The casting call is going on now and looking for kids

Is your child the next face of a top baby line in 2013? Do you think that your baby or toddler has that special ‘it’ factor, that adorable face that no one can pass up?

Does your baby have the smile and charm to be a baby model? If so, then The baby and child model search may be perfect for your precious bundle of joy!

Every year The , Company has its annual model search where a few lucky and adorable kids get a chance to win some fabulous prizes as well as a spot in a photo shoot.

2013 is coming up real quick and with the new year will come new casting calls for America’s hottest kids brands.

The company is one of America’s most iconic clothing brands and over the years The brand has expanded to include some other brands.

They are a specialty retailer that offers clothing and accessories for children, babies and adults. The stores are so popular that in 2011 net sales were $14.5 billion.The line of popular clothing is available all over the world in around 90 countries. The brand owns 3,000 stores worldwide with another few hundred that are franchised.

The model search gives away some great prizes which include being featured in a marketing campaign, a $1000 gift card and a charity donation in the models name. Last year each of the 4 winners got a $10,000 grant in their name from them to Communities In Schools. Communities in Schools is a non-profit organization that empowers students to stay in school and achieve in life.

The model search has 4 winners in 2 categories, baby model and child model. A baby boy and a baby girl are chosen for the  line and also has a boy and a girl winner.

The model contest is organized into 2 sections, a baby / infant model search for ages newborn to 2 years old and a toddler model search that is ages 1 to 5. Each of the age categories has 2 winners, a boy and girl model. Besides the winners there are many finalists, 20 of which also win a photo shoot and a gift card.

The way the contest works is that parents upload a photo of their child to the contest website. After the upload period, the public has a chance to vote for their favorite toddler or baby model. The votes get tallied after a certain period of voting and then the finalists are announced. The finalist all participate in a photoshoot for the brand wearing clothing. The finalists are flown to the shoot location. Of the finalists, four children are chosen as the winners and the final winners are announced and have their photos published online and other promotional materials for the clothing line.

Besides the winners, the finalists also get prizes including a trip to New York or California, wherever the photoshoot will be taking place. There are 20 finalists that will participate with each finalist getting in the picture wearing Gap clothing items. Every finalist will also get a $500 Gift Card.

The 2013 baby and kids model casting call has not yet started but you can browse the winners for 2012 and see hos your kids cuteness factor compares to the kids who won. You can see the 2012 winners here. Also, you can check out last years baby casting call.

For those of you that live in the New York area. Sometimes, the Gap does local casting calls that are held in neighborhood store. Last Christmas The store in New York City held a special Christmas model audition for a Christmas promo.
Baby, toddler & kids modeling

So, if your baby has that special look to be a baby model for The brand, keep your eyes peeled for the next model search in 2013 or check out your local store to see if they are doing any casting calls of their own for special promos. Last year, they brand held its annual modeling contest in the spring with voting taking place in April and the winner announcement in May.

102 thoughts on “The casting call is going on now and looking for kids

  1. Karter Lee-Howard Moore

    Good Day Everyone, My name is Karter Lee-Howard Moore. I am a nine month old baby boy with plenty to learn. Although I am not yet walking, I enjoy being outside and attempting to play with my younger family members. I have a very big personality and I am full of spunk and charisma. I am a chick magnet and I love every moment of it. My mom loves to dress me like I am her personal Ken doll but hey I don’t have a problem with it, as long as I look good. I love to take photos, don’t believe me? Hold the camera up and say…1…2…3… cheese!! and I will give you a nice big one from ear to ear. I really would love this opportunity to show you what I am made of. So call my mommy back and lets get this show on the road!

    Thank you

    xoxo Baby Karter

  2. Angie

    My daughter Jaslynn is only three years old and is over 42″ in height with brown eyes and brown hair. She is very cute with a bubbly personality. She also loves to get dressed up and take pictures. Please email me with the next casting calls. Thank you

  3. Beyonce Hickmam

    Hi I have a 1 year old niece, she’s a girl with a big personality, she’s almost walking and she is just too cute. I would love to see her as a model for the gap.

    please contact me

  4. Yoshada

    Hello everyone!!! My son Tien Shakeel Vick is 5 months old and simply adorable. I’m trying to start him in the industry. He is full of personality and a ham for the camera. please email me and let me know when the next baby model search is. Thank you.

  5. tiahna

    your future gap kids:Julian(2) & Jozie(3 mos.)

    Julian has the most charismatic yet dramatic personality. He is very animated(inherited from me) and also calm and suave (inherited from his father).
    Jozie though just a baby is alert and has the most beautiful smile with piercing eyes.

    From the moment Julian was born(yes immediately after birth) I have been told every where that we go he should be a model or child actor. His looks have had us held up in the dentist office(while I was in pain) to receiving free products and services because.
    Jozie’s number one compliment at this moment is “she is a doll baby.” Enough said.

    Julian is racially ambiguous. Where as both of my children are black, Dominican and Ecuadorian. Jozie looks more hispanic. Both with light brown eyes that lighten even more in light, heads of sandy brown curls and Julian’s eye lashes are coveted by every woman.

    Most importantly they have a loving mama and daddy that just want college funds for them because let’s face it, unless you are Bill gates rich you probably stress about how they will afford it.

  6. Eka Bettis

    I have three girls 12, 8, and 4. They are all photogenic, and each has a cute personality. I’m interested to sign them up for the next GAP photo contest 2013.

  7. Tionna Norris

    I have the most beautiful and energetic baby girl. She is 5 months and has been referred to as the baby in the sun on teletubbies or the 2013 Gerber baby. She can turn anyone’s day around and she is truly adorable and a gift from God. She adores the camera and interacting with others. She’s no Where near shy and sooooooo love able.

  8. Sukhy Dhamrait


    My son, Nishaan, is 8 nonths. I would love to have an opportunity to enter him in Gap Baby cast call. I am sure you will not be disappointed. Please let me know of the procedures to enter my child.

  9. Shalena Underwood

    Hello ,

    I have a gorgeous 3 year old son (but don’t just take it from me, I would love for you to see for yourself) his name is Christian, and he has a beautiful smile with dimples and eyes that lights a room. I know he would be a perfect fit in the Gap/Baby Gap and Old Navy family. So I ask that you’d please consider him for this casting, you would not be disappointed.

  10. Adel

    My 8 month old son has the face to be a model for babyGap. He has beautiful eyes, lips and smile. Hope that he can be consider for this contest.

  11. Melvina Taylor

    My daughter TAYLOR is adorable and cute. Her eyes are bright and tell her story. We will love to hear from gap,

  12. ramona scharffe

    My son Kymani is 2 years old and absolutely adorable. Everywhere I go I get compliments. I would love for you guys to meet him!

  13. ramona scharffe

    My son is absolutely adorable, everywhere I go I get compliments would love for you guys to meet him.

  14. Brandy Robinson

    My son is 2 years old and has a beautiful smile. He has perfect skin tone, and a great personality.

  15. Sheida

    Name: Daniel
    Age: 12 months
    Gender: baby boy
    Weight: 11/5 Kg
    Hight: 77
    From: Canada/ Calgary
    I am handsome and super cute. I love Gap baby clothing as well.

  16. Karen Luk

    Name: Makayla
    Age: 3 months
    Gender: baby girl
    Weight: 8.5 kg
    Height: 65 cm
    Place: Hong Kong

    An adorable happy baby girl would like to be a baby model for Baby Gap!

  17. Angie Cercone

    My son Michael is 9 1/2 months and has the most beautiful big bright blue eyes with light long eyelashes. He has a very mature face and is always smiling. Light skinned and long blonde hair that is just getting ready to curl up!

  18. Linda Santos

    My baby its so handsome. He is 6 months, hazel eyes, brown hair and a beauty with a full smile .

  19. Christian Kozak

    My boy is a handsome 5 year old. He has straight black hair, fair skin and beautiful dark eyes and loves the camera.

  20. Jacqueline Smothers

    Every child is truly a Gift is a true statement, but I’ve got THE GAP BABY for you!!! Yes, she has an incredible smile, very photogenic, easy temperament, and lovable. She is almost 5 month old, will melt your heart as she has mine. We’ve taken amazing spring pictures. If she is selected you will be blown away by her charm and beauty!

    Thank You
    Look forward to hearing from you soon

  21. Jordan McLaughlin

    My 3 month old daughter Harmony would make a perfect baby for Baby Gap. She has a smile that not only lights up a room but when you see it you can’t help but smile yourself. She has her own little sassy attitude. She is always smiling. My hubby and I have been told by family, friends, and strangers that she was the most gorgeous new born they have ever seen. People stop us everywhere asking to see her better. She has big, bright, deep blue eyes that people just melt for. She has the perfect face to show off everyone. We honestly believe she would be amazing for Baby Gap!

  22. virginia

    I have a beautiful one year old who is very charming and loves the camera. I would love to expose him to new things like this! please send me information on how to enter him. We are new at this and would love a chance to see him shine. Thank you.

  23. Kayla

    Hi, My daughter’s name is Kaydence and she is funny, kind and sophisticated. By the way she is four years old but she is so intelligent and well mannered for her age. Everywhere we go people compliment her beauty, eyes, hair and personality. She loves to dance, sing and strike poses!

  24. Jax

    My 16 Month old son Morgan Kingsley is such a cutie, with his big brown eyes and a smile that melts you. Please let me know the details and where to send his pictures. Thank you! 😉

  25. Monica

    My baby boy is 9 months. He has greyish blueish eyes. He is a very happy baby and is always smiling. He is very photogenic.

  26. Monica

    I have a 9 month boy, his name is Matthew. He is a very happy baby. He is always smiling and is very photogenic.

  27. Fiona

    I have a 2 month old boy that I would love to get into modeling especially for Gap.He loved the camera ever since the day he was born. I remember him being a couple minutes old and he was lifting his head every time the camera came around. Everybody was so shocked even the doctors and until this day it hasn’t change and he gives the biggest smiles ever.

  28. Flora W


    I believe that my toddler son has the unique look that would represent any brand in a positive manner. Sandy curly hair, show stopping eyelashes and light brown eyes. I would appreciate any information on upcoming casting calls.



  29. Anna.E

    I have a cute baby girl, everyone who sees her is in love. So I want know: when does casting begin? Where can I apply for her?

  30. Lily C

    I have a 8 year old boy and a 3 1/2 year old boy. They both are beautiful kids. Couple of times,people asked us if they can take pictures with our sons.

  31. Michelle welch

    Asha Renae Welch is an angel. She is half Pakistani and Latvian. She’s so happy and amazing. Her eyes alone are breathtaking. One look at my baby girl and you’ll be taken aback. Her daddy, my husband, is currently deployed so he hasn’t met her yet. He left during my first trimester and wasn’t able to come home for her arrival. I know when he first lays eyes on my little one, he will fall in love like I did.

  32. Genesis M

    I have a 6 week old baby boy. He is gorgeous and is a very happy baby. He would have everyone smiling and adoring him. He would be really good for GAP. He would be a great baby GAP Model. I hope you guys choose him. I am interesting in the casting call 2013 for GAP.

  33. Betty mejia

    My daughter is a beautiful 2 1/2 year old girl who has the most beautiful smile for Gap modeling. Shes the greatest helper, always wanting to do everything on her own. Where do I send her picture?
    Many thanks 🙂

  34. Shawna

    I have a 13 month old with beautiful brown hair and eyes. Everyone she passes stops to adorn her and comment on how beautiful she is. College is pricey and being a new parent who is paying on student loans, I would like others to see my baby’s angel face while at the same time saving for her future.

  35. Noel

    Hello we have a 3 week old handsome baby boy. His name is Joshua Noel and he is always happy. He loves behind in front of the camera and is breath taking to look at. He is Puerto Rican has pecan skin with brown hair and eyes.

  36. dee

    Hi! we have an 18 month old smart and energetic daughter and we would like to know how to join the Gap casting call for 2013?
    thank you!

  37. Maya Loizeaux

    Hello, I just tried to enter my 4-year-old son Sebastien’s image into the entry form to the 2013 GAP modeling contest website:

    (url removed)

    Both tries failed (I received a message in my inbox that “there is no one at this delivery address” per the software robot (weird). How do I send an image in for 2013? Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. admin

      You should be happy it failed. That site that you mentioned in your comment has nothing to do with the baby gap / kids gap casting call for 2013, it is some company selling services. Any site that has a section called “success stories” is trying to sell you something.

  38. Claribel

    I have the most handsome, chunkiest, 4 month old son in the world. He has an attractive smile with beautiful sets of gums! Almond shaped brown eyes and a cute bottom nose. He is a wonderful representative to this company, Trust me!

  39. Rosita

    Hi, I have a BEAUTIFUL 1 year old daughter. Everywhere we go people are always complimenting her. She has light skin and the cutest dimples. She is always smiling. She will be good for this.

  40. Beth C Goldstein

    Pump your brakes! I have the kid that you have been looking for.

  41. Alicia Stier

    I have four beautiful children all of which would be great for Gap advertising. Every year friends and family tell me to attend the Gap casting call. I would love to bring my two younger boys in. They are both beautiful and love to smile. Please send me information for the 2013 casting calls.

  42. Zachary Wackman

    I have a beautiful son that is 2yrs old and everyone I come in contact tells me to put him in modeling. Please contact me with the casting call information. I would love to give this a try. I have his pictures already and will send them upon your request.

  43. dionnna

    I have a adorable baby boy and he’s 1 years old.

  44. Jane kim

    Please keep me posted on 2013 casting calls.
    Thank you.

  45. sacha centeno

    Hi I have a 4 year old daughter by the name of starlett. I can say not only her name is Starlett but she’s def a lil star!She’s got light skin with light brown hair and a smile that is completely to die for! She’s out going and loves to take pictures all of the time! Wherever we go people stop and compliment her beauty and her clothes! So please keep me posted for 2013 cast calling 🙂 thx

  46. Beyonce

    Hi my name is Beyonce Hickman. I am 11 years old and I would love to have the chance to be a GAP KIDS MODEL !!!!!!

  47. My niece Yazmine is 5 and very photogenic. I would love the opportunity for her to be a Gap Kids model. She loves the camera and during a photoshoot everything just comes natural to her. She’s very easy and fun to work with.

    Please keep me informed on the upcoming casting call auditions. Thanks

  48. Jonnie Cancilla

    I have a 15 month old son Nico he would be a great baby gap model. I have pictures of him in adorable gap clothing. Everywhere we go people always stop and compliment on how adorable he is and that he should be in baby modelling.
    Looking forward to 2013 casting call!!

  49. Helen

    I have two kids a girl who is 3 year old and a boy who is 9 month old they both are good looking kids. I will love to show them to GAP.

  50. Brittney

    I have the perfect kiddo for this! She’s 20 months old but is very advanced for her age and has the most unique personality I have ever seen in a child, especially her age!! People often stop us in the store to tell her how gorgeous she is and whenever I post even the lowest quality cell phone shots on Facebook, people always comment to ask if I edited her big blue eyes!! I would LOVE to submit her for this! Please send me any info if needed when the casting call begins!!

  51. Heavenly Nelson

    Hello my name is heavenly Nelson . I wanted to sign my child Kanye Poland up for modeling . It’s would be a blessing and a good thing. He is a happy baby and loves taking pictures . He will be 1 January 13th 2013 .

  52. Nancy Moody

    Hello, I have a 4 month old baby girl. Her name is Leilani and she loves the camera. She has that special “it”. I am sure she’ll be perfect for this casting. Once you see her you love her !

  53. Camry Caldwell

    I have a 2 year old son Quinton very handsome little boy he would be a great model for Gap, please email me back.

  54. Jamie Parham

    4 years old. beautiful smile. big personality

  55. mary joy t. asuncion

    My baby boy Jan Gariela Penino.

  56. Jaukesia

    I have a 4yr old son that loves to take pictures! When people see him they often call him “pretty”. He has dimples so he really attracts a lot of people. If anyone has any helpful information on how get him in the field of modeling would be greatly appreciated!

    1. grace

      I have a 4 and and a one year old who loves the camera and loves to be on stage and the spotlight of every thing . Please email me info of auditions and openings, we are in the sunny state of Florida.

  57. Shawna

    I love The Gap and Gap Kids. I have a adorable nephew who is 2 years old. He has long eyelashes, bright green eyes, dark brown curly hair that is past his shoulders. He would make the best baby gap model and I can’t wait to enter him into the GAP model search, I know he will amaze everyone with his huge smile, personality and charm.

  58. Carmen Cruz

    I have 5 beautiful babies from ages 6-5 months. Two girls 6 yr old Suki and 2 yr old Khylee, also three boys 5 yr old Skyler, 3 yr old Kamren and 5 month old Kayden. They all would be perfect models. They are funny, cute, sweet and have great smiles. I would love it if I can get the chance to show you.

  59. Tara

    My names Tara and I am twelve. I would love to model! I am 80 pounds and 4 foot 10. I’ve modeled for justice and I would love to model for gap. I also have curly hair thanks!

  60. Jen Gravis-Smith

    I have the most adorable baby girl. She is 9 months old and all smiles. I really want to get her involved in baby modeling and I think that The GAP baby model contest is a great opportunity for us both. Everyone that meets her tells me that she should be a baby model and I am going to do all I can to make it happen for her. Her name is Angel and she really is the most beautiful baby in the world. She also really loves to take pictures and never stops smiling which makes her perfect to model for Baby GAP or any other baby clothing store.

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