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American Idol Tickets

The hit singing competition American Idol is now casting for audience members and people to watch the show live. Are you a huge fan of American Idol? If so, this is your chance to experience the event from just a few feet away rather than from your living room.

American Idol returns for a new season – Come join Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, ┬áSteven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest and the rest of the Idol singers and cast live in the studio.

Tickets for the show tapings will be available soon and the show is requesting that anyone who wants tickets sign up to the waiting list. Once the show dates are released, people will be notified if they get to come on the show.

Get on American Idol

American Idol is filmed in Hollywood, California at CBS studios. Those selected to be in the audience will need to be in the Hollywood area at that time.

CBS Studios is located at:
CBS Television City-Genessee gate
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90036

Please note that there is a minimum age of 14 to participate and be cast to be an audience member. Not everyone that applies will get accepted to be on the show. Due to the show’s popularity more people than there are tickets for apply to be cast in the audience and the show has a system implemented that tries to get as many fans in as possible in a fair way.

American Idol is will return to television in March of 2012. A little before that time, show dates will be announced and people on the waiting list can get an updated list of show dates and times when they become available as well as gate check in information.

To apply for free tickets to American Idol, please follow this link and get on the waiting list.

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