Baby model search

Tryout to be the next BabyGap  or GapKids model of the year.

2012 is around the corner and with the new year come new casting calls for some of America’s hottest kids brands, Gap, GapKids and BabyGap.

Every year BabyGap and GapKids (Baby Gap & Gap Kids) seem to do a model search. The BabyGap model search is for babies and toddlers while the GapKids model search is for elementary school aged children.

Many of the BabyGap and GapKids audition take place in the fall and this year the was a GapKids open casting call for a Christmas special. The Gap open casting call was held in one of the Gap Kids stores in New York City.

Various stores around the country have casting calls for either BabyGap or GapKids. The winners of the casting call / baby modeling contest are usually used in a certain photoshoot or video for an event that the store is having. Winning the contest, however, does not assure more modeling work for your baby, toddler or child.

The best way to find out about such events is to ask within your local store. Since most events are held in the store, the store employees or management should have some information about whether that store does baby modeling contests and when they think the next BabyGap or
Some more good news for parents who would like to see their children become BabyGap or GapKids Models. The Gap brand including its children’s line are expanding. GapKids tryout will be held.

GapKids and babyGap, two of the most recognized names in children’s apparel, announced plans  for a new collection created for Gap by Diane von Furstenberg. The collection is expected to be available for purchase to customers in March 2012 through GapKids and babyGap stores in almost 30 countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, France, China, Japan and Australia as well as online in 75 countries.

An expansion of the line means more opportunities for more children to model for the apparel brand. The Gap brand has also expanded to many other countries and its popularity in Europe and Asia is increasing.

Baby modeling

The Gap also owns other large brands such as Old Navy, Banana Republic and others. Those other brands such as Old Navy also hire many child models for their catalogs, commercials and promotional materials.When the Gap holds a modeling contests, the brand offers prizes to the winners and normally there are 4 winners. The winners also get to appear in ads and promos in store windows across the country.Last years winners of the kids and baby modeling contest got the following prizes:

  • Featured in the windows of babyGap and GapKids stores nationwide
  • $1,000 Gap GiftCard

Last years contest winners were  Evie, Dylan, Sofia and Keyghan – A boy and girl from 2 different age groups, BabyGap and KidsGap.

Even though other castings have been held by GAP Stores in The U.S., it seems the nationwide baby model search did not happen in 2011. Hopefully 2012 will bring back the contest and choose 4 new winners to splash across the retail stores windows nationwide.

The Gap just opened its Gap Kids Model Contest Today! Check it out here.

138 thoughts on “Baby model search

  1. Ana Garza

    Hi I have a 17 month little girl. She’s loves the camera n loves posing always smiling and laughing makes everybody laugh has many faces. I would love it if y’all can give her a chance thanks for your time hope to hear from ya

  2. lydell hernandez

    hi my son is 1year and 5monhts ,he is very photogenic, i like my baby to auditon for Gap kids and For Babygap,he have a cute smile,he is ALWAYS dancing,and my baby is very charming.Please let me know how i can apply for this position,Thank you for an opportunity!

  3. Aubreon

    Hello Gap ,
    I have a 14 month old loveable baby boy ! He’s full of smiles and he is ALWAYS dancing , he wakes up dancing . I honestly have no clue where he gets it from . He’s such a happy baby , with such a wonderful gift to bring joy to everyone privileged to meet him . Every time were out an about someone is telling me how blessed I am to have such a happy baby whose such a peoples person . He lights up a room either by dancing , talking in his language across the room lol , or by playing peek-a-boo with you outta the blue . He’s just such a joy to be around ! Looking forward to hearing more about the auditions !! thankss for your time ( :

  4. Melanie Pottle

    Hi, I have a 6 month old son named Nathan. He is a very easy going, happy baby. He loves people and will babble at random people when we are out in public. He’s very expressive and we’ve been told by a few people that he would be good for commercials.
    Can you please give me more information as to how we can go about doing this?
    Thank you

  5. Portia enriquez

    My daughter is 4 months old, very cheerful, and friendly. I’ve been searching for something like this (modeling) for her, and i chose BabyGap. I would be glad to be informed about audition informations. Who could ever be proud to see their baby’s portrait on tv, magazines, specially in stores.

    Thanks much!

  6. Deleena

    hi, my name is Deleena and my son yadier is 6 months old with a very unique look and the cutest dimples ever.He also is very photogenic and I would love to audition him for BabyGap. please let me know when there is more information for an audition and thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Preeti Paul

    Hi there,
    I have 2 boys 8 and 3. They both are very good looking with beautiful black eyes. I would love for them to be part of auditions for Gap, Ol d Navy etc. I would also love them to be in Catalina. please let me know the audition dates. I have always wanted them to be part of the media.


  8. Alma

    Hi I have an 11 yr old girl gorgeous and a 9 year old boy who’s always smiling I also have a 3 yr old boy who everyone say is so handsome and they love his smile and dimples he’s always happy and smiling I also have a 2 yr old girl she’s adorable my kids are all photogenic. I think they be great….

  9. Laura

    My 1 year old son is just simply adorable. Everywhere we go we get compliments. Id like to have him audition for Baby Gap. Can someone tell me the information how ? where? when?
    PS- we have headshots 🙂

    Thank you so much!

  10. Daniela Sada

    Hi! I have an 11th month old baby. He is the cutest baby ever. Apple chicks! I will like for him to audition for BabyGap. Can someone send me more information?

    Thank you!

  11. Janelle

    Hi my name is Janelle, I have a soon to be 4 yr old name King Semaj, he has been saying he wants to be on tv since 1 1/2 yrs old. I seen he loved fashion at about 2yrs old, he wears things like suspenders and love hats. He recently said he wanted his mohawk cut because he needed change, his words not mine. I honestly just want to make my sons dreams come true.

  12. Jada

    Hi I’m 11 years old and I would love to audition and model for GapKids. I have worked for Macy’s, Strausburg Children Clothier, Peek-A-Boo Couture, Walmart, and just finished a recent shoot for Belk’s. I really have fun modeling. Please send all the information to my mom’s email address and she will send you a recent resumme of all my work that I have done. thanks a lot.

    1. Rhonda Williams

      Hi, my name is Rhonda and I have two daughters, Candace and Maya. I would love for both of them to auditon for Gap kids and For Babygap. Can someone please send me an application or some more information regarding this. BTW, my daughter are 7 years and 7 months old.
      Thank you so much.

  13. Jamie

    Please inform me of the 2012 auditions. Thanks!

  14. precious pierce

    I have a 2 year old little girl. Shes sweet, gorgeous, and so lovable. She’s half Filipino, white, and black. Everyone tells me how beautiful and silly she is and she would definitely be a great candidate for the babygap line.

  15. Lauren Morris

    My little girl Mariah is so funny and loves photo time she has done some photoshots and is great at it. Mariah is 18 m old. She has a big brother name trenton and he love photo time it runs in the family. Mariah is a great looking and happy girl and great for Gap!!!

  16. Wendy

    I think my six year old grand baby would be perfect! I really want to get Kevin involved in the 2012 Gap kids casting call. Kevin is a great little boy and looks great in anything Gap. He is very photogenic and adorable. Kevin would make the perfect baby model for Gap Kids and I want him to have a chance at it.

  17. Flordalisa Hernandez

    Hi,I have a 11 month old babygirl.She has black curly hair,brown chinky eyes,chunky cheeks,pink bubble lips EVERYONE think she’s Chinesse but she’s half Dominican/Puertorican 🙂 She catches EVERYONE’S eyes in the streets,they can’t avoid to give her a compliment.My little girl LOVES the camera there’s not one pic I’ve taken of her w/o her showing her lil tiny teeth what can I say she’s a DOLL !!

  18. cherlyn

    i have fraternal twins that are happy baby’s so cute my first set of twin’s and i want the world to know that i have beautiful fraternal twins that can put a different out look on baby Gap

    1. shakirrn

      babies, twins

  19. lisa

    My babygirl will turn 6yrs old, she loves getting my phone and taking pictures of herself, and by the way they come out cute;) she will rock kids gap!!!

  20. Ashley

    My 8 month old son Jasper would be the perfect baby to represent baby gap!

  21. Stella Orsini

    I have a three year old daughter who is just adorable! I think she is definetly worth a look! I get stopped all the time by random people telling me how she should be on tv or a commercial! We love baby gap!! I hope she can get this opportunity. Thank u!

  22. Ashley Shaffer

    My son is a year old. he is very photgenic! He has blonde curly hair and blue eyes! he always has a great attitude. Veru entergetic and healthy! Many people have told me to apply for this for the past months. Please let me know how i can apply for this position!!! Thank you for an opportunity!

  23. katelyn

    I have an almost 5 year old son and i have the perfect casting profile pictures for him i had his photos taken for a gift for his father for christmas. When he saw the photos he suggested i look into photoshoots as my son is very photogenic. Please consider him for this contest. I have the photos waiting. 🙂 HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  24. Rebecca Venters

    Hello, I have a 3year old son named Tristen that lights up the room. He loves to laugh and to catch anyone’s attention wherever he goes. He loves the camera and constantly checks himself out in the mirror. He has such a great disposition and personality that will melt your heart. He is very handsome and has caught the eyes of many people. They have all said that he should be on t.v. …. I am hoping that baby/kids gap feels the same as many others do, including mommy and daddy!! Please let me know when and where we can introduce our lovely son to all of you!!!!

  25. Sherry Willey

    My son was born in October 2010. I cannot take a trip to a store without multiple people stopping to interact with him. He smiles at all. And all smile back. I am told daily about the beautiful happy baby that I have the pleasure of calling my son. He wears his gap jean jacket well!

  26. Rich

    My daughter is 15 months old. She is asian and has very light complexion. She has straight, dark brown hair. Everytime we go out, people can’t help but tell us how cute, adorable, or pretty she is. People also admire her stylish outfits. At her very young age she likes posing for the camera and looking at her pictures afterwards. I really would love for my daughter to give it audition. Pls. let me know the application process. Thank you.

  27. kirsty redfern

    Hello i would like to enter my to girls into this Gap Com , if there is still time , As i would love my two girls to be in the comp
    But also more importantly my two girls would love this , Monique Redfern age 9 and Melissa Redfern age 3 these two girls love getting there photos taking and also very photogenic , not shy in front of any one
    and loves dressing up , please could you get back to me thanks , also everyone has alway said the two of them should get into modeling thanks very much x kirsty redfern

  28. Melody

    I will love have my daughter too model with BabyGap

  29. kristin

    I have a 4 year old little boy named Dylan. Cute as could be. Dirty blonde hair in winter and blonde as can be in the summer,hazel eyes. He is currently signed with IMTA. Please send me more information. I would love to run it by the agency. Thanks so much, kristin.

  30. Ashley

    Hey! I was hoping to someone could send me an application for the BabyGAP Modeling Contest, details on it regarding where to send a picture of my adorable son!! I know everyones child is adorable, but my son is 7 months old, he has BIG blue eyes and he was born with brown hair which is now going blonde so it looks like he has highlights! He has dimples and his two bottom teeth just started peeking through! We have taken him to a proffesional photographer before. His last photoshoot was 3 hours long and he was perfect the whole time! He is such a content little boy. They did extra sceenes and shoots of him just because they couldn’t get enough!! I think he was born for this!! LOL so please if you could email me with more information and where to go from here that would be awesome!!
    Thanks so much!!
    Have a fabulous day!!

  31. anna jones

    My daughter is 2 months old. Everyone says she is precious. I would really like to enter in this. Can someone please email me the application to fill out thank u

  32. Markeita

    My daugther is 5 yrs old. She enjoys taking picture, feeling like a princess and looking like a princess and i think this a good opportunity for her. please email more info.

  33. meenal

    I have 6 month baby. I want him to be a part of babygap model. He is very cute and always with a smile. Fair and healthy by physic. How can I apply for it ?

  34. Tawanna Greene

    Hi, I am Tawanna and I have a 33 month old son his name is Arthur he has a great personality and loves to take pictures. I know that my son will be the perfect GapKid because he has a smile to die for & eyes that will catch everybody’s attention. Arthur is very energetic & intelligent and with his amazing features I know that he will be loved. I would love to receive information on the next casting so feel at any time to email me. Thank you

    1. shakirrn

      we cannot accept it because his name is Arthur

  35. I have 2 boys age7and 15 month old people tell me I should put them on gap commercial
    please send me information thank you

    1. Nigel-Ann LA Qua Williamson

      My precious daughter is 4.5 months. She is a wonderful baby she loves to smile and is giggling already. She is enthusiastic, and loves music and swimming. She is multi racial a piece of a well diverse world. She rarely cries but bellows when she is hungry, she sleeps well at nights but loves to be up in the day, she feel like too much is happening to sleep.
      She has the mose beautiful pearcing eyes and the craziest hair, with cute lips, just a beauty. I would love information on the upcoming gap castings calls for 2011, I really think she can be one of the babies on a gap poster.

  36. William Capo

    My daughter Grace is a firecracker, she recently turned one and certainly has something unique and special about her look. We would love to be given a shot! How do we enter?

  37. kyley

    My little sister JoAnne would make for a beautiful Baby Gap model. She is just the most adorable baby I have ever seen and everyone that sees her tells my mom the same thing. JoJo is very well behaved and she is always smiling. JoJo has curly brown hair and very green eyes. She really does take the best pictures and is very playful. I want my sister JoAnne (JoJo) to audition to be a Baby Gap model and to be in one of their commercials.


  38. Lulu

    My sister has the best baby for Baby Gap. My sister’s baby is 6 months and has blue eyes and blond hair. The baby’s name is Jo ann and she has so much hair for being only 6 months old.

    My entire family thinks that Jo Ann should be a baby model and in commercials because she is so cute. She does not walk yet but she is a baby and she will be even cuter when she is a little older, especially in the GAP overalls. Hope she gets a chance to tryout to be a baby Gap kid. I think it would be so cool if she was on TV or in a commercial.


  39. Marlysa Long

    I have a 2 yrs old daughter by the name of Da’Yona. She is very little for her age, she loves taking pictures she knows when you pull out your phone or if she sees your camara its time to take pictures. She is a really good poser, and is a African American child who just love to have fun. She loves to shop and dress up like her mommy. I would like more information on the 2012 casting calls because I am interested, Thanks!

  40. Laura McRae

    My son is 10 months old! I have been told many times since my son was born that I should submit him for modeling. I can not go into public without being stopped so that people can look at my son! He has big bright blue eyes that captivate you and very blonde hair! His hair is streight with a potential for curls! I always get compliments on how patient and well behaved he is! I want my son to have a bright future with many options! Baby Gap would be a wonderful oppurtunity for my son Joseph! Thank you for your time and please send any information on upcoming modeling auditions that you have! Thank you in advance!
    Laura McRae

  41. Grace

    Hello! My name is grace and i’m here to talk about my 2 and a half year old brother now i know alot of comments here are parents talking about there kids but..My brother would be sooo good he is so adorable and has the most beautiful eyes and he has a laugh..the laugh of an angel i love him so much and seeing him being the face of gap..WOW! that would make me proud to be his sister i am already so proud because he is the best thing that ever happened to me but it would make me cry of joy!

    Thank you!

  42. evelyn

    my son mason is 6 month he is a great baby he’s always smiling grate personality loves people and he will make a great baby for baby gap.

  43. Janna Sanders

    Hi, I have a 14 month old daughter and would love the opportunity to enter her for a chance to model for BabyGap! We really love shopping BabyGap! We have become friends with some of the associates there and they are always commenting on how she should be a model for the company! Besides being a biased mother, I have to agree! Would love more info on entering her and submitting a photo! Thank you

  44. Hi My daughter Zuri is 4yrs old, She loves taking pictures always looking for the camera to stike a pose and the camera just captures her face so well. Zuri is very smart bright and bubbly,she interacts well with others and would be a great potential canidate for your upcoming 2012 casting call

  45. kiara

    I would like to entered my daughter in to the audition for baby gap, were can I do that?

  46. Kenya

    I have a great 4 year old little boy. He is African American and very smart. He does great on camera and was already in a commercial for a kids cloths store where we live on TV.

    I think he would make a great GapKids boy or a child model. He is not a baby, but I think that the GAP can still use him for their ads. I really want him to do this and he has always loved to be the center of attention and to perform. He really does love the camera and the camera loves him.

    He is light skinned with longish hair. I have let his hair grow out because it looks so great on him. He always gets many compliments on his hair and he does not look like any other kids. I want to get him into modeling and I think he is exactly what Gap Kids is looking for as far as a boy or child model. I will take him anywhere and do everything to make this happen. He really does have the looks because he looks so unique because of the long hair and light skin.

    He is mixed african american and hispanic and has the best attitude of any kid I have ever seen. I have 3 other kids and I don’t think any of them have the patience or attitude to model like he does. He really will do anything asked and hold a pose for a long time without moving.

    Please let me know where to send his pictures or where to take him for the tryouts because I will. I have lots of time and this is what we want to do. I also want to enter him into modeling contest but I can’t seem to find any that do not cost money to enter. I want him to get a chance at this because he really seems to enjoy being the center of attention and is good at taking pictures.

    I wanted to get him to the Kids Gap store for the last casting but it was a bit too far. Please do more castings for kids that do not live in New York. We live in Atlanta and even though I can drive there, I found out about it too late. BTW I also have a baby that would be great for BabyGap as well.


  47. Jenny

    I want to get my baby into GAP modeling. I think my baby would be a really great Baby Gap model. She is gorgeous and I always get many compliments on her everywhere I go. Everyone always says that my baby should model and do commercials. I really want to get her college fund started and I hope that this may give me a way to do that.

    I also can’t wait for the next Gap Kids modeling contest. I think my daughter would do great. If anyone knows how to get us started please let me know.

  48. Lynn

    My daughter just had a baby 6 months ago and she really wants to get her baby into modeling. I know that GAP does castings in some stores in big cities, but we do not live anywhere near a GAP store. I am waiting for the online contest. Hope it happens very soon and if anyone has any info about when and where any more GAP contests or baby modeling contests are please post that info and share it.

  49. Sally

    I can’t wait to get my baby into the Baby Gap baby model contest. I know that a date is not yet announced, but I hope it will be very soon or at least before my baby becomes a toddler, lol!

  50. Jesse

    I just gave birth 2 months ago to the cutest baby ever. I want to put her in baby modeling and maybe some cute baby contests where she can win some money. I have looked around but am not sure what my next step is to do this for her. She is great and does not cry all the time. I think she would make a perfect Baby GAP model and I hope that we get something for her soon.

  51. Chris

    Hi I’m Chris and My brother and I are twins, we are both 11 and we would love to be in the Kids commercial. We both have green eyes and light brown hair and are in the 6th grade. I have been in some school plays and do really well in front of a camera. I hope we get a shot at this because it would be really fun.

  52. Jessica Frowner

    I just had a baby and she is adorable. I want her to do some baby modeling and am looking for contests to put her in. she is still very young, not even a month and maybe too young to model because she can not yet smile, but I hope by the time the BabyGap contest is going on that she will be a few months old and I can enter her because I do think that she is cute enough to win the hearts of the judges.

  53. June Gomez

    I love shopping in the Gap stores and I think my grand kids would be perfect BabyGap and GapKids models. I have grand kids that are 2 months old all the way to 16 years old. I would love to see the younger ones in an ad especially since I buy so many outfits for them from the GAP stores and Kids GAP stores. I also want to know when the next GapKIds contest will be. I think I missed the last one or maybe it just was not publicized very well. Either way, I am gonna keep an eye out for the next one that I hope will be coming up soon in 2012.

  54. Henna

    My grandson Aaron is perfect to be a Baby Gap baby model. I hope they do more open casting calls in other cities so that Aaron has a chance to get on a Baby Gap ad or a Gap Kids commercial. I hope they have more in 2012 because I do not remember that they had a contest in 2011. The last Baby Gap contest I could find information on was in 2010. So 2012!! Please Gap, Do a contest!

  55. ella

    My daughter is 6 months and is the perfect Gerber baby. She is soooooo adorable. I really think she should be the next BabyGap model

  56. Lourdes Ann Mancilla

    My son is 10 months old. My baby is a adorable baby. He’s so active. This audition is the one i’ve waiting for. Thankyou and gobless

  57. Marshona

    My son was born on December 10, 2010 and ever since then EVERYONE says he should be on TV or on a magazine cover. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity and it’s here…thank you BabyGAP!

    1. Jami-Lynn Rutledge

      Did you go to New York for this opportunity?

  58. Natalia

    can someone please tell me when and wherer is this contest held?

    thank you,

  59. daphne Charlow

    HI I have a beautiful 2 year girl very friendly always smiling and always wear gap clothing my daughter will be great candidate for gapkids Thanks

  60. my daughter is 2 years old.she loves to dance,and pose in front of a camera. i think this would be such a big oppurtunity for us.thank you.

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