Disney channel auditions 2013 and 2014

Do you dream of having a chance to tryout for the Disney Channel and show your talent to the networks casting directors?

Many people do and we are hoping word on the casting event and tryouts for 2013 / 2014 will come in soon. Yes, we are still waiting to hear if there will be a Disney talent search in 2013.



Just Updated! Disney has announced that there will be a Disney Talent Search and Disney open casting call 2013! See Disney Channel tryouts 2013 / 2014 and casting call for more details

The news just came in and Disney will be holding the event in the summer of 2013. The city has not been announced yet but they have stated that they are looking for kids, tweens and teens that are 10 to 17 years old for upcoming projects, Disney movies and new TV shows. They are looking for talented kids who can act, sing or dance and that have an interest in trying out for the network.

The news just came in and this page will soon be updated with the information for the upcoming auditions. Stay Tuned!


Last year at this time Disney Channel had already announced the time and place of their annual open call auditions. This year seems to be a little bit different. Disney officials have yet to announce the date and time of their very popular casting event or even if they will be having one in 2013 or 2014.

Disney Channel Auditions
2013 / 2014 Disney Casting

These large events are not for specific TV shows, movies or projects, well, not that are advertised. The cattle calls are said to be for upcoming projects and the opportunity for casting directors to scout new talent for the channel.

Actually, last year there was a rumor circulating that the event may be the last for the company, but that was a rumor and no official word followed. We all  hope the rumors aren’t true and that they have not completely cancelled these very popular events. In past years these large tryouts have gotten some bad press and have been criticized for being over crowded, having very little face time in front of casting directors and being more of a publicity stunt rather than a real Disney talent search. However, some real great talent has been discovered this way and people outside of Los Angeles had a chance to take a shot at the big time.

Every year for some years now,since the early 2000’s, the Disney Channel has held an open casting call and tryout event in the spring. The event was a chance for potential Disney stars, wanna be Disney stars and child actors from all over to meet face to face with Disney Channel and Disney XD casting directors and show them what they have to offer to the popular kids network. Through the years, a few Disney child stars have even been discovered this way. Selena Gomez attended a Disney tryout in 2004 and we know she went on to become a household name landing multiple projects, guest star roles and lead roles in network series. Because some big names on the network have been discovered this way, kids and their families come from all over the united States to take a shot.

Due to how popular these events are and how many people attend, the tryouts are usually held in a large place such as a convention center. As always, Official Disney Cattle calls are free to the public and every one who wants to can attend. Families however do need to cover their own travel expenses to the venue as well as parking.

These casting events are held in different places every time and the last 3 were in Austin Texas, Kansas City and Virginia. You can see the details of prior events here.

So, there still is a chance that Disney tryouts for 2013 will be announced. In past years they have been held between April and June with an official announcement going out a few weeks before the event will be held. If they do not announce an event for 2013, we all hope that the break will end and that 2014 will bring better news for Disney hopefuls.

So stay tuned for the latest information and we will keep you informed whenever the announcement comes.

Even without these large cattle calls, Disney does announce projects they are casting for now and then. At the moment, there is an online casting call for Disney’s movie Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Day. The movie is casting for a boy 10 to 13 for the lead role of Alexander and you can submit online! If you want the go for the part of Alexander, you better hurry up because the deadline to submit is May 21 2013.

Updated – See tryouts 2013 / 2014 for more details

301 thoughts on “Disney channel auditions 2013 and 2014

  1. madison

    i want my dreams to come true if you would please help me that would be great. I’m 12 years old and really want to not regret trying for what I believe I can do. I live in texas and my family is planning on moving to california. I can send a picture and other information if you email me, thank you.

  2. clara marie

    Hi my name is clara marie, am a kenyan girl who is thirteen years old. I have been watching disney channel since I was a kid and I have to say that the artists have really inspired me. Sometimes I write my own songs but I do not get the chance to record them. Please give me this shot, though am a Kenyan, I know I can make it. My talent is singing and also acting. Once I was in a play and I really rocked the show this indicates that I can star in one of your shows. Bridgit Mendler is my role model and I will like to follow her footsteps if you give me this chance. I do not think I can get this opportunity because I live in Kenya, please help me!

  3. Mohammed adel ashour

    I have the talent. I really can act and I just need a chance to prove it. I have a simple request. I want an audition for you to test me and have it. I really have that special talent. I only want this chance at this audition. I
    will show you how good. Please accept that I want to show you how talented I am and maybe you will put me in a tv series on Disney channel. I know it’s not that easy but I just need a chance. I have hope and I have faith. If Selena Gomez did it why can’t I? Let it be…

  4. TiffanyWibisana

    Hey I’m Tiffany and I’m 13 years old. i would like to audition for a film. my hair is black and I’m 158cm height. I’m from Indonesia and my parent would be very happy to accompany me to go there.

  5. Tara

    Hi my name is Tara, I’m 12 years old and I live in Belgium. I love disney channel, my talent is singing. I’ve played in some scenes and I have watching disney channel since I was 7. My dream is become an actress and a singer, please contact me if your interested. My favorite actress on disney channel is Selena Gomez.

  6. merycal lewis

    Hey I’m 17 years old I can definitely sing and act a little. I’ve been in my high school musical theatre for two years. I’m really hoping for a chance to be heard and if you pick me I promise you won’t regret it.

  7. Tyriona

    I love Disney channel and I can sing and act. If you hear me, here I am.

  8. Coralys

    Hello, My name is Coralys, I’m 15 years old, I’m Puerto rican and I’m Bilingual.

    Since I was a little girl my dream was to be in Disney Channel and to be on TV. This would be an amazing opportunity and an honor to work with you and to follow my dreams. I’m really responsible and I work hard to get what I want. I like to be perfect at everything and dedicated to what I want the most. Like I said, this would be an amazing opportunity, please email.

    Thank You.

  9. Ivana Samaha

    Hi my name is Ivana and acting in a tv show is a dream. I’m 13 years old and this could be an amazing opportunity to start as a star at this young age. Right now, I live in Fresno, CA. If you pick me, I promise that you won’t regret it. Disney is my life, please help me live the life! Please contact me if you are interested!!

  10. Chevy Gibson

    Hi, I’m Chevy Luwân Gibson. I have medium brown hair and my eyes are green. I’m 14. My Birthday is June 6th,2000. I am in 8th grade. I have always wanted to be an Actress. I don’t care if it’s a commercial, show or movie. I’ve had a passion for acting since I was 5. I know partial French (Still learning). I also have had experience with doing school plays. I sing and I’m going to learn how to play the guitar. My parents support me in this fully. My inspiration for acting and singing is from Adam Lambert. People say that I have a rock star name and image. I’m 5’2 and my style changes a lot. I am seriously committed to acting. Please contact my parent. Thank you.

  11. alexis

    Hi my name is Alexis and I know I would be good for this role. I am funny, fun and cool. All I like to do is have fun. email me and you can get more info like.

  12. Nikki

    Hello, my name is Nikki. I am 19 years of age. Many say that I could pass for a 16 year old. I can sing, and I am a somewhat exceptional actress. I am interested in being an actress or an extra. I would see it as an honor to be cast on a show that is aired on Disney Channel.

  13. Sarah

    I love Disney’s Jessie, its my favorite tv show ever, please mail me if you wanna know more…thanks!:)

  14. Autumn

    Hi, there! My name is Autumn. I live in Muskegon, Michigan. I love Disney Channel! I have had a passion to become an actress ever since I was 7 years old. I’m 12 now, and would love to pursue the life of an actress. I am short for my age, but I don’t think that matters unless height plays a significant part in the show/film. I have blue hair, which is originally blonde. I can dye it back, but black or brown is out of the question!! My eyes are green and I use glasses. I would highly appreciate it if you email me back!

  15. Hunter West

    Hi! My name is Hunter West and I have wanted to be on Disney Channel as long as I can remember. I have been acting since the age of 2 and I think I’m finally ready to become a serious actress on Disney. I am 13 years old. I have blonde hair down to the middle of my back and grey eyes with golden tints in them. I am 5’5″ tall. I am an elected member on student council for the third year in a row, student council for the third year in a row, 4.0 gap honor roll, volleyball, tennis, track, and golf. I’m hard working and I am very athletic and I don’t give up till I know I can’t do anything else. I understand that even though I tried my best, I might not get it and I’m ok with that as long as I gave it my all and didn’t give up. I currently teaching tennis to my friend with autism so I understand how to be patient and calm in a tough situation. I know that I must be on time to everything and my grandfathers motto is early is on time, on time is late and late is gone and I use this motto every day. I grew up in a military trained family so I was taught discipline and how to work hard and I would love it if you would give me the chance to work on Disney Channel.

    Thank you for listening and I hope you might decide to give me the chance to prove myself. Thank you!

  16. JUSTUS


  17. cheryl hanson

    Hello my name is Cheryl. I am 14 years old, I love acting and would be honored to take part and be an actress in a Disney channel movie or show.I have blond hair, I would really like to be an actress> I just lovee Disney channel and I watch it all the time. It would be amazing to be on t.v. I would love to and I would be really exited to hear from you. Just let me try it, thank you, cant wait to hear from you.

  18. Arica

    I have a passion for acting and I watch Disney channel every day.

  19. Matthew

    I am 14 years old, male and I love acting and being funny.

    I play a lot of sports and am very active.

    1. Matthew

      Please give me a chance, I am very hard working and I never give up.

  20. brianna

    Hi my name Brianna and I am from grand Cayman. I always wanted to be a actress and singer or anything successful because grand doesn’t have a lot a lot of singers or models or even actresses. This will a great opportunity to represent my island.

  21. Stephanie hart

    Greetings, I am a passionate and easy to work with individual. I need to transform a lot of emotion on the inside into something that can be appreciated. Entertainment is my first and foremost passion.

  22. Katelyn Diaz

    Hi. I am Katelyn. I am 14 years old and I am from New York. I would love to be on disney channel. It’s an amazing channel, I have been watching it all my life and I surely am not going to stop now. I am a competitive, loud, spontaneous, creative person who is willing to work hard, so please contact me if your interested. Have good day.

  23. genesis

    hola me encanta disney channel desde toda mi vida soy bailarina demen una oprtunidad porfa : (

  24. Teay Thongngam

    Hello disney channel producer, my name is Teay Thongngam, I’ve been singing since I was little. I work hard and I’m a school councilor as well, I do drama, cheer leading, dancing and I play sports. If you guys ask me why I would like to be on disney, it is because my dream is to be on disney channel, plus I’m talented too. I try my best with every thing I do, so hope you guys pic me to be the next star. From Thailand, live in Perth WA Australia. Age 12.

  25. Hello my name is Paris Napier. I am a girl that lives in Youngstown and I am 16 years old. I would like read a script for you guys, I promise you wont regret it, please contract me.

  26. Kassiah

    I wanna be a actress since I was 5 years old, I’m 10 now but I played parts of 12 and 13 year olds in musicals. I’m also a good singer… I wanted to be on disney channel for life but we can’t find the right sites, please help me, thank you.

  27. nkechi omuson

    Hi I’m Nkechi Omuson. I’m 11 years old just turned 11 in January of 2014. I just want my career to just set off from here. I am a minor singer and I absolutely love acting so I just wanted to tryout for anything that comes my way – Nkechi

  28. iris Vazquez

    Hi, my name is iris I’m 10 years old and I would like to tell you about myself. I have never done this, I’m a little nervous I don’t know what to do to make my dream come true of being on Disney channel or at least in a commercial to begin my dream. I would love to make acting my career as I get older. My family and friends say I’m very friendly and lovable, that I can do it. My teacher said I’m a smart girl and whatever I focus on I can achieve. Just give me one chance I will bring the best in me, I promise.

  29. Rania Chawiky

    I really wish to start my singing career, I already write some cool and pretty songs.

  30. Rania Chawiky

    Hey, is there gonna be a casting in the near future for Philadelphia or New York?
    I am Rania and 13 years old. I love acting and already took two years of real acting classes.
    The teacher tell me that I can have great chances in movie careers. So please email me back to tell me where the next casting is gonna be and when? My hair is curly and I think I am 5 foot something. I am not sure because I lived in Germany. I am speaking German, french and English fluently. So please email me when you need acting scenes and pictures.

    I am interested in movies from disney channel and nick. I am in Philadelphia Pa and would make a trip to the next casting area.

  31. Ashton Belue

    Hi, my name is Ashton Belue, I’m 15 years old I live in the U.S.A. I love making people laugh and smile.
    I hope to be a actor for Disney Channel. I have been in multiple plays. I have been a staring lead in a big play called “mamma’s rocking chair”. I played a poor boy who got in to a LOT of trouble, but at the end he comes out being an OK kid. Please get back with me if you can thanks so much!

  32. Teay Thongngam

    I would love to join disney channel family and work with everyone, I can sing, act and dance as well but I’m not that good at dancing. Thank you for this opportunity and if I can be in disney channel I will work hard and try my best with everything.

  33. Jaden Moss

    Hi, my name is Jaden and I’ve been wanting to be an actress since I was 8, I’m 12 now. I’m really funny and talented ( as a lot of people say ) but please email me back.

  34. calvina

    I am 13, from Africa and I love Disney especially Selena Gomez. She is my role model, my hero. I just wish you guys would give me the chance to be just like her and hopefully meet her.

  35. avianna

    My name is Avianna and I love disney. I love ant farm and Jessie. I wish to be like Zendaya and China. It would be very nice if I could have my own TV show and have my bff Faith to be in it with me. Thanks for reading 🙂

  36. Alka

    hello! this is my dream to appear on Disney channel and i’m very good in acting, dancing and singing. love Disney!

  37. miriana lazzara

    sono Miriana Lazzara , ho 12 anni e vivo in Sicilia.
    So recitare e mi piacerebbe recitare per qualche film o serie Disney…..
    Mi piacciono tutte le star Disney ma quelle che mi piacciono di più sono: Violetta ,A Tutto Ritmo ,Buona fortuna Charlie ,Jessie e Austin e Ally .Ho un fratello di 6 anni.
    Ho i capelli e gli occhi bruni ,sono alta e magra, mi piace il colore viola
    Mi piacerebbe partecipare ad un programma Disney perché e’ il mio sogno……

    Vorrei partecipare a un programma Disney perché e la mia passione e i mio sogno

  38. victoria

    i am Victoria, am 14 years old. I can sing, act and dance. Disney is my dream and I would love to be a part of it.

  39. Britney

    Well, My Name Is Britney Villarreal and my Dream is to become a actor! I can also sing a little. I know how to whistle. I went to school for acting classes and they told me I was great so they traveled me around Texas but I didn’t go. I love spending time with my family and friends! I look Up to Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato. My Dream Is to become just like them! It would be really cool to be famous but I know it’s a lot of hard work trust me, I’m Hispanic, and some of my family is from Spain. I have brown eyes, I’m skinny, and a little bit short. I have curly long hair, I love animals and reading. I am a fan girl! I have flexibility And I’m Tan. Here’s A Hint people say I look like Madison Pettis and sound like Ariana Grande, But please this is my dream shot.

  40. Hi, my name is Nora, I am 17 years old and I’m from Morocco. I live in Spain (Barcelona). My dream is be an actress of Disney Channel please help me…I think that I don’t have opportunity because I’m in Spain and this is so sad for me. I only send this message to try to get any opportunity, please help me.

    Nora B.

    PS: Please contact with me if you are interested, see you soon.

    1. jamiya

      Hello my name is Jamiya and I’m 11 years old. I really love acting and love disney. I have been watching disney channel since I was 1 years old. I have done many plays at my school. And I have been the star/leader of the play. I really want to be on disney and I need and want to do this for my family.

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