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  1. Ayann Abdiqadir

    Heyy China! Girl ur so fab on Ant Farm. I would love to be on Ant Farm. I think I can sing and act. It would awesome to work alongside you. Even though I have no experience, I think I can have rock it. Lol. It would be awesome.

  2. Noelanni T Stallings

    It should say that she didn’t stop me but rather watched and allowed me to continue.

  3. Noelanni T Stallings

    Hello, my name is Noelanni I am only five but am quite smart. I’m just learn to play the guitar and may be moving to California this year with my mom and dad. My mother has been tryin to have me cast in movies but doesn’t know where to start. I’ve never acted before but I usually watch Disney channel movies and learn the lines and dances. I make up my own songs and walk around the house all day with my guitar while singing. I am also home schooled at this time. The only time I ever performed for a big crowd was when I got on stage at sesame place with the characters and started to sing and dance my mom though it was so amazing that she did stop me. And I didn’t get into trouble my mom just laughed. Please contact me on my email.

  4. aiyana

    hi my name is aiyana. i am 11years old. im a big fan of china anne mcclain.

  5. zariah

    hey china my name is zariah hughes i have dark brown hair, african american,5ft tall and i can sing and dance. i would love to be on ant farm. it would be dream come true because you are my inspiration and the reason why i want to sing because i always want to be like you.if i get one chance to be on their i already have a idea. i can be your cousin or friend and if im your friend i can be really sweet but on the inside evil and trying every way for you to be my friend again please think hard about this thank you byee!!!!!!!!

  6. Chinenye

    I already have a resume 4 the same audition to be on A.N.T.Farm.If you see that one,you would know Im a beautiful,talented girl with many expierience in performing,such as singing,dancing,and acting.I am 10 years old and i love A.N.T.Farm,and China Anne Mclain.Im an amazing actress,and this is my dream.If youd like to see my head/body shots just email me,cause i dont wanna missout on this,and you dont wanna missout on me.thankyou!

  7. patrice

    helllo china im am 9 years and im a good actor i would like to be on your show and i will be the new could i love you china

  8. Tahliyah

    Hi my name is tahliyah im 12 yrs old my bday is august 6 1999 and I can sing al oitlle and I love u and your show and would love to be in it please you van look me up on facebook under Tahliyah gaskins please pick me I need this

  9. aleah watts mccaskell

    hi my name is aleah mae mccaskell im 13 born on august 1 1998 im 5 foot and 3 in people say we look a like its true look on my twiiter i have u my name is aleahwatts

  10. i love all ur work we look just alike every one says it even when i cut my hair i so happy that u gave out auditions i was bor august 1st 1998 and i can sing act like u if i wiin will i be friens with u

  11. China i will give u 3 good reasons why 1st if i win this it would be my 1st time winning something 2nd i live in SA 3rd i go to acting school ,i play the key board and i am 11 years old born on 12 August 2000

    1. Ariyanna Robb

      You are just like me but I have been in many plays.

  12. hi china im 9 years old and i talk about u all the time and i should be on your show because i take modeling and acting class at john casablanca in california san diego and i met u before it was a dream come true!

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