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A new live action show on the Cartoon Network is ‘Level Up‘. Level Up takes a new and fresh twist for a teen sitcom in that rather than being based on Music or school based situation comedies, Level Up focuses on something that is almost a national pass time for tweens and teens, video games.

Level Up CN

Auditions for Level Up were held last year and the 4 main heroes were cast. Extras casting for various episodes is done as needed when the episodes film.

Level Up premiered on CN in January of 2012 and is part of the Cartoon Networks new set of shows that are live action and not animated series.

The first season will have 22 episodes and the story line is about teens who inadvertently open up a portal into a video game. That plot has been a popular one for many animated shows but a live action version is a first for teen TV series.

The plot of the show goes as follows:
High school teens,Wyatt, Dante, Lyle, and Angie by accident get involved in events that open up a portal into a new dimension, one of video games. The teens are all avid gamers and have now found themselves in a position that brings their game into the real world and beging a troublesome quest to fight their virtual foes in a real world situation. As things begin to get crazy in their town due to the virtual monsters becoming real, the teens find that they now have to “level up” to help save their town while dealing with high school life and their social life at the same time.  The show mixes the fantasy video game world with the teens reality of everyday high school.

The show stars

  • Gaelan Connell
  • Jessie T. Usher
  • Connor del Rio
  • Aimee Carrero
  • Lonny Ross

as our heroes

The story has a good vs. evil approach with the kids playing the heroes who fight against what the villain throws at them. The villain in the story is Maldark, a ruthless and narcissistic sorcerer from “Conqueror of All Worlds”, the video game that they are familiar with and have played extensively in the virtual world. Maldark is out to take over the world and our heroes want to make sure that they stop him from achieving his plans of world domination.

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