Auditions for Kids and teens

Many kids dream about becoming famous like their favorite Disney and Nickelodeon stars. Many always ask the question where and how to find auditions for kids and teens.

How many auditions you can find depends on a few factors, the largest of which is where you live. Most auditions are held in Los Angeles or New York, which is why aspiring actors move to Los Angeles. Every now and then some auditions are held in other cities, but not very often. The reason most auditions are held in Los Angeles or New York is simple. it’s because that is where the casting directors are. Most casting directors will not travel to auditions people, the people must travel to them. I know it sounds a bit unfair for the kids looking for auditions, but that is just the way it works.

The next factor in finding auditions for kids and teens is having your family on board. Yes, you must have the support of your parents. There is no way around that since kids can not travel or sign a contract. Your parents must be very involved and supportive. Your parents must be available to take you to auditions and sign any contracts you may need in case you got the acting job.

The third factor in being successful at finding auditions is having an agent. An agent is very important because it is the agent who actually sends the actors out to audition.

Large productions do not just have an open casting call to find lead roles, supporting roles or speaking parts. That may sound unfair as well but there is good reason. Casting directors do not have the time or man power to audition EVERYONE who wants to try. Can you imagine what would happen if large budget movies like Iron Man, Twilight, Hunger Games, etc. did an open casting call. They would get 1000’s if not 10,000’s of wanna be actors. If every audition took a few minutes, that would be hundreds of hours of straight auditions, a huge amount of staff to handle it all, and needing a stadium or large convention center to hold the event. That kind of time and spending is out of the question for most professionals. Not to mention that most of that time would be spent auditioning kids that were simply not qualified.

To save time and money, most casting directors choose to use a screening process that we call and acting agent. Most acting agents work closely with casting directors and they are in tune with what the casting directors are looking for. The agents have clients which are on their roster and when a casting director sends the agent a request for talent, the agent knows exactly who fits the bill and who has a shot at the role.

An agent only gets paid when the actor does, meaning that the actor not only needs to audition but also land the part for the agent to get paid. For that reason reputable agents do not just take anyone. They like to see actors with experience and some training because those actors will have a better chance of getting the acting job.

Not all agents are equal and some claiming to be agents really are not. When looking for an agent be aware of the usual ploys to separate you from your money. A good rule is if someone calls out of the blue, gets your name from a profile, asks for money upfront or requires you take expensive classes, photos or other service, then they are most likely scammers. Real agents are licensed by the state in which they work in, don’t require payment and will not guarantee any work.

So, if you want to find auditions for kids you need to be in the right place and have an agent that gives you a heads up on who is casting what and sets up an appointment for you.

56 thoughts on “Auditions for Kids and teens

  1. Desiree wise

    Hey my name is desiree wise. I’m 14, Caucasian. I’m 5 ft. So I’m pretty short for my age. I love to act. I’m always acting wherever I am. I just find so much joy in it. Usually I’ll write my own script and act it out . I can do pretty well in drama and comedy. To be an actress has always been my dream cause I tend to think tv is better than reality due to a lot I’ve been through. Although this is true I believe in never giving up. It’s always good to try and to do my very best and if you consider me that’s exactly what I’ll do!!

  2. Alexis

    Hi, i am a fan of disney channel. I am 15 years old. I am hoping to become an actress, please email me more information whenever possible.

    Thank you.

  3. jaila

    Hi I’m 13 years old. I love Disney and I would love to be an Disney actress or maybe a model. I get good grades and my memory is excellent. I love helping Other people in Making them smile. I also love to dance.

  4. Kristy Allen

    Hello my name is Kristy Allen. I am 12 years old. I have been dreaming and wishing to be on Disney channel. My mom has tried for me but she does not know where to get the information for me. If you will please email me back some information and tell me if I actually would have a shot to make an audition and please keep me posted on more information. Thanks,

  5. Anonymous

    Hey I’m Ariel. I love disney. I am grateful to GOD for this. I will never forget my parents and supporters. I love skai jackson and Peyton List. They are an inspiration and I am thankful.

  6. mina

    Hi, my name is Mina. I went to acing school for two years and I even got a little diploma but I lost it. I was only seven….XOXO 🙂
    I just can’t imagine myself as anything else. I even have my own ideas for films but I would do anything to became something I always dreamed about.. 🙂

  7. Haylie

    I am very dedicated at everything I do. If you want to learn more about me, feel free to e-mail me anytime.

  8. Mackenna

    I think I am so nice and kind and that I would really need a step up in my acting career even though I’m only 11 years old this would be awesome!

  9. Dora Tafili

    Hi I’m Dora Tafili! I LOVE performing! Wait, ‘love’ isn’t the right word. I mean,there are those people who say ‘love’ is ALWAYS the right word but not in this case. Anyways, enough with the awkward moments. I would so love to be on the show! Why? Well, because I think I’m the cake’s missing ingredient(is that even an expression?). As for experience, I’m foreign so I haven’t been part of any of your castings before,BUT I HAVE been on TONS of school plays, (always if that counts) so I’m pretty used to memorizing lines. I’ve been performing live on stage since I was 5. I was and still am part of a musical group. I can play the piano and I’m pretty good at it ’cause it’s the 7th year I’ve been doing this. Also, I can dance pretty well since I’ve been taking Hip-Hop lessons for 3 years and a half. I can sing too! Just so you know.
    I’m 14, 166 cm, 99 pounds, light brown hair and same goes for eyes. I wouldn’t say I’m pretty, I mean all those people who say so could be wrong, but I’m really used with the camera and that’s a totally different thing. I think I have what it takes. I’m a very moody person and my behaviour can change within SECONDS!

    So please, you give me one shot here, and I promise, PROMISE, you’ll think you’ve made the right choice! Please

  10. Kaliyah

    I think I should get the job because I’m a hard worker. I will do anything for the lead role.

    Things about me
    Height 5″2
    12 years old
    I’m a virago
    Funny, sweet, kind,and respectful

  11. Elizabeth Herrera

    Hi my name is Elizabeth. I am Hispanic. My height is 5’6. I have medium length light-ish brown hair and I have a tan skin color. My friends say that I look like I belong on a beach. I am currently 16 years old and I’m about to turn 17 in November. My favorite Disney channel show is Austin and Ally. I have no eperience in acting but I have always examined the actors from tv and practiced on my own time. Anyways any reply would be good. Please let me know thank you!

  12. Faith

    I should be chosen to play a part in this because unlike many, I have a dream that I will do anything it takes to fulfill. I will never give up on that dream. One day it will be a reality. Whether it be tomorrow or ten years from now. I have been in many theatre/school/Shakespeare plays. I can sing, model, and act. I can be any character you want me to be. If you want me to be the innocent sweet character. I can be just that. If you want me to be the mean, sassy character, I will be. You want me to be the smart, witty character. No problem. I can look 12, and i can look 25. I can lose weight or gain it for any part. I can be anything. I will work as hard as it takes to be the best I can be. I will not disappoint you. It would be such a pleasure to work with you.

    Gender- female

    Age- 15

    Height- 5’2

    Weight- 125

    Ethnicity- Caucasian

    Eye color- brown

    Hair- blonde/brown

  13. sherry nerethy cristina

    Hi, my name is sherry, I’m 15 years old, I’m an actress, singer, dancer and rapper but I love to act. I think I can see myself acting later, I’m really good.

  14. Madison Cannon

    Hi my name is Madison Cannon, I’m 13 years old. I love nick, and disney. My favorite T.V. show is Jessie, Sam & Cat, I Carly, A dog with Blog, &, Good Luck Charlie.

  15. Davianaree Sese

    Hi I am a 12 years old. I would love to have an acting career in Disney channel or nickelodeon. I have been practicing and am willing to take a chance even though you might not pick me for anything.

  16. Kaitlyn Howell

    Hi I’m kaitlyn, I’m 12 years old and I would love to be on Disney channel. I would kill, please consider me.


    Hello my name is Victoria Brown. I am a 13 years old, light African American.I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And it’s my dream to be a actor and singer. I have a lot of experience.

  18. Cynthia Scott

    Hey! I’m Cynthia, I’m 14 years old. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I have a passion for acting. I enjoy writing and hanging out with friends. I am Hispanic. I am also bilingual. I am 5’3. I’ve been interested in acting since I was in 5th grade. I also enjoy dancing.

  19. Gabriela Armstrong

    I have no experience in acting but it’s my dream

  20. Hannah Worthey

    I have no experience at being an actress but it has always been my dream to act.

  21. serena

    I am Serena Fox. I am 12 years old and I have much experience in acting. I think you should pick me because I am confident, responsible and capable of doing anything I put my mind to. My email is in my application, please email me if you are interested.

  22. nasteho

    Hi my name is Nasteho. I am going to 15 years old soon, this year. I would like to be considered for this movie because I believe that I have what it takes such as acting ability and the personality. I hope to become a successful actress. I would love to be a part of this amazing movie. I have a different background and I love acting. I also love to sing but I’m a hard worker and I aspire to be an actress. This would be an amazing opportunity for me. It would be honor to get the role, its been my dream to be on TV. I live in London, please email me back, Thanks!

  23. Indiphile Qeja

    I am Indiphile Qeja. I live in SA and I love singing. It has been always my dream to sing on disney and be heard. Please email me back.

  24. I am currently a model for Expressions by D.S.K in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.
    My dream is to expand my talents and become an actress. I am 5’11”, I have blue eyes, blonde hair, I am Aboriginal, and always up for anything! I have always wanted to do something for the Disney Channel!

    Thank you for reading my little blurb about me.
    If you are interested in casting me in anything, please email me, and I will get back to you ASAP!


  25. abigail

    I am 13 going 14, a girl and my dream is to become an actor. I live in the UK, I day dream about my dream coming true and I really hope it does, please email back.

    1. lilian

      Hey I am 14 going into 15, do you have any free websites for me to get casting calls. I live in the UK as well. Get back to me.

  26. Deyaneira

    My name is Deyaneira, I am 15 years old turning sixteen and I am puerto rican but live in Texas. I would really like to become a singer or an actor. I can sing I’m in junior varsity choir. I can dance, I take dance classes and I can act. I have light skin, dark brown eyes and light brown hair. Height is 5’0 and I’m very weird and energetic. I speak both English and Spanish and I am really dedicated to what I put my heart and mind into. I guarantee I work hard.

    1. Deyaneira

      sorry, I meant actress not actor.

  27. Mia Lazarov

    My name is Mia and I am 13 years old. I live in Canada but my origins are Bulgarian. I have always had this dream of becoming an actress. I love acting, as much as I love signing and dancing:)I have been watching Disney channel series and movies ever since I was small and I have always wanted to be part of them!! I believe that its not going to be easy to succeed in my dreams because everything is hard work and takes a lot of time. But I am ready to do whatever it takes to get myself on TV. Just set me off with an audition and I will show you what I am capable of! email me any time for more information when you see this.

    Mia xx

  28. Dakota Bright

    Hi, my name is Dakota Bright. I’m a freshman at Norwalk High School(14 years old, 15 March 24th). I have been in 4 productions ran by my school: High School Musical, The Wand, Annie, and Annie get your gun. All of them were musicals and I was the lead in 2 of them. I am in my varsity audition show choir and have been for 3 going on to 4 years. I would love to be in a telivision series or a movie of any kind! Well thats a summary of what I do. Thanks! My stage name is Chance, because of what people take with me, in a good way i guess.

  29. Nathalie Tan


  30. Amelia

    I’m 11 years old and I will persevere until my dreams come true and I must ask, my hairs blond, is that a cute color? (Dirty blond)

  31. Kiyah

    Hi my name is Kiyah and I’m 12 years old. I live in Texas. I would love to be on a disney or an ABC family show.

  32. evelyn

    hello my name is Evelyn Ayala and I love Disney. I would love to become a star. I am 9 years old and love acting. I have 2 brothers 1 sister and I love them A LOT! I have brown eyes and have brown hair with one little gold color highlight. I live in South Carolina Thank You:)

  33. Dariel Gonzalez

    Hi my name is Dariel. I’m 9 years old and I want to be on Disney because I love to act but I’m kinda shy. I can pretend that the camera men, director and audience are not there. Another reason I want to be on Disney is because I have no friends and that breaks my heart, so that’s why I want to be on Disney so I can have more friends.

    1. Amelia

      I’m 11 and my whole life I’ve wanted to be more than a student or a peer. I will persevere in order to succeed in my dreams as a triple threat.

  34. Nadia

    Hey I am 12, I live in Miami Fl. I love to act. I love disney and Nickelodeon show. I would love to be on either network, does not matter. I am very funny and nice. I hope you get back to me real soon. Oh I have light brown hair, brown eyes and am about 5`3. Thanks

  35. Brittney

    Hello, My name is Brittney,
    I am 12 and, very shy.
    Well not at home.
    I have a twin and twin brothers.
    So I have a twin household.
    I love to act.
    I want to be a actor when I get older.
    And yeah that’s it I guess.

  36. Taylyn Smith

    Hi I am a girl from South Bend Indiana, all my life I wanted to be a famous talented star. My family always told me to follow my dreams so that’s what I’m trying to do now. I hope you can take me, I would be the best. I am very good at singing and acting. I am a smart nice intelligent person. I always wanted to be like Ariana Grande, she is my idol and she inspires me. I want to sing like her and act like her ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be famous and rich. AS I was growing up with my mom we kinda lived in the projects. I tried to help her out but I couldn’t. I was just a little kid and I always told my mom I’m going to be famous on TV and be rich and buy her anything. And she would be so proud of me. Every time I would sing in the car my mom would say follow your dream follow your dreams. I am now and I hope my dreams come true, if they don’t I’m going to keep trying till I get there ! Ps. I am 13, I am a mixed girl. I have black and white in me. I only live with my mom and sister. My life is so difficult and I really want it to change. I hope you guys could make my dream come true!

  37. fatima

    My name is Fatima, I’m 14 years old and I have always wanted to be on Disney channel from the fist time I watched it. If you want to give me a chance you can send me a E-mail.

  38. Tiana Ristovska

    Hey so I’m a 16-year-old girl, light-haired brunette, light brown eyes, people say I’m cute and lovely and full of energy, in shape, white skin. I have been part of many plays and performances so i have skills. I’ve been acting since i know for myself. So my biggest dream is to be an actress so please notice me you wont regret it 🙂 Thanks

  39. Autumn

    Hi I’m Autumn I’m 5’1 and I have a very outgoing personality. I have long brown hair and I live to act. Any role will be fine for me but the lead is what I prefer.

    1. Taylyn Smith

      Me to

  40. Wayde Boswell

    Hi, my name is Wayde. I am 12 years old and I have loved Disney Channel since I was born. It’s my all time dream, I also want to do that Disney logo on tv. One day I hope to get to say Hi my name is Wayde Boswell from example(Shake It Up)and your watching Disney Channel.

  41. Stephanie Sattler

    Hi, my name is Stephanie. I am 12 years old and have always wanted to act in tv show as long as I can remember. I would do anything to act!!!!

  42. Andrea Soto

    My dreem has always wanted to be an actor. I am a very good at it to.

  43. Andrea

    I am realy good at acting + I could make my family laugh so hard not to mention I am a class clown.

  44. Antonia

    I have always loved acting. My sister and I have performed in school plays for younger kids. I wanted to act when my Grandpa showed me the channel Disney channel for the first time. My sister, my brother and I still watch Disney channel. I hope my sister and I can soon have our dreams come to life .

  45. Kaylee Coker-Moseley

    I have always wanted to be a actress since I started watching Disney channel. Now I watch it with my baby sister. I have watched it since I was 2 and now I am 16.

  46. LaiCey Campbell

    I am about to turn 17 and it’s always been a dream of mine to become an actress. I started watching Disney Channel since I was little. I now watch it with my little sister. I would love to act.

  47. Angela Manente

    Hi I’m Angela, my dream has been to be on Disney channel. First of all, disney’s commercial said follow your dream and make them happen, that’s what I’m doing. So please make me a star by getting me an audition. I’ve dreaming about this since I was 2 1/2 years old!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  48. Cornya

    I have always wanted to be an actor for disney channel, it’s my passion for acting, I even do acts for my family. I always watch these young actors and I imagine me being them someday. I wish everyday that my dream will come true one day. I live in Baltimore MD.

  49. Terrell chambers

    Hi im terrell chambers and I want to be an actor, but it’s just not my dream but most important thing is that its my destiny to be a successful young actor, Please enjoy Thank you

  50. mya

    I’ve taken an acting class at John Casablanca and a modeling class there as well. Watching young stars such as Peyton list and ski Jackson, they’re amazing. I would love to start acting. I am pretty shy but I am really open to go and audition. I will probably be nervous but I’ll loosen up while reading over the lines.

  51. harley

    I have always wanted to audition for disney channel. I have taken loads of dance lessons, my family says I’m a good dancer and actor. I always wanted a chance to see if I’m good enough so please can I be on it. I will always try hard and work on the part loads so please can you give me that chance.

  52. Dianna Villa

    I have a very vibrant 7 year old son that is quit a character. I would love more information as far as an agent. We live in NM.

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