Tyler Perry “The Have and Have Nots”

Tyler Perry “The Have and Have Nots”

Tyler Perry casting call

casting call
Have and Have Nots – Tyler Perry


The new Tyler Perry show “The Have and Have Nots is currently filming the 2014 season in Atlanta Georgia and the show has been releasing various casting calls for extras.

The Haves and the Have Nots was a stage play created by Tyler Perry that is now made into a television series. Tyler Perry’s Have and Have Nots is a prime-time soap opera about 3 families.

The Have and Have Nots is about the three families living in Savannah, Georgia. 2 of the families are the “Haves”. They are the wealthy and powerful Cryer and Harrington families who live an upscale and elite lifestyle. The “Have Nots” are the Young family who are poor and the opposite of the other 2.

Even though the families lifestyles are completely opposite, all 3 families have their own problems and issues, many of which are fairly similar.Even though the wealthy Harringtons seem to have it all on the outside, they are just as dysfunctional as the poor Young family.

The Have and The Have Nots just began airing this year on OWN and the show was renewed for a second season which is filming now. The second season of the show films in Georgia and has been hiring extras regularly.

The shows cast is diverse and multiracial. It includes characters that are African American, Latino, White, straight, gay, rich and poor.

Season 2 will premiere in early 2014. The show is all Tyler Perry, he created, wrote, directed and produced the series.

The show stars

  • Tika Sumpter
  • Crystal Fox
  • Renee Lawless
  • Tyler Lepley
  • Jaclyn Betham
  • Aaron O’Connell
  • Peter Parros
  • Angela Robinson
  • Gavin Houston
  • Eva Tamargo
  • John Schneider

Here is the most recent casting call:

The Haves and The Have Nots” (TV) Atlxtwo@gmail.com
* Italian/Mediterranean looking Men – to portray “Mobsters” 25yrs & Over
* Tall Attractive Women with Evening Ware & Cocktail Party Attire 21yrs & Over

“Sometimes the most beautiful people have the ugliest secrets”

So keep an eye out for the shows new season coming in 2014. Do you love the show? Tell us all about it below!


14 thoughts on “Tyler Perry “The Have and Have Nots”

  1. Beetta Cottrell

    Hello Tyler Perry I am a huge fan… I have every play and movie you have ever made. I am a 27 year old female who is dreaming to work alongside in the brilliant work that you continuously create! I remember you saying in your on of your quotes to never stop dreaming one day your dream will become a reality. I have acted in my early teen years and adult years. Now i just want to get back in the game of acting. As a ordinary person I have worked hard day and night getting my master’s degree is my highest accomplish because I am eager to make it in this world. I know know handouts are not an option and that is why I work so hard. I am the daughter of a minister so I know all about God. And I believe that he will guide me on my journey. Hopefully I can reach my goal by getting hired by the best director/producer in the world. Hopefully Madea will be nice and give me a chance lol! 🙂

  2. Gail Fields-Flowers

    Blessed Sunday! to you, I am on your mailing list, you have sent me many emails, which I cherish! I have only answered one, the one about how you have just finished a year with the have and have nots! You could not believe time had gone by so fast. It is my favorite show! I would love to be a long lost sister of veronica(hope I spelled it right)lol, or hattie! Keeping it real with you, working with you on any of your projects would be an HONOR! My agent Roz Clancy sent you a clip of me, my friend from church told me about this website, and I said to myself, why not! So here I am. I also have a blond hair look. I am claiming one day we will meet! Be Blessed And Safe! Thank You.

  3. jovian lingard

    I live in in Atlanta Georgia, I just love this movie.

  4. Aaron

    Not sure if these things are actually reviewed but oh well, why the hell not. I first began watching the show at the episode where Jeffrey disclosed his sexual orientation to his mother. That was the very 1st episode & since then I was ensnared. I, absolutely, LOVE Candice and Veronica. I think there needs to be a male rival to those strong, vindictive personalities and I can play one HELL of an ass wipe. If you need that conniving, smart DICK of a person, not pointin’ any fingers but yah, ME lol

  5. Rose O

    I would love to be an extra or play a character in any of your movies/plays by Tyler Perry… Love your work, keep up the good work.

  6. I love the show. I would love the opportunity to be an extra in any show or movie that Tyler Perry does.

  7. G.S

    Tyler Perry is unique. I really love all of his TV series, I’m dreaming to be part of his team.
    Much love Mr. TP

  8. Francine

    Tyler Perry is my idol and I would love nothing more than to get an audition for Mr. Perry in one of his new shows or movies. Everything he does is so good and I can come down to Atlanta for a chance at a Tyler Perry audition even though I live in Louisiana.

    Mr. Perry, all your movies are my favorites as well as my families. I heard that you may be having an open casting call in 2014 and I hope you do because I will be there for sure.

    I am an accomplished gospel singer. I sing in church choir and have done so most of my life. I would like to get into acting and make some money so me and my family can live the life that we have always dreamed of.

    God Bless!!

  9. Cheryl Clay

    I have been a fan of Tyler Perry for years. People always remind me about him when they see the plays that I wrote and produced. I am a retired school teacher, play and film writer and actress. I have worked in films and movies with “Extras Casting Atlanta”, Producer Patrice Ingram and most recently, I work as an extra in the new TV series “The Resurrection” with “Cynthia Stillwell Casting” in Atlanta, Ga. I would love to work with you in your upcoming films, TV, or plays. Acting and writing is my passion and I really enjoy it very much. I am a born again Christian and I believe that God will let this become a reality that I will be working with your cast which will be a blessing.God bless you and have a “Merry Christmas”.

  10. Cheryl Clay

    I enjoy all of Tyler Perry’s work. I am a retired teacher, play and film writer and an actress. I look very young for my age.I have worked as an extra in several films, movies and tv series with “Extras Casting Atlanta” and with Producer Patrick Ingram. My latest work was with “Cythia Stillwell Casting” in their new tv series “The Resurrection”.I am available, willing and able to work if you need extras or other roles if possible. I am a believer in Christ and I know what He can do.I would love to be apart of you upcoming TV, or stage projects,especially “The Have and Have Nots”. God bless you and Merry Christmas!

  11. Bertille Eya Maffo

    I like everything that Tyler Perry put his hands on. I would like to be part of his show one day. hope that day is soon.

  12. Carolyn Stephens

    I love Tyler Perry shows and plays. I try and attend all, most all of them if I can. I would love to be a in one of his shows as a mother because I’m old enough to play a mom. Tyler wont you come to Milwaukee Wisconsin and do a casting call for a mom, daughter, sister little boy or girl. I love you so much thank god for people like you.

  13. naobi

    Tyler Perry is my favorite actor, producer, director, you name it. He is brilliant and I would like nothing more than to be able to audition for Tyler Perry or one of his shows. I don’t care if it is a TV show, a movie or a play… I want to do it all and I know I am very talented. Please tell me how to do online auditions for Tyler Perry shows or if there will be a casting call I can attend after the holidays in 2014.

  14. Sage

    I just love Tyler Perry. I have always wanted to get on a Tyler Perry show because I think they are all great. I love all his TV series and wish I could audition for a show like that.
    I am hoping that Tyler Perry will hold casting calls in 2014, after New Years in Atlanta where I live.

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