2012 Baby and Toddler Model Search

Can your baby be a model? Maybe. A hot new product for babies is running a 2012 baby model search to find the baby that will be featured of their campaign nationwide!

A new product called Ava The Elephant is looking for a baby to feature.

AVA THE ELEPHANT is a TALKING Children’s Medicine Dispenser! AVA takes the tears out of medicine time, and turns it into giggle-time!

The product is supposed to make the job of giving your child medicine more tolerable and the dispenser is supposed to talk to keep your child entertained.The talking done by the product is just a few words to encourage your child to take their medicine. Ava is supposed to say “One, Two, Three…Open wide! GOOD JOB!” The inventor of the product went on the TV show Shark Tank (ABC) to pitch her idea.

The product is available in many stores across the nation including Babies R Us and Toys R Us.

This week, the company announced a new promotion that will allow proud parents to enter their baby online. The company is doing a internet baby photo contest to select the next face of the Ava The Elephant dispenser. Parents can snap a digital photo of their baby or toddler and upload it to the


The company has created a FaceBook page for the 2012 baby model search
You can see the product on their website here. and you can submit your baby here.

Ava the Elephant retails for around 10 dollars.

The contest is on now and also has other prizes for entries such as gift cards and free products.

21 thoughts on “2012 Baby and Toddler Model Search

  1. Wendy

    baby boy
    5 months 1/2
    colored eyes change depending on what he’s wearing…
    light skinned
    always smiling
    easy going

  2. Amanda

    Hi I’m interested in getting my son into modeling. He is 3 years old and loves posing and smiling, he is the cutest thing.

  3. Heavenly Nelson

    Hello I’m Heavenly Nelson . I’m from Philadelphia pa . I have a child named Kanye Poland. I truly think he will be a wonderful model for you . He will be 1 January 13th . He is a happy baby that loves taking Pictures.

  4. Brianne

    Hi, my 2 year old daughter is beautiful and speaks very well for her age. Strangers friends and family are always expressing how beautiful she is. She has light brown hair and green eyes with pale skin. I would love to get more information please 🙂

  5. rachaelle

    hi my son is 24month old and very hansome boy…
    he is asian.
    Plz email me.

  6. Emily Foster

    1 month old daughter. bright blue eyes and a headful of dark brown hair. everyone who meets her says shes absolutely gorgeous (stranger or family friend). would love to get more information. thank you.

  7. Nori

    My babygirl Kyri is 3 months old and is gorgeous. She loves to pose and smile! I really want to get her into baby modeling and I believe this would be a great start. Please email me details about this contest.

  8. Rajneesh

    Hi, my daughter “Eva” is very beautiful, photogenic face, loving and caring. We are interested to put her in modeling or TV commercials. please email me more information. Thank you!

  9. Shahana

    Plz email me how to apply for my baby for the gap modelling contest. She is 13 months old and is very beautiful with a very photogenic face. Thank you and hope to hear from u soon.

  10. zeinab koussan

    Hi, I am interested in putting my three year old beautiful boy in modeling please email me more info. Thank You Hope to hear from you soon.

  11. Hi, my name is Seleia we are interested in entering our youngest 3 children in modeling contests. Our 2 sons are 2 and 1. My daughter is about to be 6 months. Please email me more info and you can also go to our website Greenhandz.com and look on the modeling page and see our two boys. Thanks

  12. Akram

    please email me on how to apply for my baby and not myself.

  13. cheryl attwood

    please email me to enter my 7.5 month son finley paul attwood into ur baby and toddler search 🙂 xx

  14. Denesia

    Please email me casting information I have a photogenic 7month old that loves to entertain her audience.

  15. samantha sousa

    Please email me details

  16. Ashley

    Please email me info on the 2012 baby contest!!!

  17. Anita Chaudhary

    My Son Aaryan is 7 month and he has a photogenic face and expression. I believe he can be a good Model

  18. Fiona

    I have a beautiful 4 month old baby girl and I would really like to get her into commercials and baby modeling. I just really do not know how to go about it or where to turn. I tried the baby gap baby contest and we just did not get enough votes even though I know she was the cutest baby in the bunch. I guess you need to have lots of friends to get so many people to come and vote for you because there are so many babies that are entered. We gave it a try and I hope that I can now take it further. I think my baby would be perfect for this project and I really hope that she gets cast to be in the commercial.

  19. Alexa poleth

    Hi mi nenita esta hermosa es super coketa tiene su cabello rojo y le encanta posar para las fotos ….le encantaria ser modelo de baby gap

  20. Catrina mitchell

    Please please contact me my 18 month old is gorgeous and loves to smile pose and sing has a very big heart and understands happiness It would be a dream come true if she could have this opportunity its once in a lifetime thank you

  21. Please email me the info to go about this for my daughter who is 17 months 🙂 thank you so much

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