2014 / 2015 ANTM Tryouts – Top Model

2014 / 2015 Top Model Tryouts – announced! Update 11/2014

The 2015 / cycle 22 auditions have been announced, check out the updated page. 


America’s Next Top Model will be casting the 2012 cycles shortly. Those would be ANTM cycle 19 auditions and ANTM cycle 20 auditions.

Write some comments below and tell us all why you should be America’s Next Top model for the year 2012!

Now, every audition is different and we never know what the requirements will be, what we do know is that the Top Model Castings go nationwide. ANTM, Tyra Banks and the show producers have always been great about having open model calls at not just big cities and huge venues like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, but also places that you would never think of in small cities across the country.

Normally, every Top Model cycle, and cycle 19 and cycle 20 should be no exception, have dozens of open casting calls for models. Now the requirements differ cycle to cycle, but the huge amounts of casting calls as always remained.

Models, you are in luck! because for models that can not get to a ANTM tryout, online auditions are normally available for models that fit the requirements that the particular season has.

The Runway Show
The Runway Show

Different seasons have had different requirements. Sometimes petite models are all the rage and sometimes they are not allowed. We saw a season where Whitney, a plus size model even won the show.

Tyra Banks is always full of surprises and her and Ken Mok  along with their production companies never disappoint!

Americas Next Top Model is the longest running modeling reality competition on TV and it’s no wonder why, they really do a great job of switching things up and keeping the shows fresh. Cycle 18 was just cast and cycle 17 is on right now. Cycle 17 of ANTM is an All Star version, something that is a first for the show.


So models, all around the country get ready!

We don’t know what 2012 will bring and it may bring us some great new surprises as well as a few brand new girls that will be crowned Top Model and land that great contract with their sponsor.

For the latest in Top Model Castings and Cattle calls, stay tuned to this site because we will bring you the info as it becomes available.

We can’t wait to see the new list of cities Tyra Banks and the ANTM crew will be hitting in 2012 or 2013 for that matter. We know the show is a hit! It has been around for many years and hopefully, will be around for many more to come giving the opportunity and dream of becoming a reality Star and America’s Next Top Model to new girls all across the USA. No matter if they live in Wichita or Atlanta, they do not seem to discriminate and the show does find talent, not to mention tall skinny girls in all places possible.

Please note the recent updates – See the Full America’s Next Top Model ANTM Tryout Information Check out the Newest Casting Call or just check the ANTM section.

Write some comments below and tell us all why you should be America’s Next Top model for the year 2015

Please see this page for the newest Top Model casting call.


223 thoughts on “2014 / 2015 ANTM Tryouts – Top Model

  1. My name is Sherica knox and I am a current resident of Pottstown Pennsylvania.
    I am 5’5″. Long Legs.
    I am black.
    Brown eyes.
    115 pounds
    32 D 🙂
    I am all about fashion.
    I am a manager at BCBG MAX AZRIA
    I am only 19 years of age.
    I have also worked for BeBe.

    Here are some of my photos.






    FUNFACT: I used to be the lead singer of a metal band. I like to rock out pretty hard.

    I am small with some nice curves.
    i am just so ready to get out there and show everyone what im made of.
    I just need someone to give me that chance.

  2. Quanisha Symone

    Hello ANTM team. My name is Quanisha Symone. I am 18 5’7 and weight 115. Being a model has been something I have dreamed about for years. I am a huge fan of ANTM since the 1st episode ever aired. Tyra Banks is a role model of mine, and also my mom. I am so exited about the next auditions that will be coming soon. I am going to do my best to make it to auditions for cycle 20, depending on what they are looking for. I know I have
    what it takes to make it as a model.

  3. jasmine james

    I may not be the most skinniest girl but I do believe I have what it takes to become Americas Next Top Model. My name is Jasmine and I am 20 years old. Modeling has been a huge dream of mine and would be such a honor to get this opprotunity and be able to bring what I have to the table. I want to be able to spread the message that you can always accomplish things in life you just have to go for it. Its time I let my beauty show from the inside out.

  4. Christina Kramer

    I’m 19. In my other post, I said how I want to lend the judges and the fans as much effort I can. I’ve spoken how difference is beauty, what is wrong is how society treats those who are different saying they need to be like everyone else. You are unique. Difference is what makes the whole world a better more excitingly fun place. I wish to be the icon for many out there who are different to feel special instead. I know I can offer that. I wish for people to understand themselves more from what what they think. Not from what society leads them to think. This past year/summer, I have learned to accept myself more and to not try to change people and how they view me. It is a waste of time. You are you and you are beautiful. Flaunt yourself. Don’t taunt yourself.

  5. Katelyn Prewitt

    Hello, Well my name is Katelyn but I go by Katie, I’m 18, going to college and working at Dollar General. I’ve been watching top model since gosh season 7 and take every note you give them and apply it to my self in some way. I’m very laid back and get along with everyone out of all my friebds im the peace keeper and the energtic one, but I also tell you whats on my mind. Sometimes I get foot in mouth syndrome and that can go two way eaither good and funny or down heel and then I feel horrible!
    I’m mostly a print model, but I’ve done runway shows, the only problem is I’m 5’4 but I make up what I lack in hight in my personality. I weight 105 pounds, have hazel eyes and blonde hair. Everyone I work with has told me I’m a gem and take direction well.
    I am a home grown southern belle, and I’m tired of people telling me I can’t reach my dreams, I know I can make it I have faith. I took leasons from a modeling agency called Excel here in Arkansas. But once your done with the class your put into a registry and you have to get sorta look for jobs its like first com first serve.
    I love modeling it has brought me closer to my mom in ways that she’s like my best friend. My mom took up photograph and used me as her subject, one day she took me and a few pictures to Excel and they said they loved my look it wasn’t till then I even knew I was pretty enough to model.
    I hope you guys will give a shot to be on the show and meet me, even at the least tell me there is hope out there and that I’m not wasting my time and money.
    Hope to get a responce can’t wait to see how cycle 19 & 20 go!!

  6. Adriana Osia

    Hi.My name is Adriana, Agee for short. I am 19 years old and from a small surburban town in Michigan. I am 5″7 with an athletic build, 135lbs. I have green-grey eyes, most of the time but they also change with my mood and color of clothing. Auburn hair, bra length. I am Phillipino and Irish so i have ben told i have an exotic look. I know i would be a perfect canidate for ANTM because modeling is what ive wanted to do since i was a little girl. I was always practicing in the mirror and admired beautiful models, on top of having to be front and center in any photo. I felt so passionatly about modeling i persued it at a young age. Have ben signed with a company in Miami for a short time during my travels. This is the one thing i want so badly i know this oppourtinity would be perfect for me. It would give me the chance to take my drive and give my passion everything i have. I know i would exceed in something i love so much if it were presented to me. ANTM has been my dream since the beggining of the seasons.I am a vary outgoing and silly person, very humble and easy to get along with. Crazy at times but i like to make the most out of life if you can get past my sassy side. But behind every sassy girl is a reason behind it. Modeling is somthing i hold very dear to me because it is something i love that can not be taken away. It has ben very hard for me to persue my modeling as a career due to my fathers illness. I want to do something my father and i both kno i love and want so badly. I want to make him proud and do somthing that i can express myself through and grow from. If you choose me it will be a very memorable and amazing experience for the both of us and i WILL be Americas Next Top Model.

    Bring the bowww-chickaaa-woww-woww ladiesss!

  7. Tearra Askew

    HI, I’m Tearra, I dream of being a Role-Model. I think Anyone can be a model. But to be a Role-Model is even a Bigger challenge, and I Would Love to do that because I had Tyra as my Role-model. If it wasn’t for her inner beauty and outer, I would be a whole other person.

    I’m 24yrs old, 5’7; 122lbs; dark brown hair (short); dark brown eyes; slim; size 6, bra size B34; shoe 9 (heels), 8 1/2 (flats); I have a birthmark on my upper lip, been there from day 1 (that really changed my LIFE around, very different, hopefully you’ll see) Over All, Not your Average Women…. I believe ANTM will Give Me The Extra Push I All Ways Looked for, to get Me Out in The World’s Eyes. I Know I Can Help The Little girls who are Watching Us, Make the right Choices… Thank You for your Time.

    -Tearra A.

  8. Ashiana Ingram

    Hello, I’m Ashiana Ingram. I am 18 years old, I am sworn into the United States airforce, but people always tell me I should be a model. I know this is something every pretty girls get told a lot. But, this is very different. People of all ages, and race stop me wherever I am and say I should be a model. I have a very short hair cut, a very dramatic , versitile face, big brown eyes and a unique facial shape. I am very thin 113lb. Even though people tell me I am stunning, I lack the level of confidence that I should possess. Hopefully this would give me that confidence. Thank you, Ashiana

  9. Elaine Byerley

    Hi my name is Elaine and I would love to have the chance to audition for Americas Next Top Model. I have avidly watched all the seasons and think this would be a amazing opportunity. I am 17 years old, 5’8″, blonde, and 135lbs. I live in Eastern PA and think that I definitely have what it takes to be on the show and to make it in this industry. I’m not a cookie cutter blonde and would like to show you what I’ve got! Thanks and please email!

  10. Stacy Monique

    Hi. I’ve been watching this show forever and I’ve waited so long for them to have a short model cycle because I’m 5’1″. We short women are just as beautiful as tall women. Though you’ve had only ONE short model cycle, I think there should be another short model cycle…and I’d like to audition for it too!

    AGE: 20
    DOB: 05/11/1992
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’1″
    Weight: 110
    Shoe size: 6, 6 1/2, 7, 7 1/2 (really depends on the shoe)
    Dress size: 5

  11. Lucresa Perry

    My name is Lucresa Joi’ayanna Perry. If you want you can call me Joi. I am 17 and will be 18 in april.
    my height: 5’8
    hair:sholder length, Dark Brown
    body type: Skinny
    Dress size:4
    Shoe size:10
    I always wanted to be on Americas next top model. I know I can make it so far because I can do all things if I listen and learn. I have done Runway modeling before with non profit organizations. And If you would just let me, I would love to be on ANTM because I wanted to be on that show from the first time I saw ANTM.

  12. 5’7
    34-24-34 (industry standard)
    Confidence: High
    Experience: Since December
    Dedication: Through the roof
    -Easy to work with
    -Open to ideas and suggestions in shoots (I just shot on Friday with a blue wig, then a headdress involving sticks hanging in front of my face)
    -Big on artistic experimentation
    -Strong personality
    -Fast learner–I’ve gotten many compliments from photographers and others involved in shoots(as well as the public via fb) on my ability from my very first shoots, and each since has been better than the last.

    And I don’t know–I think I’m decently attractive! Others seem to. I won’t be cocky.

  13. serli

    Hey My name is Serli, 18 with Red hair ( for 5 years) 5’6 ( heels are my life )
    120. I’m not fat because I’m currently a dancer. Why i thought of This Modeling because a year a go i did couple modeling for macys and it was an amazing experience. I love to just continue it along. I dance and i love to model its just an new thing in life and they always follow your dreams. Thank you for you kind attention.

  14. Greetings, my name is Brianne Knaus, I am 24 years young, I stand 5’8″, and I live in central coast California. Ever since I was a teenager, friends and even strangers would tell me that I should model. Agents would want me to pay to build my portfolio. But as I would say, “if they really want me then they will pay for me.” This year in 2012, I had an opportunity with a photographer so I took advantage of my life long dream. The aftermath of editing dropped my jaw. I loved modeling because it was exciting and spontaneous. I know my prime years are almost over so I want to take advantage because time is of the essence. I want to make my friends & family proud because they really believe I can win, and so do I. Just to add, I have modeled only once for a professional, but he was amazed and pleased with the pictures. He named my portfolio ‘MUSE’. And now all my friends joke and call me America’s Next Top Model! All of their confidence makes me more confident to win if given the opportunity. Thank you for reading.

  15. Medinah Muhammad

    Hey I am Medinah Muhammad
    Baby face ( smile with my eyes )
    I love taking pictures
    Beautiful smile
    17years old
    5”6 with out heels
    118 n weight
    Please help me model it would be a dream come true !

  16. Teyonia

    Hi my name is Teyonia I am 17years of age turning 18 soon , Im 5’7 and hoping to be on America’s Next Top Model the upcoming year. Always wanted to model and be on America’s Next Top Model

  17. ebony

    Hi my name is Ebony and i am 19, years of age will be 20 by this upcoming september, 2012. I have always wanted to model for Americas Next Top model tyra style…. however i had a baby my second year of college and that changes your body alot. confidence is a lot in this world and believe me having a baby causes a lot of body changes from being a size 3 to a 9 in teens was a big change to myself but i have learned to accept myself for who i am now and will work hard to get the desired body size. I will not give up on myself or others in the same body situation. Always be strong and work for what you want. remember your personality can reflect who you are if you come off as nasty and mean people will always see you as nasty and mean. Your body is easy to change so don’t let that affect you.

  18. Denise aka Nisi

    Typo “role model”

  19. Denise aka Nisi

    Hello my name is Denise but everyone call me Nisi. Im 26 years old, short hair (black), 5’10, weigh 115, hips 33, waist 127, bust 33b. I read all the above comments from others who want to be a ANTM contestant and how they been watching the show since cycle 1 & how they always dream about modeling. I cant type here and lie, I havent seen the show or always wanted to be a model, but I know who Tyra Banks is and what she represents..when she was younger she heard criticism on her features but look at her she is a role mode and she is taking what she knows about the model industry and giving back to young community. I dont live in big states like ny, california, or flordia where majority get discovered; I live in a very small town Elkhart, Indiana where honestly hate to say this but I CRY because I want to leave but I know people dont get discover in small towns. I just dont want to be a model I WANT TO GIVE BACK LIKE TYRA AND HELP OTHERS LIKE SHE DID. WE all have dreams, and some dreams are bigger then others but it comes a point when you need to stop dreaming for what you want AND GO GET IT..I have the look,personality,attitude for this, but now its time to show it. I just wish I done it earliear in my years. So good luck to all ladies who are wanting the same thing-I WISH YOU ALL LUCK….

  20. Jazmin Clayton

    Oh and I’m 5’11

    Thank You

  21. Jazmin Clayton

    Hey!! My name is Jazmin Clayton, im currently 17 years young and will turning 18 in June. I want to be America’s Next Top Model because I want to able able to be myself. I know I’m not perfect. We all have our flaws, but our flaws make us beautiful. I’m ready to show the world that.

  22. Kerry Sparks

    My name is Kerry Sparks, Im from Berryville Arkansas. I’m 23 years old and all my life have wanted to be a model. I have been watching your show since cycle 2 and love it more and more as it goes on. i have been fighting a bad medical condition and have been jumping thru hoops to get to where I am now. Now that I’m all better I’m ready to start my life/dream. I’m ready to rock the modeling world! I take criticism very well, I just look at it as a way to make me better. BRING IT!

    I have put up quite a fight and i believe i deserve a chance. I’M READY TO GO!
    THANX! – Kerry

    1. Kerry Sparks

      OH! by the way i’m 5’10!

  23. April Oachs

    My name is April Oachs. I’m 28 years old from Mankato, MN. I have dark brown hair and green eyes. It is my dream to be on America’s Next Top Model. The show has always been a favorite to watch and it inspires me to live my dream. I’ve always wanted to model and would love to be given the opportunity to audition. I may only be 5’4″ but I have enough personality to show for it! I do not have any modeling experience but I do have the determination to have fun in front of the camera 🙂 I have a 6 year old daughter that tells me how beautiful I am every day and that means the world to me. I want to show my little girl that dreams can come to true when you put all that you have out there.

  24. My name is Ellysa but everyone calls me Elly. I live in a small town in Georgia called Kennesaw and I have always wanted to become a model and i have watched every cycle so far. I am going to be 18 soon and my life’s dream is be on the show and WIN! I work really hard to become the best and i have been trying to update my portfolio. I want to finally meet Tyra and Mr. J and everyone. I haven’t had the easiest life and i always try to put my best foot forward. I think id be a really good role model for girls my age and younger. I would love the chance to be on the show or to even get an interview. Im not the typical model, I’m 5’4 but i watched the short cycle 13 and i studied how to make myself taller. Im confident i can overcome every challenge put in front of me. Thank you so much!

  25. Alex Ann Bear

    My name is Alex Ann and I live in the small college town of Rexburg Idaho. I am 19 and the oldest of 6 kids. As the oldest I do my best to set an example for my younger siblings. I want them to know that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Being America’s Next Top Model is something that I have dreamed of doing since cycle 1. I would love the opportunity to audition, Thank You.


    Hi my name is Rachel and I am from the streets of Los Angeles I have lived in every almost every situation and because of my upringing I am strong yet humble and sensitive and I still want to grow I want to be a model I had moments of discouragement but I am still following my dream and thats why I deserve to be on Americas Next Top Model.

  27. Deanna

    Hi, my name is Deanna Schmidt. I am 18 almost 19. I’m 5’7 and 125 lbs. I have green eyes and long brown hair. I have always been interested in modeling and am told daily by strangers and family I should model. Unfortunately I’ve never had the opportunity. This has been something I have always dreamed of doing when I turned 18. I would really love more information on the auditions! Thank you.

  28. Angel

    Hi, My name is angelena but I go by Angel. I have tried out numerous amounts of times and even flew out to Los Angelos to audition. Obviously I was not selected but it never stopped me. I have watched ANTM since the first season and have always loved and been obsessed with modeling. I am 22 years old and I live in Denver Colorado, I would love for the oppurtunity to audition. I am stronger, i have more self confidence, and I am one of a kind!I am 5’8, weight is 135, very slim and muscular, i have shoulder length hair and it is natural dark brown.Please give me a chance!!!!!!!!

  29. Kanisha Gibbs

    Hi my name is Kanisha Gibbs. I am 21 yrs. old African American. I am 5 ft but with heels im taller, weight 115 pounds. I have recently lost my 2 yr old son in a terrible car accident. which has inspired me to live my dream not only for me but for him. I have always been interested in modeling but figured that i was to short. I consider myself to be a fun, loving, outgoing person that is going through the hardest thing a mother has to go throught but is wanting to reache her dreams.

  30. Ashley

    My name is Ashley and I live in Whitsett, NC. I’m 20 years old I’ll be turning 21 in a little less than a month. I’m about 5’7? and about 113 lbs. I have no professional modeling experience but that’s no excuse not to give me a try. I am confident and fierce. This is why you should let me audition. I’ve been watching antm forever and I love the show. I currently am not employed and living with a struggling family and a struggling fiancé and I would love to be able to help. I want so bad for them not to struggle and antm auditions are coming up!!!! Please please please give me a chance. I don’t know what to write to draw anyone’s attention. I just hope my comment gets looked at. I would just appreciate for you to give me a try, you won’t regret it. Thank you! 🙂

  31. Olga Bester

    Hey My name is Olga
    I am really seriouse about getting into the modeling career, i am currently in port elizabeth Eastern Cape Southe Africa, but i am prepared to come any where in the world for a audition if it is needed. I do not have a plank body but i have curves on the right places, I would appreciate an oppertunity even if it is only in 2016. I am 20years of age, will be 21 on 1 January 2013.

  32. charlene jane gonzalez de jesus

    Hola, hello. My name is Charlene Jane Gonzalez De Jesús. Am 22 years old. I studying theatre at UPRRP Puerto Rico, this is my 4 year and a half in studyng. I was raised in a Jehovah Witness family my whole life. I have always been the worst one in the family special for asking them why did man have to always be the ones in charge, sexism. also since little I always have liked girls and guys. I was sexually raped when I was 16 so I could be sexually traumatized and not get pregnant. I never said anything because I was afraid to become a sinner for having a boyfriend at 16 in high school. It’s been hard.

  33. La'Nikque

    Hi my name is La’Nikque. Im from Detroit, Michigan and im 18 years old. Im not the tallest girl out the crowd but I stand out as if I am. Im only 5’3 but my spirit is 6’5″. Im very confident and always prepared to learn and become a better me. Every season I toon in on america’s next top model just to take tips from the judges and learn how to work the camera angles. I graduate June 2012 and it would be a blessing to graduate from high school AND to proceed chasing my dream on Americas next top model. I’ve also competed in the national American miss in 2011 so im always up for a challenge! 🙂 I La’Nikque truely believe I am America’s Next Top Model (Tyra voice)
    Thanks for your patience

  34. Brianna Buford

    Hello, my name is Brianna. I am 18 year old girl from Louisville, Kentucky. I am 5’6. I’ve always wanted to be a model. I love taking pictures and I love fashion. I have a lot of confidence. I love ANTM. I have what it takes to become America’s Next Top Model.

  35. Shanice Lake

    My name is Shanice. Im 18 years old and I love taking pictures. Im 5’7 and i weigh 127lbs. Im abitious and I love competition. I like being diffeerent and experimenting with out of the box looks. I would be a good competitor for ANTM because I have drive,passion, and desire to be AMERICAS NEXT MODEL 🙂

  36. Tarsha

    Hi, I am tarsha and I was giving this a shot I’ve heard before that I have the potential of being a model, you have been my biggest insperation since I came herein from jamaica. I am now 24 and think I have enough courage to try this out I do have faults but I know u said being a model doesn’t mean u have to be pretty. I am a mom and just want to show my 5 year old that any thing u put ur mind too u can acheive…. love u tyra
    Heigh 5’8
    Weight 120
    Shoe 9
    Dress size 0-1

  37. Tarsha

    Hi, I am tarsha and I was giving this a shot I’ve heard before that I have the potential of being a model, you have been my biggest insperation since I came herein from jamaica. I am now 24 and think I have enough courage to try this out I do have faults but I know u said being a model doesn’t mean u have to be pretty. I am a mom and just want to show my 5 year old that any thing u put ur mind too u can acheive…. love u tyra

  38. Jasmyne Mara

    Hi! My name is Jasmyne, and I’m a 22 year old from San Diego, CA. I have been a huge fan of ANTM since the very first season and I have always wanted the opportunity to be cast for the show. I went to a casting call in Woodbridge, VA a few years ago and was not selected, but I think I am more confident now and would love to try out again. I love Tyra and the whole cast, and would give anything to be on the show! If selected I promise to give 110% every day, on each and every challenge!

    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 123
    Dress: 0-2
    Shoe: 6.5
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: black

    Thank you! <3

  39. Sandra M.

    I want to change the standards of beauty and that is why I should be ANTM. I think tattoos, piercings, and gauges are beautiful and would love to see someone more like myself on the show.

  40. Junnaiya Pearl Saxena


  41. Kena Land

    I have always dreamed of becoming a model. Modeling is something that I believe allows me to express myself and show the world the passion and love i have for this proffession I truly believe if given a chance that I would make a great super model


  43. Naomi Crawford

    Hello, my name is Naomi Crawford and I want more than anything to become American’s Next Top Model.Modeling is something that I love with my heart. I look up to models like Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. I want the hope of becoming American’s Next Top Model.

    Thanks for reading.

  44. Jennifer Contreraz

    Hi my names Jennifer im from Denver,CO I enjoy watching ANTM the challenges and styles of poses,make up & wardrobe I think it would be an amazing experience. Im only 5’2, 120 lbs brown hair green eyes & hispanic but im a goal acheiver I am up for challenges im a bit of a risk taker. I am hard working and love to be in front of the camera ill be awaiting an email thanks

  45. Emerald

    -Hi ! My name is Emerald Evans and I WANT TO BE AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. I am very passionate about this opportunity because I have never really been fortunate enough to start out on my own. I have a 3 year old daughter and she motivates me the most to continue my search and journey as I continue to pursue modeling.

    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 124
    Age: 19
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Tattoos: 12

    -Photos! They are my life ! Lol! I live in the mirror and in the camera. I’m always trying out different make-ups to see what looks best, or even is scary enough to catch a guy ! My personality and attitude is very spontaneous, but I’m as graceful as dove ! I would love the chance to have the opportunity of a life time ! Thanks again and remember !


  46. Kenny Silberberg

    I have watched 12 cycles of America’s Next Top Model within a year on the internet! I am obsessed with the television show. With all the crazy ideas out there, I see no reason for America’s Next Top Model to discriminate against men.

    1. Kenny Silberberg

      I have been practicing posing and walking millions of times at home. I am very daring and unafraid of looking weird. In fact, the contestaht who inspired me the most on this show (before she even won) was Cycle 17 winner Lisa. I feel like I can personally relate to her. I am also a song-writer, and have acted crazy at times. However, I do try to control the craziness.

  47. Hello,

    My name is Alexis. I have been watching ANTM for years and I live and breathe fashion. I am currently 16 years old but closer to 17. I will be 18 years by the time cycle 20 airs. I read a lot of fashion magazines. I am an athlete and very fit. I am 5’8 and african american. I would love to be on cycle 20.

  48. Le'Chae Dixon

    Hi my name is Le’Chae Dixon. I am 19 years old, 5’5, 114 lbs from Miami, fl… I have always wanted to be a top model, even back in my child ages. I have always wanted to be in the camera or video taped. Even though my height is not 5’7 and above i feel as though a height does’nt define who I am or what I can be.

  49. Le'Chae Dixon

    Hi, My name is Le’Chae Dixon
    Hair: Medium Brown, and shoulder length
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 114 lbs
    I am an outgoing, driven, and passion young woman. I am 19 years old. I always had a passion for modeling; always used to take pictures with my moms camera when i was alittle girl and still till this day I do the same thing. I want to be the next top model because I know I have what it takes to be the next Top Model. I feel my height does’nt define who I am, and what I am going to be. My determination and my driven personality is going to be put forth in everything that I want to do.. I am going to be America’s Next Top Model

  50. Tifyya byrd

    I will be the best candidate because i live and breath fashion. I am a fashion iconist and modeling is my best talent ever. Its a living tool that i live by. I watch Tyra to learn more and more about modeling and fashion. I have always tried out but failed. and don;t understand why agencies does not want to choose me. I am shy at a point but very funny at times. I always wanted to become the next top model because i have so many things that i want to give back to my community and my mother. also i am working to start up a global childrens leadership out reach.

  51. HOLA! My name is MaryJane im 18 years old from cleveland Ohio! what a small city cleveland is which is why i want to expand my horizons of becoming Americas next top model! not only will i represent for my ladies here in cleveland but America as well! look foward to seeking me on ANTM because i believe!
    thank you.

  52. Nicole Brown

    Hey My Name Is Nicole . I Have Been Trying To Get On Americans Next Top Model For Forever . l Think I Would Be Americans Next Top Model Because l Have Potential & l Have Faith In Myself . l Wanted To Be A Model Since I Started Watching This Show . My Family Use To Call Me Tyra ALL THE TIME . I Know I Can Do It . Im Strong & I Believe In Myself . I Will Put All Effort In It . The Only Thing That Slows Me Down Is That I Dont Have Money To Travel . Im From Baltimore & Im Currently In The System (DSS) . If You Pick Me I Promise Ill Give It My ALL .
    Age : 18
    Height : 5’7
    Weight : 125lbs
    Eye : Brown
    African American – Darkskin
    Hair : Shortcut / Dark Brown .
    Please Im Begging You . I Will Not Let You Do .

  53. Ksysha

    Greetings my name is Ksjusha! I from Russia! Very much I want to get to you on show and ??????????? myself in what that new! To be pleasant to me your transfer and I could participate in it! ?? you still as I ????? wasn’t girls from Russia!

  54. Brooke Alexandria Whittington

    I know I am perfect for ANTM! I’m not the skinniest and I’m not the biggest but I’m full of personality! I have always wanted to be a model since I was really little. My cousin and I always played dress up and acted like our hallway was our runway. I have always been the different one from my friends. I’m a very humble young woman. It would be a honor to be casted on ANTM cycle 20! I know I have everything for it! This is my dream, my desire, my life!

  55. Tei'Osha Simms

    Hey! My name is Tei’Osha Simms, I’m 19 years of age, 5’8 and 125 lbs. I’m brown skin and have my own unique look. I am currently attending Bradford School for Fashion Merchandising Management in Pittsburgh, Pa. (I’m from Youngstown, Oh, small town)…. Anyways the year of 2012, is a new fresh beginning for a lot of people; Being me, I want to show and encourage the young females around the world that anything is possible; not only success but being healthy and knowing your surroundings; Becoming ANTM, is becoming a motivator, an Idol, someone young females will look up to, and actually listen. I love fashion; I love modeling; but I love motivating; Modeling is a Passion and something that makes me embrace the things I can’t change about myself; Being different, is wonderful! I had to learn that on my own. Confidence is hard to have when you don’t have anyone else motivating you or telling you your beautiful when others tell you the opposite; ANTM will be for not only me; but every young educated female whose been told otherwise. I have a different look that will bring a twist to the show; a little fun and reality. 😉

  56. Giolany Marie Torres

    My Name Is giolany torres
    i’m 17 ill be 18 in may
    I’m not cocky i’m confident
    i’m not fierce i’m fiesty
    i’m not fake i’m real
    i’m not mean i’m sweet
    i’m not a barbie i’m a model
    people say to live your dreams and inspire others , other have inspired me to live my dream yes i said it the other way, i want to be a top model, i’m dedicated and i will do whatever it takes , if tyra say’s jump I say how high, if she wants me to model ? i will model to the death with smize in my eyes and fierce-ness in my body lanuage i will do whatg it take to be a model, if i have to cutt my hair i’ll cutt it, if i have to get a mokeover i will, i am puertorican with a modeling attitude , nobody can break my spirit . giolany torres ( americas futer top model) . pleaseee write me back. this will mean the world to me & my dreams that i’m willing to puruse. GMT_topmodel.

  57. Hello!

    My name is Corane but most just call me Rain. I am 19 years Old. 5’11” and I weigh 150 lbs. I have brown eyes and medium length kinky oh so natural and beautiful hair and a spunky personality to go along with it. I am currently in school studying theatre. I want to prove to myself and everyone in the world that has and still doubts me that I will be successful. I want to be a model to become living proof for young women so that they can see that living their dreams awake can be reality. Choose me!

  58. kasey

    hi my name is kasey and 19 yrs old. i love to take picurtes, im not the prettiest out the group of all my friends but i love the way i look. Im dark skin and short very short. Im going to school for criminal justice and thats my dream job but modeling is something different that i would love to try

  59. Facebook @ Patrice Mstopmodel Chapman
    Hello my name I’d Patrice Chapman. I’m 23 years old, 5’9 and I’m 145 lbs. I have every ingredient in a top model. Ever since ANTM been on TV everyone tells me I should tryout for the casting. I use to model when I was younger and I Loved it. I really want to do it again and fully dedicate my life to it this time. I have a 4 year old daughter name Azahrya who I love dearly and I would love to give her a better life. I believe I deserve to be a cast member of ANTM 2012-2013.

    1. Race: African American, Hispanic
      Hair Color : Brown
      Eye Color :Brown

  60. Lasana Lewis

    Hi my name is Lasana.I know i might be the outcast here as to i am jamaican:).im 20 years old i have wanted to be a model since the age of six.I am motivated and i am determined to be ANTM if granted the chance of a lifetime.Not alot of opportunity are given to girls of my height5’3″.This is my biggest aspiration ever.I watched most cycles even the repeated ones…lol..and always imaging i was the one there…i would be doing all the shoots and saying all the cover girl commercials..lol..im just dying to be apart of something great and that is ANTM!!Thanks for your time Tyra:)..P.S i love all the judges.

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