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  1. Chinenye

    Im Chinenye(Chi-nin-yay),the name is Nigerian by the way. Im a ten year old female who is 5ft tall, and has caramel skin and eyes.I have been performing in the spotlight since age 3.I just love singing, dancing, and acting-I have the biggest passion for it, and I love the show A.N.T.Farm.It is defenetley my favorite,and China Anne-do you know famous fashion photographer ****** ******** ? Im going to have a photo shoot with him, and Im so excited! Sorry i cant mention his name though, privacy policies.Just know that he’s really famous and experienced. Id love to work with you, and I always go 199%. Please contact me back, Im very serious about these sort of things, but you might have already guessed that huh? Another thing,I love fashion and clothing.When your show first aired, my eyes were glued to the t.v because of your amazing fashion sense! We both have the same kind of style, then again we have lots of things in common! One last thing, automatically when you here the word “nigerian” you think of a really strong accent. Wrong! I speak flawless english, so picture that instead. well, hopefully we will be meeting soon right? Thankyou for the wonderfull oppurtunity, and China Anne-keep up the good work!

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