ABDC Tryouts – America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7 2012

ABDC Season 7 Auditions and Tryouts coming in early 2012!

ABDC or America’s Best Dance Crew has just been renewed for another exiciting season of dance team competition!

Randy Jackson and the crews will return in 2012 to compete for the grand prize of being

ABDC Tryouts 2012
ABDC Season 7

crowned America’s Best Dance Crew and the cash that comes with that title.

Audition cities and dates have not been announced yet but will be very soon. Last year the season 6 auditions began early in the year. So hopefully by January 2012, ABDC will announce the full audition schedule.

“America’s Best Dance Crew has been renewed for a seventh season” MTV announced Friday at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.

ABDC — executive-produced by American Idol dawg Randy Jackson — recently wrapped production on a successful sixth season, which featured pole-dancers, new judge (and former contestant) Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval, and the series’ first-ever superstar-themed weeks.

Justin Bieber, The Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, and Kanye West were among the special guest mentors to appear.”

Dance Crew tryouts
Dance Crew Season 6

No secrets of the upcoming season have yet been revealed, so we don’t know who the guests will be, who the judges will be, or any new themes of the show. But, I am sure that Randy Jackson will not disappoint.

Randy Jackson is the executive producer of America’s Best Dance Crew. Randy Jackson toured with numerous bands and worked as an executive as vice president of artists and repertoire (A&R) at Columbia Records and Randy headed A&R at MCA Records.

Leave a comment and come back soon for the latest on the ABDC casting information.



America’s Best Dance Crew is coming back on MTV and auditions have now been announced. Auditions for the show will begin in January 2012 and will be held in New York, Houston, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Crews that want to be on the show need to call casting directors to reserve an audition spot in one of the cities that live auditions will be held at. Crews can call the hotline at 1-855-777-ABDC (2232).

Dance Crew casting would like each crew to have a 30 second routine ready for the casting call as well as headshots and resumes for the dancers in the crew available. Also, casting is requesting that the crews bring a DVD of a performance with them to give the show’s casting directors.

ABDC is seeking teams of 5 to 7 dancers but will consider larger crews as well. For dancers that are part of a large crew or a so called Mega Crew, the teams will need to modify their routine for the audition to only use 7 members of the crew. Large crews can bring a performance DVD to show the entire crew doing a dance routine.

America’s Best Dance Crew Audition dates are as follows:

Chicago – January 13, 2012

Houston – January 15, 2012

New York – January 21, 2012

Los Angeles – January 28, 2012

Auditions are open to dancers of any age

Schedule a time slot by calling their hotline at (855) 777-ABDC

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27 thoughts on “ABDC Tryouts – America’s Best Dance Crew Season 7 2012

  1. Mercades

    Hi, my name is Mercades Anderson I am 14 years old. I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I’ve been dancing since I was 3 yrs.old. I sing,dance,and act. I have a 3.9 grade point average. I would really love to audition.

  2. kari

    I live in kingsville texas and I hope auditions for 2013 will be during march or so and please update the info soon for season 8 thank you

  3. Kiara

    I would like to know if there will be more tryouts this year or is it always at the begining of each year. Also I want to know if they are coming to Houston or anywhere around it.

  4. Amaa.

    I need to know for 2013 .

  5. david

    Um I want to know when auditions start me and my brother can kill anyone that wants to battle us we have been in many competitons and won dancing for 8years you see our moves you are gonna wanna groove

  6. tamarie

    me and my 10 yr old dance group G6 will love to audition we are located in cattanooga,TN.

  7. jala

    Hi my name is jala. I have a crew our name is daddyz gurls. We can really dance we r all girls and we r 9and ten no one of us is older I know its too late to say this but plz give us a chance

  8. Star

    Hi my name is star and My group and i want to tryout for this season….we always dance a lot and perform but i know we going to make it..my group call DYN3STI and we have a lot of energy…So I HOPE OUR DREAM COME TRUE! 🙂

  9. pablo

    I want to participate and let me know when the auditions or would like to give me a phone number to communicate hope to answer through

  10. jose

    me and my crew really want to go to american’s best dance crew i’m 12 year’ old i live in cincinnati ohio and we the best out here there no competition for us

  11. me and my crew were gonna kick every ones but.but i live in hemet,califonia,we’re only eight,and our parents won’t let us.


    poop trd on GUYS I WANTED TO AUDITION IN CHICAGO BUT I COULDNT TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rafael

    i wish you guys can come to Cleveland and do try outs

  14. Laura

    what time will be the auditions and where in LA



  15. Hi my name is Trinity. I would LOVE to be on your show. Our name is the “AGraffiti’s” In our group we have, Megan (11) Trinity (10) Sophia (11) and some more anonymous may-be-joining members.It would be our dream to be on this show and we would take this EXTREMELY serious. Our inspiration was the iconic boyz, i am me, and the jabbawockeez. We look foward to being the best. And we will definitely kill it on stage. Thanks! Bye

    1. Laura

      hey i am inspired fan of iconic boyz and i am interested in being on abdc what state do u live in and im 14

  16. earl

    hi my name is earl and i love this show this is the best thing then american idol. naw but me and my crew really wanna be on your show we know ever season winner and in 2012 the “CRYPTONICS” are coming and be the best.

  17. earl

    where in chicago are the audition

  18. angel

    Hi, my name is angel davis and me and my crew would love to be contestants on the show we watch it every year and say that should be us on there but the auditions are never in boston,so we are now willing to travel to whereever you will be this time so we can show you what ZODIAC is all about Thank you,

  19. A.C.E

    My dancs crew is the schools best. We dance for our family partys mostley all the time when we can When are the additions??

    1. maxie

      Ok not cool?

  20. Blazin Starz

    when are the date released and how long does the abdc season 7 dance routine have to be for the audition… and when can we register online??

  21. Laura

    i want more information on when and where the auditions are thank you (:

  22. neon threesixty

    we r very good dancers and would like to audition

  23. kayla

    i would like more info about this so me and my crew can kill it on stage

  24. I would like to get more information on the audition dates for America’s Best Dance Crew. Thank you.

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