Strange Addiction now casting

Do you have a really, really strange addiction or an odd behavior? If so a TV show may be looking for you!

Are you looking for help in overcoming the strange addiction or whatever bad behavior you may have?

Are you living with a strange obsessive or compulsive behavior? Do you feel like this odd behavior controls your life, finances, or time/energy?

If so, let us know, we can help!

A major cable network is searching for men and women who would like to share the stories of their strange obsessions and compulsions and seek help. This program provides an opportunity for you to explore your behavior and how it has been impacting your life, as well as the lives of those around you. All participants will receive professional medical and/or psychological consultations and insights as part of this program, as best suits your need.

If you or someone you know could benefit from help in overcoming a strange behavior, please send the following information to
Current Photo
Brief description of behavior

Please write in soon, as available spots are filling up quickly. We hope to hear from you and appreciate you sharing your story with us!

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