Cartoon Network Show Tickets

Cartoon Network’s Hall of Game awards hosted by Shaq are happening soon and free tickets are available to watch the show live in the studio.

Let the games begin! It’s The Kids Choice Awards meets The ESPY’s – your favorite celebrities and athletes all in one place!!!! The Cartoon Network Hall of Game Awards is the ultimate sports award show. Celebrate the year’s best athletes, highlights, tricks, teams and everything else in the world of sports.

The Hall of Game Awards are hosted by Shaquil O’Neil and are shot in Santa Monica California. All audience members will need to find their own transportation to Santa Monica as well as parking. The minimum age to come to the Hall of Game Awards show is 9 years old.

The Hall of Game Awards is filmed at:
Barker Hangar
3021 Airport Avenue, Suite 203
Santa Monica, CA 90405-6101

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11 thoughts on “Cartoon Network Show Tickets

  1. serena moss

    My 9 year old Andre Brown is watching the 2014 show right now. He recently met Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner at our Family Thanksgiving. Richard is my nieces boyfriend. It was especially exciting because my father just passed away the week prior and Andre had been really depressed. Ever since meeting Richard he refers to him as Uncle Richard! Just watching his face light up watching the show makes me happy. Would love to surpise him for the 2015 show.

  2. Ivette Hernandez

    I would like to purchase 2 tickets to the Hall of Game Awards in Santa Monica.

  3. daniela massachi

    Hello I would like too bring my three children to the awards! How do we get tickets? please email me ASAP!! they are begging me.

  4. ariana rocha

    hi my son and his cousin would love to go to the hall of games, he’s been asking me to get him tickets, please he would be so, happy if he could go.

  5. gabriel mireles

    My son wants to go to the hall of game award show and I want two tickets.

  6. Juanda Scoggins

    I would like to take my son and a friend to the taping of the Hall of Game award show.

  7. Rae c

    I would love three tickets, for hall of game awards for my three sons, who do nothing but play video games day,and night .

  8. Erica Mitchell

    My kids are military kids and has never had the opportunity to go to the cartoon network hall of game or anywhere special like it. They are 11 and 12 and that’s all they talk about. How awesome it would be to go. They’re great kids, I would love to do this for them. Their patience and sacrifice, all they had to endure while both parents served in the Army, they definitely deserve to go. So if there’s tickets out there to be bought please email me.

  9. Timo Feth

    Hi I need two tickets to the Santa Monica awards show hall of game.

  10. Timo Feth

    I need two tickets to the Hall of game awards show in Santa Monica.

  11. jennifer fertucci

    Hi- my sons are gorgeous and blonde American beauties. Looking to get on TV or attend an awards show.
    happy new year !!

    how do we get there?

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