Disney Dance Audition – Shake It Up “Make Your Mark”

Disney Dance Audition – Shake It Up “Make Your Mark”

Dance Auditions for Disney Channel 2013 – Tryouts.

Do you think you have the dance moves to rival Zendaya? here is your chance to prove it. Disney’s Shake It Up is holding a dance contest for dancers 8 to 16 years old!

Disney’s Shake It Up Make Your Mark is now holding auditions for 2012 and 2013.

If you are a fan of Shake It Up and love to dance, here is your chance to audition for Disney’s top dance show. This is the dance off where dancers can audition by uploading videos of themselves.

Whatever your dance style is, Disney wants to check it out. This is the ultimate Disney dance competition and the winners will be selected by the Disney Channel for a chance to be on “Shake It Up”.

Disney auditions-2013
Dance Contest

The Make Your Mark: Shake It Up, is the dance contest that may make one lucky solo dancer or dance group a star. Video auditions are now being accepted online and six finalists will be able to compete live, on TV. The Disney Channel will have the finalists perform on the show. Disney Channel stars Zendaya and Bella Thorne will be there as well as celebrity judges who will ultimately pick the winner of the “Shake It Up” dance contest. One lucky solo dancer or a dance team will win the dance off and get guest star role on “Shake It Up” in 2013, when the new season airs.

The winners of the dance off, and anyone who applies, must be between 8 and 16 years old, have permission from their parents, and create a dance video to one of Disney’s approved songs. Dancers can be solo or a group of 5 or less.

The dance video must be 30 to 45 seconds in length. 45 seconds is the max and may be disqualified if the video goes over that time. You must use the version of the songs that Disney provides which you can see below.

Also, they ask that dancers ONLY dance. No singing is allowed. The Disney Channel also asks that dancers be age appropriate and not wear any clothing or shoes that has any brand logos on them. Anyone who doesn’t follow their guidelines may be disqualified.

Here’s a few more tips from them:
Use light, make sure that your video is well lit with natural sunlight or lights.

Don’t dance in front of an open window or any very bright light sources as it may create a bad effect. Light should come from behind the camera and shine on you. Not from behind you shining into the camera.

Have someone else hold the camera for you to prevent camera movement.

Do not overly edit the video or add any effects. Producers want to see you dance, not your editing or effects skills.

Focus on your dance moves and performance.

Be at a good distance from the camera. Make sure that you are in the video completely. Do not cut off your hands or feet.

Don’t do any risky moves or moves that some people may think are rude or reckless.

Here is what you will need:

Your parents permission

The songs they would like you to dance to which include songs from Zendaya, CoCo Jones and Bella Thorne. You can find the songs here and download them so that you can play them and dance to them.

You must be a legal resident of the United States.

You have until August 6th to perfect your dance moves, create your video and upload it. Producers will announce the winners on September 14th.

The producers are seeking videos that utilize original, creative choreography and showcase the technique, artistry, personality and television appeal of the Dancer or dancers. If you are a group, they would like to see how well you work as a group. Producers of the show may pick up to 10 dancers or dance teams to feature on TV in the Shake It Up dance contest.

You can apply for the show here and Make Your Mark.

87 thoughts on “Disney Dance Audition – Shake It Up “Make Your Mark”

  1. Ariel

    Hi my name is Ariel Hampton. I love watching disney channel shake it up. I like dancing so much people talk about me call me names but I always, I always shine on the dance floor. I hope to be on disney channel because this is something I dance for.

  2. katie ososki

    I love to dance, me and my group have a routine and we just don’t know how to sign up. there’s me which my name is Katie, I’m 11 years old, next there’s Kaylee who is ll also. lastly there’s Savannah and Rylee, also 11.

  3. Rosie

    My name is Rose. I have been dancing my whole life. I really want to do this. I wanted to be an actress and dancer this would be a really good start along with doing charities. I love charities. I went to three different dance classes and I loved them. I did cheer and gymnastics too. so I think this would be good for me I hope I get picked!!!!!

  4. Rosie

    My name is Rose. I’m 12 years old I been dancing since I was so little. I love to dance. I do hip hop, jazz, and ballet. I think I would be good for this because I have been wanting to be a dancer and actress for a long time. This would be a dream come true. I would wanna do lots of charities while I’m doing the make your mark and after.

    1. sorry about that I didn’t get to finish because of the phone so I started a new one. above

  5. Paige McElrath

    I love to dance, it’s my life at my dance studio and I’m on the top and it’s so fun. I hope they pick me and my friend because we love it so much.

  6. Preston and Colton

    Hi our names are Preston and Colton and we are here to make our mark. We are 11 years old. We love to dance, it is our passion we have been practicing all summer for shake it up dance competition 2013. We love shake it up. We know we are to old to be watching it but since it’s about dancing we love it. We step on that stage and it takes us to a different world like if we where the only ones there. A lot of people say we cant make it, it’s near impossible but if we set our minds to it we can do anything. we also have good tricks to show y’all for this competition. We are inspired by a lot of dance like Rocky and Cece. When we where little we saw break dancers dancing on the side walk asking for tips and ever since then it’s our main hobby. Dance, dance and more dancing. I hope y’all consider picking us. Thank y’all for reading this.

  7. I want to impress Zendaya because this is a life long dream. I always wanted to be on tv with you. By the way I want to bring in my friend Zian and we are 9 yrs old and we are turning 10 next year . Zian has dark brown hair and I, Karilyn have jet black hair, see you soon. By the way you are our favorite role model Zendaya and Bella .

  8. gracie

    I love to audition! I always wanted to be on Disney channel and now thanks to this website I’m on shake it up!!

  9. iga

    I really wish to be on disney channel. My name is Iga and I am 10 years old, my b-day is on July 3.

  10. Jasmine

    My name is jasmine, I am nine years old. I want to audition for shake it up make your mark because I love to dance and it was a dream of mine to be on Disney channel ever since I was 6.

  11. Kayla Gibson

    I’m 9 and my sister is 7. We want perform together, what should I do?

  12. So my name is Karilyn and my friends and I are nine. We watch your shows everyday because you guys are our most favorite dancers. (Your at the top of the list).The reason why we ask to audition is because we want to be on the show with you ever since we watched your shows we are like I want to dance with Bella Thorne and Zendaya. Oh and FYI my friends names are Zian , Takaiya , Jema ,and Janiyah. We are really looking forward to this and we really hope we can impress you Zendaya and thanks for letting us audition. We all think your a passionate teenager.:)

  13. Kelly

    I want to audition but I don,t know where To post my video. Could you send me the information please I love shake it up and dancing makes me happy.

  14. charity rose provorse

    I have been dancing since I was 3 and I wish I could be on shake it up. I just love to dance and sing.

  15. Ellie K.

    I want to SHAKE IT UP

  16. Jacinda

    I have been dancing since I was 2 years old and since then I have had a passion for dancing at 13. I want to be a dancer and I know this is a good chance for me to succeed in dancing! 🙂

  17. aalirah blackshear

    Me and my friends Shaniyah and Kya live in Griffin, GA. Me and Sya are 11 and Shaniyah is 9 we all liked shake it up so please watch us for the competition.

  18. ashland attaway

    Hey my name is Ashland and I will like to join make your mark also. I am 10 years old.

  19. Katie

    Hi I’m Katie Gables and my friends and I love to dance when we are just playing around and my mom says that we are really good at it. We would love to be on the show.

  20. Joline

    Hi there,
    I’m Joline and it’s just great to have found a site like this. All my life I’ve been wanting to act in front of thousands of people. Give others the hope to reach out for their dreams and never give up. I love acting and drama and I really want to show the world what I’m capable of and make my family proud.

    I’m currently 12 turning 13 in august. I just really want to kick start my life with fun doing what I love and being true to myself. And thanks to acting and drama classes it really helps me to be myself and not what everyone else wants to be. Since when I was young I would always put on different accents and voices, stand in front of the mirror, do funny actions and try to be someone else. I like to mimic television shows, the dialogue and all. I have been doing this since the age of 4.

    Watching all those movies with great female actress like Jessica Alba, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lawrence has made me realize that I too want to act in tv shows, movies and others. I want to show the world they can become what they believe in. I want to show that they too have a dream a goal that can be accomplished. I would love to be a great role model for others so they too can accomplish the impossible. I believe in miracles and someday I hope my dream will succeed.

  21. summer

    I hope they pick me, finally I could do something exciting for once, my brother and sister always get everything. I do not want everything but I want this!

  22. Hey. I’m Panagiota Petrou and I’m 15 years old. I have dance experience for 5 years. I love dancing and singing too. I love to make the others laugh. You really should pick me.

  23. Ashley

    Also we are trying out a few other things like singing and acting so this will be just the beginning for us, please choose us and if you have a name for more than 6 in a group please comment thanks!

    1. cayla

      Hey Ashley I also think they should choose you and your partners for make your mark because you guys probably are GREAT dancers. I want to get put on make your mark also,but it isn’t a competition right? My partner and I are also auditioning for make your mark for this year,but not everybody can be a winner right? Maybe we can chat more about make your mark. Plus if we chat on this website we can find out if we have stuff in common. Exactly right now one thing that I have in common with you is… we both want to be chosen to be on make your mark this summer.I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope you can watch my video when I put the video online. I will tell you exactly when I put the video online. PLEASE write back to me today as soon as possible. PLEASE hurry and write back today before 10:00 tonight. Can you please write back to me between now and about 8:00. PLEASE?

      1. Candace

        Hey, how do you know there will be another competition this year? When will they update the site and put the stuff up?

    2. cayla

      Can you reply now?

  24. Ashley

    Me and my friends are going to audition for the shake it up dance. We are so excited. This will be a fun activity because we LOVE to dance and we take dance lessons so i think we will have a great time! 🙂

    1. cayla

      Hey sorry I could not finish my first comment, but your first comment about you and your partners love to dance I believe you. You guys will have a great time with your dancing on your audition I promise you will have a great time dancing.:)

  25. Qua Mcbroom

    Hi , my name is Qua Mcbroom.
    Birthdate: May 13, 2000
    Race: African American
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 110
    State: Oklahoma
    City: Del City
    Zip Code: 73159
    I’m trying to audition because all I do is dance in my free time. I never have anything to do so I’m trying to go to shake it up. I’m up to date on style. If I don’t make the audition I am gonna try out for make your mark. P.S. I hope you pick me!!!

  26. Brianna

    Would it count if my sisters friends are turning 8 this year! Not that they are. I have to do it with my sisters friends:-(!

  27. Angie

    Dancing, acting, singing, and modeling is my life. I’ve been dancing for 5 years but the special thing about me is that I’m a self-taught dancer. I’ve never went to dance lessons but I have the skills as someone who does. I had a dance channel on YouTube that had thousands of views on all of my videos. I did a lot of Shake it Up dances. I love Shake it up and being on Disney is my #1 dream.

    Age: 13
    State: New York
    Long brown wavy hair and brown eyes.
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 102

    I also can sing a little over average and I’m always practicing my singing AND my acting. (I absolutely love acting). I’ve also been told by many people I should be a child model which I would love to do, but I live in a very small place in NY so I barely have any opportunities.

    I’m also very interested in beauty. I have a beauty channel on youtube with over 100 subs and I’m talented in hair, fashion, and makeup.

    I auditioned for the Make Your Mark Dance Off in 2012 and I made it to the 3rd page of the most popular videos part.

    This is my dream. I will never give up on. If I could get noticed by ANYONE, that would be amazing. Please email me if you’re interested. Thank you very much. <3

  28. paris

    I’m doing make your mark this year!

  29. sherlin

    yo conozco a zendaya y creo que podria ir me gustaria con la condicion de conocer a bella

  30. Jacob Cadorette

    I will love to be on shake it up and I can sing and dance.
    From:Los Angeles,California
    Lives in:Florida
    P.S.I will not let you down.:D

    1. summer

      Me too.Hi my name is Summer and I love to dance and even sing. I know if I get in, I will rock it.

  31. alexandra

    I love to dance. Every day I look for auditions on the internet. I have experience because I played in a serial when I was 5 years old and now I am acting in a theater. I am 13 years old with brown eyes and also brown hair. Hope you will choose me.

    1. Alexis Sammon

      Hi my name is Alexis, I’m a singer, I’m 9 yrs. old and my dream is to be on shake it up. I dance and it’s my life. I promise that I won’t be a disappointment.

      Make your mark

  32. Ioana

    I am a 13 year old girl who loves dancing. It was always a dream of mine to play in Shake it Up. I am from Romania, I am blonde with blue eyes and I’m 1:75. I was looking for an audition to Shake it Up for months. Hope you choose me.
    With Love, Ioana

  33. Abby

    My name is Abby and I’ll be willing to dance on make your mark shake it up. I’m sooooo excited, and by the way I’m 10. I have been wanting to audition for make your mark, shake it up. Please email me and let me know when auditions are.

    Thank you so much

  34. Camille leblanc

    Hi, my name is Camille Leblanc, Me and 2 of my friends really whant to do the competition but we live in Canada so it really sucks (ps we are 13). Can we still audition? And maybe win (because we are really good 😀 email me the fastest possible.

  35. Laura

    Hi I’m Laura. I’m 10 years old . I discovered The Make Your Mark Shake It Up Dance Off in 2012. I asked my Mom to audition, but she said 2013. I was hoping to audition for this in 2013. I asked my Mom this time, and she said yes. I can audition this year. Please send me all about the make your mark shake it up dance off 2013 to make my dream come true.
    Thanks! Laura

    1. te conozco? sherlin es mi segundo nombre tengo 10 años me encanta bailar que gran oportunidad es esta en mi opinion

  36. Eric "Sonny" Weems

    My name is Eric but you can call me Sonny. I am not a great dancer but I dance well enough to surprise others. My style is pop locking and sort of the free style you see on t.v. But I’ve been trying so hard to improve my style and move on to others. I want to audition for shake it up just for the love of dancing and to inspire others that you can change all you want to. Your, Sonny

  37. jassie

    Hey me and my 2 friends want to try out this year, I’m 10, Alets 10 and Sarah is 10.

  38. Antonia Michel

    Hello our names are Antonia and Laura, we are a dance group. Laura is 15 and I’m 14. We come from Germany but our dream is to work in America as actors. We like to dance hip hop. Please send us an email to make our dreams come true. Thanks

  39. Leandra

    My b-day is 28 of September. I’m 10 and I’m a girl. I’m American but I live in England, that is just bad luck.

  40. Skyla

    Well I want to try out out for Make Your Mark this year with my cousin. I’m 12 and she’s 10 we both love to dance and we are quite athletic hope we have a chance 🙂 (12 yr old Skyla 10 yr old Alana)

  41. Skyla

    Well I want to try out out for Make Your Mark this year with my cousin. I’m 12 and she’s 10 we both love to dance and we are quite athletic, hope we have a chance 🙂 (12 yr old Skyla 10 yr old Alana)

  42. miguel made

    Me and my dance crew are some young boys from a small city named Rochester Ny . You really don’t see that much people with our dance style. We are unique and love to dance with a passion. We are ready to MAKE YOUR MARK <3

  43. Tamiya Williams

    Tavieon (11) & Tamiya (14) Williams they love Hip Hop Dance. Request pics or videos. I’m sure I have what your looking for 🙂

  44. Dalton

    I would love to be on make your mark. I am 11 years old, love you Bella and zendaya. I am so sending in a video this 2013 year. I love dancing bye.

  45. Chanel Turner

    My daughter is only 4 years old she’ll be 5 in January but she dances sooo good better than a lot of older kids and i want her to audition for Shake It Up, It’s her favorite show. Will there be tryouts in Philadelphia?

  46. katelyn

    I never got a chance either. I dont know when auditions are either. Me and my 2 friends really want to audition.

    1. summer

      I have never tried it but this is my only chance to prove that I can at least try.

  47. Renee

    I never got a chance to audition for the shake it up make your mark this year so I’m hoping to do it next year. When’s the auditions for 2013?

  48. sophie

    Love it

  49. Anisah

    I’m 13 years old and I am asking when is the next make you mark auditions? I want to audition.

    1. cayla

      the next audition for this year is from now until august

  50. Batoul

    I’m 13 years old and I am asking if I can audition for shake it up. I have 2 sisters and we are good dancers. When are the auditions?

  51. Amie O'donnell

    I would love to get a chance to act on Shake it up. I know I am not saying a lot but, give me a chance. I love shake it up. My dream is to act. Make it come true! I have red, hair 12 years old.

  52. Hello, I’m Allyson Osterling, I’m 16 and I come from Peru, I’ve always wanted to take part of Disney Channel and I think this is one of my chances to do it. I love to dance, act and sing. Those three things are a huge part of my life and I can’t live without them. I believe that I have everything that someone needs to take part of this. Please let me make my dream come true, I know that there are millions of lads that want exactly the same and have the same capabilities as well, but I just want to try, please help me, I know I can do it. Thank you.

  53. Esbea Rowland

    Hi my name is Esbea Rowland, I’m 13 and I’m from The United Kingdom. I want to audition for ” Shake It Up”. I love to dance, it’s my world, If I was to be chosen I would never let you down as I would work my hardest. When I dance, I feel like I can do anything and everything. Please e-mail me back, I promise I will not let you down.
    Thank You

  54. joice

    I am 10 years old and would like to go to the audition for “shake it up”. I love to dance as well.

  55. Hannah Fullbrook

    Hey my name is Hannah and I am 14 I’ve sent my audition speech under shake it up Disney cast but I just wanted to Add under make your mark Is that being on Disney channel would be a dream Come true for me these things only happen in fairy tales for me. I can sing dance and act and I think that I could bring good spirit to the Disney channel if you choose me to be part of the disney family even if it is only for one or two episodes I would be eternally grateful the reason why I have decided to try out is because I have wanted to be an actress for years but I have never got around to trying for any parts when shake it up came out I instantly thought that is the show for me. What gave me the corage to try out for this is that I’ve just came back for Disney land Paris and when I was there I saw loads of banners advertising shake it up and I thought why not try out to get on the show. Also a couple of weeks ago I met Jamie lee Curtis and she told me to never give up on my dreams I hope you will choose me thank you for your time

    1. Faith

      Hi I’m faith, I’m nine and I love the show. You have inspired me to be an actress ever since my mama told me I’m a drama queen when I was three. I’m African American I think it’s my time to shine. I was raised in London and have a twin brother. Bye for now xoxo love you guys.

  56. claudette

    My name is claudette gutierrez. I love to audition. Shake it up is cool. I like to dance and I really want to be on Disney channel.

  57. gracilia

    Hey, my name is gracilia and I was born to be an actress!! Acting means the world to me especially acting in one of the biggest shows on Disney channel “shake it up”. I’ve got short black hair, dark skin, 12 yrs old and I live in the UK. I am also 5’6″! If you pick me I bet you wont regret it.
    P.S: I love Zendaya and belle throne!
    thanks e-mail me anytime!!!!

  58. eleonora

    Hello, my name is Eleonora Musacchio, I live in Italy but with English. I handle it well! I play the piano, I like sports, I love technology and I LOVE ACTING!!! I’d love to be part of the cast on madison high! Disney Channel. To be an actress is my dream. I was a little girl! but I never had the opportunity. Take me please! You will not regret it! I assure you that they are very good at acting!
    Height:1.58 cm
    Weight:44 kg
    Body tipe: lean
    Thanks, with love, Eleonora
    p.s.:You will not regret it.

  59. Leslie

    I will like to get a chance. I really want a chance but please be in Tyler or Kilgore, please help me to become the next star. I really love it if you guys help me make my dreams come true. I really want this chance. Give me a chance and call me to help me.

    1. Dior

      I’ve been watching shake it up since it first came out I really loved it. It made me want to be a professional dancer like Zendaya and Bella Thorne. I want that dream to come true so, please make my dream come true if u do ill be glad to do dance moves and stuff.

  60. Im 13yrs and my birthday is September 28. Im a male and im 5`11. I can dance very well and im also athletic.
    My dreams are to become part of disney and be succesful. I hope you allow me to have that chance because I would love to work with yawl!
    Thank you for your time!

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