Audition for ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Audition for ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Wheel of Fortune has been on the air for many years and is one of the most popular gameshows around.

Here is your chance to Try out for ‘Wheel of Fortune and join Pat Sajak and Vanna White onstage.

Wheel of Fortune began in 1975 and was produced by Merv Griffin.

The gameshow is similar to playing the word game hangman where contestants on the show pick letters in an attempt to guess the correct word or phrase. The show uses a larghe wheel to determine the value of every correct letter guessed and upon solving the puzzle, the contestant receives the value of all his spins in cash and prizes. If a contestant guesses the wrong letter or word, the wheel is passed to his opponent and the opponent now has to spin the wheel and take over from where the previous player was in the game. Once a contestant uncovers a letter or word, that letter goes on the board and his competitors can also use those letters.

Wheel of Fortune was originally hosted by Chuck Woolery who was later replaced by other hosts, including Pat Sajak. Wheel of Fortune has had a very long run on television and in that time even switched networks. Today, the show is owned by Sony Pictures and has a few versions or ‘weeks’ of the show that cast contestants regularly including a teen and College version.

To get on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ you will have to apply to be a contestant at the Sony Pictures website which you can find here.

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  1. xerxes irani

    I would love to be on the wheel me and my wife watch it everyday. please choose me to be a contestant.

    thank you.

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