ABC Family Casting New Pilots

ABC Family Casting New Pilots

ABC Family is ordering up a few new pilots. The new shows include “Socio”, which has cast Victorious star Avan Jogia, “Phys Ed”, a comedy about a high school jock turned teacher, “Continuing Fred”, “The Fosters” and “Terminals”.

The list above are pilots and some of them may end up being picked up as a TV series. Casting has begun for the lead roles in the shows and extras casting will begin when the shows are ready to be filmed.

“Socio” is a show about a alleged sociopath named Danny, who will be played by Avan Jorgia. Avan was also in Victorious and iCarly. The storyline is that upon his return to his hometown, someone is murdered and Jorgia’s character becomes a suspect in the crime.

ABC Family Casting Call

“phys Ed”, a show about a ex high school jock turned school teacher will be produced by David H. Steinberg who also did American Pie 2.

There is also another show about school teachers, “Continuing Fred” is another half hour comedy series. Winifred or “Fred” Harris is a school teacher who is also trying to deal with an overbearing family.

“Terminals” is about a woman who gets the bad news that she is terminally ill and dying. The show revolves around her trying to live each day as though it is her last.

All of these shows are being cast so keep your eyes open for the casting call notices and any auditions that may be going on.

12 thoughts on “ABC Family Casting New Pilots

  1. Erika Shull

    Hi ABC Family my names Erika and I’m 20 years old. I’m interested in being apart of the ABC Family. I love to talk, I’m very outgoing, I’m funny, I can do anything my mind is set to do. If you can give me a chance that would be great.

  2. Olivia Kean

    Hi ABC Family producers, directors, and casting directors!! I’m Olivia and I am 13 years old! This seems like a wonderful opportunity to be apart of what seems to be yet more, ABC Family hit shows!Seriously, all of them seem like they could be amazing shows! I do have acting experience. I go to acting classes every week at a place called Stage Right. I also do musical theater at a place called Apple Hill Playhouse during the summer. I have done kid friendly musicals such as Alice in Wonderland, The Enchanted Sleeping Beauty, etc. I have done many different roles(one time I played 3 roles in one musical)! My acting teacher tells me I have a big personality, which is a good quality to have as an actress. Sadly, I don’t have an agent. But hey, neither did Selena Gomez when she was on Barney. Her mom took her to that audition. & look where she is today! Aside from acting, I also LOVE to sing. I’m in my schools chorus group and I have sung numerous solos at church. Zendaya is definitely someone I look up to. She can sing, act, dance, and she’s gorgeous! I hope to be like her and Selena Gomez. I am 5 foot 1 and I weigh 105 pounds. I have dark hair, dark eyes, and light skin. I would love to be able to get a shot at this. Every movie star, pop star, and Disney Channel star has to get their start somewhere, am I right? If you are interested in giving me a shot, feel free to email me. Thank you!!

  3. Matthew Jackson

    I am inquireing to see of any other possible casting calls?

  4. Isabella Vue

    I had always had a passion for acting and I can not find myself doing anything else. I would love the chance to audition and act in any of the series you guys have, either you guys just need an extra I’m certainly up for it. Thank You so much!
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’3
    Ethnicity: Asian/Hmong
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Gender: Female
    I’m from Fresno, California

  5. Lauren-Elizabeth Hankins

    Name: Lauren-Elizabeth Hankins
    Age: 21
    Height: 5’2
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Gender: Female
    I’m from San Antonio Texas

  6. Hailie Speed

    My names Hailie. Im 14. I have a huge passion for acting. It’s my life. My everything. I have a lot of experience.
    Height; 5-4
    Weight; 117 lbs
    Hair Color; Blonde/Brown
    Hair Type; Wavy
    Hair Length; Long
    Body Type; Slim/ Skinny/ athletic
    Personality; Bubbly, outgoing, funny, honest, passionate

  7. yindra zayas

    im 18, 5’1 Cuban and black. Acting is my life and passion. Being on an ABC original series will give a great start in the business.

  8. Carley Ives

    Hello my name is Carley. I am an aspiring actress, model, and dancer. All of those new tv shows look promising. I would LOVE to be even considered for a part on one of your TV shows, even if you just need an extra, I’m your girl. This has always been one of dreams. Thank you, if you are reading my comment, it would mean the world to me. Let me tell you a little about myself.
    Gender – Female
    Age – 14
    Hair – Brown
    Skin – Caucasian
    Weight – Athletic
    Height – 5″6
    Location – Chicago (I can travel anywhere if needed)
    Talents – Dancing, Acting, Modeling, and a little bit of singing.
    Experience – 11 years of dancing, 5 years of acting, 2 years of modeling, no trained singing, but I love to sing.
    Please feel free to email me anytime! Thank you.

  9. Alexis Allen

    I’m Alexis Allen. I’m 19. & I’m very interested. 🙂

  10. Mark Ta. 18. Enough said. I’m the right person for a spot.

  11. Ine De Vlaminck

    Hello, I am very interested in these pilots and would like to ask how I can contact someone?

  12. Cristina Martinez

    I want to audition for pilots, movies, and the list is endless. But how do I submit myself for auditions?

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