Auditions for Disney Channel New series “Bits & Pieces”

Disney Channel Pilot Now casting for lead and supporting roles

The Disney Channel and Disney XD have ordered a pilot for a new Disney Channel show called “Bits & Pieces”. Auditions to find the right cast for the show are being held right now.

Disney Channel sitcom fans will have a new show to look forward to in 2013!

“Bits & Pieces” is a comedy series that does something a bit different. Rather than using a traditional multi camera filming pattern. The new show will do ‘bits and pieces’, quick snippets, and a series of vignettes to tell a story that show off the stories funniest moments. This is a unique way of filming a sitcom and the show may prove to be a lot of fun.

Disney Channel Auditions
Bits & Pieces

“Bits & Pieces” is executive-produced by Andy Fickman (“The Game Plan,” “Race to Witch Mountain”) and Betsy Sullenger (“You Again”) and written by John D. Beck & Ron Hart (“Shake It Up,” “According to Jim”).

Casting for the show is under way and the show will begin filming in June of 2012. The series “Bits & Pieces” is supposed to premiere on the Disney Channel in 2013. The new show is looking for its main cast. There will be 3 boys parts and 3 girls parts. The show will also require adult actors to play the parents and extras.

Bits & Pieces is a modern day Brady Bunch, a blended family that has many comedic moments and is told from the viewpoint of a 15 year old girl, Alanna who has to adapt to her new situation of being in a much larger family with new step siblings.

About “Bits & Pieces”:

In the story, the family tree gets a whole lot bigger when high school basketball coach Pete marries the school psychologist Jodie, much to the chagrin of their four kids. Willful 15 year old, teenager Alanna recounts all the family moments through comedic vignettes, while her awkward brother Sticky and their new step siblings Crystal and Brody help fill in the bits and pieces as they begin their journey together as a new family.

The new Disney show will be produced by It’s a Laugh Productions in Los Angeles. Auditions for the show will be held in the Los Angeles area where the show will be filmed. It’s a Laugh Productions is the company that produces most of the Disney Channel and Disney XD shows.

The casting directors for the show are SHEILA GUTHRIE & SUZANNE GODDARD-SMYTHE (Principal Casting) and Central Casting will be handling the extras for the new show. Sheila Guthrie / Suzanne Goddard-Smythe are the casting directors for the hit Disney Channel series “Shake It Up” and also “The Game”.

You may send resumes and headshots to the casting directors (No phone calls)

Sheila Guthrie
Suzanne Goddard-Smythe

Guthrie/Goddard-Smythe Casting
c/o Hollywood Center Studios
1040 N. Las Palmas, Building 2, Room 22
Los Angeles, CA 90038

If you want to be an extra on this project you will need to go to Central Casting and register with them. Central Casting does not take online applications, you must come into their office and fill out their paperwork in order to be on their talent roster. Do not send resumes and headshots to Central casting because they do not accept mailed in applications.
Central Casting
220 S. Flower Street
Burbank, CA 91502

You can find more information on current and upcoming Disney Channel Casting Calls

319 thoughts on “Auditions for Disney Channel New series “Bits & Pieces”

  1. jennah garnanez

    Hi I’m Jennah this show sounds interesting. I would love to be apart of the cast. I’m 12 years old and acting has been important to me. I haven’t been in plays or films because I’ve been insecure but now I’m so sure of myself and not ever nervous anymore. I think I’m ready to show my passion for acting to the world and if your are reading this, please think about casting me.

  2. Bryana Eller

    Dear Disney
    hey my names Bryana. I’m a 13 year old girl form north Carolina. I have dark drown hair with brown eyes, I am mixed (half white half black) and I am about 5,3. I always thought that it would amazing to start my acting career with some thing I new that I could have a awesome time doing and making new friends while working and I thought what would be better than a Disney show. I grew up watching Disney movies and shows it still one of my favorite things to do. It would be a dream come true if I got chosen for this role I hope you will consider it.
    your biggest fan

  3. Allissa Beadlr

    Hello my name is Allissa Beadle, I have always wanted to be on Disney channel. I have taken dance, singing, and acting lessons. I am in cheer which includes dancing and performing. I am also in all the school productions which include dancing, singing, performing, and acting.
    Age: 13
    Hair color: strawberry blonde, AKA, red
    Eye color: brown hazel, matches my hair color
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

  4. Alyssa Adam

    Hi my name is Alyssa and its been my dream to be on Disney channel! I love acting, singing and dancing and I’m well experienced! I would really like to tryout for Crystal. I have a really fun personality and strive to make things better. One thing that’s really nice about me is that I have a really good attitude getting things done. Please give me a chance! You won’t be sorry!

    More info:

    Age: 12(going on 13 in early April)

    City/State: Alpine UT

    Height: 5’3

    Weight: 93 LBS

    Hair color: Strawberry blonde with highlights

    Hair length: 1 inch below shoulder length(I wear my hair curled and straight)

    Skin tone: Light Tan

    Eye color: Blue

  5. Courtney Gagliano

    I’m a 12 year old female who looks about 14. I have 1 year of acting classes and drama classes. I was in one commercial for water conservation and modeled for 2 years in everything from cheer-leading magazines to Neiman Marcus catalogs! I have dance experience and love to sing! Please consider me for Alanna or any other part. It would be a dream come true!!Just take a chance with me and you won’t regret it.

    1. Courtney Gagliano

      Oh, here is the information! I have brown hair and blue green eyes. I’m currently 5″3′ and growing! I’m skinny, but not skin and bones!! Give me an e-mail if you think that I would be a good candidate!! Thx

  6. chrslyn rodrigues

    My name is Chrslyn and I would love to be on the new show called bits and pieces. If I got in that would make my dream come true plus, I forgot I also want to try out for crystal on the show. I have brown eyes, brown hair, and my skin color is white and I’m also 11 years old. If I got picked, please email me because if you did, I would be so excited so I’m really hoping. I really hope I get in also I have been watching Disney my entire life and my dream is to be on Disney channel. Please give me a chance and email me. If you did I would be so happy. I just hope my dream comes true. I just hope it does!

  7. shantell Mullings

    Hi, I am 12 years old and I currently live in Tallahassee, but I will soon be relocating to Tampa. I love acting and music. and I have really wanted to be on Disney since age 6. and now I’m hoping that this comment will help me start living my dream. so please email me and let me audition. thanks for your time!

  8. Kiana

    Hi, my name is Kiana and I am 12 years old. I am from San Diego, California. I love watching disney channel and would love to be apart of it.

    Eyes – green
    hair – Brown with blond highlights
    height – 4’5 (I think)

    I devote most of my time to singing and acting. Even if I was an extra I would still be happy so please consider me.
    ~Kiana Adams

  9. Mimi

    Only email me when there is any auditions for Disney thanks

  10. lauren ferreira

    hey …my name is Lauren Ferreira. I am 14 years old , I´m Angolan and I live in Luanda city. I always wanted to be an actress and singer on disney channel. I´m trying because it is my dream since I was a child and because I wanna show my mom and everybody that I can. I love China and I want be like her too. If I win I will be the first Angolan actress on disney channel and everybody can look to me with pride …thanks

  11. Han Chu

    Well I’m 12 from Arizona. I’ve honestly never really liked acting at first. But then when I started watching disney shows I actually thought acting would be pretty fun. So I’ve thought about acting and I really wanna see if I can do it. I mean I may not be the best at anything, but I want to see if I can act. I’m hoping for one chance. I’m not the best but I will try the best I can.

  12. Messiah

    I love Disney channel. I started watching Disney when I was three years old. I even went to Disneyland. I like every show on there.

  13. tiannah bratcher

    Hi! My name is Tiannah! I LOVE Disney Channel! It’s my life. My dream has ALWAYS been to be on tv especially Disney Channel.

    Eyes:Dark brown
    Hair:Black and very dark brown highlights
    Height: 5ft.
    I love to sing dance and act! I REALLY hope i can get this opportunity! If i do, you will be very pleased and i will work EXTRA HARD for this!
    Thank You so much!
    -Tiannah Bratcher

    1. tiannah bratcher

      *very dark brown highlights.
      Auto correction, my apologies.

  14. Zakia

    Hi,my name is Zakia and I’m 15 yr old girl who lives in Ghana. I would like any role in this new sitcom. I can travel to LA if I’m picked for the part. I love acting and dancing a lot so please pick me and you can contact me. I’m really desperate to be an actress. Thank you.

  15. Pascal Osei

    I am Pascal. I am 10 years old and am 4’9. I a 92 pounds. I love to sing and act and dances a little. I have always wanted to be on Disney Channel and hope you choose me.

  16. Hannah Solomon

    Hi my name is Hannah Solomon. I watch Disney Channel ALL the time! I have been since I was like 4. I love it! I can sing Even though I have no background with dancing, acting or singing coaches. I have been dreaming to be on disney channel my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! I would try my hardest to get the role! I am ALWAYS saying things that other people have said on disney channel. I will always give a glow stick to my friends ad at sleepovers we would pretend that were say like ” Hi I’m Hannah Solomon from (blank) and your watching disney channel!” It is SO much fun! I will try to get to an audition for Bits and Pieces! I REALLY want one of the girls parts really bad! I am going to be 13 next month in October. 🙂 So pleases get back to me ASAP!- Disney Channel Rules!

  17. Nika Latiny

    EYES: dark brown
    HAIR: dark brown

    I am a very good actor, I can dance, sing…

    love Disney Channel

  18. Emily

    Bolivia- Latinoamerica
    13 años
    Cabello negro
    Ojos cafes

  19. Victoria

    Hi I’m just a regular pre teen girl looking for an acting job im a little nervous but after I know the people for a bit I’m not nervous anymore here is some info you might want to know.
    I’m a girl and I have dirty blond hair.
    I’m not skinny but don’t judge me on that
    I love to act but I’m still practicing so I’m fine if I don’t get any part. I can’t sing or dance but again =LOVE ACTING!
    It would be a dream come true if i got a part.
    I would be happy but I’m not in the USA, where is the audition? If I would audition and it’s in the US would I get like a free plane ride or something or would we have to pay? If we would have to pay then I can’t really go to the auditions 🙁 anyways I hope this is enough info oh and if I forgot to mention I’m 12 years old!

    1. Victoria

      Oh here is some more info, Birth Date: may 21 2001.
      My favorite sport is soccer and volley ball. I can’t play soccer anymore because I twisted my ankle and I don’t play volley ball too often. I hope this is also enough please email me anything important. I will talk more with my parents please tell me important info even if its written on the page just in case. (I’m also a little funny)

  20. Kai

    I can’t wait and what can I do to get ready?

  21. Kaysharyce

    Hi I’m just another regular kid who wants to be an actor like everybody else. I’m 5’5, I been dancing since I could remember and one day, I just wanna land a spot on tv and hopefully Disney can make that happen.

  22. Sara

    Is there gonna be any new audition for bits and pieces? and if there is when are they? Are there gonna be new 2014 Disney channel auditions?

  23. Venesia

    I am very happy to be auditioning for a great tv show. I love Jessie and I can act if you come to and I have talent, good looks and charisma!

  24. Anna Henry

    Name: Anna Henry
    Age: 16
    Ethnicity: Mixed of African American and white.
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: Dark brown
    If you could email me, I will send a full portfolio. I will be sending in a head shot soon with my information, but email would be best. Thank you!

  25. Angela Mendez

    It would be a pleasure for me to be on this TV show I’ve been told by my friends that I have a talent that I should do something with it. I wanna prove them wrong and I wanna make my parents proud of me. I actually talk a lot but if I get the part I will focus and try my best.


  26. Angel G

    hi my name is Angel. I’m 11 years old but I can be an innocent 8 year old or even a mean 15 year old. I have been singing, acting, dancing, and modeling (getting my picture taken a lot) since I was a little girl, right now a professional company accepted me for acting, singing, dancing, etc… I have lots of experience. On the website I put down, shows everything about me including headshots, resume, compcard, and much more.
    I get good grades, all A’s. I even gave me a letter from the president regarding my well grades. It would mean a lot to me if you picked me to be on this show.
    thank you,
    Angel G.

    1. Angel G

      I also want to say that I have a great personality and that my friend, you don’t want to miss!

  27. Savannah

    Hey, I’m Savannah and I want to be an actress or actor.

  28. Savannah

    Hey I’m Savannah and I’m 15.
    I have blonde hair & hazel green eyes one changes. I’m 5’3 & I always wanted to be an acter / actress (: I have little experience but I learn fast.

  29. Marlon

    Hi my name is Marlon Honorato. I would like to be an actor on disney. I speak 3 languages English and Spanish.

  30. Kaue

    I am 11 turning 12 next year. I would like to be a actor and singer on disney.

  31. Keliya Francis

    Hi my name is Keliya. I am 10 years old I can sing, act and kind of dance. The first reason why Disney channel should pick me is because I’m young and you guys are looking for young kids with talent and WOW do I have talent. If you guys don’t pick me you must have lost your head but just in case you pick me, here’s a little more info about me.

    Name: Keliya Francis

    Height: 4’10

    Weight: 86 pounds

    Hair: Black

    Race: Mixed

    Eyes: Black

  32. malkia butso

    Hi my name is Malia L. Butso. I’m teen, I am a female and I’m black. I’ve been the main role in plays. My hobbies are singing acting and cooking. If you do pick me, I promise to be on time and do my best.

  33. Mariah Saleem

    My name is Mariah Saleem and I am 13 years old.
    Ethnicity : African-American/ Hispanic
    Height : 5’1
    Weight : 98.9
    Sex : Female
    Hair : Brown and Curly
    Eye color : Brown
    DOB : 5/10/00
    Hobbies : acting , Pageantry , sports

    Acting is and has always been my dream. I am an Ambitious an hard working young woman. I have recently done pageants and am going to nationals This coming December of 2013 in Orlando Florida. I have Audition and made it on a team at Barbizon Acting and modeling school. But, sadly due to Expenses I had to recline. If you’d give me the chance to Partake in an Audition I can Absolutely promise that Id give you my all. Thank you and please contact me.

  34. Amonda Tindall

    Hello, My name is Amonda Tindall. I am 14 years old. I’m 4’7, brown eyes, 75lbs, and brown hair. I like reading, dancing, riding my bike, talking to people, and just having fun. I am approachable, I’m confident, passionate, and I am a quick learner. I’ve done plays, I was Director and Assistant Director for the News Broadcasting Team at Gregory Elementary School, Wrote Articles for the Williston Sun Middle School Newspaper. Thank You for this opportunity.

  35. Maddie

    Hi my name is Maddie and I love acting, singing, and dancing! I would love to be on Bits and Pieces, it’s been my dream since I was 5 years old to be on Disney Channel. I would freak out if I got to be on Disney Channel! I tried to see if there would be any auditions in Ohio or in Cleveland Ohio but I could not find any. If I got picked I would be so blessed and so happy!!!
    Info about me:
    Height: 55 inches
    Weight: 75 pounds
    Age: 11
    Race: White
    Hair color: brown/ black/ highlights
    Eye color: blue
    Hobbies: acting, singing, dancing, swimming, baseball and more
    I take dancing lessons and am thinking about taking acting lessons, I dance, act and sing everyday!
    If your interested, e-mail me if you want a picture of me or my number. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me and let me know if you would like me for a part!
    Thanks for reading!
    From Maddie

  36. Elizabeth Mary Burggraff (Nick name=Ellie)

    I want to live my dream with acting. I can do that. It doesn’t matter if I’m a princess or a secret agent undercover. Acting lets me be what I want to be. The things that make up acting are (A)nything. When you act you can be anything you want to be. You could rule the country or be an evil stepmother. (C)ake. Because the ingredients for an amazing acting experience are a cup of emotions, 2 cups of fun, a pinch of body language, and 3 cups of effort. Doing something I enjoy more than anything else in the world is just the icing on the cake. (T)raining. Every time I participate in a play, I learn something new. With acting, there’s always a new technique or strategy you can learn. (I)It helps you step out of the box. if you feel shy, just start out with small parts and work your way up. Pretty soon you’ll be doing anything you can think of in front of a crowd. I say this from personal experience! I used to be a little bit shy but I loved acting so I tried it and now I find myself performing any chance I can get. It (N)ever fails. No matter where I am, or what I’m doing, acting never fails to get me excited or cheerful! It always helps me through the day and I don’t know how I’d live without it! And lastly, (G)o with the flow. No matter where you go acting will go with you. It’s always there and it never leaves. Acting is my life! Please consider me! here’s some information about myself!

    Height 4’9″ I know I’m short!
    weight- 67
    Age – 13
    blonde hair
    ethnicity – light skinned
    blue eyes
    willing to play any age!
    Experience – Lead in over three plays in the past two years and have had cute little parts when I was little.
    I also take an acting class over the summer.
    I also sing. I have gotten too many solos to count!

    If you have any more questions please e-mail me!
    E-mail me fast please! even if I don’t have a shot! I want to know!
    Get back to me soon! Thank you!!!

    1. Elizabeth Mary Burggraff (Nick name=Ellie)


  37. Shelby throntveit

    Hi my name is Shelby & I am 15 years old and I love to act & sing. I have been in some plays & I’ve been in talent shows (: I would love a chance to fulfill my dream of being on a tv show ! I have blonde hair & blue eyes. If you are interested I would love to be in this show (: thanks

  38. Jabrehia


    Name: Jabrehia Taylor
    Ethnicity: African American
    Age: 13 in a half
    DOB: 07/21/1999
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 90
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: brown
    Hobbies: Look up Harry Styles and watch Disney
    Why I want to be on this show: I love Disney. I watched this show since I was born like Winnie pooh, Kim possible, proud family, Leo stitch, Austin ally, ant farm, Good luck Charlie, and my favorite Wizards of Wavley Place.

  39. Adynah Richardson

    Hello my name is Adynah Richardson and I am 13 years old. I am in the 7th grade, I’m 5’8, with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I’m different and stand out from the crowd because I have a very likable and fun loving personality. I am a humanitarian, I love the Earth and all the beautiful creatures on it. I have a big all American smile and have the power to light up a room on the saddest of days. I have been in many school plays. I love to act and sing, and for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be apart of the Disney Channel family. Please consider me when you are making the casting calls. Thank you.

  40. KC

    Hi, I am 15 years old and have always wanted to be an actress, not because of the fame and money and things that come with it but just for the passion I have for it and how serious I am when it comes to doing something I love to do.

    Height:5ft 4 1/2
    D.O.B: 28th January 1998
    Ethnicity: White, English (live in England)

    I know that if I got the chance to do something like this I would work so hard to get it right because it would mean so much to me. I haven’t been on a TV show or in a movie before but I have done stage productions from when I was little.

    Thank You and I hope you give me the chance to do this

  41. kelly

    Hi my name is kelly king and I am 11 years old. I live in new york. I Like to ride my bike, draw and act. My height is 4’10. It is my dream too act since I was 5. II would love to have this part so much. I would help me my family and my life.

  42. fernanda flores

    Hi,my name is Fernanda, I just turned 13, at this age I been thinking about doing something with my life. I really like DISNEY CHANNEL. I would be pleased if you choose me, I would be very grateful for the chance you may give me. It’s been a dream of mine to be a young actress,”AUSTIN AND ALLY” and “SHAKE IT UP” inspired me to try out. I also want to try out to help my parents move forward.
    I would love it if I was chosen,which I hope I do!
    ~Fernanda Flores 🙂

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