Try Out for ABC’s new singing competition “Rising Star”

The newest TV reality singing competition “Rising Star” is now holding a nationwide casting call for singers.

They are looking for some great singers all across the US to come on the show and prove they have what it takes to be the next “Rising Star“!

ABC’s newest singer competition “Rising Star” are looking for people who have that star quality and want to prove it on national TV!

Are you looking for your big break? The new summer series will give some singers exactly that, a chance to compete on national TV and make their names known to the world.

The show is looking for all types of acts, solo acts, groups, duos and whatever else you got. If you can sing, you can apply for a chance to make it to the big time. If you are ready to take the world by storm, then the shows casting directors want to hear from you and of course hear your voice.

The “Rising Star” integrates real-time app voting and audience participation. This is not your typical talent competition because votes will be tallied in real time. The show is developing an app which will keep everyone posted and allow people to vote and get those votes counted right away. It integrates the singing competition on TV with social media.

This is a talent show with a twist and performers will see what is going on right away as will the viewers.

Managing director, Alon Shtruzman, describes this format “Talent shows are no longer a place for judges,” “It’s now the audience. In a way, the assumption is that it’s hard to stand out because there are so many shows, and because ‘Rising Star’ came after over a decade of talent shows.”

Are you the next Rising Star? Check out the below casting call flyer for information on how to apply and what the show is looking for.

Rising Star casting call flyer


Or you can visit the website listed on the above casting call to get your shot.

Not a singer yourself but know someone who you think will knock the socks off of anyone who hears them… pass it on!


5 thoughts on “Try Out for ABC’s new singing competition “Rising Star”

  1. Kateri Bluford

    You won’t be disappointed when you listen to my amazing talent. Would be an honor to try out for this show.

  2. Brenda Kaye Davis

    Please go,to Facebook, I’m under Brenda Kaye Perry.

  3. Brenda Kaye Davis

    Would love to audition

  4. Brenda Kaye Davis

    Would love the opportunity to audition.

  5. Elijah n. Williams

    My name is Elijah’s Williams and I’m 11 years old. Lots of people know I can sing but nobody has made me a star yet. So yes I am interested in this show and I feel that if I enter this competition you guys will get me where I want to be as well as giving me long everlasting advice that would help me for the better and not the worse.

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