Ant Farm Free Tickets

Get Tickets to ANT Farm starring China Anne McClain

Be in the audience for a live taping of the hit Disney Channel show Ant Farm. ANT Farm is now filming and needs you to join the audience. Come see your favorite Disney Channel stars like China Anne McClain live and in person.

Ant Farm is filmed at Hollywood Center Studios in Los Angeles and the minimum age to be in the audience is 10 years old.

Free tickets are available until they sell out which comes quickly since the price of tickets is free!

About the show:

This Disney Channel musical comedyis about a girl named Chyna Parks, played by China Anne McClain. Chyna is an 11-year-old musical prodigy who is involved in the Advanced Natural Talents program at her high school. The cast also includes other high school students in the ANT program,  Olive, Chyna’s friend, played by Sierra McCormick and a boy named Fletcher (Jake Short). Chyna has some problems at school and some people may not want her to be there like Lexi Reed.

Chyna has an older brother named Cameron who is played by Carlon Jeffrey who feels he is kind of in Chyna’s shadow and tries really hard not to be and also Lexi Reed who plays the “mean” girl who may be a bit jealous of Chyna’s talents. ANT Farm also stars Alexandria Deberry and Aedin Mincks.

Please note that the show does film in Los Angeles and those that get tickets will need to find their own transportation to Los Angeles and to the studio. Please do not apply for tickets if you can not make it to Los Angeles Hollywood Center Studios at the time of taping. All children will have to be accompanied by an adult.

To request ANT Farm tickets please go here and follow their instructions. If ANT Farm is not listed in the show list, then the tickets either sold out or the show is no longer filming.

24 thoughts on “Ant Farm Free Tickets

  1. lucy

    I’m lucy, I am English but can do an American, Australian or Scottish accent. I am quite funny and very active. I look old for my age even though I’m 10.
    I love singing and being loud, making people laugh and my fave character is probably zuri or luke as they are like me, haha!

    age: 10
    hair colour: light brown
    eye colour: brown

  2. ann imani

    please please I need this. I have a developing voice and quite a good dancer please.

  3. Tatum Barksdale

    I have an amazing soccer talent and amazing at piano. I play basket ball too. I have a working singing voice. I want this more than anyone. My dream is to become an actor and meet Makenzie Foy and Joey Grassefa.

  4. Brianna amari jackson

    I love ant farm, china is my girl. I can play the chello, piano and violin. I dance and sing, sorry other girls I am gonna get the part. You know why? because I am nine, they like girls that are young, so brake a leg, really brake one.

  5. Isadora martinez

    I play flute trumpet and drums. I was in band for 3years. I also have a musical singing talent, plus, I’m on my schools dance team so I will be so happy and lucky if you choose me to win the free ant farm tickets. Something else you can know about me is I am an ROTC student and I am a sergeant so that means if I was to win the tickets, I will know how to behave also I really want to meet another celebrity. I have met dr oz because he came to my school. Dr oz told me he loves me and the way I present my self in the sac bee news paper. I really want to meet china and olive cause even though they are younger then me I look up to them and I know it must feel good for someone to say they look up to you because thats what dr oz told me so with all due respect please please pretty please choose me 🙂 I home I fit the profile always thankful isadora martinez

    1. Isadora martinez

      sorry for all the spelling and typeing errors. I am currently texting this out on my small phone hopefully you can get the jizz of what I said

  6. Isadora martinez

    Hey my name is isadora martinez and I live and sacramento California. I am a sophmore in high school and I will be very grateful if I was able to to see ant farm live 🙂

  7. caje

    I love ant farm. I love china’s singing 100%. I think she’s great.

  8. mikayla

    i love ant farm!!!! it rules

  9. Zaria Hunter

    I think i should get the tickets because I really love ant farm. It makes me want to make better friends. And because me and China are like the same we are both a great singer and we are both pretty. I love her singing 100 percent !!!

  10. imri

    I would absolutely love to go to the show, but i dont know how to get the tickets

  11. Chinenye

    I absolutely need these tickets!If i get these tickets I will scream,kick and cry in a medley of happiness! I am China Anne Mclain’s #1 fan,and if I saw her in person I would collapse onto the floor(you know,after i get her autograph and a picture with her.)Sell me these tickets please please please please please please please please please please please ………………

  12. Chinenye

    I absolutely need these tickets!

  13. alina pruitt

    Me and my sister love ant farm. We love it so bad that we act like ant farm. I hope we can go to Hollywood to see China Ann McCain. Please pick us because we LOVE ant farm so much

  14. annabel

    I love ant farm. That is all I have to say

  15. In the show, there are fifth graders who gets in trouble a lot. We have a lot in common because they got antpads and in fifth grade we are getting ipad2s.

  16. tyanna

    Yea I always wanted to be an actor im 11about to go on 12

    1. tiana

      I love Ant Farm because we have a lot of things in common. I want China Anne to check her website here so she can answer our comments. Who votes for China to check our comments? Need some volenteers with moi, please.

  17. katie

    ant farm is a great thing to watch i will have a chance to see how real china is

  18. Jj

    I want tickets to ANT Farm so bad. This is one of the best shows on TV. I really want to be a singer and actress like China. I think she is great. I would really want to see this show live and even more I would want to audition to be on the show. But I know getting an audition for a show like that is very hard and someone really has to like you and believe in you to even get that far. Right now I am taking singing classes and next I will take acting classes so hopefully I will have a chance to be on a show also.

  19. I love Ant Farm so Much!!!! it makes me want to audition for it

  20. I love auditioning for things and I am auditiong I like china anne Mcclain

  21. I really hope I can go to any ant farm shows! I just love that show so much! I will do anything to get tickets I hope I wil!! :):):):)

  22. Tyra

    My little sister watches A.N.T. Farm. She really likes China McClain and she would die to get to see the show in person in the studio. Thanks for the information on how to get tickets to A.N.T. Farm. I never even knew that any where available or that they were completely free.

    We are going to see A.N.T. Farm live in the studio!

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