Austin and Ally – Disney Channel

Auditions and tryouts for the Disney show Austin and Ally in 2012 and 2013

Austin and Ally is a new Disney Channel series. The show is produced by Its a Laugh Productions which produces most of the Disney and Disney XD sitcoms and shows.

Austin and Alley were cast by Carol Goldwasser casting and when the show was first announced a national talent search took place to find the actors for the starring roles. The role of Austin was filled through that talent search.

Carol Goldwasser is also the casting director for the Hannah Montana series and many other Disney Channel shows.

AUSTIN & ALLY – Comedy pilot, picked up to series; Director:  Shelley Jensen

It’s a Laugh/Disney Channel; Exec. Prods:  Kevin Kopelow, Heath Seifert

Cast included: Laura Marano / Ross Lynch / Raini Rodriguez / Calum Worthy /

Andy Milder / Cocoa Brown / Mim Drew


The cast of Austin and Ally:

  • Ross Lynch as Austin – He’s dating Ally.
  • Laura Marano as Ally – She is dating Austin.
  • Raini Rodriguez as Trish – Ally’s best friend.
  • Calum Worthy as Dez

The following companies handle the casting call for ‘Austin and Ally” as well as other Disney and Disney XD TV shows. If you want to be considered for the show please mail your information to the casting directors below. Please note that extras casting does not take mail submissions and you will need to call Central Casting to find out what to do.

casting Austin & Ally Disney Channel
Austin & Ally

Carol Goldwasser casting
1201 W. 5th Street, Suite F-60
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Extras for Disney Channel show Austin and Alley
Central Casting
220 S. Flower Street
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 562-2755





32 thoughts on “Austin and Ally – Disney Channel

  1. Patricia LaForge

    Name: Patricia LaForge
    Race: Native American
    Weight 102.7 Pounds
    Height: 5’6
    Hardin Montana 59034
    I would love to be in this show because I watch it all the time and I know whats going on… I would like to work with Laura and Ross.. please e-mail me!

  2. Brianna Mason

    Hi my name Brianna Mason. I am 13 years old. I have wanted to be on Disney Channel for as long as I could speak. I love acting, singing, and dancing. I’n not as good at dancing then the others here are. OK, some thing about me… I am crazy. I get along real with other. I can learn lines and know them. I been doing theater for a long time. My family says I am funny. Am real good at getting work done. I am in 8th grade and most important is I LOVE Austin and ally. My favorite is Ross but I know the whole cast so it would be a dream come true!

  3. Vivian

    I really would like to be on Disney

  4. Kathryn Newton

    I am Kathryn. I have brown hair with blonde highlights and hazel/green eyes. And I will be 14 on November 26.

  5. Kathryn Newton

    I am Kathryn. I have brown hair with blonde highlights and hazel/green eyes.

  6. Carey-Mae Hazelip

    Austin and Ally is my favorite show. I watch it all the time
    Austin and Ally are funny , Trish is Awesome with a capital A,
    and Dez is ….. Dez.
    All their real names are Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Rani
    Rodgrequez, and Calum Worthy.

  7. Carey-Mae Hazelip


    so, I can sing pretty well, and I can do hand stands and back bend kick overs.

  8. Carey-Mae Hazelip

    I am 10 years old.
    I have hazel eyes.
    I have been in one play.
    I used to take vocal lessons.
    I used to take gymnastics ( so I can do a hand stand)
    My birthday is June 20 2003.

  9. Erica Brooks-Moorcroft

    Hey I’m 15 looking to start my acting career! I’m very dedicated to what I want to do and won’t disappoint you! Please consider having me and email me back! I’m a very fun loving carefree girl.


    I’m 15. My birthday is February 16/1998

    I have hazel eyes and brown long hair.

    I dance compeditively, play soccer, hockey, contortionist

    If I’m able to join and audition please get back to me!

  10. anthwan clinton

    WHATZ UP…. I just want to say is that I will love to be in a show acting because I do a lot of acting at home… but I want to join because my friends down here where I am at is not good friends at All. They do a lot of stuff that you don’t want to know but…. I love dancing, acting, singing and rapping. Can’t Wait to sell y’all:) DUCES AM OUT.

  11. Nell Green

    hi there, my name is Nell and I am 11 years old. My birthday is in October an I almost always have dreams(day and night) about being in America and working with Ross Lynch and Laura Marano in Austin and Ally being Austin’s sister.

    I am British but I hope that doesn’t matter because I keep thinking that it will matter as it is an American production. Please consider and get back to me on it.


  12. Natasha McHaney

    Hi! My name is Natasha! I am almost 12 years old! I will be 12 on August 4, 2013. I am 4’11. I live in Washington. I would like to audition for Disney Channel because I love to act, and Disney Channel helped me experience new things and be myself! I think it would be a great opportunity for me to show who I am and my personality. I have been inspired by the whole Disney Channel cast. I wanted to be an actor since I was 6 years old , and fulfill my dream as an actor. My b-day is coming up on August 4, 2013. I am a very smart girl,and very nice! I cooperate with people and understand there tips, and advice. I work hard on my acting, and I still do good in school because i focus a lot on things. Becoming an actor would be a dream come true. So I hope you pick me to be on Disney Channel!

  13. Wyatt Wiebe

    hey, I am Wyatt Wiebe and I am 13 years old and almost 5′. I halve always wanted an acting job then I found this and I was so excited to audition for this show. I have been acting for 8 years so I know how t o act. thanks for reading this.

    Wyatt Wiebe

  14. Nina

    I have always liked singing and dancing and my friends think that I’m a pretty good actress. I entered the school talent show at my school and I won. I was surprised myself because I never knew that I was that good. Usually I’m known as the brainy girl at school until that day of the talent show. I was told by so many to go for it and do what I really love which is singing. I’m currently 13 years old. I live in Africa and I would love being on Austin and Ally. I’m dark skinned and about 40 kgs. I have brown eyes and black long hair with brown highlights. My height is about 5’5 and I’m a student with straight A’s all semester. Please get back to me when you can . thank you.

  15. Joshua Billings

    I am 9, my talent is drumming. I can come in summer, get back to me while you can.

  16. Joshua Billings

    I wanna be on austin and ally.

  17. I am from Peru, I do not speak English, but I like the girl Disney series of action programs on television, I would like to participate. I just want an opportunity or an audition. I would give anything to be on a show. Find me on Facebook
    I am 15 years old, black hair, white skin.
    I dance, I can act, etc.

  18. 1. I would almost do anything to star on Austin and ALLY not Alley it’s ALLY”

    2. I love everyone who stars in that show!!!!

  19. cassadi

    i 10 years old
    im a girl
    i have blue eyes
    i have dirty blonde hair
    i am american
    i am usually very tan
    i have been in a couple plays

  20. jennel

    hello , i’m 14 years of age turning 15 in july and would love to be a part of The show Austin and Alley. It always makes me laugh and they always have a good lesson that I learn at the end. I learn new and good things everyday from this show, how real friends treat each other, basically like family. This would also be a great opportunity for me and my family 🙂

  21. Amber

    As I was saying its my dream and they are my role models and it would be a real honors if I get this

  22. Amber

    I really want this because its my dream and Austin and alley rules and it would be a honer because the show is perfect for me and I will work so hard to get this please pick me for this

  23. Amber

    I Amber and I want to do this because it is my dream and how do I get on Disney channel please I really want to dothis

  24. faith and amya

    i want to be on austin and ally really bad i want tobe on austin and ally since its a perfect show for me and amya i alsqo am amazing

  25. Tyrees Hodge

    Tyreés Hodge
    Phone: 404-492-2458
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair: Black
    Age: 15
    Eyes: Brown
    Location: Douglasville,GA
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 156
    Birthday: March 3, 1996


    About Me:
    My name is Tyreés Hodge and I am a teenager who excitably likes to pursue and follow his dreams. I am just the type of kid you’re looking for. I am respectful, loyal, and easily trainable. I can promise that I will do my best to get it right the first time. I’m not just a dreamer but one who wants to get into the acting and modeling business. I want to travel, do new things, and meet new people. I dream and strive to be the greatest celeb ever. I am dedicated to do anything and everything it takes to make my dreams come true.

    Education: Presently a student at Douglas County High School, Douglasville, GA.

    Training: Johncasablancas Modeling and Talent Agency: 13 week program (Modeling/Acting)
    Theatre Arts: High school class (2nd year)

    Special Skills: Bicycling, Running, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Singing, Bowling, Cross Country Running, Karate, Jump Rope, Track and Field Events, Wrestling, Fishing, Weight Lifting, Speed Walking, Trampoline, Spinning, Roping, Rollerblading, Figure Skating, Frisbee, Horseshoes

    1. Kayla

      This has been my life long dream to be on Disney channel tv. I have been giving it all of my effort to push my self to succeed. I would like to be an actress when I turn 14 or 15. I a 13 right now. I am in an acting club, I have hazel eyes, and I am American, and all I can say is if you can get me on tv. It would be great for my family and a MIRACLE for me. Please let this happen.

    2. nour

      I have always wanted to be on disney channel. I’ve been watching it since I was a a kid but it’s my dream. I have been acting and dancing and I tried to do everything to audition. I always watch the shows and wish that I was one of them. I really want to be one of disney’s characters.

  26. Becca Barnett

    I would love to be an actor on the Austin and ally show i would be willing to work hard and if you need amymore info just email me. Thankyou for your time

  27. Where can you find a audition for Disney Channel near Modesto,CA?

    1. kemar sims

      i dont know but i wouold like to be on disney too

  28. Francine

    How do I get on Disney Channel?

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