Auditions for Disney Channel New series “Bits & Pieces”

Disney Channel Pilot Now casting for lead and supporting roles

The Disney Channel and Disney XD have ordered a pilot for a new Disney Channel show called “Bits & Pieces”. Auditions to find the right cast for the show are being held right now.

Disney Channel sitcom fans will have a new show to look forward to in 2013!

“Bits & Pieces” is a comedy series that does something a bit different. Rather than using a traditional multi camera filming pattern. The new show will do ‘bits and pieces’, quick snippets, and a series of vignettes to tell a story that show off the stories funniest moments. This is a unique way of filming a sitcom and the show may prove to be a lot of fun.

Disney Channel Auditions
Bits & Pieces

“Bits & Pieces” is executive-produced by Andy Fickman (“The Game Plan,” “Race to Witch Mountain”) and Betsy Sullenger (“You Again”) and written by John D. Beck & Ron Hart (“Shake It Up,” “According to Jim”).

Casting for the show is under way and the show will begin filming in June of 2012. The series “Bits & Pieces” is supposed to premiere on the Disney Channel in 2013. The new show is looking for its main cast. There will be 3 boys parts and 3 girls parts. The show will also require adult actors to play the parents and extras.

Bits & Pieces is a modern day Brady Bunch, a blended family that has many comedic moments and is told from the viewpoint of a 15 year old girl, Alanna who has to adapt to her new situation of being in a much larger family with new step siblings.

About “Bits & Pieces”:

In the story, the family tree gets a whole lot bigger when high school basketball coach Pete marries the school psychologist Jodie, much to the chagrin of their four kids. Willful 15 year old, teenager Alanna recounts all the family moments through comedic vignettes, while her awkward brother Sticky and their new step siblings Crystal and Brody help fill in the bits and pieces as they begin their journey together as a new family.

The new Disney show will be produced by It’s a Laugh Productions in Los Angeles. Auditions for the show will be held in the Los Angeles area where the show will be filmed. It’s a Laugh Productions is the company that produces most of the Disney Channel and Disney XD shows.

The casting directors for the show are SHEILA GUTHRIE & SUZANNE GODDARD-SMYTHE (Principal Casting) and Central Casting will be handling the extras for the new show. Sheila Guthrie / Suzanne Goddard-Smythe are the casting directors for the hit Disney Channel series “Shake It Up” and also “The Game”.

You may send resumes and headshots to the casting directors (No phone calls)

Sheila Guthrie
Suzanne Goddard-Smythe

Guthrie/Goddard-Smythe Casting
c/o Hollywood Center Studios
1040 N. Las Palmas, Building 2, Room 22
Los Angeles, CA 90038

If you want to be an extra on this project you will need to go to Central Casting and register with them. Central Casting does not take online applications, you must come into their office and fill out their paperwork in order to be on their talent roster. Do not send resumes and headshots to Central casting because they do not accept mailed in applications.
Central Casting
220 S. Flower Street
Burbank, CA 91502

You can find more information on current and upcoming Disney Channel Casting Calls

319 thoughts on “Auditions for Disney Channel New series “Bits & Pieces”

  1. Tiaura

    Hi I am Tiaura pronounced t-r-ah. I’m 13 born 1999. My birthday is January 30. I am a beginner at modern/ contemporary and ballet dancing. I write songs. I am African American and my hair is about one inch beneath my chest. I am 5’0 my eyes are brown and I’m a female.

  2. Mikaylah Maxwell

    Hi my name is Mikaylah and I am 11. I am 4’8″, my skin color is bronze or African American, my eye color is brown, my hair color also brown, and I weigh 78 lbs. I like to have fun and live my life. I can sing, dance, act, and play violin very well. I have been in a lot of plays in the past few years. I have been in, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, and The Jungle Book, just to name a few. Oh and my nickname, Mickey. It has always been my dream to be on television.

  3. Hope

    Hi, I’m hope,
    I am 13 years old on October 6th but could pass for 12-15. I have a gingery coloured hair and BIG brown eyes. I was born and currently live in Australia (QLD) but have always wanted to live in L.A., America. I love Disney channel and could watch it all day long. I have always wanted to be in Hannah Montana, Sonny with a chance and good luck charlie. I have previously just been in our school musical and got the main role of the wicked witch, I also have been the main role in other musicals such as snow white and the 7 dwarfs, gnomes and gardens etc. I love to sing and I could sing all day long. I have also trained myself to fake cry and I can do a pretty mad chicken dance. My mum also has trained me to do public speaking and all types of acting as she has been in movies, TV commercials and TV shows. My entire life is devoted to singing and acting and even if I never get a call or an email, I will find a way to become an actress. I really HOPE you consider my application and if you do I would like to thank you for your time. My mum would also play a fantastic mother because she is beautiful, smart, funny and talented and my brother Nixon is exactly like me except he can play piano but I’m still learning . If u need a little baby, I have a little brother Denver who is 1 and 5 months and is the most perfect baby in the world.

    Yours Sincerely
    Hope Brass xxx

    P.S I know I have kind of submitted this a bit late but I am open to any part or role.

  4. Makayla Watson

    Hi my name is Makayla and I am 12 years old, I will be 13 in October and Im Canadian!! Whoot whoot! I am white, brown hair, some freckles, weigh 90 pounds and hazel eyes. I am very athletic and everyone tells me Im funny, well not everyone but most people. I can do back flips and I do Teakwondo! I am not afraid to make a fool of my self on camera and Ive wanted to be on Disney Channel like forever, so yeah. 🙂

  5. Marxisa Serna

    Hey I’m marxisa
    I’m 14 yrs old and I have brown eyes and hair. My weight is 116 and I really, absolutely, love acting . I would love to be in disney channel no matter what I get but if I don’t get anything, I want to thank you for your time.

  6. Holly

    I’m Holly and I’ve truly always loved acting. I’m sorry I had to put it as a reply but I couldn’t find the box to comment in. I don’t know when this is, but I really want to be in this show. If I could know a specific date I’d love it…I live in Texas and I’m, 5’4″, 13 years old, although I pass for 15-17. I’m really dedicated to acting and a bit of singing . I’ve been singing since I was 2 and acting since I was 4. I would reenact movie scene’s and was in church plays a lot. I really think I may have what it takes to do this please email me at the email address I have put into the box thingy, if you can see it thanks so much.

  7. Ciara

    I am 16 years old. I love do dance and sing. I’ve been in a couple of plays but being on tv is my dream. I’m really funny and and a little shy but once I get the hang of it, I’m outgoing and do whatever it takes.

  8. Hi, I’m filipa and I’m 13 years old. I watched Disney Channel as a child. I always wanted to be an actress and singer, but I never had the opportunity. I’m in music theater at school and I’ve made some plays. I give myself to the roles because I love do theater. I have fun with it. I would like to do “Bits and Pieces”

  9. cassadi

    i am 10 almost 11 i can play up 2 12 i have dirty blonde hair im sporty yet smart i love reading books and acting them out i love to dance and ill try any sport once i have blue eyes and tan skin im 4 ft 7 in and i will love it if u email me and this will be an easy pat because i have 5 sisters 2 younger 3 older no brothers but my cousin Nick lives with us and my dad lets lots of people stay with us i also have a stepmom just like the show

  10. Ashlyn

    hey my name is Ashlyn. I do theatre around where I live but I want a chance at the big time ! I take voice lessons, I do dance and have been acting since I could talk. I’m 12 years old but people think I look like I’m 13 or 14.
    light brown hair(super thick hair)
    blue green eyes
    I’m a total fashinista and I play the trumpet. I’ll accept any role you have. thank you!
    🙂 ! <3

  11. Keira

    I’m 14, I’ve noticed a lot of people are giving way to much information, so I’m only going to tell you a little. I play the flute, teach myself the piano and trying to learn Japanese and j’adore cracker 😀 I have black hair, also you can follow me on twitter @keira780 🙂

  12. Jennifer

    I have been watching disney channel since I was a little kid, ever since hannah montanna and wizards of waverly place started. I haven’t stoped since. I want to prove to people that I can accomplish something in my life. I sing and I would love to be an actress.

  13. Maci

    Hi My name is Maci and I’m interested in playing a role in this show. I am 14 years old, my birthday is March 27th. I was born in 1998. Ever since I was a little girl i’ve always wanted to be an actress. I’m very fun to be around and I’ve actually grew up in a house with 4 brothers. I weigh about 103 lbs, I have brown strait hair about an inch below my sholders, ( I usually wear it long). Also I have Brown eyes, I am tan, American, and about 5’3 ft tall. I think I would be good for a role in this series because I have always wanted to be an actress, I work well with others, and I am interested in almost any role I can get. I am sorry that this may be late, but thank you very much for your time.

    1. Maci

      I am so sorry that I forgot to mention, I have braces but they will only be on for a few more months. Also I am just going into 9th grade. Thanks

  14. Maricela Rojas

    My name is Maricela, I’m 13 & trying to live my dream in acting. I’ve always watched Disney channel & I would be incredibly greatful if I got the opportunity to be on Disney channel . I’m Mexican & I have brown eyes/brown long hair . I’ve been acting for a year in drama class & I love all the attention you get from making people laugh . If I got this it would mean the word to me . Please read this ! P.s my nickname is Mari &

  15. jennifer

    My name is jennifer.
    I’m 11 years old, my birthday is july 26th 2001
    brown hair and brown eyes, about 5 feet tall.
    when I get into middle school, I want to be in a play.
    I am an amazing singer and dancer and I’m great at acting.
    I really want to be on a diney channel show. Its been my dream since i was 4 or 5 maybe 3, im not sure but one of those ages. I have alot of personality. I hope I get picked, but if I dont congratulations to whoever does:)

  16. cassadi

    i am 10 years old i have dirty blonde hair i am 4 ft 7 i am american my eyes are blue i am usually very tan i have been in a couple plays

  17. maurice

    I love disney channel. I will be a great actor and am looking forward to meet ya’ll. My name is Maurice and I am 12. I am nice and sweet.

  18. Jessica

    It has always been a huge dream of mine to be on disney channel. I would love to be able to have the opportunity to audition for your new show to play either of the teenage daughters. I’m extremely passionate about acting, if you give me a chance you won’t regret it!! Thank you so much 🙂 I hope you consider me!

  19. kitan

    I’m Kitan and am English. I’m 12 years old about to be 13 years old.

  20. Michael

    Hi, my name is Michael and I have previous experience since I’ve performed at Stratford Circus. Also , I’ve worked with top actors. Hope to hear from you soon!

  21. manjot

    age: 13
    height: 5’3
    Lives: canada surrey b.b
    Talents: Acting
    Gender: Female
    Body Size: Skinny
    Weight: 120 pounds
    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Size: Medium
    Hair Type: Wavy and kind of Curly
    Eye Color: Brown
    Skin Color: light brown
    Language: English
    I love disney channel and it would mean the world to mean if I can be cast in the new show. Please email me as soon as possible

  22. makayla

    Hi my name is makayla this movies awesome.I pray and pray that you can come to Richmond or virginia beach for auditions.I spend most of my time searching for nick and disney auditions.I pray and pray I don’t have to search any more

  23. Gabriela Miranda

    Hi,my name is Gabriela I’m American and I’m 12 years old. I play piano and I love acting! I’ve been in various shows for acting for example: glee, wicked, empire records, twilight zone,and lucy. I’ve experienced it and it feels amazing! I’ve been playing piano for 5 years my mom is my teacher. I love everything that has to do with acting and music. I’m ready to overcome any task I am put through. It would mean the world to me if I get a chance to be part of this amazing show!:)

  24. aranza covarrubias

    My name is Aranza and I want to be in that tv show. I am 12 years old, and i know how to dance etc.
    facebook:(aranza covarrubias)

  25. Tameika Hickenbottom

    I am Tameika Hickenbottom and am 12 about To Be 13 Years Old. I Would Love To Be Apart Of This New Show. I Love Disney Channel. I Think I Would Be Prefect For This Show Because I Am A Very Friendly Person. I Am Very Funny. I Am Differnt From Most KIds THis Show. I HAve A Differnet Personality!

  26. azzzzzzzzzzzy

    I would love to try but, first my colour might not be right (I’m not racist or anything) plus im tall! lol

  27. Kelsey Brumley

    Hi I am Kelsey and I am 13 and on October 17, I will turn 14. I am very talented. I play clarinet and I am on the archery team.
    I live in Paragoul,Ar. I have curly brown hair and blue eyes. I have been in a couple of plays when I was little. Also I was in a dance. I work hard at what I want to achieve. I would love to work with Disney. I have wanted to be a actress since I was little and my family thinks I am good at acting. Please email me for the cattle calls this would make my dream come true.:)I would be great for Alanna. I have a brother who could maybe play another part.

  28. Eveangaline Crosbie

    hi, I am Eveangaline Crosbie, also known as Eve. I am 13 and I am an actress and model. I go to John Casablancas model and career center and in spring, I will be in the Avanti showcase where talent agencies will see me. I am very professional and serious about my career.

  29. Darren

    Im 13 yrs old and my birthday is September 28. I’m a male and I am 5`11. I can dance very well and I’m very athletic.
    My dreams are to become an actor and to become succesful. I hope you allow me to have that chance because I will love to work for yawl.

  30. Darren

    I can dance but I’m working on my singing . I just want to have a chance. I hope you allow me to get that chance!

  31. Darren

    Hey my name is Darren. Im 13 yrs old and my birthday is September 28 1998. Im 5’11” and I have black hair. I’m very athletic and im dark skinned. The real reason is because my dream is to become a actor and be sucessful.

  32. Alejandra

    My name is Alejandra, I’m 11 and I would love to be and a Disney channel show. I love Disney and I would love to be on any one of it’s shows. That would be the best thing ever if I where to get on one of Disney’s shows.

    1. Alejandra

      Gender: Female
      Age: 11
      DOB: 10/08/01
      Weight: 99 or 97
      Hair color: Brown and black
      living in: Asheboro,NC
      eye color: Brown
      Skin Tone: Caramel

      1. Alejandra

        Height: 5’4

  33. Kaitlyn Rios

    My name is Kaitlyn but everyone calls me Katie. I am fifteen years old. I am light skinned with hazel eyes. I am hispanic even though I do not look like it. I have been in a few plays. I played small characters in my schools play StageDoor and I was in the Christmas show. I should be considered because I am loud and can speak in public. Please give me the chance.

  34. Madison

    Hi my name is Madison haha, I’m thirteen and I have a lot of experiences with plays. I was Annie in Annie, flora in sleeping beauty, sharply in high school musical, French maid in a little princess. I need a shit to live my dreams. I do tutti and a session of next actor. Please email me about cattle calls for the show

    1. Madison

      I also sing and dance

  35. Jacy Morris

    I’m Jacy Morris, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m 15 years old! I auditioned and got into the John Robert Powers acting school. It has been my dream to act and be on a Disney channel show! I would love to do this show and it would be an honor if I was selected for this show! I want to thank you in advance for reading this and I wish you the best for your search!

  36. Aniya Redick

    Hello im Aniya im 12 and im looking forward to audition for one of the sister’s.

    Name: Aniya
    DOB: 06/02/2000
    Living: Missouri
    Weight: 102” or 103”
    Height: 5”4

    1. Aniya Redick

      Oh and
      Gender: Female
      Hair color: Brown with blonde tips
      Eye Color: Brown
      Skin tone: Carmel
      I like making people happy and i think i would be a great person for the show.

  37. Janissa

    I would love to audition for the part of Alanna.
    I am 13
    I am a mexcian girl with brown hair and eyes.
    I have done many plays.
    Also I have had agents in San Francisco.

  38. Claudia

    Hi my name is Claudia and I’m 9 turning 10 in January and I’ve always wanted to be on Disney Channel . I play with glow sticks doing the Mickey mouse shape.
    I have a little brother and I love playing with him .
    I’ve been told I’m a good singer and actress. I’ve been in
    4 plays at the Shawnee playhouse. I would love if you had an Audition in ny York city. I currently don’t have an agent

  39. David Morrow

    Hey, I would really love to be on the show bits n piece. I was in my school play called School House Rock! I love dancing and am currently sending a video to Disney’s make your mark. I really wanna WIN IT! I think I’m going to audition for bits and pieces.

  40. Xabier Hernandez

    Name: Xabier Hernandez
    Date of brith: April 28,1999
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Size: skinny
    Height: 5 feet 3 inches
    Weight: 107lbs
    Talent: acting and funniness
    Location: Giddings,Texas (distance is not a problem)

    I would be perfect for this because i can be really funny and i love to prank people and make jokes to and i can be very serious about things to. I could use my talent of acting and funniness on the show and it would be an honor to be on the Disney Channel and i wouldn’t mind going out of state to be on the show or to audition. If you need anything else or if you choose me just email me,Thanks for your time for reading this.?

  41. Aziza Mohammed ali


    I’m Aziza Mohammed Alli and I am a african girl

    My dream is to be an actress. When i blew my candles out on my 13th birthday I wished that

    About me

    Age- 14
    Birthday- july 12th 1997
    Hair color- black
    Eyes- brown
    NickName- AzizaClay , Zen

    singing and Dancing

    I would really love to play a role in “Bits and Pieces” or other roles. I want to be actress more than anything 🙂

  42. Sheila N. Perez

    Hi I’m Sheila N. Perez I’m 12 years old. I’m From Puerto Rico. I am in 8Th Grade. I AM a very helpful, friendly, sweet, kind and generous person. My dream will be others person’s dream to be an actresses in Disney Channel. If you have any audition let me know
    Thanks !!!!! <3 <3 <3

  43. Zoe

    Hi I’m Zoe.
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: dirty blonde or light brown
    I do not know how much I weight nor how tall I am.
    But please choose me!! It’s been my dream and I’m so jealous of Selena Gomez and Debbie Ryan because they are on the screen. Please pick me. I won’t disappoint you!

  44. Tamia

    Hi my name is tamia. I’ve always wanted to act on Disney with selena gomez, hanah montana, demi lovato and many more but due to where I live its far to travel because I atend school in south africa. HERE IS WHAT I CAN TELL YOU ABOUT ME:
    Location-south africa pta
    Age-12 this year
    Skin colour-light in complection
    Eyes colour-brown
    Hair colour-brownish
    Talent- anything related to art

    Before I forget, I love perfoming a lot. I can make people laugh consider me and I will show you my talents. The reason I audition for this is because I want the part of the siblings

  45. leeandra pope

    my name is leeandra pope and i’m from a caribbean country named Trinidad and Tobago. I am 14 and I discovered that my talent was singing and dancing. I am out going, not afraid of being or expressing myself, funny, kinda kRazY lol and I can really be sarcastic. ALOT! SO I would really appreciate an opportunity for a series or movie

  46. caje

    I would love to be in the new tv show called “Bits and Pieces”. I am 12 and will think that this is a great thing for me.

  47. Daniana Carvalho

    Hey my name is Daniana and im an 14 going on 15 July and I would love to be on this show. I never acted but i know how to make people laugh and I know how to make people beleive. I was in a singing group at show in the 4th grade but then stopped because I had to move. All I need is one change to prove that I can do this.

  48. Brandon James Williams

    Name:Brandon Williams
    DOB:May 2, 1997
    PLACE: Houston Texas
    Height: 5’6.5
    Stengths:Follow directions
    Weakness:Stage fright
    Reason: It’s been a destiny of mine to be on Disney since I was six. I’ve been acting for eight years,mostly in church plays. I want to go beyond theater and go the big screen. This is a chance of a lifetime, I want this more than anybody. I will give everything I can to make sure that this destiny comes true.

  49. Adilen Torres

    race: Mexican
    skin tone: light tan
    hair color:dark brown
    eye color:dark brown
    body type:average athletic
    talent:anything art related
    talent: anything art related and MMA
    Hi my name is Adilen ( ad-il-in) and i love acting ive been doing it since i was in 4th grade but they were all school plays but I’ve been told im real good at acting. Ever since i was a little girl I’ve had an interest for the arts and when ever somone says omg, you are so dramatic. I would say awww thank you, and yes, I know. I am young but that doesn’t mean that I should be at any disadvantage and i’m not hoping for anything miraculous because I am great at acting and I love to do it! and if I am going to be on Bits and Pieces, it’s going to be because I worked my way up. Not because I wished on a wishing star or you pitied me. If I am not chosen to be on the show then i wont stop, I will keep on trying! I live in Fullerton CA and you have my e-mail. See you at the aditions. =)

  50. Krista Mellinger

    Hi my name is Krista and i’m 15 years old. I would love to make Disney come back to life by making shows that were as good as That’s so Raven and Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I love act and I would love to audtion for any openings on any show. Thanks! Please email me as soon as possible.

  51. Charles Thornton

    Hi, my names is Charles. I have been trying hard to be on disney channel. It has been my dream to be on disney channel. I’m 13 years old and turning 14 in July.if you pick me to be on disney channel, I will try my very best! Ijust ask to take good consideration. If you do, I want to thank you anyway.

  52. Ruth-Ann

    My name is Ruth-Ann Roberts. I am from the Caribbean, I am told I have a great voice and the personality of a drama queen. I have practiced acting everywhere,even in front of my bathroom mirror, hoping you would pick me to show my talent on tv. I want this not just to be famous, but it’s a long dream I have to meet my fav actors, like miley cyrus, zack efron and so on..and I luv acting, singing and dancing. I’m sure you’d never find a girl incredible as me, so pick me!

  53. Sianni Anyea Mckie

    Name: Sianni Anyea Mckie
    Age: 15
    DOB: 05/27/1997
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 136lb
    Hair Color(s): Dark Brown and 33
    Eye Color: Light Brown
    Ethnicity: African American ,Indian,irish
    I will be great for the part of Alanna..I have a great feeling this opportunity is for me.
    About me: funny,smart,well-mannered,outgoing. I can transform from nice to mean in matter of seconds if that’s part of the role and I can remember lines very fast and easily. I’m a vegetarian,I sing,dance,act and model. I leave the room but my presents is still there and I’m a loveable girl. Please contact me by if interested and thanks you soo much for your time.

  54. Roshanna Paul

    hi! im roshanna im 15 i live in newyork im 5’3 and my 3 major talents are ACTING/SINGING/DANCING this show sounds like a ton of fun! i feel that im perfect for the part of alanna. im a joy to be around and easy to work with.but also very dedicated to my work.i know you get hundreds of comment per day but THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME ill be looking forward to be working with you! for more information email me.

  55. Sunny Kingi

    Hi, my name is Sunny Kingi and i am 11 years old im from Perth, Western Australia.
    I really like the idea of this new series and would love to be a part of it. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes, and I would love to be an actress one day. I HOPE I GET A PART!!

  56. shenelle

    Hey I’ve been trying to get a job with disney channel for sometime now but I haven’t seen any job openings so when I saw this I couldn’t help myself. I just wanted to let you know that this is more than a job for me. It is a chance of a lifetime to show people that I am capable of becoming something and not be a failure.
    Anyways here are some facts about me. I’ve been singing since i was 4 years old, I dance and I play sports.
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 110
    Age: 14
    Ethnicity: black
    hair: long and curly
    Hair color: black
    Eye: brown
    Skin tone: cocoa brown

  57. Kellsea Myvett

    Hey, My name is Kellsea Myvett and i’m 14 years old. My dream is to be the best actress I can be and I love Disney channel, so the idea for this show sounds Amazing! It would mean the world to me if I could even audition for the show. I’ve been acting,dancing, and singing since I was 8 years old and I have taken numerous classes in all three skills.

    ETHNICITY: African American (i’m light so people think i’m mixed.
    AGE: 14 ( but i look about 12-13)
    hair: dark brown and wavy
    eye color: dark brown
    DOB: August 28, 1997
    grade: going into 10th grade

    Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon!

  58. Age: 15 going on 16 on july 16th
    Height: 5’1
    Hair: long, brown
    Eyes: big, brown
    Body type: slim

    Hello, I am Brianna Flores, I live in Corpus Chrisit,TX i’m a sweet, loving, down-to-earth girl, I love meeting new people, I play tennis, I like to dance, and I love acting! When I was a little girl I knew instantly I wanted to be an actress I was so amazed how someone I don’t know could make me laugh,cry,smile,or be mad.. acting is truely beautiful and I know in high school people want to be doctors, nurses, teachers, but I always have and always will want to be an actress, and I hope to be able to follow my dreams wether its a main part in the show or a minor part. Just the opppertunity to be doing what I love would make my life complete. I hope I will be recieving an emai from you soon, I won’t let you down I will give it my all everyday, thank you for your time!

  59. Kaylee

    I’m Kaylee. I live in Florida, and I am 15 years old. (Turning 16 in Novemeber) I have wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. I’m 5’4, and I have had some experience acting, I was in commercials when I was younger. I would love to become an actress in a Disney Channel show because I feel that it would be a fun experience, and also help me become an actress in a major film someday when I am older.
    Some Disney Channel stars that inspire me are Selena Gomez, Demi Lavato, Debbie Ryan, Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus.

  60. Komal

    I have been wanting to be a disney star but i love in fl so how could I audition for this? Plus I’m 11. I am good at voices too so please get me an audition

    1. Komal

      Let me rephrase i live in fl and i want to be a disney star so please come to fl

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