel, and it would mean so much to me to have the oppurtunity to act on Disney channel. When I was in eighth grade, I was so lucky to receive the Best Actress Award out of the 7th-12th grades. Being able to act on Disney channel would be a dream come true. Thank you for your time.

  5. koko igboanugo

    Hey my name is koko igboanugo.
    age: 13 years
    Birthday: may 13 2001
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 155
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: brown
    Race: African American

  6. Justine

    Hi, I’m Justine. I am 10 years old and I would love to be on “Super Awesome Katy” I have always loved the idea of being on Disney Channel and doing what I love best acting and showing off my talent,This would be an amazing opportunity as a beginner actress PLEASE contact me if you are interested!

  7. Maria Sanchez

    Hi, My name is Maria Sanchez. I would love to audition for the role! I can sing, I can speak fluent English and am currently learning Spanish. It would be a dream come true.
    Description of myself;
    Dark brown hair
    Light brown eyes
    Currently 15 years old (turning 16 in September)
    I was also diagnosed at the age of 9 with type 1 diabetes
    Reply if interested. Thanks for taking your time and reading this.

  8. Pamela Navarrete

    Hello my Name is Pamela Navarrete. I would like to audition for the Fairest of the Mall. I am 13 years old I speak two languages which are English and Spanish fluently. I auditioned for an agency and they were only picking 5 kids out of 1,000 kids. I was lucky to have been one of those five kids and I hope I’m one of the lucky kids to audition for this part. I take my acting very seriously but I loosen up and just have fun acting, not only is my dream, it’s also my passion. I love to know I make people laugh and smile. I am a very fast learner I hope you contact me soon for this audition. Thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Eva Freund

    Hi, I’m Eva. I’m 14 years old and Caucasian. I’m very interested in this TV show and I believe that I can get the role. Thanks for reading!

  10. magda kuczek

    Hi I’m Magda, I’m 12 almost 6ft tall. I love to sing and dance. I like to have fun my favorite band is r5. I would love to work with ross lynch, selena gomez and zendaya. I think they are awesome. I love the voice and no matter what people say, I still believe that I will be an actor or singer… thanks for reading.

  11. Taylor

    Hi! My name is Taylor, I am 13 and love to sing and act! I have wanted to be an actress since I was little. I have grown up watching Disney channel and think that this would be a great opportunity! Please reply what you thank! Thank you!

  12. Malajah hardy

    I’m really interesting in this show and I’m African American and Hispanic. I have brown eyes, dark brown hair and I’m 11 years old, if interested contact me.

  13. Taliyah Jones

    Hi, I am Taliyah jones. I know that I can bring the character alive. Mostly when I read, I really use expression to bring out the character.
    My Description:
    12 years old, Female, 5’2, 106 lbs., African-American, I also Sing.

  14. Nicky Norris

    I’m very interested in the show, 15, Caucasian, blonde, green eyes,
    please contact me if interested.

  15. Isabella Marchena

    HI! It would be my wish come true!

    Colombian (but know english)
    black hair
    11 years old
    black eyes

    Contact me if interested!

  16. Keilly Miranda

    Hello. I’ve read the description of this new show, and I am totally interested!
    It seems like an amazing show!
    Here is a description of me.
    dark brown hair
    light brown eyes
    13 years old

    Contact me if interested.

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