Disney Channel and Disney XD Tryouts 2013 / 2014

Disney Channel and Disney XD Tryouts 2013 / 2014

Disney Channel Auditions for Kids and Talent Search is on for 2013 and 2014.

The search is on this July!

The network just announced that the open casting call will be held in late July in San Antonio Texas. If you have always dreamed on turning on the TV and seeing yourself in one of their shows, here is your chance!

Disney Channel and Disney XD do an open casting call every year around the spring. This year they changed it up a bit and are holding the annual event in the summer. The late scheduling made some rumors fly that maybe there will not even be a Disney / Disney XD casting call in 2013, but we can lay those rumors to rest now and be assured that, yes, it will happen.

Texas is a popular state for Disney Channel tryouts since this is their second time coming to Texas in the last few years. Previous casting calls were held in Kansas City, Richmond VA and Austin Texas.

As in previous years, Disney Channel is seeking kids who are 10 to 17 with an interest and hopefully a talent that involves acting, singing and dance. The casting call is part of their effort to find new talent for upcoming shows and series. This is also a good way for people outside of California to get that Disney audition that they have been dreaming of and maybe even land a very coveted spot on one of the very popular shows already on air or to be considered for new and upcoming projects that the rest of us don’t yet even know about.

Disney Auditions 2014
Disney XD New Shows

If your dream is to be a Disney Star like Selena Gomez than this is a chance that can’t be missed because the next tryouts will most likely be held a year from now in 2014. You can see the details of the last one they had here.

The Disney Tryouts for 2013 are coming to San Antonio Texas.

The open casting call is scheduled for
July 27th 2013 and July 28th 2013 from 90AM to 1PM.

The 2 days are setup by last name. All talent whose name begins with A through M will need to tryout on July 27th. All talent whose name starts with N through Z will need to tryout on Sunday, July 28th.

Disney 2013 casting call

The Disney Channel and Disney XD casting directors are looking for talented kids who can act, sing, dance or do all three that would like to be considered for future Disney Channel series, movies and productions.



Open Casting Call for Disney / Disney XD 2013

Saturday July 27th 2013
Sunday July 28th 2013
9AM to 1PM on both days.
Please be sure to make it to the proper date for your name as the schedule is based on last names. A-M and N-Z.


San Antonio Texas Marriot Rivercenter
101 Bowie Street,San Antonio Texas 78205.

Disney Channel Auditions
2013 / 2014 Disney Casting

All talent and their families are advised to park at the public parking that is next to the Mariot because parking at the Marriot will not be available. As is prvious years, the event will surely be crowded. Thousands of kids and their families come to the tryouts so make sure that you get there in time to be seen. All talent will have to register when they get in and then wait for their audition time. It may be a long wait so come prepared with water and snacks and whatever you may need to get through a long wait in line.

You must have a parent or legal guardian in attendance with you. No one who is under the age of 18 will be allowed to audition alone. This is the official Disney / Disney XD casting call and as always there is never any charge to tryout.

If you are planning on coming from out of town, please make sure to reserve your rooms early since these events have been known to get many out of town visitors and rooms at the hotel will fill up quickly.

Kids with and without agents are all welcome to come and tryout.

What to expect:

  • Expect to have to wait for sometime to be seen. There will be thousands there all waiting for their shot.
  • You will have to register on arrival.
  • You will fill out an application which will serve as your short resume and give casting directors some background on you.
  • Once you arrive and register, you will be given a 1 page application form that will serve as a sort of resume. The application will ask for things like your name, your contact info, your parents contact info, where you live. You will need to write in any experience or special talents you may or may not have (experience is not required).
  • If you have an agent or manager and other background info about you.
  • You will also most likely be given a short script to memorize that you will be using to audition with.
  • You will be waiting for sometime so be sure to come prepared with water, drinks, snacks, etc.
  • Once you are called into the audition, you will have only about 1 minute to impress the powers that be. Yes it’s a very short tryout but they have to see 1000’s of others that same day. So be prepared to dazzle in 30 seconds or less.

This will probably be the one and only Disney Channel talent search in 2013 so If you can’t make it out to San Antonio Texas in July, you may have to wait until 2014 when they will be going to a different city. The last event that was held was over a year ago and it was in Kansas City.

So check out some of your fave Disney Channel stars in this promo video:

174 thoughts on “Disney Channel and Disney XD Tryouts 2013 / 2014

  1. donesha bailey

    name: Donesha Bailey
    age: 10
    D.O.B: July 27,2003
    talent: singing, acting, rapping, fashion

    reasoning: I would love to audition…but I live in Shreveport LA and I will try to make the audition. People have been telling me and telling me that I look like china Anne McClain which is a good thing. I’m so happy to be here and I love shake it up. Every Disney channel show I have every watched, I have recorded on my TV. I love you guys and hope I can be there for the audition.

  2. Kyjuan Barrentine

    I mean I can make cartoons and comics.

  3. Kyjuan Barrentine

    Hello its me again. I forgot to mention most of what I can do or cant. I can’t make cartoons and comics.I am good at acting. I practice acting by myself and I’m not sure if I can sing, but if you give me something to sing maybe I can sing well. I can do the robot dance. I’m a good at flips and not very good at fake crying. That’s pretty much of what I cant do. I forgot to mention that I am a boy. so please let me know!

  4. Adriana

    When and where will auditions be held in 2014? I suggest the Tropical island of Puerto Rico! There are lots of talent there! People are waiting to be recognized! Since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to be an actress! I’m now 10 years old {turning 11 in August} and I just want a chance to do what I love! Thank you for reading this!

  5. maffer

    Por favor hagan audiciones en ECUADOR por favor

  6. kayla

    hi I am Kayla, I made the cut with them but funds were bad.

  7. Hello people I’m Madison Gomez and I am very interested in any of this. This is the dream that I know and not everyone can do that, but I know I would love to participate, could also be a video of me. I will send one of mine.
    I also sing! bye with friendly greets, M. Gomez

  8. Mya Murphy

    Please do the auditions in Manhattan or Brooklyn New York, there is a lot of great talent so please give us a chance.

  9. Matthew

    I am 14 years old and I always wanted to be an actor. I am very active but I am a little short but it doesn’t bother me. I love acting and I love being funny. I just got braces on but they don’t look bad.

    1. Matthew

      I live in Boston MA, please give me a chance to be on TV. I love watching disney channel and would love to see myself.

  10. Jamella Newsom

    Hi,I will love to be on Disney channel. I love to sing. I love to participate in plays and put them on. I have been watching the shows on that channel for as long as I can remember. It will be a dream to be on Disney channel. I will be 11 next month and this will be the greatest present ever.

    1. Jamella Newsom

      I live in Memphis,Tennessee.

  11. Clarissa cortez

    I’m a great singer, 10 years old and have been the lead role in the past 3 school plays! These roles have been Annie, Alice in wonderland, a Christmas pageant. Not only can I sing, but I can act as well!I have always dreamed of being on the Disney channel. Thank you & I hope to hear from you soon!

  12. Olivia Magee

    I would love to have this time to shine!!!

  13. Seaira

    Name: Seaira Bilodeau
    Age: 12
    Located: Palm Harbor,FL
    Hi I’m 12 Year old, Seaira!! I love People (Unless they get on my nerves)(lol true)! I have 2 dogs and 1 mom no dad, me and mom are starting fresh. Well we are getting back on track, I thought maybe just maybe a fun activities would be great & I thought that maybe acting jobs were open as an extra, daily actor anything up and fun (acting) A beautiful word anyway. If you have any show or cool commercial or extra part I’m your Gal. Btw I love to prank and rap the supervised and singing sometimes, try to dance but I would love to be part of a great show cause I know that there are great producers and directors out there. So pick me or lose me. Thanks for the time.

    1. Seaira

      Sorry I meant superbass not supervised!!

  14. Ayberk Ozgen

    I’m a very good actor so please consider.

  15. natasha sturgill

    My name is Natasha Sturgill and I would love to be a Disney star. I can sing and I am in the choir in my church and school. I can draw and I was in the big stone gap movie in the wedding scene as an extra, also I have started a club to stop bullying so I am busy all the time and I like to be there for people. I would love it, bye, thank you!

    1. natasha sturgill

      I am 10 years old.

  16. Allissa Beadle

    Hello, my name is Allissa Beadle, I am 13 years old and I love to sing, act, dance, and cheer. I have done dance in the recent past and now do cheer and have been in cheer for a while. I have been in choir and have taken singing lessons and acting lessons. I perform in all my school productions and acting classes. I would love to be on Disney channel and have always wanted to act and sing on TV. I live in Phoenix AZ and hope you can give me a chance. I am strong and confident. I am a good listener, do well under pressure, and take criticism well. I am self motivated and determined. I am adaptable and loving and kind. I am also funny, energetic, healthy, and love to work out and stay in shape. I am 5’2″ and have strawberry blonde hair, AKA red, and have brown hazel eyes that match my hair color. Please give me a chance. Thank you.

  17. Julie

    Hi! My name is Julie. I’m 12 years old and I love to act and would like to audition for Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. I would like to do commercials as well, I take acting classes at my school. I have blonde hair and blue eyes I am about 5’2 and I live in Circle Pines, MN.

  18. Amber

    Hi my name is Amber DuQuesnay. I love acting because you can play a different role in your life and/or be a different person. I really want to be an actress because for one I can act, that it is my passion. I am diligent but still humorous and dramatic at the same time.

  19. Raven Jackson

    Hi, I love acting, I always wanted to try it but I never had a chance. If I can do one thing it’s acting. I also prefer comedy type over dramatic type.

  20. Nancy Lin

    Hi my name is Nancy, I am turning 13 in February and I’m from Washington, Missouri. I love the show kickin it and it would be amazing if I got to be in kickin it. My older sister usually goes to a friends house almost every single day, and I babysit almost every single day. I want this chance to prove that I am worthy and that I’m willing to work hard.I also want this chance so I can start living my life for me not for others.

    And if you need to contact me please send me a gmail.

  21. Hannah Patton

    Sex: Female
    Age: 14
    Birth date: November 2, 1999
    Height: 5’9″
    Talents: Very athletic, good at acting, and good at singing.
    Reason for wanting to be an actor: I would like to be an actor because I want to be a role model for little kids all over the country. I want them to see me and say “I want to be just like Hannah when I grow up!” Another reason I want to be an actor is I’ve always loved acting and singing. In 5th grade the high school play director asked me act and sing in the high school play! That’s the moment I knew I wanted to be an actor. I just want to make a a difference, do what I love, be a role model, and create another classic Disney or Disney XD tv show! One problem I have with completing my dream is the money and cost. I’m not like some people and just have $2,000 laying around to go to Texas or some other state..:( so if you are a director, movie producer, or someone who can help me accomplish my dream please please please contact me! Thank you for reading my story, hope to hear from you!:)

  22. Taylor E Hammer

    Hi my names Taylor Hammer , 11 years old from Wisconsin. I have so much passion for music, and singing and would love to try something new. I say bring it on!! I really think I could make it through the big time with acting! My mom thinks I too have a chance. I am not afraid to get in front of a crowd and perform! I have been practicing lately writing letters like this, for people who are looking for actors. I really hope you read this. Give me a chance. Your missing out big time if you turn on this. Hope to get an email back from you guys.


    1. Taylor E Hammer

      Hope you think of a city close to Wisconsin so I can meet up with you guys for the 2014 audition.


  23. precious

    Eye Color: Light brown
    I am nice and helpful, honest and pretty cool so I heard c:

    But the only reason I want be to a actress! because it’s my time to make my dreams to come true……c: and one day hopefully I will wake up to be actress and be myself too!

    Sincerely: Precious M.

  24. marisol ortiz

    Hey my name is Marisol Ortiz. I love to act and make people laugh. I would love to be on anything disney has to offer me! My family and I don’t have a lot of money so if there are any auditions in San Antonio Texas I would somehow find a way to get there even if I have to walk. I have lots to offer just give me a chance. Please!

  25. Amaiya

    I am Amaiya. I am 10 years old and my favorite thing in the whole world is acting. I love your shows like Mighty Med and Jessie and I just ask that you give me a chance on TV.

  26. Eunice K.

    Name: Eunice
    Birthdate: Sept. 3 (age 11)
    Languages: Korean, French, and English. (I am a beginner in French) I am Korean.
    Height: about 148-9 or possibly 150
    Role model: Ariana Grande, my sister, Bethany Mota, and my cousin.
    Siblings: 3 other siblings (not including me) I have a twin, a little sister and an older sister.
    Hi! My name is Eunice Kang, I live in Vancouver, B.C. I know the Disney channel doesn’t look for Korean or Asian actresses, but Brenda Song is! I really love to sing, act and dance! Please consider me! I want to be a singer, because I grew up watching my dad play the guitar and sing, while my mom teaches and plays the piano! I play the flute, violin, and a teensy bit of piano. I would like to be an actress, because.. I don’t know, but every time I watch a movie, I will go into my room, look into the mirror, and practice my acting—same with singing! My favorite actors/actresses are: Russel Crow! Kevin Costner, Emma Watson ? (Harminey in Harry Potter) Anne Hathaway, and Hugh Jackman!! There are lots more, but this would become a very long comment thing.. My favorite band is Hedley, and I just really love acting!! My favorite singers are: Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande!!, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley, Ailee (Korean singer) Sohyang, The One, Eun mi Lee, (also Korean singers) and CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!! And I really LOVE books! So if you do consider me, (PLEASE DO!!!) please send me an email and the info on everything I need to do? And I could send a video of me acting and singing?! Music is my life, and so is acting! I really love sports and I am an active girl. I love running! I am a sprinter. My favorite sports are volleyball, soccer, and I am OK at basketball… Thank you!

  27. Ayla

    I would love to be on any t.v show that Disney has to offer me. I will be 12 in September on the 10th.
    Age: 11
    Race: mixed
    Talent: Acting and singing
    Birthday: September 10,2002
    I am very creative and so hope you give me a chance.

  28. Erika

    Hi my name is Erika. I always wanted to be on Disney xd. I am 11 going on to twelve, I would love to be in kickin it, it is my favorite show. I take tae kwon do classes, jn kims tae kwon do academy and also take acting classes in film acting academy. I speak English and Spanish.
    Sinceraly, Erika avendano

  29. Catherine Grizzard

    Name- Catherine Ann Grizzard
    Age- 11(Turning 12 VERY soon)
    D.O.B- March 22, 2002
    Talent- Singing & Acting

    Thanks so much for this opportunity! I would love to be on Disney channel because it would be an amazing experience and jump start my acting career. I have always had a love for singing and acting and even though I don’t dance well but I am a fast and exceptional learner. I have some experience with acting because I am in the springer academy at Columbus GA and I have been in a musical there called Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I have also been in various school plays. Although I don’t do ballet I have performed in the nutcracker with my singing group the Voices of the Valley who are connected to CSU. We sang a variety of “ah’s” in the nutcracker. I am used to the stage and audiences. I have performed solo many times but nothing major. I love the feeling I get when I’m on stage and I want to act and sing for the rest of my life. I always finish a job when I start one so I won’t give up. No matter what everyone says like ” it’s one in a million”, or ” you could never make it”. I have found something I love and I want to do it. I am not asking for a huge role or a TV show, I am asking for a chance… A chance to prove myself. I am eager to go to the casting call this summer (though it does not say directly where is is on this website) and I hope I can prove myself then or now. Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity! If you would like to get in contact with me to learn more or etc. please email because you have the power to make one girls dream come true. Don’t forget Dream Big!

  30. Koralys

    Hi my name is Koralys, I am 10 years old turning 11 in January. I would love an opportunity to have a part on a disney channel show and it will be a true honor. Please email me and tell me whats on your mind!

    Thanks, your dear friend
    Koralys Santos

  31. Sasha Osintseva

    Hi! My name is Alexandra Sasha Osintseva and I am 12 years old. I live in Quebec, Canada. I’m sorry I had to write New York in the sign up box I just love acting! A LOT! So here is my sort of resume but I forgot to write that I speak Russian, English, French and a little bit Spanish! Thanks you and enjoy!:)
    Hi! My name is Alexandra Sasha Osintseva. I’m 12 years old and I love to sing, dance, cheer and the think I love most is acting. I began singing and dancing when I was a little girl. I began cheerleading this year. I have almost 5 years of experience in theatre so I must be a good actress 🙂 . I always dreamed about being a star or an actress and this may be my chance. I really hope you pick me because I really love acting. It is my passion! And I also love Disney channel and all of this channel’s movies and TV shows. So take care! 😉

    -Love, Sasha <3 xox

  32. connie scaife

    name: Connie
    D.O.B: 7th of July
    talents:dancing, acting, gymnastics
    reason: it’s been my dream and I would love to be on television with different people, my drama/musical theater teacher says I’m good at my acting.
    theater class: Aberdeen Academy of performing arts
    place I live: Scotland, Aberdeen
    school: Harlaw academy
    other: I can travel anywhere on time. I play a bit of guitar but not much. I can sing but I don’t like my voice but some people do. My friends think I’m also good at acting and dancing. I am getting quiet confident. I love wearing different clothes/costumes. I also watch disney channel all the time! I love most programs and I love everyone I meet, I am quiet nice.
    Thank you for reading and check out my musical theater class website. Mail me back because I would love to meet you.

  33. Cristhian Palomino

    Hola Mi Nombre Es Cristhian Fabian Palomino Pardo Soy De Nacionalidad Colombiana Nací El 19 De Agosto De 1999 Mis Talentos Son Tocar El Piano, El Sintetizador Y El Teclado Tengo Buen Tono De Voz Y Soy Parte De Una Escuela De Actuación Y Arte Escénico. Me Gustaria Ser Parte De Disney Channel Ya Que Creci Con Este Canal Y Mi Sueño Es El De Estar En La Pantalla De Disney Channel


  34. Hope

    My name is Hope Rhynas, and I am 14 years old. I am bubbly, friendly, and enjoy being around and meeting new people. I am from London uk. I have a southern English accent however; I am able to do a very believable American accent. I currently attend Tring Park School for the Performing Arts which I have been attending for 3 years. Here, I study 20 hours of professional performing arts training per week. My talent includes acting, musical theatre and pop, also dancing. I have been in many local musicals and productions including, Annie, CATS, Grease, Penny Lane, High School Musical, West Side story, and many more. I have also been in many semi-professional productions (Tring Park) such as, Matilda, peter pan, Footloose, Seussical the musical, The Wiz, Mamma Mia and more. I’ve had experience of Solos, duets and group performances. At Tring Park School, I study acting in depth, and closely study the emotion and feelings of characters, also the physicality of characters to make sure the part I am playing is believable and captures the audience’s attention. I also closely study musical theatre, and dance (ballet, tap, modern). My drama and musical theatre teachers often say I have “the spark” on stage, which not many professionals have. I can adjust to any role given and am able to show a wide range of emotion, to produce an excellent level of acting or singing.

  35. Sirya

    Hi ! My name is Sirya. I was born 10th may 2001, I love sing and act, I live in Italy but I’m really good in English. I act in Italian and in English, and I sing too but I sing only in English. My celebrities are Selena Gomez,Demi Lovato, Zendaya, Bella Thorne and Justin Bieber. I watch Disney Channel to when I was little and I only watched in English so I would try to get an audition with Disney channel or with nickelodeon because I don’t like Disney channel Italy and I tried to have an audition here in Italy but they don’t chase me. I know that maybe you don’t choose me but I want to try. Please can you give me a chance for an audition the next year? Thank you very much. I’m so sorry maybe I wrote some words wrong.
    Bye Sirya

  36. Jalasia Anthony

    Hey my name is Jalasia and I’m 12 years old. I was born on August 1, 2001. I love to sing. I truly believe with my voice I can become something because music is my life. I can sing, act, and dance. I would love to be an Disney Channel star please give me and chance. I know if you hear me you would fall in love with my music and voice. I begging you please read this and gmail or email me back have a nice day.

  37. Taylor Horan

    Name: Taylor
    Birthday: August 14, 2000
    Talent: Singing and acting
    Idols: One Direction, Demi Lovato, Cher Lloyd, and Ed Sheeran
    Reasoning: I have always wanted to be an actress. I always like to put on a show and be in the spot light. I have been told by many people I have the talent to be an actress. I have always been singing. I sing wherever I am. Home, with a friend, in the store, or even just walking around. I have been also told by a lot of people that I should go on the X Factor but I would much rather prefer being on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. I am from a small town in Iowa so there isn’t much of famous people from around here. It is hard to become famous in Iowa because it is so small. I like to be in anything. I could do a scary movie to a musical for little kids. Please consider. It has been a dream for my whole life and nothing is going to change because I know I can do it.

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