Agents in Cleveland

2044 Euclid Avenue, Suite 500
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 522-1300

2530 Superior Avenue, Suite 6C
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 622-8011

1600 Midland Building, 101 Prospect Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 410-5142

19 thoughts on “Agents in Cleveland

  1. taliyah parter

    My name is Taliyah Prater and I am an 8 year old that is on the rise to be a star some day. I can do most anything I put my mind to. I sing, dance, rap, and also model. So come on people, a little helping hands won’t do any harm . I’m just looking for someone that can help me with my goal of being a star.

  2. Diamond Johnson

    I want to be an actor. I like to dance. I live in Cleveland Ohio. I am 12 years old. I hope you will give me a chance to be a somebody. I go to chambers and thank you.

    1. Diamond Johnson

      I am Quantrail Johnson. I am using my sister’s phone.

  3. Tracy Wilson Jr.

    My name is Tracy Wilson. I’m 10, Hair: Black, Skin Color: Milky Brown. My hobbies are sports, fashion and acting. I’ve been in many plays before. I think I should be a actor.

  4. Dhruva

    Hi I’m Dhruva and I have been looking for roles since I was 10.
    Eye-dark brown
    Hair-dark brown
    I am an Indian. I am looking for acting roles and I live in Cleveland. I also have taken singing classes. I am very comfortable of speaking in front of an audience. I hope you will at least consuder me for any roles. Thanks.

  5. miracle cray

    Hey my name is Miracle, I’m 12 years old and I live in Cleveland Ohio , well I really want to be an actor. I had calls from New York to come to the schools but never had a way and also this would really be a dream come true.

  6. Olivia Kean

    Hi, my name is Olivia Kean and I am 13 years old. I am an actress and singer and it is literally everything to me. I put my all in any performance and trust me when I say this, I am a VERY determined for a 13 year old. I’ve been looking myself (with parents permission) for casting calls and auditions ever since I was 10 years old. I guess you could say I’m well, dedicated. I take acting classes at a place called Stage Right. I have also done past musicals and plays at a place called Apple Hill Playhouse. & no… I don’t live IN Cleveland. I live in PA. But if you’re willing to have a little distance, then so am I. Like I said…I’m determined. You can find me on Facebook but use my email first. Please email me if you could at least try to give me a shot. Thank you sooo much!!

    ~Olivia K.

    1. Olivia Kean

      I meant I live in Pittsburgh, sorry!

  7. Olivia russo

    I am 11 years old. I can put in everything. My life would change so much if I got picked. I’m not going to brag and tell you how pretty or talented I am my singing and acting shall do that. I know you get a lot of requests for this but I would just love to be on tv not for the fame or money. But for that Cleveland Ohio girl that’s looking for an opportunity.


    Hello my name is Essence Smitherman, it is an honor to meet you. I am 15 years old going on 16 years old. I am a talented sophisticated person. I love to sing but I love to act more. I act in sing everywhere, in anywhere I go. I am a person who likes to party a lot. Who will get out the house to do anything. I am a funny person who makes lots of people laugh. I am different from everyone else. I do me not someone else i am the boss of me who will not let any one bring me down in if I do get put down, which I won’t I will bring myself right back up to my starting position. Thanks for your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at the address above. Thank you in have a bless day 🙂

  9. Lauren Alexandra

    Hi I am 13 years old. I love acting, singing and modeling and even dancing. I always make up my own plays and perform them with friends and family. I’m really work hard in the things I do. I am in plays at school till I started getting home schooled but I still write my own plays and stories, songs and dances. I’ve always wanted to be famous since the day I could talk. I promise I wont let you down <3 🙂

  10. Briasha Miller

    Hi I am 14 years old I love acting and singing all I do is sing and act. I sing in church, in my basement, I sing everywhere I go. I act out parts in my favorite movies, all I want is someone to give me a chance, please anyone. You can hear me sing on youtube. Type in (Briasha Miller Fix a Heart by Demi Lovato) Please someone hear me and give me a chance in either acting or singing. I promise I wont let you down.

  11. Briasha Miller

    Hi I am 14 years old all I want to do is sing and act. My life is all about acting and singing. I sing in church. I sing in my basement. I act out parts in my favorites movies. All I want to do is act and sing. I am on youtube. Type in (Briasha Miller Fix a Heart by Demi Lovato). Please someone hear me and give me a chance, I promise you will not be dissapointed.

  12. joseph davis

    Hi, this is Joseph Davis and I am from Cleveland Ohio. I am 18 and will be graduating this year of 2013 in four mouths. I have been in the drama club and choir in high school and one of my dreams is to become a singer along with dancing and acting. I am really passionate about it but I can’t go out of state at the moment and I have never been out of state. I feel like I want to audition in Cleveland Ohio and go to college at the same time to pursue my other dream as a graphic artist. If you give me an opportunity to show you what I got to be big, I will make you proud.

  13. corinne

    Hi I am 22 years old. I am really into singing. My heart is with country but I can sing just about anything. I am 5″5 and 130 lbs. light brown hair blue eyes. I am a mom and wife trying to pursue my dreams.

  14. kiara munoz

    Hello my name is Kiara Munoz, I am 17, 115 pounds, 5’5″, black hair, brown eyes and Hispanic. All my life I have wanted to be a model but my mom never had the money to put me in modeling. I want to chase my dreams and make them come true and I will do what ever it takes to make it happen. I am dedicated to everything I do and I will not disappoint you all, you can call my mom Brenda Rueda anytime so I can get my career started asap, thank you all !!

  15. india saunders

    Hi, I am 13 yrs old, be 14 on April second. I always loved to sing, dance, act and model. When ever I sing and dance I can be myself without worrying what people say. Whenever musics is on it makes me dance. Whenever I walk, I act as if I’m on a run way iv been told I walk like one and I love taking pictures. Whenever I get a hold of a camera, I can take pictures all day if you let me. Singing, acting, dancing and modeling is my passion that is really the only thing that makes me smile. I love it:-)

  16. Naomi Walker

    Hi I am 14 years old, and all my life I have been told that I look like a model or actor. Now that I am older, I really want to be one. I work hard at things I do so I won’t disappoint you.


  17. Sarah Whitaker

    Hi, I am 13. I love acting and put my heart into everything I do. For example, I race Soap Box Derby and I love it, too. In 2009, I won the world championship because I’m so determined. I have been in school plays all of my life. Thank you.

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