Disney Channel and Disney XD Tryouts 2013 / 2014

Disney Channel and Disney XD Tryouts 2013 / 2014

Disney Channel Auditions for Kids and Talent Search is on for 2013 and 2014.

The search is on this July!

The network just announced that the open casting call will be held in late July in San Antonio Texas. If you have always dreamed on turning on the TV and seeing yourself in one of their shows, here is your chance!

Disney Channel and Disney XD do an open casting call every year around the spring. This year they changed it up a bit and are holding the annual event in the summer. The late scheduling made some rumors fly that maybe there will not even be a Disney / Disney XD casting call in 2013, but we can lay those rumors to rest now and be assured that, yes, it will happen.

Texas is a popular state for Disney Channel tryouts since this is their second time coming to Texas in the last few years. Previous casting calls were held in Kansas City, Richmond VA and Austin Texas.

As in previous years, Disney Channel is seeking kids who are 10 to 17 with an interest and hopefully a talent that involves acting, singing and dance. The casting call is part of their effort to find new talent for upcoming shows and series. This is also a good way for people outside of California to get that Disney audition that they have been dreaming of and maybe even land a very coveted spot on one of the very popular shows already on air or to be considered for new and upcoming projects that the rest of us don’t yet even know about.

Disney Auditions 2014
Disney XD New Shows

If your dream is to be a Disney Star like Selena Gomez than this is a chance that can’t be missed because the next tryouts will most likely be held a year from now in 2014. You can see the details of the last one they had here.

The Disney Tryouts for 2013 are coming to San Antonio Texas.

The open casting call is scheduled for
July 27th 2013 and July 28th 2013 from 90AM to 1PM.

The 2 days are setup by last name. All talent whose name begins with A through M will need to tryout on July 27th. All talent whose name starts with N through Z will need to tryout on Sunday, July 28th.

Disney 2013 casting call

The Disney Channel and Disney XD casting directors are looking for talented kids who can act, sing, dance or do all three that would like to be considered for future Disney Channel series, movies and productions.



Open Casting Call for Disney / Disney XD 2013

Saturday July 27th 2013
Sunday July 28th 2013
9AM to 1PM on both days.
Please be sure to make it to the proper date for your name as the schedule is based on last names. A-M and N-Z.


San Antonio Texas Marriot Rivercenter
101 Bowie Street,San Antonio Texas 78205.

Disney Channel Auditions
2013 / 2014 Disney Casting

All talent and their families are advised to park at the public parking that is next to the Mariot because parking at the Marriot will not be available. As is prvious years, the event will surely be crowded. Thousands of kids and their families come to the tryouts so make sure that you get there in time to be seen. All talent will have to register when they get in and then wait for their audition time. It may be a long wait so come prepared with water and snacks and whatever you may need to get through a long wait in line.

You must have a parent or legal guardian in attendance with you. No one who is under the age of 18 will be allowed to audition alone. This is the official Disney / Disney XD casting call and as always there is never any charge to tryout.

If you are planning on coming from out of town, please make sure to reserve your rooms early since these events have been known to get many out of town visitors and rooms at the hotel will fill up quickly.

Kids with and without agents are all welcome to come and tryout.

What to expect:

  • Expect to have to wait for sometime to be seen. There will be thousands there all waiting for their shot.
  • You will have to register on arrival.
  • You will fill out an application which will serve as your short resume and give casting directors some background on you.
  • Once you arrive and register, you will be given a 1 page application form that will serve as a sort of resume. The application will ask for things like your name, your contact info, your parents contact info, where you live. You will need to write in any experience or special talents you may or may not have (experience is not required).
  • If you have an agent or manager and other background info about you.
  • You will also most likely be given a short script to memorize that you will be using to audition with.
  • You will be waiting for sometime so be sure to come prepared with water, drinks, snacks, etc.
  • Once you are called into the audition, you will have only about 1 minute to impress the powers that be. Yes it’s a very short tryout but they have to see 1000’s of others that same day. So be prepared to dazzle in 30 seconds or less.

This will probably be the one and only Disney Channel talent search in 2013 so If you can’t make it out to San Antonio Texas in July, you may have to wait until 2014 when they will be going to a different city. The last event that was held was over a year ago and it was in Kansas City.

So check out some of your fave Disney Channel stars in this promo video:

174 thoughts on “Disney Channel and Disney XD Tryouts 2013 / 2014

  1. Angel

    I’m currently 15 and take theater and drama. I have experienced my stage freighting days and am over them.Would just like totally love the chance to be on a movie!(:

  2. Kamile

    Hi My names Kamile. I just turned 14 years old. Since I was little it has always been a dream of mine to be an actress. I love dancing but also a big passion of mine is acting. But I come from a small country called Lithuania that not many people know or heard of I would really love it if you came here or maybe at least to Europe.

  3. Hanna Tinjak

    Is it posible that Disney directors do the auditions by the internet? btw. I can play piano, act and dance!

  4. Hanna Tinjak

    Hi, I’m from Europe, actually from Bosnia! I think I have few talent’s like playing piano and acting. If somebody from Disney see this, I’ll be so happy 🙂

  5. abby

    I hope they come to Texas. I am a really good actor, singer, dancer, and I am a going to model, LOL.

  6. Andrea

    MY name is Andrea and I’m also from South-Africa. I also have big dreams, there is a lot of talent in SA!!!! 🙂

  7. jeany leshi

    I love to act with the shake it up cast especially Zendaya. I would love to be an actress.

  8. omayra

    Will there be one in August? Because I really want to try out.

  9. Jada

    Please Come to Indianapolis,IN. It always seems like dreams don’t come true here.
    I’m 11, Honor roll student, Female, Brown eyes and Brown hair, I’m 4’9(height), I weigh 80 pounds(lbs). I can act, sing, and dance. This would be a dream come true if I could be on Disney. That’s my life goal and dream! Those 3 things are my favorite things in the whole WORLD! So please come to Indiana!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your Time 🙂

  10. McKenzie Funderburk

    Next year you should come to Tampa Florida or Sarasota Fl.

  11. Stephanie

    Hi. I’m a really good actress,singer, and dancer. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me, but I found out that the audition was in Texas. Please please please come to New York!

  12. Andrea

    Thank you, thank you thank you! I love disney channel and I live in Houston so I’m coming. I sing and act. I love comedy, my friends say I bump up the mood, but I can be a real drama queen. I’m about to be 12 but people say I look 13. I’m in my school choir and I’ve been in my school district choir. I’m in my school drama club also.I NEVER GIVE UP OR LET ANYONE DOWN. If I’m going to start a play or musical, I finish that project with happiness you can count on me I’ll be there!
    Height: 5ft 3in
    Weight: 103lbs
    Hair: Brunnette long but not to long
    Eyes:Brown big but not to big
    I’m an honor role student. I get along with a lot of people! Fav subject is math!
    Ive been in choir since 4th grade 7th grade now
    Please i ask my mom did you see this passion in me when I was very little?she says yes i would always dance and play with toy instruments.:)
    I’ve been in 1 school production
    I love this!
    And if you need a friend I’m there!
    (not trying to brag I don’t like bragging)

  13. Erika Jasmin Chavez

    Hi my name is Erika I’m really clumsy lol and I love singing. I thought since I love singing and acting why not try this. If you read this contact me please.

  14. Alyssa warren

    I will love for y’all to come to Columbus,OH because that’s where I live & probably far from where y’all are going to do auditions.

  15. Alyssa warren

    Hi, My name is Alyssa Warren & I always dreamed to be on one of the shows on Disney channel. I can sing & dance & I will like to be an actor as well. My family sings and that’s where I get my singing from. I like all colors but mostly colorful colors. I am 13 years old. & will be absolutely HAPPY to be known & a actor.

  16. Kaitlyn

    OMG!! I want to go soooo badly! But I live in Toronto and I don’t think I can come 🙁

    1. Andrea

      It’s okay…don’t be sad here, listen next year it will be in another city and don’t worry the year will go by like this (*snap*) 🙂

  17. Ese

    In my opinion I think that Disney channel should go to America and Then come to London to discover great talent. The auditions should be in August or September this Year held in tower bridge or London bridge x. Thank you, I hope you take this into consideration. I really want to be a Disney channel star.

  18. Ese

    @DisneyChannelPR When are Disney Channel Auditions coming to London.London has A lot of talent ! give London a chance to shine not only America.

  19. Lauren Wolak

    I want to audition but I will not be 10 until 8/13/2013. Can I still audition?

  20. Kaitlyn

    I really want to come but I just figured out and I haven’t told anyone that I want to go!!! I probably won’t go because I live in Canada and it is sooooo far and I am pretty shy so I probably won’t even get in and even tell my parents so next year. Lets hope I can do it this year though.

  21. Laura

    hi my name is Laura, my fiends know me as a good actress and good singer. My dream is to be on disney channel. I can’t be there at this audition because I live in Ireland and the tickets are not cheap and the hotel rooms are booked out. I would really appreciate if you would let me do a video audition, all you have to do is email me the script and I will email you back a video audition, thank you Laura Coffey xoxo.

  22. Vartika

    I am 13 yrs old. I want to come but I can’t. I am from India. I can only email my profile and pics. Though I love Disney and it’s opportunities which are given but it’s wonderful if people fulfill their DREAMS. Love you always Disney. I wish I could come to represent my immense talent. But….BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OTHER PARTICIPANTS.

  23. Camry Smith

    I’m 12 years old, I’m a actress. I do a little bit of singing and I’m from Detroit, MI. At the age of 7 my family and I moved to Taylor, MI we came to Detroit a year ago. I wanted to be a actress since I was 5 years old this would be a dream come true to be in this show and it would be a life goal that I achieved. My goal is to follow me dreams and to never stop trying to make my dream into reality I will never stop trying people can tell me you will never make it the the acting industry but I gonna prove them wrong this is why I want this so badly so. I can do what I love and show all the people who doubted me who I am now. Thank you for your time and looking at my post please contact me once again thank you.

  24. Karen

    I want to make sure the auditions are still on for July 27th and 28th?
    Since we are coming from Miami, Fl

  25. jordyn tunison

    Hi my name is Jordyn. I’m a 13 year old girl. My dream is to be on Disney channel. I’m a dancer too! I’ve been a dancer since I was 2. I just wish that I can be on Disney channel so badly.

  26. Lesly

    I really want to be on any Disney channel show & hopefully get my own show…I would love to meet many artists like Ross lynch, Laura marano, and even Debby Ryan!

  27. nour

    Can’t we just tape it and send it to disney like Miley Cyrus.

  28. Julianah

    I really want to be on a Disney or at least give out some ideas because I have some great ones. I don’t live in the USA, I live in London but I think it would be awesome if you came here for auditions.

  29. Sierra

    I am 15 and live in belton missouri, it would be amazing to have auditions in kansas city!!! NINJA!!!

  30. Tabby

    Is it possible if the casting calls are done in New York?

  31. Sara Dandash

    Are there gonna be any auditions in 2014?

  32. David Ginorio

    Hey! I am David from Puerto Rico and I really want to come! Pero estan muy lejos…
    Tengo 15 años y se q tengo el talento para que me escojan… asi que espero que vengan a Puerto Rico pronto. Hay mucho talento por aca! 😀

  33. Tippi

    Hello Disney Channel,
    It’s my dream to be an actress.
    This summer I go to England to improve my English.
    I’m looking on the internet to do an audition, but the problem is that I live in Belgium and all the auditions are in America.

    Can you come to Europe next year? You would make many children happy :).

  34. Jasmin

    Can you hold auditions near Mercer? I am a great actress but Texas is far away and I can’t afford to go there.

  35. Jasmin

    Well can you hold auditions in Pittsburgh or butler because there are a lot of talented kids there my BFF is an amazing singer and I am a great actress.

  36. lauren

    I am musically inclined and I play: bass clarinet, clarinet, keyboard, and I am learning guitar right now. I haven’t started but am about to:)

  37. lauren

    I am musically inclined and i play: bass clarinet, clarinet, alto saxophone, keyboard, and I am learning guitar right now. I will be starting soon.

  38. lauren

    I would LOVE to try out for Disney. I do live in San Antonio but I have never acted before so I don’t know if I should try out. I am about to be 15 in September. Do you think I have a chance?

  39. Cristina

    I really want to become an actress on Disney , this is the reason why I learned English, but I’m not from USA.

  40. Katrina Ambu

    HELLO, I live in Texas, if the casting calls start can it please be in Texas again. I am a good actor and play piano.

  41. maria

    Will disney have a second location open call?

  42. Rosher Lebron

    I´m 18, I like to see Disney channel and Disney xd. I´m interested in acting in a program. I describe me like a funny person. I´m from Puerto Rico. I don´t speak a lot of English but I can learn. I hope they make a casting here in Puerto Rico.

  43. Ajiah

    Hello!! My name’s Ajiah. & I’m 13 & I’ve always dreamed of being on Disney channel. I’d try to be in auditions in Texas, but I live in Arizona and I can only afford to travel to Los Angeles, California or Los Vegas, Nevada. Maybe you could consider holding try outs in Arizona for once. There is talent out here, you just have to find it. Try something new for once!! You won’t regret it. Please choose what you do carefully. Thank you. (: bye.

  44. April

    My daughters last name would make her audition on day 2 or july 28th. I was wondering if she registers that morning or if she needs to register the first day and then come back the 2nd?

    1. April

      ok I found the answer at disneychannel.disney.com/open-call

      They are doing separate registration both days.
      She would go on day 2.

  45. Maryann

    A lot of people tell me that I’m a good actor, but I am hoping to go next year to the casting call. I’m sure I will be amazing even if I don’t win, I wish everyone that is going luck.

  46. Lynn

    Hey! I’m not American but I have a visa to the states. Can I audition if I’m not American?
    If yes I’m coming right away.

    1. Lynn

      Is there another audition and when ?

  47. Elaina Anderson

    Hi There, just wanted to know if it is possible if you cannot make the audition that corresponds to your last name can you come to the other day. My daughter has been waiting for an opportunity like this and definitely has what it takes, however our nephew is getting married on the 27th and that is the day we would need to come. Is it possible to come on the 28th. She has come very close to being discovered so many times and I think all it would take is for her to be in front of the right people. Plus we live only 10 hours away. Hopefully we can make it. thank you!

    1. kayla smith

      Awesome! Can I have her autograph? lol jk.

    2. Andrea

      The auditions are on both days and they start and finish at the the same time both days if you go by plane you’ll make perfect time by car. Where do you live again? I’m going to the audition, I live in Houston. Hope I helped!:) and good luck!:)

  48. kaylee

    I wish you would come to Utah because if I have to go to Texas than it would take days for me to get there from walking because my family is poor, so please come to Utah there are so many talented people here.

  49. Lyla

    Hi, my name is Lyla Murie and I am 13 going to be 14 on July 30. I am native-american/French/White, I always watch Disney Channel and want to be on their so bad! I am from Ponca City Oklahoma and I wish I could go to San Antonio to audition but don’t have enough money to get there. I can dance really good, I am a natural dancer, I can also sing started singing in choir in 6th grade, and I am a very good actor, I always act like i’m in a movie like a play parts from Frenemies, 16 Wishes, and lots of other Disney movies ! It would be a DREAM come true if I was on Disney or Disney XD ! Here I told you a little about myself and I wish you could come to Tulsa, OK or Oklahoma City, OK, thank you 🙂

  50. Ambrastarr

    What date will the auditions be held and where? I am 7 years old and I love Disney.

    1. April

      the tryouts are looking for age 10-17. july 27th and 28th, in San Antonio, Tx.

  51. Nasreen

    I Want to audition, but my mom won’t go to Texas.

    1. Elizabeth

      I would love to audition, but my mom won’t go either.

      1. Maryann

        I live in Milwaukee, it would be hard to go to Texas for us. We might go to the auditions next year.

  52. Sara Dandash

    Hi, my name is Sara Dandash. I am 13 years old. MY dream is to appear on Disney Channel. I am Lebanese and I study in Sabis School. But the problem is that I don’t have a visa to go on the proper time but I have my uncles living there. So please if you have any idea how to help me receive a quick visa please reply cause it is my dream. Thank You.

  53. Victoria

    Hello, my name is Victoria, I’m turning 14 this August. I really hope that next year’s disney channel audition will be somewhere out of the USA. There are many other amazing and talented actors and actresses out there, like Europe, Australia, etc. I hope you would consider my suggestion and good luck for those who will be attending this years’ audition.

  54. alexia

    I have always dreamed of being on Disney channel and Texas is far from where I live. I think the auditions should travel to different locations for the families who can not make it to the one area.

  55. jermaine

    I am 12 years old and my dream is to work with Ross Lynch. He is my role model.

    1. Sarah

      Me too. I always wanted to be like in a movie with him or a tv show. Hope your dreams come true!

  56. Bahle Mabanga

    Hello I’m Bahle Mabanga but my friends call me Bee. I’m from South Africa! I’ve always wanted to be a disney star and I’d love to come to the auditions but I can’t afford a ticket to the USA! I can sing, Dance and act! I’m 15 years old. Is there any way you can help? I really wanna follow my dream and willing to do anything to fulfill it. I want to show that us South Africans have GREAT talent, please give me a chance.

  57. Didintle

    Hello I’m Didi. I really want to audition but I don’t live in America. I would appreciate it so much if you could please have auditions in South Africa, even if it could only happen next year.

    1. Bahle Mabanga

      I’m also from SA and wish they could come!

  58. gina alexander

    I really would like you to come to salt lake city Utah since I wont be able to make it cause I don’t have a way of getting there because I live so far away and I really wanted this chance but since I wont be able to make it because I don’t have any other choices, I really want this chance. Please consider this request. Thank you and I hope you can come because Utah is a very big place and there are a lot of talented actors and actresses here.

  59. Allyia Campbell

    Its my dream. Omg I’m coming.

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