Disney channel auditions 2013 and 2014

Do you dream of having a chance to tryout for the Disney Channel and show your talent to the networks casting directors?

Many people do and we are hoping word on the casting event and tryouts for 2013 / 2014 will come in soon. Yes, we are still waiting to hear if there will be a Disney talent search in 2013.



Just Updated! Disney has announced that there will be a Disney Talent Search and Disney open casting call 2013! See Disney Channel tryouts 2013 / 2014 and casting call for more details

The news just came in and Disney will be holding the event in the summer of 2013. The city has not been announced yet but they have stated that they are looking for kids, tweens and teens that are 10 to 17 years old for upcoming projects, Disney movies and new TV shows. They are looking for talented kids who can act, sing or dance and that have an interest in trying out for the network.

The news just came in and this page will soon be updated with the information for the upcoming auditions. Stay Tuned!


Last year at this time Disney Channel had already announced the time and place of their annual open call auditions. This year seems to be a little bit different. Disney officials have yet to announce the date and time of their very popular casting event or even if they will be having one in 2013 or 2014.

Disney Channel Auditions
2013 / 2014 Disney Casting

These large events are not for specific TV shows, movies or projects, well, not that are advertised. The cattle calls are said to be for upcoming projects and the opportunity for casting directors to scout new talent for the channel.

Actually, last year there was a rumor circulating that the event may be the last for the company, but that was a rumor and no official word followed. We all  hope the rumors aren’t true and that they have not completely cancelled these very popular events. In past years these large tryouts have gotten some bad press and have been criticized for being over crowded, having very little face time in front of casting directors and being more of a publicity stunt rather than a real Disney talent search. However, some real great talent has been discovered this way and people outside of Los Angeles had a chance to take a shot at the big time.

Every year for some years now,since the early 2000’s, the Disney Channel has held an open casting call and tryout event in the spring. The event was a chance for potential Disney stars, wanna be Disney stars and child actors from all over to meet face to face with Disney Channel and Disney XD casting directors and show them what they have to offer to the popular kids network. Through the years, a few Disney child stars have even been discovered this way. Selena Gomez attended a Disney tryout in 2004 and we know she went on to become a household name landing multiple projects, guest star roles and lead roles in network series. Because some big names on the network have been discovered this way, kids and their families come from all over the united States to take a shot.

Due to how popular these events are and how many people attend, the tryouts are usually held in a large place such as a convention center. As always, Official Disney Cattle calls are free to the public and every one who wants to can attend. Families however do need to cover their own travel expenses to the venue as well as parking.

These casting events are held in different places every time and the last 3 were in Austin Texas, Kansas City and Virginia. You can see the details of prior events here.

So, there still is a chance that Disney tryouts for 2013 will be announced. In past years they have been held between April and June with an official announcement going out a few weeks before the event will be held. If they do not announce an event for 2013, we all hope that the break will end and that 2014 will bring better news for Disney hopefuls.

So stay tuned for the latest information and we will keep you informed whenever the announcement comes.

Even without these large cattle calls, Disney does announce projects they are casting for now and then. At the moment, there is an online casting call for Disney’s movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Day. The movie is casting for a boy 10 to 13 for the lead role of Alexander and you can submit online! If you want the go for the part of Alexander, you better hurry up because the deadline to submit is May 21 2013.

Updated – See tryouts 2013 / 2014 for more details

301 thoughts on “Disney channel auditions 2013 and 2014

  1. lily ryan

    I’m twelve and I have long dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles. I have always wanted to be on disney channel since I could read at age five. I also sing a little but I don’t dance. I also take speech but my school doesn’t have plays so I took speech. I don’t mope around all day being bored, I practice and practice. I would like to be an adopted girl on Jessie? I live in st Louis Missouri. I love art I’m actually pretty good at it too. So if you don’t mind I’m totally fine with being a background person. AND IF I DON’T GET THIS AUDITION I DON’T CARE, I’M PURSUING MY DREAM AND GOING TO A DIFFERENT CHANNEL.

  2. Parys Daniels

    hello! my name is Parys (Paris) Daniels and I am 12 years old. I would really like to be on Disney Channel it will make my dreams come true please help me. I was born on July 28. I love to sing and act. I am African American and I play volleyball. I have a large body type. I live in Kankakee Illinois, close to Chicago. I’m not shy to talk in front of anyone!

  3. Mateeha hussain

    Hi my name is Mateeha. I have always wanted to be on Disney channel and have my own show. I love acting, singing and dancing. I have already sent a comment but I have no idea if you have received it yet. It has always been my dream to perform on tv but never had the chance to. I am 13 years old and female.

  4. Olivia Kean

    Hi Disney Channel producers, directors, or casting directors!! My name is Olivia and I am 13 years old. This seems like a wonderful opportunity to possibly work on what seems to be yet another, Disney Channel masterpiece! To tell you a little about my appearance… I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 5 foot 1 and I weigh 100 pounds. I have light skin. Now to tell you a little about my personality and hobbies… My personality is pretty bubbly but “I can completely change that if I’m given the role.”-Tony (my acting teacher) I do take acting classes at a place called Stage Right. I’ve been doing this for almost 6 months. The best advice I’ve ever gotten as an actor is “To become a better actor, you must find a piece of yourself in the character you are playing.” I try to remember that when I’m acting. I love being able to create characters. I also do plays and musicals at a place called Apple Hill Playhouse. I was featured in “The Enchanted Sleeping Beauty” as a Good Pink Witch. I loved being in an environment like that. The scripts, costumes or wardrobe, meeting the rest of the cast, the hair and makeup, even doing an 8 hour rehearsal and waking up at 6 every morning for a week. I just loved doing what I was doing. Aside from acting, I also LOVE to sing. I sing in my school’s chorus group and church choir. I also have done a few solos at my church. I currently live in PA, but that could change if it needed to and if it was the right opportunity. Feel free to email me. Thank you for your time!

    ~Olivia K.

  5. Venus Scantlebury

    Hey! My name is Venus Scantlebury and I am 13 years old. I am African American. I love to dance and act. I dance to contemporary, Jazz, and best of all Street Jazz and Hip Hop!! I have that kind of attitude that would be featured on Disney Channel. I like Jessie, Austin Ally, and Ant farm. My hunger for showing my talent across A T.V. screen is priceless. I like to chill with my friends, help nursing homes, shop, shop, shop and HAVE FUN!!! I am 5’6″ and I am brown skin with straight hair.

  6. Venus Scantlebury

    Hi! My name is Venus Scantlebury and I love to dance and act. I am 13 and African American. I dance to contemporary, Jazz and best of all street jazz and hip hop!! I also love to act. Portraying a character is cool and awesome. It is greater when you are someone that you are the total opposite of. I am a unique individual that loves being me. I have a spark and a attitude that craves attention on Disney channel. I love hanging out with my friends, going to parties, helping out with nursing homes and shopping. I am 5’6″ brown skin and have straight brown hair and brown eyes.

  7. Michael Manson

    Name: Michael Manson

    Age: 8

    Color: White

    State: MI

    Grade: 3

  8. Kaylee Prewitt

    Hi, I am Kaylee Prewitt! I am 10 and am a great singer and can handle almost any song! I act and dance also. I would love to be part of Disney Channel! My parents are very supportive of this and would love this! I am open to travel and love to do so!
    Kaylee Prewitt

  9. connie scaife

    hello my name is Connie. I am 14 years old, my birthday is on the 7th of July. I live in the UK but I can travel anywhere anytime. I can dance and act well that’s what my friends and teachers say but I am not very good at singing. I can do a bit of gymnastics and basketball. I love wearing different clothes!. I have black short hair, also I would love to have a chance to be a part of disney channel. I watch it all the time and I love most shows haha! thank you for reading hopefully. I can see you and everything and everyone soon! This has been my dream to act I don’t mind if it’s once. I don’t mind thank you again for reading!

  10. Desirea perez-giron

    hi I’m Desirea (desiree) I’m 12 years old, turning 13. I love acting ,singing, and modeling. I have brown eyes , curly brown medium length hair. I’m a bit tan. I love fashion, hanging out with my friends and having a great time. I have a bubbly personality. I like making people smile when they are upset, I’m upset.

  11. Chiara McNerney

    I wish to become a disney actor on any show you choose for me.
    age: 10
    hair: brown, long, straight
    eyes: brown
    hobbies: hanging out, sing, dance, gymnastics
    hope I get a chance
    p.s. I am super flexible!

  12. yazmin

    Hi my name is Yazmin.
    I’m 10
    My favorite color is aqua green
    My eye color is brown
    My hair type wavy
    My color hair kind of black and brown
    I talk spanish and english
    I love reading
    I want to be part of jessie like sky jackson, payton list, and debby ryan. I’m good at memorizing things, I love acting and I love the characters that are there. I love working with people, it’s my big dream to be part of the family in Jessie.


  13. Madison Strasmann

    Hi Casting Directors! My name is Maddy and I am 14 years old. I love Disney and would love to be part of your big family. Here is a description of me:

    age: 14
    ethnicity: caucasian
    height: 5’5
    hair:light brown. wavy, medium length
    eyes: green
    skills: cheer, okay swimmer, have a back handspring

    Thanks so much for your time.

    Madison Strasmann

  14. keiandre Jackson

    Disney is like the only channel watch, my favorite show is well, I don’t have a favorite show because they are all so good.

  15. Elizabeth margeotes

    Hi my name is Elizabeth Margeotes. I’m 12 years old. I have brown hair, brown eyes, tall. I love acting, horses and singing. In my school everyone says I have a great voice.

  16. Faith Walker

    My daughter Faith wants to act. She acts around the house. I truly believe acting is something she wants to do. Her father and I will support her all the way. She is 5 years old, she’s so cute, fun, loves to take picture, and she is smart. Faith really wants to become sn actress and as her mother, I just ask for a chance so my baby can live her dreams, also her favorite Disney tv shows are ant farm and Jessie.

  17. Hi! I’m Martina Lacetera. I am twelve years old and a girl. I am Italian. I speak Italian, English and French.
    I love Disney. I’m studying Singing, Acting and Music. I’m learning to play guitar and flute.
    I have also studied various types of Dance. I have experience with Acting, Singing and the television camera.

    Name: Martina Lacetera
    Age: 12
    Gender: female
    Height: one meter and sixty-three
    Weight: forty-seven kilograms
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: brown long and straight
    Body: thin
    Languages: Italian,English and French
    Race: Italian

    My dream is to become an actress and international professional singer. I would like to be part of the Disney.
    I hope consider me.
    Thank! Goodbye!

  18. Alexis Rodriguez

    Hi my name is Alexis Rodriguez. I’m 12, I’m Hispanic and Native American, I’m tanned, I’m 5’4, I have bluish greenish eyes and I have dirty blond hair. I would love to be in disney. I have been acting for years.

  19. Robin

    Hi. My name is Robin Nash, I’m 13 and I love Disney so much. I love all the shows like Lizzie mcguire, That’s so Raven, Wizard of waverly place, Sonny with a chance, Austin and Ally and more. I really like to be on a Disney show or movie. Please e-mail me about one. Thanks.

  20. Maya

    My name’s Maya, I am 11 and a half years old. I am 5’1. I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I would like to be on Disney channel. I’ve wanted to be on Disney channel my whole life. My role model came from Disney channel and she is a big reason why I never gave up on my dream.

  21. Kimberly Camilo


    Height: 5 feet
    weight: 50
    age: 10
    gender: female
    Eyes: brown
    hair: black and a little bit of dark brown

    I’m in fifth grade and going on to grade six.
    Hope I get the part. Always dreamed about it and I always will.

    Thank you for your time.

  22. katiusca

    Name: Katiusca Salas
    Age: 15 years old
    Weight: 102
    Experience: in the high school
    Height: 1,47
    Gender: female
    Hair:black and wavy
    Eyes: Brown
    Country: Ecuador
    Hello, my name is Katiusca Salas Zambrano . I am interested in working on DISNEY CHANNEL. Really, it is a dream since I was a little girl.
    I hope to hear from you, 🙂

  23. Joseph Gallien

    Hi I’m Joseph and I love Disney Channel. I heard there was a new show called snap. I’m 10 and I have dark brown eyes and skin tone. I am Bright and I have a disease called sickle cell. I can sing, dance and act and if I win I will tell you more about the sickle cell this is my wish and my dream thank you!

  24. nathalie castro

    hola soy nathalie tengo 10 años mido 1.45
    soy latina desearia poder tener la oportunidad de ser una estrella disney soy piel canela cabello castaño lasio ojos oscuros
    soy de ecuador

  25. Jeena McDonald

    Please contact me and we will take it from there.

  26. Meg Milby for Savanah Milby

    I am writing this for my daughter who is 5. I know she is young but hey there’s always need for young talent and trust me there will be no disappointment with this ginger headed doll! (And I am not just saying that b/c she is mine;) Savanah is 5 and a half and already a hometown star where we live where she represents our town as a community queen where she dedicates long hours attending local events and functions and serving her community. She competed on stage for her title. This little girl is one with the stage with her bright orange hair and huge brown eyes. She is not the least bit shy… loves to sing, dance and TALK! She is made for this…. and we cannot go anywhere without people approaching us on that and her very unique beauty. 5 going on 15, I swear it.

  27. Amber Calloway

    Hi, My name is Amber Nicole Calloway. I Act, Sing, Dance and model. I am hoping to start my acting Career on a TV show and/or movie. I have planned for it to start on Disney Channel. I would love to audition for this and/or any other show/Movie.
    Age~ 12
    D.O.B ~ 12-28-00
    Hight~ 5’3
    B~ 34
    W~ 27in
    H~ 33 1/2
    Weight~ 115-125
    Please Email if interested. Then we will trade information. Thank You for you Time, and for this chance to make my dreams come true.

  28. Hi, i’m Quinty Manig
    I’m 14 years old .
    I have brown hair and brown eyes.
    I have a sister and a twin brother.
    My favourite animal is a dog.
    My favourite color is purple.
    I love to dance and of course to act
    I’m born in 26/11/1999.

    It’s my dream to be a actress, I would do everything for it, I watch disney channel all day, because it’s my favourite channel, please give me a change, please

    You can see me on my twitter, facebook and instagram page
    Twitter: @quintymanig
    Facebook: quintymanig
    Instagram: @quintymanig


    thank you

    1. Quinty Manig

      Btw, I’m from Holland

  29. Destiny Covington

    name: Destiny
    age: 17 almost 18
    height: 5′ 4
    weight: 130 lbs
    eye color: hazel
    hair color: dark brown
    ethnicity: native american
    special skills: Fire spinning (staff and poi) singing, and I know american sign language and voice acting.
    education: already graduated high school and planning on attending college

    I have been spinning fire for about a year now and singing for 4 years. I am Native American and Italian with stronger Native features. I try to keep myself fit with sports and spinning. I spend a good part of my days writing, drawing, singing, or wandering the neighborhood. I tend to pick things up quickly and try to make things fun for everyone.

  30. Stephenie

    Age: 14 turning 15
    Birthday: March 26, 1999
    Height: 5’6?
    Eye color: Hazel/Changes color
    Hair color: Brunette/Brown
    Ethnic background: Caucasian
    Other: I have freckles and I wear glasses but I can also see with out them.
    Facebook:Stephenie Faith
    Twitter: Listen_for_once
    Polyvore: Listen_for_once
    I am in high school, currently a freshman. I take drama and fashion marketing. I also take an improv class, been in two plays, and sang in a talent show. I love singing, modeling, designing clothes, and acting. I love Disney Channel! I have been watching Disney channel all my life and it has taught me so much. I would absolutely love to be part of Disney (even as an extra). It’s my dream and I have challenges that I go though that make it harder to live my dreams but I wont ever give up. Whatever can help me get my start. Also I have a friend named Sydnie. She has been in a few commercials and takes the improv class with me. She has more experience than I do. She is one year older than i am and she is shorter than me. If you cant make my dreams come true, make her dreams come true.

  31. Anna

    I sing, dance and act. I’m 14 (15 in April) and British.
    Am happy on camera and can hit a high note without being pitchy. Also do surfing. Please reply.

    1. Anna

      Also I have bright blue eyes and blonde/ginger long straight hair.

  32. sadie

    Hi I’m Sadie, I love acting, singing ,sports of all kind, dancing, hanging with my friends. I have long light brown hair and blue eyes. I am twelve years old and would love to be on any show.

  33. sadie

    Hi I’m Sadie I love acting. I’m eleven turning twelve. I have brown with natural blond highlights and it’s long, blue eyes and I wold love to audition.

  34. Travis Cole

    Hi i’m 12 years old. I always wanted to be an actor one day and I think this is the time to be an actor. I know I can be a good actor because I make an ”A”s on my report card and all ”E”s. Thanks Disney Channel.

  35. sadie

    Hi my name is Sadie and I am 12 almost 13 in Dec. I have always wanted to be on Disney channel, my hobbies are dancing and sports. I love to act. I have brown eyes and brown hair, my hair is short though and my skin is a tan color.

  36. Marc

    Hi there.
    18 year old male from South Africa. I was wondering if there are any auditions next year for 18 year olds? I am willing to fly up.
    Thanks and Regards

  37. Arianna

    It is my dream to act on Disney Channel so pppppppllllllleeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeee.

    1. Arianna

      Tell me

  38. Briasha A. Miller

    Hi, my name is Briasha and I am a female girl. I am 14, will be 15 on December the 9th. I have brown hair, and I have brown eyes. I always wanted to act When I was younger. I would go in my room and act out parts, I also sing, every day I go in the basement and sing and imagine there is a crowd there. I love acting and singing, I do both every day and I just cant love them enough acting and singing. I hope and pray that you give me a chance and even if you don’t, I will never give up. You can see me singing on my Instagram account- bareyeanmiller and on YouTube Under Briasha Miller, so please give me a chance. And please get back with me. I stay in Cleveland Ohio and Halle Berry lived in Cleveland Ohio, Lol Just playing but please give me a chance. Have A Blessed Day.

  39. Kailey Chung

    Hi! My name’s Kailey! I’m 15 years old. I loved Disney Channel ever since I starting watching it. I can’t even remember what age I started watching Disney movies and Disney Channel! I will try to do whatever it takes to be on Disney Channel because I just want to inspire kids that they should go for there dreams!

  40. kourtnee mclaren

    My name is Kourtnee and I think being on a disney show would be a great way to get my acting career started. If I could be on disney that would awesome.

  41. Destiny Hodges

    Just give me a Call please.

  42. Destiny Hodges

    Hi again, I would like for you to know my talent now, I’m good at acting, drawing… I’m 15, born on 9/28/1998. I would like to be on a Disney show. It’ll be a dream come true!… I love working with people and I’m very friendly.

  43. Destiny Hodges

    Hey it’s me again. I would like to describe myself. I have naturally curly, poofy hair. I’m biracial with Hispanic and African American. I have BIG brown eyes,I’m 5’7.

  44. Destiny Hodges

    Hi, my name is Destiny. I Really Don’t Have Much But I Promise I’ll Be The Perfect Girl For You. I Know A Little Comment can’t get you to believe, but know that my actions speak louder than my words. If you can just give me a Call, I Promise it won’t be a regret. I am looking forward of creating a bond and learning alot from the way. PLEASE, I’M BEGGING, thanks, Love Destiny Hodges.

  45. Abby

    Sorry, I sent that more than once, oops!

  46. Abby

    I’m not done!
    I have dark brown long ,wavy hair and brown eyes a tan/creamy skin and I like to sing, act, play piano and do my own type of dancing!

  47. Abby

    Hi I’m Abby. I’m 11 years old I act and sing. I have always wanted to be on disney channel and my role model is definitely Selena Gomez, please if there are any new disney shows or auditions for old shows on disney let me know!:)

  48. Marie-Claire Fwamba

    Hey I’m Marie-Claire and I’m 16. I love to dance, sing, act,write my own songs, sing, design and draw. I really love disney. My favorite shows on Disney are A.N.T farm, shake it up, Jessie, that’s so raven and austin and ally. I love to make people feel happy and good about themselves. I like jokes and laughter. I’m from south Africa but I’m not south African. I have short hair that is natural,but I love braids. I would really like to be part of a disney show because its all I’ve wanted to do in my career. And I have a very good sense of humor too. Yay.

  49. Trinity White

    Hi my name is Trinity, I’m 14 years of age. I’m in the 9th grade. I sing, dance, act and model. I have been singing since I was 8 years old. I’m in honor role and in leadership. I have an agent and I would love to do this for the rest of my life thank you for your time.

    1. Quinty Manig

      Hi I’m Quinty Manig.
      I’m 13 years old (almost 14) .
      I’m born in 26/11/1999.
      I have brown hair and eyes.
      I have a sister (16) and a twinbrother.
      I’m from the Netherlands.
      I love to act and to dance.
      I’m a really big belieber.
      I really wanna act on disney channel because it’s my dream, I watch everyday disney channel because it’s my favourite channel and it’s my biggest dream.

      Ps. I wanna show my family that I can do something because they don’t think that I ever can be an actress. I still believe in it and I try everything to be an actress and I mean EVERYTHING.

      Thank you!

      1. Quinty Manig

        And btw I have twitter and facebook
        My twitter: quintymanig
        My facebook: quintymanig


        Thank you !

  50. Hannah(Hannah Montana)

    Hi I have always wanted to be on disney and I would love to be on Liv and Maddie or Wolfblood. I would like to meet the people on Wolfblood like Aimee Kelly or on Liv and Maddie, Dove Camron. They are my role models so I would love to star on Disney even if it is only for one episode. I would love to meet those people to. You should let me on because I made the talent show at my school singing and I was in choir for 2 years and on through the rest of my years at my school.

    I’m positive I will not disappoint you if you let me on! Pretty Please, I know all the theme songs for all Disney shows and movies watch “shes the girl next door nice but and a heart that’s pure she the girl next door”. “I’m up with the sunshine, lace up my high tops, slam dunk ready or not show me what you’ve got. I’m under the spotlight I dare come on lets follow you dance to your own beat I sing the melody when you say yeah I say no when you say stop….all I want to do is go go go you you the other half of me me the half I’ll never be be the better half of me me the half that drives me crazy” see that was only some, I can really do the whole thing.I swear!I am also 10.

  51. michelle ramirez ortiz

    hola yo soy de mexico mi nombre es michelle ramirez ortiz tengo 14 años y mi mayor sueño en la vida es actuar y cantar en alguna serie de disney channel argentina de manera que busco que ustedes disney channel me den la oportunidad de aser un casting para lograr mi gran sueño

  52. Sasha

    Hey my name is Sasha, I am 17, I have brown eyes, long black hair, I’m Indian, a roman catholic and proud of who I am. I live in South Africa and I’ve been dreaming of going to america to become an actress on disney channel since I was 11. Up till now it hasn’t come true, I have no idea how to make this dream come alive, I would really love to star in a show on disney channel.

  53. Kelsey Hickey

    My name is Kelsey I have red natural curly hair with brown eyes. I’m 12 years old in 6th grade. I’m 5’2″. I also take drama. I love horses, sweets, not so much of chocolate. I love playing with my friends it always cheers me up, enjoy reading, and work hard in school. I also do soccer, and a little bit of basketball and volleyball. I love running. It has always been my dream to become a successful actress, and I thought it would be good to start out young and get stronger. I love every single show on the Disney Channel also. If I get a role in any show, that place would be like my second home. 🙂

  54. Blake Sanchez-Cruz

    I’m 10, I love to do sports, I like being with my friends. I love animals and i can do heaps of different accents. I have always wanted to be on disney Channel.

  55. Marilize

    Hey my name is Marilize and I am 14. Ever since, like, EVER I wanted to go on Disney Channel! I Love acting, singing and dancing! I am also an acrobat and has golden honey colored hair. I would just LOVE LOVE LOVE to be on disney! Please Help me achieve my dream to become an actress! And all those people out there, in 2014’s cattle call, I’ll come out victorious! 😉

  56. noa brkai

    please answer me its my dream.

  57. ella gilks

    My name is Ella Gilks and I love to dance and act. I am 5/5 with brown curly hair with brown eyes. I am willing to do anything to give me a slight chance of being on Disney channel. The person who in inspired me is Selena Gomez because it still shocks me how she started at such a young age. The thing is though that I live in Cambridge and it still annoys me how all the auditions are in LA and Texas but hopefully that won’t stop me from pursuing my dreams.

  58. Ella Gilks

    Hi my name is Ella Gilks aged 14 and can dance. I have brown curly hair a brown eyes and I am 5/5. I will have plenty of time so don’t need to try and fit it around anything and I live in Cambridge and in year 9 of school. I wanted to start acting when my drama teacher said that I
    have real talent. I hope you will give me a chance. I am a girly girl and love to design clothes but I love to dance. Please give me a chance. The person that inspired me was Selena Gomez and how she started at a young age. I want to grow up just like her but I can’t if you wont let me.

  59. Isobel (Issy) McSevney

    I am 11 years old in grade 6. I have medium sandy blonde hair and green blue eyes. I can sing and act. I have been in several plays. I have had lead roles in plays. I’ve been singing since 7 years old and acting since 8 years old.

  60. Natarcia

    Hi I’m 10 years old. I always wanted to go on disney channel my hobbies are sports, fashion, love horses, hanging out with my friends and all the other fun stuff. I have brown eyes, natural curly hair and brown skin.

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