Disney Show Casting ‘Mighty Med’

It’s A Laugh Productions and the Disney Channel are at it again for a new 2013 Disney show called ‘Mighty Med’.

Disney New Show
Disney Channel Auditions 2013

Tryouts for the cast of the new Disney show are beginning. Disney casting directors are in the process of finding the cast which includes the starring roles and the supporting roles for the show. The Disney casting directors are now searching for the 3 teens that will get the leading roles, 2 teen boys and 1 teen girl.


Disney’s ‘Mighty Med’ is currently in the casting and pre-production stage and will begin filming in February 2013 with the shows premiere also being later in 2013.

The new Disney show is boy oriented and will eventually air on Disney’s sister network, Disney XD.

The new show will be executive produced by Jim Bernstein and Andrew Schwartz. The 2 men have worked on numerous shows for both Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

At the moment the new Disney show is auditioning the main cast as well other recurring roles. In 2013 when the show begins filming, extras and stand-ins will be cast to fill the scenes. The extras casting for Disney will be done by Central casting. If you are interested in being a Disney show extra, you will need to register with Central Casting in Los Angeles.

To register to be an extra you will most likely need to come into their office, then once filming begins, extras will be selected from the people that they have registered on their books.

About the show:
Mighty Med has the word Med in the title because it is a show that centers on a hospital. Not just any hospital, but a hospital that treats super heroes.

Mighty Med is about comic books and comic book super heroes. Mighty Med is about two very close friends named Kaz and Oliver and a comic book superhero. The 2 boys are big fans of comics and as such go to work in a super secret clinic for super heroes.

At the hospital they are now working at, Kaz and Oliver meet Skyler Storm. Skyler Storm is in the hospital because a villian named The Vulture, worked his Voodoo and erased her super powers. After Kaz and Oliver meet Skylar, they decide that they must help her regain the super powers that Skylar had lost. The 3 characters set out on an adventure with Skylar as they also hold their new jobs at the super hero hospital.

Disney’s new 1/ 2 hour comedy series, The Mighty Med is in the works now and those wanting their chance at a spot in the cast need to act quickly!

87 thoughts on “Disney Show Casting ‘Mighty Med’

  1. Miranda

    Hi my name is Miranda Perez and I’ve been wanting to be an actress since before I started kindergarten. I finished my acting school and barley took my head shots. I want to act for as long as I can. I haven’t gotten my head shots yet but I do have a picture that I always use. So please consider me for a part PLEASE.

  2. Karina Guadalupe

    Hi my name is Karina Guadalupe and i have been interested in working with Disney channel and Disney xd. I really hope you will give me a chance in working in this new tv series mighty med.I live in California and I hope you can contact me soon by email.
    Age: 14
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown

  3. kyrin

    name; kyrin stuart
    age: 13
    height : 5’3
    weight : 98p
    hair: dark brown
    eyes : dark brown
    things you should know

    1. I’m a extremely fast learner in grade 2, I memorized a 7 pg. script as lead in 2 hours
    2. I have been in 4 seven pg. plays
    3. I work well and stay calm with everyone because of my brother he has autism
    4. I can play piano
    5. I follow orders
    6. I’ve been to all the islands in the Caribbean
    7. I may appear shy but when I open up, bammm, firework
    8. I can speak French, German, Spanish and Hawaiian
    9, I live in Canada with moose and polar bears
    10. I know how to have fun

    Being on this show would mean the world to because not everyone gets to make it and some people might give up but I will get right back up and try again and as many times as I must because that’s life, I’m ready, I’m willing, I’ll do anything just to be in the footsteps of who I look up to and I love the idea. I know I’m perfect for the job.

  4. Justin bureau

    Im 11 coming up on 12 in August. I’m not professional but my friends and family say I’m amazing. All I want is one chance and I know if you are willing people, you will understand.

  5. Patricia F

    I’m Patricia.
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: green
    Skin: light
    hobby: rhythmic gymnastics

    I’m just an ordinary teen who has a dream to be an actress. I dreamed of it since I was 8. Can you please email me more about the audition.
    Thank you!!!

  6. Carrie St.Germain

    Hi my name is Carrie St. Germain, I am fifteen years old and I have always had the same dream. My dream has been to become an actress or a model. I grew up on stage, and fell in love with both acting and modeling at a young age. To me nothing in this world could compare to the rush of preforming on stage. I’m good at memorizing lines, and I love making people laugh! I’m an easy-going fun girl that understands when its time to get to work. I would love this once in a lifetime chance to have my dreams become a reality. I’m a highly determined person and wont be giving up my dream so easily. I’m not in it for the fame, or money, I want to inspire people to follow there dreams and hopefully have them love acting and modeling as much as I personally do. I want to tell a story whether it be from a script on a screen or through clothing in a magazine. I don’t just want, I need, or better yet crave this opportunity to do what I love. You should contact me because I’m different. I’m one of a kind, and that’s just what you need. I can bring what no one else can.
    Thank you for the opportunity to apply, I hope to hear from you in the future.

  7. Allie Cassidy

    I’m Allie

    Favorite band: “My Chemical Romance”

    Age: 12, 1-11-01

    Height: 5 in a half

    Gender: female

    Religion: Christian

    Hair: Brown

    Eyes: Green/Brown (hazel)

    I love acting and singing a lot. Most of the time I would randomly just sing MCR songs. I’m awesome like that, lol.
    Email me if you think I would be good for any auditions!

  8. Blair Masco

    Name: Blair Masco
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’1
    weight: 85
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: short, brown
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hi! I love acting, and will devote all my time and energy
    to it. I have gone to two years of a summer acting camp,
    which held four productions each summer, a school
    play-“The wizard of Oz”, and a college level play at the
    local University. I am very interested in having a role in
    your new show, “Mighty Med”. Thank you for
    considering me, and good luck!

  9. Sarah Werth

    Hair:Dirty Blonde and slightly wavy
    Eyes:A bright Blue
    Hobbies:Singing, acting, Exploring, Reading
    Extra: I have been in 5 different community plays. Multiple you tube videos. Love being center of attention yet like meeting others. Have always wanted to be an actress/singer sinse I was 2.

  10. Meg Howell

    Hello, my comment may not stand out from the others but that’s what I like to do. I’m 13, have blond hair, blue eyes. I love to be different and elaborate. Every moment in life is an adventure. I have little acting experience but right now I have the main part in my school play and in the past I have been in church plays as well. I used to take tap dancing lessons for two years in a row. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I would love to be in this show so contact me if wanted!

  11. Neha

    I am a 13 year old girl with dark brown eyes and black hair as well as an ardent passion for theater. I have been training with a working actor for four years now and would absolutely love the opportunity to audition for this incredible show!

  12. Hanna Capezzuto

    Hi I’m Hanna Capezzuto I live in Palm Harbor, FL. I’m short 4,8 and I’m 13 years old. I have a very outgoing personality and I have dreamed about acting. I have taken many acting classes, musical theater, and drama club. Please email me if your interested.

  13. Waltavious Love

    Age – 14
    Height- 4’11
    Weight- 115
    Eyes- black
    Ethnic- African American
    Really want to be an actor, when I saw zack and cody. I am a good actor and very hardworking. Please email me, I really want a role in the show.

  14. Jill

    HI! I’m 11 and I’m from Racine, Wisconsin. I have taken acting classes and I’ve been in many plays. My dream is to be as good as an actor as Zendaya or Selena Gomez. I’ve always wanted to be on Disney Channel and this could help me get more experience in acting.
    Could you PLEASE email me back if you think that I can be a star someday.

  15. chloe

    I’m 11 and I live in Nebraska. I’ve wanted to be on disney my whole life. I want to be like Olivia Holt or Sellena Gomez someday.

  16. Destiny carrell

    Hi my name’s Destiny and I’m 5’5 from Texas. I’m 17 turning 18 in May. I have always had a passion for acting and recently just started acting school. I graduate in June and am going to go to college for performing arts. I have been told I have a gift of being able to transform into any character role I am given. This sounds like the perfect opportunity to help me advance and pursue my dreams. I know in order to do this you have to have determination and passion. I am a hard worker and I promise if you give me the chance you will not regret it! please just consider me. Thank you! (:

  17. Michael Edward mclain

    Hi, I’m Michael Edward Mclain. I have brown hair, blue eyes, and I’m 5’5. My birth name is Michael Edward Omalley but I’m getting it changed officially. I am 18 years old turning 19 in May. I graduate this year and going to college for acting and I would like to try for an audition.

  18. Nancy N

    age: 13
    gender: female
    height: 4’9 – I know I’m shorter then most 13 year old girls
    weight: 62
    Ethnicity: Asian (Canadian)
    Hair: dark brown, curly -I fell like the only Asian girl that has curly Hair
    Eyes: brown
    I have some experience in acting (only in my school though…) I get a lot of comments when I perform. I usually never see any Asian actors on Disney. (except for Brenda song and others) so it seems a little hard for a short Asian girl to get on the show but I think I have the talents to do so.
    Thanks for reading! 🙂

  19. Kenja Hicks

    Age: 12
    Race: African American
    Birthday:December 27, 2000

    I have been in one school play for two years and that was my thanksgiving play ”Terry and the Turkey” and I was Terry. I did a little dancing in majorette and praise.

  20. Jay Davis

    Name : Gerald Davis (known as Jay Davis)
    Age : 13
    Height : 4″9 – 4″11
    Ethnicity : Tan Skin / African-American

    I am a creative and fun-spirited person and also goofy at times but I am very hard-working and prosperous.

  21. Stephanie Rybkiewicz

    Hi, my name is Stephanie. I am 11 years old, I am 5’5 and am about 110 pounds. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. I have always dreamed about being on television. Extremely because it’s disney channel. I am always used to traveling, and noise. So, anything that has travel or noise count me in. I’m a baseball player, who plays on a boys team. Also, I play basketball. Which shows I am very athletic. Thank You. Hope you like it.

  22. Jalissa

    Gender: female
    Hi I’m Jalissa and I live in Tampa Florida. I’ve been looking for some acting auditions; My dream is to become an actor and be like Selena gomez. I want to try out and am looking forward to this Disney thing. I love disney channel.

  23. Faith

    And I’m really shy if you don’t know me but once you get to know me I’m kinda crazy,and funny. And I do track and I’m going to do volleyball.

  24. Faith

    Age: 11
    Gender: Female
    Height: about 89 pounds
    Wieght:about 4’2″
    Hair: black short
    Eyes: Dark brown
    I’m 11 years old and I want to be a model, actor, or singer. I love watching Disney Channel and Disney XD. I love to sing and dance and I’ve always wanted to be a singer or actor. So please if you have a place for me I would like to audition. And I live in Houston TX.

  25. Brycen Hinsley

    Hi! I am Brycen I am sixteen years old from Houston, Texas. I would love a chance to be a cast member in such a great show!
    Hair:mid/lower back lengh, dirty blonde.
    Thank you!

  26. Victoria L

    Name: Victoria L
    Age: 13 1/2
    Gender: female
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 119 pounds
    Hair: black and wavy
    Eyes: dark brown
    Ethnicity: Asian ( most people think I’m Asian-American)

    Hello, I’m Victoria. I would love to be part of this film. I take ballet classes here but I don’t have many experience about acting, it’s really rare here in my place. I hope I could have a chance to audition for this project. I hope you will have time to read my comment and contact me. If you don’t mind, can’t you please email me more about the audition.

    Thank you so much.

  27. Gabriela Cabrera

    Hi i’m Gabby, I am 13 years old but I will turn 14 in about a week. I was once in Annie when I was younger, I played Molly. I was also in Ballet and Cheerleading. People say I can sing really good but I don’t know. I have always been interested in acting and I thought why not give it a shot. I have experience. Please contact me it you have any questions of if you think I have a shot. Thank you for your time:)

  28. Kelly

    Height: 5’2
    Age: 15
    Weight: 115
    Hair: medium to dark brown shoulder length.
    Eyes: chocolate brown
    Hi my name is Kelly. I would love to be a part of this project. I love acting but I don’t have a lot of experience. I think this show is going to be fun and I would love to be a part of it! I think I would be perfect for the role of Skylar because I always pictured myself playing a super hero and on Disney. I think I was meant to play this part. I’m fun, full of energy and am ready to take on this part!

  29. vannity crooms

    Hi my name is Vannity and I love the disney channel show Jessie. I’m 14 turning 15 this year and I would love to be on the sitcom mighty med it sounds fun and adventurous. I’ve been watching disney ever since I was 6. I had told my mom that I wanted to be an actress and so she said are are you sure you want to pursue this new life, I paused and had said yes, mom. I have never been so sure in my life and she hugged me and said go for it make your dream come true.

  30. Rusti Gillis

    Hi my name is Rusti and I am 13 years old. I really think auditioning for Disney channel shows will help me become the actress that I want to be. I have been in plays since I was 5 at my church every Christmas. I want to pursue the dream I have had of becoming famous from acting. It would be a dream come true if I can have this dream come to life. I can make a person laugh, I’m so fun and outgoing but when you first meet me I might be a little shy, but I overcome it. Thank you so much for reading this! I hope I will be able to make it to the audition!

  31. shareka grundy

    HELLO!! I’m so excited Disney is planning to do auditions for a new show. I would love if you would consider contacting me. I am 14 years old and a very funny and out going person. I believe I can do what ever I put my mind to!! thank you for the time to read my short description.

  32. Star Holiday

    Hi my name is Star. I am 12. I have dark long hair with dark brown eyes. I have white fair skin and I weigh 75 pounds. I would love to play in your role mighty med. I love singing and acting. My dream was to be on the disney channel forever. please reply.

  33. Mona dk

    I’m Mona and I’m from Europe.
    I can talk Dutch, French and English .
    I would like to play the girl!


  34. Tamiya Williams


    I have a 14 year old daughter name Tamiya Williams. She has a ton of Personality. She is in 8th grade, She has good grades, Plays Basketball, she’s a Cheerleader and also a Jr. Captain for the Jazz Steppers Drill Team. She walks in a lot of the local hair & fashion shows. She is only 4’9 tall & weigh 125lbs. *Photos on Request*

  35. jaylee m

    I am a female who has curly golden hair. I am 11 but I look 13 or 14. I weigh 130 pounds. I have blue green eyes. I have never acted on tv, only leads in school plays. I have always wanted to act on disney and I also want to show everyone what I can do.

    1. jaylee m

      I would like to be the teenage girl.

      1. jaylee m

        I am very mature when I need to be but I still am very funny. I would love it so VERY much like it if you could send an email to me. It would mean the world to me 🙂

  36. britney trinh

    Hi, my name is Britney Trinh and it has been my dream to be an actress my whole life. I would love to get the role of the teen girl, I have also heard that I am a very good actress from my friends. It will be the most amazing experience if I get chosen. So will you please give me a chance?

  37. Natasha-lee Bosman

    Hi my name is Natasha-lee Bosman but every one calls me Tashi. This sounds like a wonderful show for me and I will be honored to get the part !! I’m from South Africa. I am 14 in April and born 23/04/1999.I have long brown hair and blue eyes. Since I was young, I always wanted to become an actress and to star on Disney channel. It is my biggest dream and I will love to fulfill that dream . If you can just e-mail me back with more info , it will be great !!
    LOVE Natasha !!

  38. alayna dickerson

    Hello my name is Alayn Dickerson, I’m 16 years old and I live in California. I love to act and I’m great at it. I’m 5’7, have brown blond hair, and my eyes are gold, green and brown. I am devoted to acting. thank you for your time.

  39. Taylor Ingram

    I’m 17
    Medium length brown hair.
    5′ 3″
    I’d like to audition for either of the main female leads or just be an extra.

  40. jaquavian

    I’m a boy and a teen who will like to be in this role. I’m black, tall, brown eyes, fun and outgoing. People will love me. People tell me that I should be on tv a lot. So please email me when I can have this part, I think it’s really cool. Jaquavian Hawkins is a special name to be heard on tv, ps I’m not ugly.

  41. Jorayah Adams

    Ethnicity: African American
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 136 pounds
    Eye Color: brown
    Age: 12 but can pass for a 13 or 14
    Who I want to audition for: Skylar
    Why: As a little kid every Disney channel movie mostly was about super hero kids. So I would love to play a person with special powers in this movie. I am interjectic and I absolutely love acting
    Questions or callback: Please contact me at the email provided

  42. Lexi.V

    Hello my name is Lexi v I would be so honored and so VERY happy to have a try out for this disney channel show. About me: hair-blonde/brown Eyes-blue. I’m from South Africa, gauteng, johannesburg and I am 15 years old. I would really love to audition for a part in “mighty med” IT WOULD just be sooooo amazing just to even have a supporting role in the television show. Acting is so much fun, it expresses the side of you, you never show and just to be out there and out going and meet new people! Acting is a passion for me, and would do anything for it! Thank you for reading this. Lex

  43. Funmi Akinyemi

    Funmi Akinyemi
    age: 15
    Ethnicity: African
    Country: Australia, South Australia
    height: 5’7
    weight: 54 kilos

    I love acting and am willing to do anything to make my dreams come true. It would be amazing if I can hear back from you. Thank you.

  44. Savannah hemstreet

    Name: Savannah Hemstreet
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 130
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Dirty Blond/Light Brown

    Hey, I’m Savannah and I’m like every teen out there with high ambitions and huge dreams. Which you probably get by the thousands, but it doesn’t faze me much! My dream is to pursue a career in the arts. I take a strong passion for my singing (which has been a part of me from the beginning) and guitar playing. Along with that I’ve been in sports most of my life, playing competitive softball state to state and highschool basketball. So I have a strong understanding of commitment and giving full effort. With that I’ve been in my highschool’s first show choir so I think I also have a good understanding of entertaining along with my never-seems-to-frown personality of always smiling. Being in this TV show would mean me learning the aspects of behind the camera and learning more about myself and my abilities as a person. Thank you for taking your time reading this, it means so much.

  45. I’m Cindy, I’m 14, I’m 5’2″, I’m in drama plays. I love to meet new people I’ll even show you my résumé that I have and I’m a hard worker. Would love to be on disney!

  46. Diane Sevele

    I’m Diane Sevele, I’m 16 and I would like to be a part of your show, it will mean the world to me, it will be a dream come true. 🙂 thanks

  47. Preston Long

    I would be great for one of the parts of one of the two teen boys.

  48. Sarah

    height: 5’4
    ethnicity: caucasian
    hai: long, auburn
    eyes: blue
    weight: 150

    Hey! My name is Sarah. I’m not a professional but I would love to audition for this show! I’m fun and outgoing but I can also be serious. I love to play sports, sing, and act. That’s why I think I would be perfect for this show! Thank you.

  49. Silas

    I’m a teen experienced actor in a search of my big break, please may I know where the main cast auditions are, where about, and if it is possible to audition Worldwide through video auditions or any other sort of audition. I’m an African American 15 year old Kid. Thanks.

  50. Christina Trexler

    Height: 5’8?
    Age: 12 (Although I am often told I look 14/15)
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Hair: Very long chocolatly brown
    Eyes: Chocolatly Brown
    Skin: Fair
    Rase: Caucasian
    Gender: Female
    Hobbies: Singing, acting, math, watching movies.

    Hello, my name is Christina Trexler and although I am just another youth trying to achieve their dream, I believe I am highly capable of fulfilling anything you wish of me. I am a very good student and a fast learner and if you were to choose me then anything you may want to change about something I say or do or have it will immediately change, no questions asked. I have a great sense of humor and I have enjoyed being in character ever since I was beginning grade school. I am not going to say this is a dream because dreams can change but this is more of a goal because I always strive to achieve my goals. This may not even be read but If it is I hope you enjoy the fact that I tried and I know you probably hear this stuff alot but please consider me and contact me on my email. I am fully developed and I will be able to understand anything you say and reply with respect. Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  51. shai

    Hi, my name is Shai, I’m 12 years old, 5’2″, weight 98, and I would love to audition for the part of Oliver in mighty med. I have experience, my agent is kristian sorge and I love acting plus I love, love, love reading comic books, I’m not kidding it tells more, than just words and that’s why I think I’m perfect for that part. I am also African-American.

  52. Jesus Rangel

    Hi My name is Jesus, I am 15 years old. I like to Rap and sing. I think I would be perfect for the job. I am a hard worker and don’t give up.

  53. Sierra Martin

    Name: Sierra Martin
    Age: 14
    Hair: black
    Ethnicity: African American/White
    I started thinking about acting when I was 11 and singing when I was 10. It would be a dream come true to be acting likes some of my role models ( Demi Lovato , Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus.) I don’t want this for the fame nor the money. I act and sing because its my dream. Having the opportunity to act with places as big as Disney and nickelodeon have always been my goal. I consider myself unique and funny. I can be a total drama queen and put on my diva act. Just as well, I could put on a sad face and have Niagara Falls pouring down my face. If the script says to cry my eyes out then I’m prepared to do that. I listen very well and catch on fast. If I’m doing something wrong just tell me what you want me to be doing and I guarantee you total satisfaction. You should pick me for this part because even though I’m not a complete professional I could convince anyone that I’m the closest thing you will get to it.

  54. Miranda

    I have wanted to be an actor my whole life, I am 12. I have brown eyes and I dance, sing and act. I want to tryout so bad please consider me.

  55. skye perkins

    Hey! My name is Jada Perkins, I’m 12 yrs old. I live Brooklyn N.Y. My hobbies are playing European Handball, Double Dutch, writing Horror stories and Cheer leading. I started my own consignment shop called “Skye Boutique” for little girls. My personality is very fun . I love to laugh and make other people laugh too. I’m a very hard worker, pay attention and listen well. I know that your looking for experienced actors but I know with hard work and dedication I can do the job . I never took acting classes before, you would think I did the way i act. I’ve done school plays and local modeling jobs for my mother friends, that’s about it . My goal is to work hard at my craft and rise to the top. My dream is to be a successful actress and model. I would love to be on a Disney show i love all there show on the channel. Well Thank You I hope to hear from you.

  56. quanisha

    hey I’m 15 years old and I love acting and would want to do this show or at least tryout. I really love to meet new people, I’m very fun to hang out with so please get a message, Thanks you.

  57. marshelle kemp

    Name: Marshelle Kemp
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: African American
    I’ve always loved acting but I fell in love with it when I saw my role model, Selena Gomez in a movie called Wizards of Waverly Place. Ever since I saw that I fell in love with acting. I’m good at memorizing lines and making people laugh. I’d love to pursue my acting career and being in this movie would help. I’m not in it for the fame. I’m in it to be me and to tell a story to people. I want to be able to inspire people like Selena Gomez did for me. you should email me because I’m different, I’m not like everyone else, I’m just me. thanks!

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply. Look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

  58. angelica

    Hi 🙂 my name is Angelica! I’m 13 years old, I have brown hair, brown eyes and I’m about 4’11. I would love to do this show! I love acting too, sometimes and do little plays in front of my family! 🙂 some hobbies I have are dancing and cheering! I would love to here back from you!
    Thank you!

  59. Emily Gonzales

    I’m 14 and I love being friendly and making people laugh. I’m never shy at all and and easy learner . Acting is my dream and I won’t give up on it. I would love if I star on the show, it would be a wish come true & Disney channel is a dream to be on. I would be extremely excited to audition for Mighty Med ! I do cheer and tumbling too . Thank you !

  60. Mackenzie Eurkaitis

    Hi, I’m not a professional yet but I would love love to audition for Mighty Med! I’ve been in my school plays and I’m curently in several acting classes! I’m also working on singing and playing guitar 🙂 please consider me! I would never give up and I know that whatever role you give me at auditions (if you accept me) I can bring to life!!! thank you so much everyone 😀 KENZI

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