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Tryout to be the next BabyGap  or GapKids model of the year.

2012 is around the corner and with the new year come new casting calls for some of America’s hottest kids brands, Gap, GapKids and BabyGap.

Every year BabyGap and GapKids (Baby Gap & Gap Kids) seem to do a model search. The BabyGap model search is for babies and toddlers while the GapKids model search is for elementary school aged children.

Many of the BabyGap and GapKids audition take place in the fall and this year the was a GapKids open casting call for a Christmas special. The Gap open casting call was held in one of the Gap Kids stores in New York City.

Various stores around the country have casting calls for either BabyGap or GapKids. The winners of the casting call / baby modeling contest are usually used in a certain photoshoot or video for an event that the store is having. Winning the contest, however, does not assure more modeling work for your baby, toddler or child.

The best way to find out about such events is to ask within your local store. Since most events are held in the store, the store employees or management should have some information about whether that store does baby modeling contests and when they think the next BabyGap or
Some more good news for parents who would like to see their children become BabyGap or GapKids Models. The Gap brand including its children’s line are expanding. GapKids tryout will be held.

GapKids and babyGap, two of the most recognized names in children’s apparel, announced plans  for a new collection created for Gap by Diane von Furstenberg. The collection is expected to be available for purchase to customers in March 2012 through GapKids and babyGap stores in almost 30 countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, France, China, Japan and Australia as well as online in 75 countries.

An expansion of the line means more opportunities for more children to model for the apparel brand. The Gap brand has also expanded to many other countries and its popularity in Europe and Asia is increasing.

Baby modeling

The Gap also owns other large brands such as Old Navy, Banana Republic and others. Those other brands such as Old Navy also hire many child models for their catalogs, commercials and promotional materials.When the Gap holds a modeling contests, the brand offers prizes to the winners and normally there are 4 winners. The winners also get to appear in ads and promos in store windows across the country.Last years winners of the kids and baby modeling contest got the following prizes:

  • Featured in the windows of babyGap and GapKids stores nationwide
  • $1,000 Gap GiftCard

Last years contest winners were  Evie, Dylan, Sofia and Keyghan – A boy and girl from 2 different age groups, BabyGap and KidsGap.

Even though other castings have been held by GAP Stores in The U.S., it seems the nationwide baby model search did not happen in 2011. Hopefully 2012 will bring back the contest and choose 4 new winners to splash across the retail stores windows nationwide.

The Gap just opened its Gap Kids Model Contest Today! Check it out here.

138 thoughts on “Baby model search

  1. Garcia Hinds

    My daughter Nevaeh is 17 months and likes to be the center of attention. She would make a great model for your product line. thanks

  2. Yasmine Malak

    Very interested in this how are you to upload pictures or get further detail on the 2012 model search

  3. Carmen Perez

    My daughter Serenity is 2 years old, and I would like to get her into modeling. Everyone is always complementing her, on her green eyes and curly hair. She is very happy child, always up for photos. Serenity has worked with Fisher Price in the past. I would like to get the opportunity to have you meet her.

  4. Jessica Titus

    I am interested in having my son model for baby gap, when is the next audition in Boston and how can I get some more info on this? Thankyou!

  5. ebony greene


  6. Danielle

    My son will be 2 years old September 2012 and he has been getting compliments everywhere we go since day one. Not only does he have big brown eyes, long girly eyelashes, chubby cheeks and curly brown hair his personality is awesome and he looks good in his clothes. He loves posing for the camera, music and dancing for example. Everyday I am told how cute he is and that he has a face that belongs on TV or magazines. He is my little superstar and I want to share him with the world.

  7. Megan

    My daughter will be 12 months July 9th, 2012 she is such a happy baby with the most adorable chubby cheeks! She has light brown hair and blue eyes, and everyone says she could be the next Gerber Baby. This would be an amazing opportunity for us. She would be a wonderful Gap Baby!!! THANKS!

  8. Megan

    My son is 11 months and is the happiest baby out there.. He has a smile full of love and laughter and amazing blue eyes!! He would be a perfect Gap Baby!!

  9. Alexa

    Hola mi nena tiene 5 anitos esta hermosa tiene su cavello rojo….y le gustaria ser modelo de baby gap

  10. Fernanda Souza

    I need some information when and where is this contest held…..I have two beautiful boys 4 and 1 year old…

    thank you,

    1. admin

      The Gap Kids and Baby Gap modeling contests are held online annually. The next one will be next year in spring of 2013

  11. Sarah

    My 15 month old daughter Emma is so beautiful. i get stopped all the time for people to tell me how beautiful her blue eyes are and how gorgeous her curly hair is and that she is the cutest thing ever and that i should put her in modeling. i am interested in bringing her in for the baby gap casting call and see if this is something she could do. She is so funny and full of energy and is always all smiles and giggles. She would be perfect for your brand!

  12. samantha

    My son is ten months old and SO full of life. He lights up any room with his gorgeous BABY BLUE eyes and a ornary grin. His personality is like no other and he loves getting pictures. . Hes so camera friendly. Everyone says he should model! Baby Gap would be a dream come true. Hed make you proud!

  13. ayan omar

    @ 18 months, kamilla is a baby that is always aware of a camera in her presens, she loves to pose and is always center of attention.

  14. Hi , My baby boy, is such a camera flick. he loves whenever we catch him for a shot. he loves when people are around him,when theres everybody surrounded by him. such a smiling baby. and keep talking with his baby talks.. he is a very charming delightful baby. i hope you could give us the chance for you to know him more.thanks!

  15. rati


    I have a beautiful daughter who is seven months old with incredible eyes and adorable smile.

    It will be a great opportunity for us.
    We will like to know how to enter in the contest.

  16. Angela Abouhassan

    My son is 10 months old and he has incredible eyes with eye lashes that don’t stop, his hair is a wonderful blond with slight curls in the back and around his ears. His smile lights up the world. How do we enter this contest?

  17. Jessica Molina

    I have a 1 1/2 year girl old and a 2 1/2 boy, and they love to model, everytime they have on new clothes they just have to go show it to everyone, and i am not going to say they are the best becuase obviously they are the best to me so we all have to say that, but it would be a great oppurtunity for them and a great memory!!!!

  18. Danyai

    I have a 3 yrs old star. She loved to dance and play dress up so she can model for everybody. She’s always in the camera and my daughter rocks. I would hate for this opportunity to pass my baby by when I know she would love it. She’s a princess at heart and loves fashion just like her mom. Please pick my daughter she’s the best!

  19. veronica santure

    I would love to have the chance to have my 18month old and my 3 year old to model in your clothing they both have such sweet smiles and great personality>

  20. Tyerian Roberts

    I would love to get an audition for my 3 month old baby girl for the 2012 Baby Gap. She has that beautiful smile and sweet personality to catch attention of anyone looking her way. Excited and hope she gets an audition.

  21. Jennifer

    I have twin boys who would be perfect for Gap Kids and Baby Gap. I would love to get an audition or casting call for the Gap line of clothing and also to enter the BabyGap modeling contest 2012. I know my boys could win.

  22. Heather

    I would love the opportunity to enroll my 4 year old son up for the gap auditions I can spend all night telling you about my child but first things first can you please tell me where are the auditions being held and we will take it from there thank you

  23. Tammy

    I have a handsom eight month old boy who has great eyes and a nice smile. My family tells me to put him in modeling, He would be prefect.. This would give him a chance to be seen cause when you see him you will know hes the one..
    I hope You can help him have a shot at this
    Thank You,
    Tammy Roberts

  24. kayla

    I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL 3 years old girl,she loves to pose in front of the camera and i think this is the perfect opportunity i hope to see my baby’s picture in all gap stores,thank you GAP

  25. Kelly Lobb

    Wow! Y’all sound kind of desperate! Everyone thinks their kid is the next big thing but let the pics speak for themselves. Reading this thread made me LOL!!

  26. Melissa Pearson

    I have a 4 year old daughter that is very beautiful I’ve been trying to get her in to modeling but don’t know where to start so could you please help me out every where I go I’m hearing you should get her into something she loves to pose for pictures

  27. Michelle Stevens

    I have a 3 year old son very cute, he has blue eyes and dark blonde hair… Always getting compliments on how he should be a model. He loves getting his picture taken. So I thought I would try it out. Please send information on auditions and any information I need to get him started.

  28. Cheyla Palmer

    Have I got the girl for you…AMORA MICHELLE
    2 1/2 years old…smart as a whip…loves the camera and it loves her…beautiful smile…and personality +++. Please send info on auditions
    and any information I need to get her started.

  29. Leighanna Hornick

    Need a 1 year old baby girl? My sister Sadie would be perfect. She has big brown eyes and loves to smile. She is only one but she can already say full sentences and can understand any command you give her. She is cooperative and listens to you. She would love the chance to be a model. She already has plenty of experience since she models for my own photography. Email me for pictures, videos, and more info. Thank you!

  30. Leighanna Hornick

    My sister Reese is one of a kind. She knows just about everything and if you tell her something, she can repeat it right back to you excactly how you said it. She is 5 years old but can act like she is even older. She is very mature for her age. She has blonde curly hair and a big smile. Her voice is perfect too. Email me for some samples of her talking for commercials.

  31. tracie

    my beautiful 8 yr old daughter has a beauty that stands out where ever she goes.please email me info to send head shots an resumes to.thank you

  32. josephine estrada

    i have a 3 years old little daughter..i hope that youguys can check all of her photos in her facebook. Have a nice day ahead..



  34. Yesenia

    My daughter is 5 mths old and is very photogenic. She has beautiful features she is part Lebanese on her fathers side. She has beautiful dark grey eyes and i’ve been told since the day she was born that she is a very good looking baby and that i should try and enroll her in campaigns like these. I would like to know how im supposed to go about enrolling her please email me thank you. Oh and she’s a very active baby and she can already sit down and she responds to her name.

  35. Carmelita Cidro

    Hi my son adriel is turning 5mos old he loves to smile he is cute and adorable please let me know the next casting thank you

  36. Claudia

    Hi! I have a daughter who is 18mths old and never really thought about baby modeling for her but she always gets attention where ever I go. People stop by and say hello to her or compliment on her beautiful eyes! They’re big and brown and just have this gorgeous shape. I would love to get my foot in door and I think this would be a great place to begin for my baby. Thanks so much!

  37. Marly

    I have a 15 month year old son very adorable long dark brown curly hair… Always getting compliments on how he should be a baby gap model. So I thought I would give it a shot.. I would like more info about the contest. Thank you…



  39. hi i would like to say that i love to see my son a billboard he is one year old he is funny,smart,love to smile and dance he is very talented he is a Blessing to me.

  40. Nicole Griffin


  41. Anthony

    I have a beautiful 21month daughter with incredible talent and smartness. She will be Great for this casting call please let me know how I go about this. Thanks

  42. Kelsey

    Can I have more information on the contest?!

  43. Marie Williams

    My daughter is two and is very talented, and beautifuI. Believe it’s a great opportunity for her. Thank you

  44. Crystal Thompson

    Hello! I have a 6 month old who has a head full of hair and 2 gorgeous dimples, he’s absolutely gorgeous. He would be perfect for modeling. He’s already crawling and trying to stand on his own!

  45. Amanda James

    Gap’s Facebook account was claiming late march. Now they are saying late April. It keep getting pushed back. Come on gap, my LO just keeps getting cuter.

  46. Marissa ward

    Hi I would love more info on the baby gap auditions and tryouts! Everyone keeps telling me to put my son in modeling! He absolutely loves the camera! We would love the opportunity! Thank you!

  47. Kasey

    Hello, I have 4 year old twins that are adorable! Savanna is my little girl and she loves the camera! She is a hoot!!!!!! We play pageant everyday and she models for me…..Carson is my little boy and he is so handsome. Both have won Pageants. We would love to have the opportunity to show you.

  48. Dee

    Our daughter is 15 months old, and she already has such a command of the camera and of anyone in the room. Her big brown eyes and sense of confidence really create beautiful images on screen and in print. We would live to introduce her to you and see if she can do the same for you!
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  49. Katherine

    My daughter is 17 months old, loves posing for the camera, full energy, full of love and would love to receive more information on this great upcoming opportunity.

  50. Latoya Brinson

    My Payton Pie is 6 months and she’s the next GAP BABY!!!

  51. Maria

    My girl (age 6) and boy (age 5) both love to pose for the camera. They both are very photogenic, have lots of character and are jumping for joy at the idea if modeling for GAP. I’ve been told by literally everyone who has seen my kids that I’m crazy for not having entered them to this day. So I finally decided it’s worth a shot. Please let us know of the next casting call! Thank you!

  52. yesenia

    Jonathan is a cute one year old with big brown eyes and long eyelashes he has a great BIG smile:D he is a very loving and charming boy and loves to smile for pictures everyone always compliments on how handsome he is I would love it if he could have a chance on been a baby gap model my son is so adorable!you will not regret picking us thanks for your time

  53. Amber

    I would love my 13mos old baby to be a baby gap model.He always smile and has bright blue eyes and hair is darke blonde he is just truly a beautiful baby…

  54. Gisselle

    Hello my name is gisselle Rivera i am 25 yeras old. I live in new york city in that bronx. I have a beautiful girl name jazlinne scroggins 3 years old. I love to go shopping at gap have nice clothes for kids. My child is friendly love to smile. I always take pictures of her n make video. She will be best casting for gap.
    Please let me know where that casting going to be.

  55. Rami

    My son is now 2 and half years old but since he was born he would always get compliments on happy smiley faces, how patience, how cute and very confident, handsome he is.In addition, he is comfortable with people If he get chance see he can do it..
    Can you please give me more information as to how we can go about doing this?

    Thank you

  56. Emanuel Davis

    Eva Salomé is a multiracial, multiethnic four year old with bright brown eyes and long eyelashes that give off a breeze. She has light caramel skin and head full of springy curls that can be sculpted into a number of trendy hair styles. She is bi-lingual in Spanish and English, and has the energy to enjoy activities like gymnastics and swimming. She was recently featured on Washington DC NBC news on a segment on child literacy with Dr. Suess. She truly represents the melting-pot that is America! I believe she would be the perfect representative for the Gap clothing line.

  57. Iliana Sanchez

    Well I have a 3 year old boy, he does wear a lot of baby gap clothing but I really think that anything that he wears stands out really good. I always get compliments on how I dress him and on how handsome he is. Everyone always says that I dress so much like the kids from baby gap. I am willing to go anywhere for my son to be a model. He loves to pose for pictures and he loves to dance “)
    Thank you for your time!

  58. Melinda

    Ok lets be honest here, we all think our kids are adorable. I only dress myself as well as my son in Baby Gap so I figure why not have him model professional for them. We always get complements on how cute he looks in is outfits so why not show it off to the world right? If you have any casting calls located in the San Fransisco area I would love to have him try out. Thank you for your time!

  59. Carolina Velazquez

    My son is 5 years old he loves to take pictures and he is good at it also he said he wants to model and everbody keeps telling me to put him in some modeling he loves fashion

  60. Karla

    Please let me know the info.

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