America’s Next Top Model 2015 – Cycle 22 Auditions Announced

ANTM is now casting for cycle 22.

Tyra Banks will be hosting another season of the hit reality modeling competition. Top Model will be returning in 2015 and as always, they will need fresh talent to compete on the show.

The wait is over. Aspiring models can now apply to be on America’s Next Top Model. The show just began it’s casting process for cycle 22 and they are accepting submissions from both male and female models for this cycle. The casting calls just went out and the audition process for ANTM just began. At the moment casting directors for the show are accepting email submissions from models who think they have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model. The ANTM casting directors will then contact the models they would like to know more about and schedule a video or Skype audition.

Casting just began and there have been over 20 open casting calls scheduled for America’s Next Top Model . More cities may be added to the current schedule at a later date as well.  Every year, for the past many years, the show has done a nationwide casting call tour allowing models to try out in person at locations across the US.

Update: See this page for the Top Model open call schedule.

As always, there are some restrictions on who can apply. All models must be between the ages of 18 and 27 in order to qualify for the show and at least 5’6″ in heightUpdate: No height requirements in 2015 cycle! Men need to be at least 5’10” tall in order to qualify for the show. There is also a page you can check to see all the eligibility requirements, in case you are interested. Models that have applied for previous seasons of ANTM can go ahead and apply again for the 2015 season / cycle 22.

Americas Next Top Model Cycle 22 casting call announced

So ladies and gentlemen…. Are you America’s Next Top Model? If you think you have the goods to compete against the stiff competition on the show… follow the directions below to get your submission into the show.

So… If you want to become America’s Next Top Model, check out the following information.

The Official ANTM Casting Team has started its search for ANTM Cycle 22! We are casting men and women on Top Model! If you feel you have what it takes to be our next top model, then email the casting team at the address below to be considered for the upcoming cycle! This could be the year you come out on top!

To be considered for ANTM cycle 22, please send an email including your name, age, height, weight, email, phone number, alternate phone number, city you live in, and three (3) photos of yourself (close up, full body, and swimsuit photo).

Please email the casting team at:

In the email subject line please write your information as follows:
“Your first and last name, The City & State You Currently Live In”
Subject Line Example – “Carrie Smith, Los Angeles, CA”

For more information about the auditions and how to possibly set up a Skype interview with the official ANTM Casting Team, please email our official casting department at:

Top Model 2015 season auditions and try outs coming up

108 thoughts on “America’s Next Top Model 2015 – Cycle 22 Auditions Announced

  1. Jelainesj

    Is Antm skipping Florida. This year I’ve been waiting for the open call schedule hoping to find Florida some where and nope nothing, no Miami, Tampa, Orlando, no nothing.

  2. Anthony Scott

    Hey I’m 25 years old 5’10 black and American. I have what it take to be on top. I have a great walk and great polls.

    1. krystal

      I am in Fresno do they have audition there?

  3. Anthony Scott

    Hey I’m 25 years old, 5.10, African-American and I know I have what it take to be on top.

  4. Miko Onezine

    I can’t seem to find an audition schedule and I wanted to know if there would be any open calls in Louisiana.

    1. admin

      There is a link on the page to the Top Model try out schedule.

  5. Christy Leah

    When are the auditions gonna be in Minneapolis MN. I’m 17 but my birthday is in a month and I would love to try out!!

  6. Ryeli Pferschy

    Do I need to send a video of my catwalk or an introduction of myself?

  7. RoShay Williams

    Hello! My name is RoShay Williams (22), I’m from Jackson, Ms currently living in Tupelo, MS, working as a shift leader at Love’s Travel Stops. I’ve been watching ANTM since it started and I always wanted to be on there. I have been doing some modeling on the side and I saw you all are casting and I said there goes my opportunity!!! Please cast me.

    1. RoShay Williams

      And are there gonna be additions close to Mississippi soon?

  8. Alexis

    Will there be any auditions in Louisiana this year?

  9. Shannon Shaffer

    Hello, My name is Shannon Shaffer.
    I live in Jacksonville Fl, and currently going to school to get a license in Aesthetics. I’ve done small modeling camps when I was younger and always been a person who likes to take photos and be in them as well. I would love to even be consider for this position of a lifetime! I’m 22 years old and 5’4 with 115 weight!

  10. saidah williams

    Hi my name is saidah williams. I live in the United States of America for about 11 years now. I am from West Africa, Liberia. I have been watching the American next top model show since I came to the U.S., like 2004. I have always wanted to be on this show.

  11. Deidria

    Can I go to a casting call and do an email submission too?

    1. admin

      I don’t see why you cant do both.

  12. Ntshebo

    Hi, can I apply if I live in South Africa? I’ve been watching the show since the first cycle and I would really appreciate to be a part of this cycle.

  13. Ntshebo

    Hi Admin, Can I apply if I am from South Africa…I have been watching the show since the first cycle and dreamed of being on the show. I would appreciate being considered.

    1. admin

      This is America’s Next Top Model so they are only holding try outs in the US. However, other countries have their own Top Model shows… there is an Africa’s Next Top Model, Asia’s Next Top Model, Canada’s, etc. You probably have to apply to the Top Model show for your country. They have an email for questions

  14. Chidalu Onwunze

    Hello ANTM. I love to model so much more than sports. Please, I want to know if they can accept a deaf person?

  15. Bri Williams


    I submitted my email. Are you all going to have any Florida auditions? And did I have to submit a video because I’ve been hearing rumors that I did?

  16. diamond

    What is the age Max, I’m 32. Is that over it.

  17. Asia

    Please can there be a casting call in Detroit?

  18. jonathan

    Se tiene q saber inglés

  19. megan

    Is it likely that Toledo, OH will be added at a later date to the open call List?

  20. Mario

    What do I need to bring to the casting auditions tomorrow in Montgomery Alabama?

  21. Haddy j

    Hi, will there be any auditions in Seattle? That would be the best.

  22. April London

    I have planned to attend the auditions in Columbus, GA in December on the 18th of 2014 for cycle 22. Unfortunately, the past date was changed and the auditions was December 14th. What is the nearest audition locations to Raleigh NC?

    1. admin

      Columbus, GA
      Thursday, December 18
      10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
      Peachtree Mall
      3131 Manchester Expy.
      Columbus, GA 31909

  23. Olivia Ester

    Are there auditions coming to Memphis, TN?

    1. admin


  24. haddy J

    My name is Haddy and I was wondering…. Will you guys come to Seattle? Because that would be awesome for real 🙂

  25. Denise

    For cycle 22 which months will models need to be available?

  26. Amanda Reidenbach

    My name is Mandy and I work with a guy who so much wants to be a model…we work in greensburg ,In. Just wandering how I could maybe surprise him and get him on this show… I know he could go far.

  27. Sarah

    Hi! I was planning on attending the auditions tonight in Moosic, PA at The Shoppes at Montage. Unfortunately, due to the current weather, I was unable to. I tried searching for the audition schedule but couldn’t find anything for 2015. Will there be any additional auditions in PA?

  28. Andreea Davis

    Hi, when will there be audition in Florida? I was looking at the wrong date.

  29. Mayta

    Will the auditions be held in North Carolina too? HICKORY to be exact

  30. David Smyre

    Hi, I would like to ask a question or two.

    Where would I send my photos to qualify for the show & how fast will someone respond to me about me being chosen or not. (Thank you)

    1. admin

      The submission info is on this page. They will only contact you if you are chosen, usually, they do not send emails out to say that you are not. If you do not hear back within a few months then they probably did not choose you to move on in the audition process.

  31. sherre

    Hi a month ago there was a casting in Binghamton, now it’s not there PA the next closest casting to New York?

    1. admin

      The Top Model casting call for 2015 was only announced 2 weeks ago and locations are just now being added, so not sure where you saw that, maybe it was last years. They will be coming to Erie, Moosic and Philly so far, New York dates have not yet been announced.

  32. Tiffany Rostollan

    Hi! I live in Wisconsin and the closest casting call is in Ohio. Is it possible for a model to not go to a casting call and to send all information to the judges (including the audition video via mail on a USB) and still be considered? Americas Next Top Model is my chance to change the fashion industries standards and to prove models under 5’7″ are able to be considered part of the industry. Please let me know!!

    1. admin

      Yes, they are taking email submissions for Top Model cycle 22.

  33. Khe'Osha

    I live in Tallahassee, Fl. Will you be coming close to the area?

  34. Deijonae

    Portland Oregon?

    1. admin

      Portland, ME, not Oregon.

  35. Keveka

    Hello Hello , I was just wondering when the deadline for applying online would be ?

    1. admin

      The casting call just started and Top Model has in person auditions going on through January, so you probably have some time.

  36. Barbara

    For san Francisco ca, it has TBA do you know when the date and time will be released?

  37. Victoria

    Hi my name is Victoria. I’m from Gulfport MS and I tried to apply via email but it wouldn’t let me upload any pics.

  38. Jessica

    For the auditions for peoria-bloomington are the auditions in bloomington or Ottawa?

  39. evangelina morales

    can anyone go to the auditions?

    1. admin

      I believe so as long as you fit the age requirements.

  40. Barbara

    Are you guys having any auditions in the Bay Area Ca, San Francisco ? Sacramento for 2014 and or 2015. I really don’t want to miss the auditions.

  41. Crystal Mason

    I have been wanting to enter this competition for many years and I am a huge fan of the show! However, I’m Jamaican and I live here. I guess that makes me ineligible?

  42. Cassie Jean

    The date for Miami says December 14th on Saturday but the 14th is on a Sunday. . Was that a honest mistake? Do I come on Saturday or Sunday

    1. admin

      You are looking at last years dates, please see the most recent audition schedule for America’s Next Top Model.

  43. Cassie Jean

    Audition for Miami says December 14th on Saturday. . The 14th is on a Sunday, I just want to make sure it’s December 14th

    1. admin

      There are no Miami dates announced yet. Not sure what you are looking at.

  44. Kiana Caldwell

    When is the cut off to send in email applications?

  45. Kofi

    What if your email and pictures are one day late? Will they make an exception?

  46. Brittney McGuinn

    Where do I get the release form and waiver for the application?

    1. admin

      To be considered for ANTM cycle 22, please send an email including your name, age, height, weight, email, phone number, alternate phone number, city you live in, and three (3) photos of yourself (close up, full body, and swimsuit photo).

      Please email the casting team at:

      1. Marissa Martin

        I’ve emailed my info to the above mentioned casting team. If we don’t hear anything back are we still supposed to go to the casting? Also, what are we supposed to plan to have with us or bring to casting as far as identification, personal info, wardrobe etc?

        1. admin

          You should always bring ID and a photo with your contact info written on the back to any casting call. Top Model is looking for amateurs so they are not expecting models to have professional portfolios, comp cards and such.

  47. Consuelo

    Do we only send pictures, or do we send something about ourselves?

  48. Kayla L

    What is the last day that you can send in photos to the email?

    1. admin

      Top Model is casting into January so they will most likely close auditions around that time.

  49. Britni Shepherd

    How does it work if you are currently a college student? Would I have to put college on hold? Or Would it even interfere?

    1. admin

      You would need to be fully available for the filming dates, so my guess would be that it will interfere.

  50. Awais Muhammad

    Hello my name is Awais Muhammad, I currently live in the DMV! Please check my Instagram: Awais_Modeling.
    I am 19 years old, 5’8. ANTM is my dream! I’ve been watching that show since 2004 and I just really wish I could get a chance and be a part of it!

  51. Kymberly Rhodus

    If you are going to one of the open casting calls is there anything that you need to bring with you?

    1. admin

      You should probably email them and ask. There is another post with email instructions.

  52. Jalen Hannah

    Are there any open calls in Miami, Florida?

  53. Kimberly Gervais

    For the three photos that can be submitted through email, do I pose or have my hair pulled back and keep my arms to the side?

    1. admin

      The casting directors are asking for a close up, full body, and swimsuit photo.

  54. Nicole

    I live in south Mississippi. Any casting call in the area?

  55. Marquese Hall

    The photos you need submitted are they required to be professional photos?

    1. admin

      No, I do not believe you need professional photos. The show is looking for new models and not professional models.

  56. Reginald

    Looking for location for Georgia casting

  57. Reginald

    Looking for open auditions for cycle 22 casting in Georgia.

  58. Brianna Davis

    I have been wanting to be on ANTM for 20 years. I will be 21 February 8 2015. I am 5″3 but I would be very pleased if you consider shorter people for the new episodes. I have graduated from barbizon modeling and talent two years ago. It’s been my long life dream.

    1. admin

      There are no height requirements for cycle 22 so short models are OK

  59. Danielle Obot

    cant wait to be apart of the December auditions. I am 18 5’9 and 115 pounds. I look forward to hearing from you.

  60. Ashley Smith

    Are the auditions going to be held this year in December? Or next year in 2015?

    1. admin

      Depends on city, see the open call schedule with dates and locations. They begin next month and continue into early 2015.

      1. Lyric Ingerson

        Hello, my name is Lyric and I am from Chicago, IL. Do you know if there will be auditions close to Illinois.

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