Baby auditions in NYC

Kids Company hold open casting calls!

The Company holds casting calls fairly often and normally even do a contest every year for great talented kids to get parts in their videos, commercials and advertising. The New York store even had a kids audition this month for a Christmas TV special.

The Company hires kids for their campaigns and usually publicizes those auditions well. They hold them for both the Company line.

The Company many times will hold auditions and tryouts at their store locations so if you want to tryout either this year at the one above or in 2012 you will have to live in a city that has a large Kids store. The contest, however may be done online sometimes so if you do not live next to a large store you may still be able to tryout for their commercial or print work.

The Company usually looks for cute kids that are in the correct age range to buy their clothing. That age range, depending on whether it is baby or kids is 6 months to 10 years old.

Also, Baby Company does a baby model search every year. The 2011 baby model search is now over but 2012 is just around the corner and Baby Company will do the search again.

To land a job with them, you will need to really stand out and be not only just a cute kid, but also a very talented kid.

Since the Company castings are highly publicized, most kids will not need professional headshots. If you have those, then great. But if not, the casting directors will not hold it against you since most kids just starting do not have professional headshots.

The best way to get a audition in 2012 is to keep your eyes peeled for the promos. Most tryouts are publicized 1 to 2 weeks before the actual event and the baby contests are usually well publicized for much longer.

So if you missed the event in New York city that is mentioned above, you can get ready for the next one and the good news is that the stores do them fairly often as well as the nationwide model searches that they hold almost every year.



34 thoughts on “Baby auditions in NYC

  1. Maria moreno

    Hello I have beautiful, big greenish/brownish eyes, long eyelashes, light skinned, light brown haired baby girl named Miyah Faith from Paso Robles, California! She will be 11 months tomorrow, she was born on October, 10, 2012. I think she will be a great babygap baby because she brightens everyone’s day up. She is such a smart little girl, LOVES pictures and smiling, she also loves to dance. She started crawling at 6 months and walking at 9. I think she would be the perfect baby! Everywhere I go I get told how beautiful she is. Most people even tell me she is the most beautiful baby they’ve seen, her beautiful eyes catch everyone’s attention. She’s energetic, healthy, very active and loves to communicate with people. She will surprise you of how smart she is. A lot of people have told me to put her in modeling I never thought about it but since gap is my favorite clothing line for her i thought maybe I should try it out! I think she would be the perfect one please email me for pictures, I promise you that you wont regret it! Thank you 🙂

  2. Araceli

    Josh is very cute and always smiling. He is very active. As a mom I would like my son to start modeling for baby Gap. I would love to know how to start or from where to start.
    Thank You
    Happy New Year

  3. mary joy t. asuncion

    He is Cute and has a smiling face. He is always smiling at you when you talk. I think he is what you looking for modeling and perfect for GAP, my Baby “GAB”.

  4. Ana Stokes

    My baby boy who is 9 months old is perfect for BabyGap.
    I really want to find out how to get my baby into modeling . He is a happy boy, who loves pictures and he always is with a big smile in his cute face! Everywhere they tell me he is perfect for modeling!
    Very easy going !

  5. my son name is jatin

    My son is so sweet my son is 6 months, very smart with a smiling face.

  6. prince alejandro

    hi my son is 1 year and 5 months, photogenic and always smiling, very nice skin and smart.

  7. Crystal Reyna

    Hi GAP Kids, I would be so grateful for the opportunity to represent you. I work hard, commit and learn fast. I have experience in this industry. I would truly enjoy the chance of a lifetime to work for you to bring together a look that will inspire others to come toward your store.I enjoy your store very much and I live in houston!
    19 years old
    I am 5’7.
    brown eyes
    brown hair above the breast



  9. Hollie K

    2 year old son, Auburn, hair, very bubbly 🙂

  10. Sharon Q. Canzon

    I have a very cute 10 months old son that so smart. I would like him to be part of my favorite brand that he used now baby gap and old navy. We’re searching the auditions for him. Thank you

  11. Lisa Garrett

    My grandson Nijamir aka “Papi Baby”, is photogenic, full of multiple looks that would satisfy any photographers lens/shot..he loves people and would bring smiles to all with his charming warm personality, innocence and big bubbly smile. Yes I am that doting Glamma, but if you met him…you would not only agree, but understand….he not only has the look you may desire/ but demeanor you would appreciate…for a soon to be 5 year old.

  12. yajaira genao

    My five week old daughter Victoria is a latina baby with brown hair and big brown eyes. She is very photogenic and I would love her to audition for babygap. I would like to know when is your next casting take place. Please email me with more infomation

  13. Carmelita Cidro

    my son Adriel Clair is turning 5mos he is cute and adorable he always smiling,he is very photogenic

  14. Devon Lake

    My son just turned one today! He has so much energy, he loves to run around, he is always smiling and he loves to get his picture taken! Ethan has a great sense of humor too!

  15. Emanuel Davis

    Eva Salomé is a multiracial, multiethnic four year old with bright brown eyes and long eyelashes that give off a breeze. She has light caramel skin and head full of springy curls that can be sculpted into a number of trendy hair styles. She is bi-lingual in Spanish and English, and has the energy to enjoy activities like gymnastics and swimming. She was recently featured on Washington DC NBC news on a segment on child literacy with Dr. Suess. She truly represents the melting-pot that is America! I believe she would be the perfect representative for the Gap clothing line.

  16. Nicole Lee

    My son alfred he is 16 months old,he is Malaysian Chinese,he has big brown eyes and brown hair and white skin.

  17. I’m sending you my daughter’s z card to look at
    Her name is Eloise, she’s nearly 8 years old and love to be photographed.
    She has a very pale skin, big green eyes and dark long hair
    Let me know if you need any other details or pictures

  18. stephanie

    Hi i have a 2 yr old daughter named bryhanna that would be great for modeling for gap babies she has her own little style and loves to pose and take pictures

  19. Deleena

    MY son is very photogenic and has the cutest dimples ever, he also loves to pose for pictures. He is 6 months old and is always smiling,he also has his little own unique look.

  20. Rini George

    i have a 17 month old daughter she is beautiful n very smart n funny! she is indian. please consider her for baby gap

  21. hola gap.. tengo un hijo de 13 mesess es adorablee.. todos dicen que es un bebe hermosoo siempre esta sonriendoo, es un nene muy felizz. no llora me encantaria que pudiera audicionar pues me encantaria verlo, se que se veria muy bien ojala pudieran conocerlo.

  22. Keyana Daniels

    My Daughter Would Great For Baby Gap Modeling. She Two Years Old With A Big Personality And She’s Loves To Pose For The Camera At Such A Young Age ! Please Contact Me I Really Want Her To Model For Baby Gap !

  23. evelyn

    my son mason he is 6 months he is a very happy baby loves pictures. we also live down the street from a Gap store great personality and always smiling.

  24. Kenya

    My baby and my kids would be great as baby models and child models. I especially want to get them into the Gap because they are such great stores and I really like the clothes. I buy from Gap for all my kids and eventhough we do not have a GAP store near us we can get the clothes at the mall. I really think that my son would be perfect for Gap Kids catalogs and that my baby would be good for the baby line of clothing. Please email me.

    Thank you

    1. Kenya

      I also have other kids that would be really good. We do not live near New York but I can get there. My son would be especially good because he is so well behaved and loves to get pictures taken. I am sure everyone thinks that their kid is a natural, but I know that mine really is. If you can see him in front of a camera you would know. He really loves to pose, take pictures and then look at them even though he is very young.

  25. jolly

    my son is always complimented for his looks and for being smart. he is photogenic too.
    he is turning 4 in december. if ever there would be Gap search or competition, i am interested in joining him.

  26. Henna

    My grandson would be the perfect baby to be in a Baby Gap commercial. He is almost a year old and everyone says he looks like he should be on TV because he is so photogenic. I do not live in New York and can not make it to the Gap open casting call. I hope the Gap contest is soon so I can enter him online.

  27. Ella

    My baby is perfect for BabyGap. I really want to find out how to get my baby into modeling especially for the Gap and Gerber.
    Even though my baby is only a few months old, she loves to perform and is not shy at all. She is well behaved and doesn’t cry when I dress her up to take pictures. She will make the perfect baby model. I also hope to get her into kids modeling as she grows up because she is so cute.

  28. Sheryl

    My daughter is Chloe is 4 years old. She constantly gets complimented on her looks and sense of style. She loves the camera! We are Indian descent so she definitely has a new fresh and unique look.

  29. Marshona

    I am so excited that my soon to be 1 year old son will have this great opportunity to be apart of such a well recognized clothing industry. I know he has a lot to offer, from his beautiful smile and great looks! Thanks again BabyGap!

  30. cheylaine clark

    My son is 14 months he loves posing for the camera making different facial express and body stance for each pose. He is a natural to the camera with a big personality to match!

  31. Maria Cordova

    This is so great. Me and my little girl are so excited. We live in New Jersey which is close to New York City and we will be attending the audition. Wish us luck. I am keeping my toes and fingers crossed and hoping we get lucky.

  32. Asia Malloy

    I have 2 little girls that would be great for GapKids.We do not live near a GAP store. How do we audition?

    My little girls, Ally and Kristen both love to perform and sing very well. They would make great child models and can take direction very well.

    1. Rashida Nash

      I have a little beautiful daughter that is 8 years old love to take pictures sing take directions well she would be good for the gapkids.thank you

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