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  1. Dinah Althorpe

    Hi there! I’m Dinah and I would like to audition for ant farm! I am 10 years old and I like singing, acting, fashion and dancing. If I were on ant farm, I would like my talent to be dancing :).I hope you pick me to be the next star on ant farm :)!!

  2. Grace clark

    oh and my birthday will be on april 13

  3. Grace clark

    I would be very happy to play in ant farm. I am a good actress and singer and I like to keep people laughing.;]

  4. Deymler Monteiro

    Hi, My name is Deymler, I am 10 years old. I love the A.N.T. Farm. I would love to audition for the show, I’m fluent in English and Portuguese. I love to dance.

  5. Getzi

    Eye color:brown
    Hair color:dark brown
    Talent: dancing, singing, cooking, acting,and creative!!!

    Hello I think you should pick me because I’m very respectful. I’m a very outgoing girl! I’m very fashionable! I’m very funny! I really like Ant Farm. It’s like my fav show on Disney Channel! Please pick me, I’m very hard working, I get very good grades. I do what I’m told to do! Thank your for your time, I’d hope to get an answer from you soon! <B

  6. Faythe

    Hi,my name is Faythe. I am 13 years old. Big fan of ANT Farm and I would love to be in it. I’ve been acting and singing for quite a while. I hope I’m not to late to be cast in it. Please, if there’s any open acts for ANT Farm, please pick me! 🙂


    I love ant farm very much. I was on stage before in drama club from 3rd grade to 4th grade.
    Age. 10
    Hight. 4’3
    Color. brown
    Eye color. light brown in light
    Talent. acting, dancing
    It would be a pleasure working with you.


    Hi my name is Lanya, I love ant Farm. I love to dance and I would love to show everyone. Plus, I now Chinah’s real name is china anne mcclain.

  9. Elisabeth Young

    I love to act and it would be a pleasure.

  10. Alexis Rios

    My name is Alexis and I love ANT Farm and every other show on Disney channel. Yes I know you get a lot of comments saying I like this and everything, but I do enjoy watching ANT Farm with my 3 other siblings. I have acted on stages before and I would like to finally make it on something big and take my career to the next level.

    height: 5’1″
    eye color: brownish-green
    age: 15
    hair color: brown but died it a redish brown color (wavy but on the straight side)
    color: mixed (mainly hispanic and white)
    sex: female

    p.s. i am a very serious yet funny person. when it comes to buisness i dont goof around.

    thanks for your time
    Alexis Rios

    1. Alexis Rios

      also sorry,
      if you wanted to know what or who I really am you can look at my website below:

  11. Anyah

    Hi I’m Anyah, I’d really like to be on A.N.T Farm because ever since its came out it has been one of my favorite shows on disney channel. I hope I get this part because I think I have a pretty good voice, or so I’m told. Also I take a great passion in tumbling, but if I have to dancing it would just be another intriguing challenge for me to take on and achieve. Now here is some information you might want to know about me…

    Age: 11 years old
    Birth Date: Semptember 30th, 2001
    Talents: Singing, acting, and tumbling
    Another Challenge: Dancing
    Home: Canada (willing to travel)
    Scale of 1-10 of Flexibility: 8

    Thank you so much for your time, and I’d hope to get back to you sooner. Bye!


  12. Valerie

    Hi! I am Valerie, I love to sing and dance!

    Age: 11 (turning 12 in October)

    Grade: 5th (going into 6th)

    Color: mixed

    Eye color: brown

    Hair color: dark brown (wavy straight)

    Please pick me I love that show and I have always dreamed of being on a disney tv show.

    The perfect girl (Valerie) <3

  13. Brianne

    Hi my name is Brianne Lee and I am represented by (removed) and I’m 11 years old. I would like to audition for A.N.T. farm because this would be like a boost start on my acting. I know a lot of people would like to be on A.N.T Farm because of China Anne McClain and other actors and actresses. It might look like I’m kissing up to you but I’m not. My dream is to act on anything but it would be an honor if I could get a boost from acting on A.N.T Farm. Thank you 🙂

  14. skei

    Hi my name is Skei, I would be honored if I was on A.N.T. Farm! That will be a dream come true if I was on the show. I will bring it and I watch ant farm everyday!!!!

  15. aulminiq amey

    I am African American and live in Fresno,ca

  16. aulminiq amey

    Hi ! My name is Aulminiq Amey ,I am 12 years old turning 13 in May,I’m a boy and here’s why I would like to be on A.N.T. Farm. I am a big fan of the show, I’ve watched every episode of it ( I think ) and I love the story especially the new upcoming season 3 plot .I am a singer first ( very good ), I can act, and other things that you probably wouldn’t care to hear. I would love to come on the show and become a new ant and just interact on set with the characters . Now even though China’s character is a musical prodigy, I think I would play a good role because Chyna is always singing and playing instruments by herself , but if I were to sing with her it would bring the element of WOW to the singing and make awesome excellent . So I hope you read this.

  17. Brittany Williams

    Hello,I’m Brittany. I’m from Grenada W.I. I love acting and singing and my dream is to be on A.N.T. Farm. Please give me this opportunity thank you.

  18. Shardia

    Hi my name is Shardia Bennett, I’m 14 and I would like to be on A.N.T Farm. I like this show so much. I watched every show since it first came on Disney channel. I like dancing, I can act, and I’m a songwriter. I wrote a lot of songs, so if your interested please e-mail me.

  19. haley

    I want to audition! Please give me the date and time so I can be there.

  20. cassadi

    iam cassadi i have dirty blonde hair blue eyes and i am 4’7 im 10 almost 11 can play 12 i could play a new ant i like 2 dance and act so maybe i could be n acting ant or a dancing ant plz contact me by email and then i will contact you by phone thank you ii have acted in many plays and i have been in dance class

  21. Isabelle

    My name is Isabelle and I’m 11. I live in MI. I been in two small movies and I am very flexible. I’m a dancer and I was a cheerleader. I was in gymnastics. I’m an ok singer and an awesome actor. I am awesome in sports and have awesome fashion sense. I would love to be an ant in ant farm, one of my Favorite Shows.

  22. Ally

    Hi my name is Ally Micheli Im 10 and I love ant farm. I think its the best show ever. I have crazy pink hair, I am an amazing actress and my talent is dancing and doing gymnastics. Please hire me, I can even cry on command!! No other kids I know can do it. Thank you 🙂

  23. Adilen Torres

    I love acting and i’ve been doing it since I was in 4th grade. I have been told by many people that i’m very good at it and i love art. I am just a fun loving girl but I have one little problem, I look like I can pass as a 14 year old girl. If you can fit me in as an extra that’s fine but that does not mean that I am not fierce enough to go for a big spot in the show. I’m not the best speller but I am good at reading and acting so please contact me if you need another A.N.T and one of my friends is an extra on the show. She is 8 years old.

  24. I’m the light that illuminates the darkness of people who reject my talent.My words will commit your mind into believing me.My singing voice will inspire millions of people.


  25. Saniya

    Birthday:Feb 16 2001
    Fun facts:Smart in grade(6th),Nice, cool, love to laugh,love joking around
    Hair color:Black
    Eye color:Brown
    Location:Atlanta,Ga USA
    Favorite Tv show: ANT FARM{its the best

    I will love to be on Ant Farm I have always looked for auditions for Ant Farm I was in the show nutcracker im a expierienced actor I love Ant Farm and This shows means alot to me it’s fantastANT god bless you very much and i would love to be on the Ant Farm show Thanks.

  26. winniefred

    hi am 14 years old ,i love acting in front of a live audience and tv.i am easy to work with any where and am good at making people laugh.this is a great opportunity to show the world my acting talent.i have been auditioning for many tv shows on disney all my life and i hope i would be lucky on this one.thank u,i love ant farm.am from Nigeria.

  27. Megan

    Hello Nice to speak to you,I’m called megan And I think i should have the part because im BrilliANT At Dance And Singing,Ihave already been practising for my part Abby Daniella Monet And Im Good At Memorizing Lines Given to me I’m Good At Memory Games I always Win Them Haha,Abbys Advanced Natural Talent is Dance and she can do everything dancing And When im at home i stand up in my room dancing with my music I like the ANT Farm soundtrack The Best! I always Dance to it And I hope i get the Part Of Abby:) I have been in dance competitions And I won All Of Them!!
    I have done singing competitions too I come 1st 5 times and 2nd 3 times And Im 11 years Of age I Live in The UK (Oldham)I would Love you to pick me I hae already spoke to Sierra McCormick on the Phone And She said I Should have the part,I’ve got blonde hair,Bluey Greeny eyes,im 4,0 meters Tall,I have 2 sisters one called hannah whos 9 lauren whos 3 years of age My mums Called Donna My Dad Is Called Darren And I have a dog called harvey Hes A Cocker Spaniel ( golden) And I hope you get back to me with the auditions(:
    Thankyou if i Got In! Xoxo

  28. Evan

    hi my name is evan, i am a very funny person well what i have been told from that is. i watch disney channel every day and hope to be on one of the brillants shows.

  29. Laura

    Well hello people out there that are reading this, My name is Laura and im an expirinced actor i hvae been in three plays and have been leads in all of them and i love acting its my passion and it owuld be an honour to be on A.N.T farm even if i would be an extra i would be anything im very flexible, please send me an email as soon as possible because im very sure i would not let any one down if you gave me a chance!-Love Laura

  30. serenity

    Hi, my name is Serenity and I would be very honored to be on Disney Channel and A.N.T farm. I love acting, singing, and espeacilly dancing. I am actually currently in a play at my school.

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