Disney Channel – Wizards of Waverly Place Auditions 2012

Wizards of Waverly Place Audition information

Wizards of Waverly Place is a Disney Channel show that many kids want to audition for in 2012. Wizard’s of Waverly Place first premiered in 2007.

The Wizard’s of Waverly Place has won awards and actually won “Outstanding Children’s Program” at the Emmy Awards a few years back.

A movie about the Wizards of Waverly Place television series has also been made. The movie won an Emmy Award for kids programs.

It will be the second Disney Channel Original Series to reach 100 episodes after That’s So Raven.

The series stars Selena Gomez, David Henrie and Jake T. Austin as three wizards. Wizards has made Selena Gomez a household name and many young girls idolize Selena Gomez and want to be just like her.

To get a role on a hit TV show, especially one on the Disney Channel, you will need to first audition for a show or attend an open casting call for Disney.

Be an Extra on the Disney Channel Wizards of Waverly Place

If you want to try to get on the Disney Channel, Disney XD or other shows as an extra you will first need to sign up with an extras casting agency. The largest extras casting agency in Los Angeles is Central Casting and Central Casting supplies the extras for many of the Disney shows. Central Casting does not take mailed in registration. You will need to call them and ask how to get on their roster so that next time a Disney Channel show needs extras, they will consider you as well.

Central Casting

220 S. Flower Street
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 562-2755


194 thoughts on “Disney Channel – Wizards of Waverly Place Auditions 2012

  1. marshelle kemp

    Name: Marshelle Kemp
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: African American
    I’ve always loved acting but I fell in love with it when I saw my role model, Selena Gomez in a movie called Wizards of Waverly Place. Ever since I saw that I fell in love with acting. I’m good at memorizing lines and making people laugh. I’d love to pursue my acting career and being in this movie would help. I’m not in it for the fame. I’m in it to be me and to tell a story to people. I want to be able to inspire people like Selena Gomez did for me. you should email me because I’m different I’m not like everyone else I’m just me. thanks!

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply.. Look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

  2. Suphichaya Phengdit

    Hi, my name is Suphichaya but all of my friend used to call me Sonja. I am a girl, 13 year old and I live in Norway. I was actually born in Thailand and then I moved to Norway when I was 5 years old . My dream is to be an actor or a singer. I have actually many talents, of course this is my hobby.
    Sea Diving
    Those are my hobbys and I just want so bad to be am actor in Disney channel because I look at disney everyday. If I am not going to be an actor then I want to be an Singer.
    If you asking if I am a good singer, I can say yes, because I have a concert at my school every Friday in school so I hope I am good, hehe.
    Every day when I come from school, I used to do my homework, Sing and hangout with my friends.
    I hope that I can be an actor in Disney channel because I really want this!!
    If you need an actor please contact me because I will do anything to be an actor . Thank you 🙂 Hope you are interested.

  3. julie martinez

    My name is Julie. I am 12 years old and I live in Lorton VA. My dream has always been to show in Wizards of Waverly Place or on Good Luck Charlie and I hope my dream can come true. I am a good actor. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I like to have fun.

  4. Hi! My name is Shenye Gorgi, I’m 12 years old and I live in Sweden. I think this is a good opportunity for me to show what I can do, and a good start for me wanting to become a singer and an actor in the future. I can speak Swedish, Kurdish, a little bit French and I can speak pretty good English. My hair colour is light brown, i have mottled eyes colour, I’m not skinny and I got curly hair. In my spare time, I hang out with my friends. I’m studying and singing.

  5. Andreea Uszoges

    My name is Andreea. I am 13 years old and my biggest wish is to be an actress. I am from Romania. I speak Romanian , English and German. I wish to act in one of the disney tv shows. I am 1,60m tall with brown eyes brown and not very long hair. I am good at singing and acting. My hobbies are: basketball, swimming, watching films, hanging out with friends, drawing and to writing poems. I hope i will be a good actress.
    Thanks 🙂

  6. Courtney Kirk

    My name is courtney kirk.I am 12 years old and I live in Scotland. My dream is to be on a television series on Disney channel. I am good at dancing, singing and acting. I can also put on a really good american accent. It would be an honour to appear on something as big as this. I hope to hear back from you.

  7. hello my name is aranza covarrubias and I would love to work on disney channel I have 12 years I am a good actress and dance very well call me good :::: (871) 7508666 thanks

  8. ivan

    I watch waverely place since I was 5 and now I am 11. I can sing, act and rap a bit. I really like having fun with my friends.

    1. ivan

      sorry, I meant I was watching it since it first came out.

  9. Tara Miles

    Hi, i am a 12 year old girl wishing to be on a tv show to fulfill my dream of acting. I hope you consider me to be on any disney channel show. I have had experience with acting by being in a couple of plays at school. I can learn my lines easily. just in case, i can ride horses english or westeren.

    eye color- dark brwn
    hair color- dark brwn
    age- 12

  10. Prateek


    My Name is Prateek Choudhary . I’m Indian and and My Birth Date is 1 jan , 1997 .
    I’m a Good a Singer and I can also act . I’m Just Looking For a chance to prove myself .

    Age – 15
    Height – 5’10
    Hobby – Playing Soccer and Singing
    Hair – Dark Brown
    Eye – Dark Brown
    Color – Fair

    Thank You
    – Prateek

  11. Molly Turner

    Hia! My name is Molly Turner and this would be an absolute dream of mine! I love Wizards of Waverly place. I play trombone, trumpet, baritone and some piano. I started working with () and got singing lessons. I’ve also been in school plays. I am very committed to this and I may not be perfect but I will be the best I can be. If you give me a chance I will show you my 110%. Thank you for you time!
    Height: 5’2
    Hobbys: I play softball and volley ball. I also do volunteer work.
    Where I live: Northglenn CO
    Grade avrage: A’s and B’s usually. (I’m in the gifted and talented program and have been in spelling bees.)

  12. Hi,
    My name is Scarlett Hurley, I’m 14 in July 2012
    I speak French,English and Dutch.
    I really would like to be part of A.N.T. Farms or The Wizerds of Waverly Place or Good Luck Charlie.
    My skills are:

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,

  13. Lydia

    I’ve always wanted to be on Disney channel I wish I could be Alex in the show I practice every day and try to master her part I’m 10 and I’ve won drama challenges I love acting and dancing

  14. Jamiyha

    Hey I’m jamiyha I’m not so crazy about doing this but I’m 12 years old and I would love to play as Selena’s or something ’cause I wanna give my mom a bigger house and I can sing. I love acting and singing so yeah, if I don’t get picked I’ll understand

  15. Nuon

    Hi my name is Nuon and i’m 9. I would really like to be on A.N.T Farm because I know how to act , sing, and dance. I love to play and be silly. I would have these glowsticks in my hand and act like i’m one of the disney stars ,and say “hey i’m Nuon and i’m from ANT Farm and your watching Disney Channel”. Since i was 3 i had this dream and i would really like to fulfill it.Thank You!!!

  16. Georgia buller

    Hey my name is Georgia And I absolutely LOVE acting and singing !!! I think I’m a very different person to most people and I think I’ve got what it takes to be on Disney channel. I really want to show people that I’ve got talent in me somewhere deep down inside me ! I’ve got experience because I used to do acting and singing clubs in my village in England. But to be truthful, I really wanted to take it to the next level, where I belong ! I have medium length brown hair and brown eyes and most people say I’m quite tall and have long slim legs ! Anyway I think I have potential and I imagine myself having fun, being myself(when I’m not acting of course) and I really really want to show my family that I can do this. Please please please reply, I’m dying to audition ! X

  17. isabel

    hello, my name is isabel i’m 11 years old . I’m good at dancing and theater.
    I’ve been dancing for 3 years.

  18. Regina

    Hey there! I really want to be in Wizards of Waverly Place or Shake it Up, cause they are my favorite shows!! My name’s Regina, I’m 15 years old. Eyes: hazel brown. Hair: reddish brown, little wavy, long. Weight: 99 lbs. Height: 5 feet. Good body shape. Good clothing style. I can do anything you need, I’m easy to teach, and I had experience in many different things (mostly art). I’ve been dancing basically all my life. I do many different types of dances. I started when I was about 5 and I took just regular dance classes. When I was like 7 I did gymnastics for 1 year. Then I did a little bit of ballroom dancing in 3rd and 4th grades. After that from 5th to 8th grades I went to a professional ballet school. We had different types of dance classes included in our learning programm, but the main one was ballet. We had 1.Acrobatics 2. Contemporary dance 3. National Ukrainian dance 4. Modern dance. Now I left that school and went to another one. Right now I’m doing hip-hop, jazz-fank (just a little) and contemporary dance. Plus, I sing a lot(and I think pretty good). I play piano (by myself, without a tutor) and I’m planning on learning to play guitar and drums this year. + I know 3 languages fluently, I do a little of translating for foreigners in my country. Oh, btw, i took a little acting lessons for 1 year also. So…… I’m a person of art, and I love being busy all the time. I am a very hard worker, so if you think you have a good spot for me, I am happy to do that. Waiting and praying for your reply! Thank you. God bless!!

  19. Faith Cook

    i will be the greatest person for this job because i’m an excellent singer and I would love doing plays and theater

  20. linsey

    hi my name is linsey and im a 12 year old girl looking to start her career as an actress. i have been in a play called beauty and the beast and i played a silly girl. i have always wanted to be on Disney Chanel since i was little. i live in arizona so if you have any thing comming up i would love to be an actress or even an extra. i can also sing im in a honors choir and have been for a year i also am 2 years above my grade level in reading so i learn very fast so i hop i will hear form you soon.if you are interested email. thank you!!!

  21. Emily Noelle

    My name is Emily and I am an actor, singer, and dancer (triple threat) from Arkansas, of all places.If you want to see some of my acting/dancing/singing email me if not, im only writing this because I want to be a triple threat PROFESSIONALLY.

  22. Harry

    just please i badly want to act i love it and ive been good at acting for years ive been doing it untill i was 3

  23. Harry

    I please want to be in wizards of waverly place
    and plus I have my own wand please reply if you want me in do i get to play a part in wizards of waverly place


    From Harry

  24. ashley

    hi i am 10 years old.i would love to be on this show so much it would be a one chance thing for me.and i would love it because i love alex shes such a pretty girl and i just love wizards of waverly place its such an amazing.

  25. Jessica Terrell

    Hey my name is jessica terrell and i would love to do any part on disney channle because I have watched disney channel so much i can say some of the episodes line by line and i can sing, act and dance whitch would help me in say antfarm or good luck charlie.this has been my dreem to do like for ever and i would love to meet selina gomez or Bridget Mendler. thank you

  26. Dareen badawi

    Hi my name is Dareen I am 13 years old I’m from Palestine and I live in Dubai. I’ve always wanted to be an actress and especially Disney channel. I have acted in several school plays and modelled in a fashion show. Hope I get an email. Thank you

  27. Dareen badawi

    Hi my name is Dareen I am 13 years old I’m from Palestine and I live in Dubai. I’ve always wanted to be an actress and especially Disney channel. I have acted in several school plays and modelled in a fashion show. Hope I get an email. Thank you

  28. michely

    hey, my name is Michelly Arango. when i was 6 years old, I wanted to act. I try going every where but it was hard. I think this is a really good opportunity. I am 11 years old I am in 5th grade. I know how to speak Spanish and English

    with love your biggest fan 14/18/12,2012

  29. Megan

    Hi!My name is Megan Aversa and Im a huge Disney fan! I have been watching Disney ever since i could remember.When I was five years old i took Dance classes for three years.I did Ballet,Tap,and Jazz.I would like to do movies like Hocus Pocus.I also would like to do Hannah Montana so i could sing dance and live my dream.I love you Disney!!!!!

  30. steven

    hey hey-Im Steven Jay- i live in south africa Western cape swellendam_not far from Cape town-i really want a part in wizards ,good luck charlie or ant farm.. Ant farm would be a perfect choice because i can act,sing,dance,play guitar ,drums, electric guitar and also keyboard..not to brag but this would be a perfect show for me-THE ONLY PROBLEM is that i can’t come for a audition in america because of the money-thans for the oppurtionity!!!

  31. Yusuf Hersi

    hi my name is Yusuf Hersi and I love acting so much I haven’t been on any television stuff and I live in Leicester in the united kingdom so there isn’t as many opportunity to become a star and wizards of Waverley place would be a great start for me. my experiences are being in lots of school plays, production and dance groups.my goal is to become an actor since 5 years old now I am 11 years old I am 4foot6 I have black hair I can speak English,Dutch, French and Italian I was born in London, Croydon my eye colour is brown .at the age of 9 years old I gave up but someone once told me just keep trying keep your mind to it and one day you will become an actor. PS. can some one please tell me how to audition for something plz

  32. Ivelis Ovalles

    Hello, my name is Ivelis Ovalles. Let me start off by saying that “Wizards of Waverly place” has made a great impact to Disney Channel. Selena Gomez is an amazing actor. I must say all the actors in the show do an impressive work. Ive been in modeling and dance groups. I would love to be part of “Wizards of Waverly place because i will be able to express my talent and achieve my goal of becoming an actor, dancer and singer. “Wizards of Waverly place” is a wonderful, magnificent, astonishing show. Ive always knew to never give up because everything in life can be achieved and wishes do come true. thank you(:

  33. evie

    hi im Evie
    i love acting and singing
    i have short brown hair
    brown eyes
    i would love to audition but i dont know how 2 please reply and tell me ppppppplllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssssssssssseeeeee

  34. Megan and Cate Aversa

    Hi we are Megan and Cate Aversa and we are huge Disney fans. We would like to do “Wizards of Waverly Place” or” Hannah Montana.”we think it would be awesome and exciting to be on ethier show. We have always deamed of being on Disney channel. We have brown hair and eyes.our language is english, we can sing a little.We do not know our skills.We hope we can be on disney channel, we love you Disney!!!!!!!!!!! We are from Pennsylvania.

  35. Megan and Cate Aversa

    Hi we are Megan and Cate Aversa and we are huge Disney fans. We would like to do “Wizards of Waverly Place” or” Hannah Montana.”we think it would be awesome and exciting to be on ethier show. We have always deamed of being on Disney channel. We have brown hair and eyes.our language is english, we can sing a little.We do not know our skills.We hope we can be on disney channel, we love you Disney!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. louis

    hey im louis cassim i am 13 years old and i am from England i would like to be auditioned for wizards of wavery place or good luck charlie either one would be fantastic.

    hair colour- brown
    eye colour- brown
    language- fluent english and some german
    skills- good at acting and very enthusiastic

  37. evie

    i want to audition so much but i dont know how please tell me

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