When and Where are Disney Auditions

Disney Channel Tryouts? When are they coming?

 That may be the question on inquiring minds and historically, the next Disney Channel auditions are normally held in the spring.

With the end of the year approaching, we know  that the tryouts will not happen until 2014. Disney Channel and Disney XD have already announced that no more open Disney auditions will happen this year and to look forward to multiple casting calls in various cities next year in 2014.

The Official Disney Channel casting call page had this to say:

Disney Channel open casting calls which we hold annually in various cities around the world. These open casting calls are promoted as official Disney Channel casting calls. Importantly, there is no fee for these casting calls or to audition and no contract to sign. The next open casting calls will be held in 2014. If a casting call is not listed here, it is not authorized by Disney Channel.

Luckily spring is just around the corner and we can hope that the Disney team is planning on having tryouts for new shows early in the year.

A few times every year Disney Channel casting directors schedule tryouts for new shows and upcoming seasons of existing shows in convention centers. These tryouts have been held in U.S. cities as well as internationally. Normally, when these events are scheduled it is not for any specific Disney Channel show or series. These events are scheduled for casting directors that work directly with the networks to scout new talent and see parents and their kids.

Disney New Show
Disney Channel Auditions 2014

Many people attend these types of tryouts. It is not unusual to have literally thousands of families and their children show up at the event venue. Also, these events are crowded because every little girl and boy’s dream is becoming like their idols that they see daily on the Disney Channel or other popular TV channels that the network owns.

With so many hit shows, who can blame the kids for trying.

Here are a few of the hit shows that ran or still run on the Disney network:

There are also some new shows coming which include Zendaya’s new show “The Super Awesome Katy”, “Girl Meets World” and Dove Cameron’s new show “The Descendants”. The network also has a game show on air in 2014 which is a remake of the classic, Win, Lose or Draw.

To find Disney Channel auditions in 2012, you will need to stay on top of it and check back often. These large casting events are normally just announced a few weeks prior to the event in a certain venue in a city. It will be upto the kids’ family to get the kids to the audition location which may not be close to where the family lives.

The auditions in 2011 where held in Virginia and Texas. Hopefully, other cities will see be announced for 2012 and more kids will have access to get to a location that is within reach.

Remember, these events are very crowded, so you have to prepare for long lines and very long waits in those lines. At the end of the day, if you land a great role on a hit Disney Channel or Disney XD show, the long wait in line and the extended trip would have paid off for the kids and family.

Stay tuned for the announcement of when these tryouts will be very soon. Also, always remember that trying out for Disney casting directors is always free. Yes, the large open casting call events are free for everyone to attend. Anyone trying to get you to pay a fee is most likely not genuine and will not help your kids career.

Be an Extra on the Disney Channel

If you want to try to get on the Disney Channel, Disney XD or other shows as an extra you will first need to sign up with an extras casting agency. The largest extras casting agency in Los Angeles is Central Casting and Central Casting supplies the extras for many of the Disney shows. Central Casting does not take mailed in registration. You will need to call them and ask how to get on their roster so that next time a Disney Channel show needs extras, they will consider you as well.

Central Casting

220 S. Flower Street
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 562-2755


18 thoughts on “When and Where are Disney Auditions

  1. Sammie Hawkins

    I need to be heard not only on the Internet but on Television, people need to see this pretty face.

  2. Elena

    My name is Elena. My dream is to be on disney since I was 7 years old. It would mean the world to me if I was on any show.

  3. Carl-Johan Thell

    Hi, I’m Carl-Johan Thell and I live in Sweden, Stockholm! I want to be an actor. It is OK that I live in an another country? I’m a boy and 13 years old. I love Disney!

  4. Brianna

    Hi, I’m Brianna. When I turned 5, I started to act. Now, I’m 11 and wanting to be on Jessie so badly, if there was anyone one in this world, if I had enough money, I would pay them $1000000. So if you know an agent looking for a kid, just reply and tell me their number!

  5. jailin

    Hi my name is Jailin, I wanna be a actor, model and singer can you help me make my dream come.

  6. destiny

    My name is Destiny. I really want this so bad, I’m only ten but I really would like to be on “Jessie”.

  7. Tahjanay

    My name is Tahjanay I’m 8 year old, Jessi is my favorite show and my mom told me to follow my dreams.

  8. Kayla Gantz

    I am 10, I live in MI. I am just an average girl with talent. I can show you that I got what it takes to be on Disney channel. My favotite show is “Shake It Up”. I would want to be on Disney channel really bad, it is my dream and passion this is the only job I want in the whole wide world. On a scale of 1 to 100, I will give it 110%. Please let me be on Disney channel. I know how to sing and dance. I have been in my school talent show 2 years in a row and I will be in it this year to. I just love Disney channel, it is my dream. I want to fulfill them so just at least make me a maybe.

  9. Bichngoc

    I wanna have a role in Shake it up, I know how to dance and I’m 10 years old, almost 11 in November. I live in Virginia also I am Asian. I wanna dance because it’s fun and i’m really good at it but the real reason I wanna dance is because whenever people make fun of my name, I dance and all those hurtful feelings go away. The reason why I wanna act is because you get to try different acting skills and if you’re playing a role it’s like that person is part of you . You get different emotions from the character your playing. P.S I also wanna have a role in Jessie. So Please consider me.

  10. Ricardo Antonio Vega

    I’m 13 years old, about to turn 14 on Oct. 30th. I’m salvadorian and I was born here. I’m a huge fan of shake it up and I think I’m worthy of being in the cast. I’m 5’4″, 112 pounds and I have an athletic body. I have a blowout haircut and this would make my dream complete if I have at least one chance to audition. My pops has passed away and I just want him to see that I’m making him proud. I have lots of energy and I pick up tasks quick. I am a fast learner and I kinda know how to dance. I have 1 sister, two brothers and two nieces. Shake it up is my show on Disney. My favorite episode is beam it up so please consider me in the taking and let me know A$AP by email – twitter is @geericardoo so I’m just trying to fulfill my dreams so yes that’s it. <3

  11. arafa

    hi, I would like to try out for the new disney channel show.I can sing to and i even have a song book I think of episodes some times to i know how to dance plus my dad was in a movie so he could give me acting tips and i live in tx.

  12. kimie

    hi! i am kimie and i live in indiana close to chicago. I would love to be on the show.

  13. Bryanna

    Hello im Bryanna and i have been looking for lots of auditions please contact me.

  14. kisharri

    Me and my cousin are thinking about this we might audition for shake it up we are practically a cece and rocky but we are 2 different people,nevaeh my cousin is 8 and me kisharri is 12 but we have awesome strength and cofindence and rapping and dancing skills we would like 2 show ,but we have a problem with our parents but we make good grades a,bs, we would be honored in the presence of being on the show thank u !!!

  15. Dianna

    Hi I’m Dianna and I’m from the Philippines and I was
    hoping to get an audition for jessie or any show.. I can sing, act and dance and I am 12 years old.. Just email me if you have a part for me or if you want
    to know more details about me.. 🙂

  16. Rahiman

    Hi my name is Rahiman i am 10 years old i live in Australia,Perth,WA i want to Audition for Wizards of Waverly Place or shake it up i’m ready for anything..(here’s something about me)I have Hair like Justin Bieber I can play a guitar and the drums..But i live in Australia,Perth,WA how am i going to be in the Audition?Please Reply..PS:if you want my address just reply..Than You I hope i have the job..

  17. I want to audition for Jessie but I don’t know how to Jessie please tell I want to be on the show so bad it would mean alot thanks Jessie.p.s. pleaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaease put me on your show thanks Kyraxxx

  18. Devyn Thompson

    I am 14 years old & live in Dallas Texas. I have always loved acting, I’ve been in all of my school plays.
    I’m 4’11 1/2, I’m mixed with black & white. Being on Disney Channel has always been one of my dreams, this would mean a lot !

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