One thought on “China-with-guitar

  1. China it amazes me how beautiful you sing,when you guys come out with another episode of A.N.T.Farm,and need someone to play the role of a spunky and talented 10year old,contact me immediatley!Id do most anything to be on my favorite character!I wont even act all hyper around you if i met you-wich i just HAVE to do!Id looove nto be on the cset of your show,and play any role you guys throw at me.And since Olive(sierra Mcormick)is already your bff,i could play the intimidating,amazingly talented compitition to your character.We would collide in the A.N.T.Farm,both looking for a song to sing at the “Open Mike Nite” show.Then I introduce my character as the new member of the A.N.T.Farm.But,my character is extremely competitive-and noone in the A.N.T.Farm likes her.You can pick it up from there.

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