Shake It Up – Disney 2012

Shake it UP is a Disney Channel show that casts extras and guest stars to appear on the series.

This is actually the 3rd Disney channel show to follow the format of a show within a show. The others are ‘Sonny with a Chance’ and of course, ‘The Famous Jett Jackson’. Both those shows are about another show just like ‘Shake it Up’.

Shake It Up is about BFF’s CeCe Jones and Raquel β€œRocky” Blue. The pair makes their dreams come true when they land on Shake it Up, a popular dance show that they really wanted to be on.

Now, the fame of being dancers on ‘Shake It Up’ puts their relationships to the test as they juggle their friendship and new found fame on a dance set.

The show just began airing its second season and we all hope they get renewed for a third so more people can get cast as extras, background actors and guest stars.

Shake It Up! casting information:
The show cast the following actors as starring and recurring

The following are the main cast:
Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones
Zendaya as Rocky Blue
Davis Cleveland as Flynn Jones
Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue
Adam Irigoyen as Deuce Martinez
Kenton Duty as Gunther Hessenheffer
Caroline Sunshine as Tinka Hessenheffer

The following actors are recurring roles that may not appear in every episode:

R. Brandon Johnson as Gary Wilde
Anita Barone as Georgia Jones
Carla Renata as Marcie Blue
Buddy Handleson as Henry
Ainsley Bailey as Dina Garcia

The show is set in Chicago and Disney even did a crossover episode with their other hit show ‘Good Luck Charlie’.

The show was very well received at its debut and it was said to have the highest viewership of any Disney TV show for a premier.

The ‘Shake it Up’ album is also available with songs from the series, Shake It Up: Break It Down. The album for the show was released on July 12, 2011.

Selena Gomez sang the title song ‘Shake it Up’.

Stay tuned for the next season of ‘Shake it Up’ to find out where casting calls and auditions for the show will be!

249 thoughts on “Shake It Up – Disney 2012

  1. Samm

    I would also like to add… I’m thirteen years old, and about five feet tall. Just saying! πŸ˜€

  2. Samm

    Hey! Omg, I really want to be on Shake It Up! I love to dance, act, and make people laugh! My family and friends say I’m a good actor, and a lot of people comment on my youtube videos saying I should be on Shake It Up! I agree… lol. it would be my dream to be on a dancing show!!!! πŸ˜€

  3. hi im zoe i live in miami florida everyday im in the computor looking for auditions i am 5 feet and 3 inches i am 11 im pretty tall im a good dancer and actress singer so please can you give me a message i hope im your person to pick

  4. Alante

    hi my name is alante i would love to be on any acting show on disney channel my life long dream is to become a famous dancer/actor im the best dancer in my neighborhood i am also a great actor so please! email me if your interested.

  5. Lindsey Gonzales

    Hi! My names Lindsey Gonzales, im blonde, blue eyed, love dancing, love shake it up, I’m pretty good at acting! I hope I can come audition! Email me please all the information! Please and thanks! πŸ™‚

  6. Maya Howard

    Hi my name is Maya Howard and I am 16 years old and live in New York City . I have been danicing since the age of five and I would like to informed on auditions in New York please contact me through my email I gave you

    Thank You for your time

  7. Tiffani

    My name is Tiffani and I am 9 years old! I have ALWAYS wanted to be on Shake It Up, I would love to meet the cast and mostly want to meet Zendaya and Bella! I’m a good dancer and a pretty good actress and i’ve only had 1 dance class! I have 2 step sisters and 1 of them is always dancing and is a AWESOME actress! I would love to be an actress please email me back ! Thank you so much ! Please teach me how to dance Bella and Zendaya!!!! πŸ™‚ I <3 SHAKE IT UP!!! πŸ™‚

  8. I love to make people laugh shake it up is so awesome I think Ty duese Flynn and Henry r cool I’ve always wanted to be a actor jake age 10

  9. Natasha Gebreselassie

    Hi my name is Natasha Gebreselassie I am 11 years old and I would love to be on shake it up !!!

    My skills: I can play a little bit of the recorder , I dance salsa , hip hop, chutney/ reggae

    I love shake it up!!!! I am the best dancer !!!!!

  10. Dara Yates

    And I have white skin and I can look youger or older. I can wear glasses or contacts.

  11. Dara Yates

    My name’s Dara Yates and I would LOVE to be on Shake It Up! I’m 11 years old and I love acting and dancing. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I’m 4 feet and 10 inches.I’ve done several theater camps and a few years of ballet.I can pick up on choreography quickly and i weigh about 80 pounds.

  12. Archana Maya Priefer

    I love to dance and i always have.I could even be Zendayas long lost sister πŸ™‚
    Age: 11 (3/27/2001) (I Look Like Im 13)
    Height: 5’0?
    Eye Color: Brown
    Weight: 1.05
    Hair Color: Brown/Red/Blonde
    Race: Indian (Tan Skin)
    Shoe Size: 7.0 (And Counting)
    Shirt Size: Xs
    You can find me on facebook at
    Archana Maya Priefer

  13. William Young

    Hi Im William Young. I think I Am Worthy of Being an Actor on the show because:
    I have been in 4 plays in my Elementary School Years. I am Very Polite. I act greatly. I have been told by people who don’t even know me that I am a good actor. I am Smart. I am Learning Spanish. I am Good at computer work (If that helps with any technical work) Here is some Information:
    Full Legal Name: William Gilbert Young
    Age: 13 (2/23/1999)
    Height: 5’8″
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Weight: 175
    Hair Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Shoe Size: 12.5 (And Counting)
    Shirt Size: XL
    find me on Facebook at William G. Young.
    Thank You for taking the time to look at my responce application. If you already filled positions I will be happy to be switch for a different show you may have for me or none at all. You also have my permission to send this to any other television station hirirng.

  14. keanna

    I would love to be on shake it up Chicago I could act like Cece dance like Cece and act like rocky and dance like rocky and its fun when I show my family a Dance that I either made up or just dancing a shakeit up up dance my favorite shake it up song it dance for life

  15. kelana

    Hi im kelana and im a great singer,dancer,and actor I have the most funniest family ever we need money badley so I love acting because its really fun to meet no people please give me a call please

  16. monique valdepena

    hi i am 14 years old. my life has always been about dancing and singing. when i heard that shake it up was going to be on disney channel i was happy. i thought these people are just like me they want to be on a dancing show. the way how you guys dance is aswome. i have always loved to do hip pop dance i think to myself that would be cool if i can be on a dancing show to. my other thing is sing. i love to just show how good i can sing. i like how the videos come out. also that u are finally someone.

  17. Camille Hadley

    Hi my name is Camille I am in 5th grade and 11 I am a really good dancer I know like every dance to shake it up! I make sure I never miss one ever!!

  18. heaven

    i am heaven calliens i am 10 years old i am 4feet tall i am a telented person i act sing dance and i am a athlete i do my best to complete what i start i am the best kid talented u will ever see and i hope you like me love heaven calliens and i am smart and cute πŸ˜‰

  19. Miriam Tshihamba, Ella Thomas

    My Bff Ella and i want to be on this show please have auditions soon

    1. heaven

      i am ready for this auditions

  20. Margarita

    Hi I always loved to watch shake it up I always wanted to be in a Disney Channel show. I love to dance i dance to the radio and the Kinect 360 i’m 12 i’m gonna turn 13 in December. I love your show it’s funny and awesome.Please pick me oh and i love to sing and dance.

  21. Andis

    Hello it has always been my dream to be on tv and just thinking about that I might be up there gives me tinkles

  22. ilove shake it up if i don’t make it i am going to be ok

  23. Lisa teah

    Hi my name is Lisa I am 12 years old and I’m about to turn 13 in April 30 2012 I think you guys should pick me because I would make a great audation to the cast and I have no exsipirnce in acting but I know a lot about acting and I love to dance and act it would mean so much to me if you guys picked me <3

    1. lauren esteves

      hey my names lauren and im turning 15 on the 2nd march 2012, i am a big fan of disney channel and love acting so much. I always practice in my room, i would love to be able to be on one of your shows! its a dream come true. thankyou!! i would be so happy if you let me have the chance!!<3x

  24. gracie houck

    Hi, i`m gracie and i`ll be turning 11 in august of 2012. I have a record of high in dancing because i learn really fast and i`ve danced for three years in a row. I`m a real big fashionista i`m learning to play piano and flute. I hope i make it . I love your show. Bye

  25. tredeon barbary

    im very high in actin and very likeable

  26. salut moi c’est Laury j’ai beaucoup de talents j’adore danser est encore plus les danses de Shake it up j’adore cette sΓ©rie sa serais une joie de faire partie de la sΓ©rie de Shake it up, je ne loupe pas un seul Γ©pisode c’est super bien est sa serais un grand onneur de danser au cote de Bella et Zendaya,j’ai beaucoup d’energie,elle sont trop marantes ces mes idoles j’aierais passer l’audition pour jouer dans la serie pour la 3Γ©me saison il me tarde trop de voir si je suis prise ou pas merci
    de me repondre a mon adresse e-mail pour savoir comment passer l’audition j’attend avec hate !

  27. Je m’appelle laury j’ai 10 ans j’aimerais passer l’audition pour jouer dans la serie shake it up je suis tres m’ottivΓ© est je suis une tres bonne danseuse voila merci

  28. terrell redding

    Another thing I love to when knew episodes come out and dance like today a new episode when she copy cece great so bye guys

  29. terrell redding

    I am Terrell 10 years old and love shake it up I love just dancing and being in camera and showing what I can do so please please pick me so I can show you I will love to be able to see a show I love and famous people so OK bye

  30. Kaileah Green

    Hi , my name is Kaileah Green im 14 & i live in New York ! I’ve always wanted the be on Shake It Up! My talent is Theatre & im also into dancing πŸ™‚ please contact me via email

  31. remi griffin

    My name is remi and I love to dance. I love to work with others and I can sing a little. I love to be on camera and I can act. Thank you and have a blessed day.

  32. Halle McCloskey

    Halle Rose is the name, im 18 years old ready to join the Disney Channel family. I am very active, high spirited, bubbly, and very petite! I am 4ft 9in 87 pounds. please give me a chance to show you what i can do !

  33. Mirrin Cummings

    Hey!! I’m Mirrin and I’m a 12 year old girl who absolutely loves loves LOVES acting and dancing and it is all I want to do with my life and I am literally willing to live in a homeless shelter if it would mean I could e an actress and live put my dream. I have red hair which is about mid-long If that makes sense lol! I am slim well at least I think that’s what you call it :L I have green eyes , pale White skin and quite a lot of freckles as I am from Scotland! So I am a red head with freckles! True Scot!! Lol x I hope you pick me cause I would really love to have this opportunity!! x thanks πŸ™‚

  34. my name is reyanna dorville i’m 12 years old, i think i would be great because i love funky styles i’m easy going fun to work with and just make every step of the way enjoyable whatever you want me to do i can do it sing,dance and act please give me a chance and it might even be the best chance you ever made.

    1. steph

      hi im steph and i’m 14 years old, i have been dancing since i was 5, ballet tap freestyle and i love hip hop. i am a really good actor too!! such a drama queen!! i would love to live my dream of being famous on shake it up πŸ™‚ i really hope you choose me i would not let you down!!! x

  35. I like SHAKE IT UP in my dreams
    it is very funny

    1. love ALL DISNEY SHOWS!
      IM 18YRS OLD

  36. Mariah

    Hi! (: I’m Mariah and i’m turning 12 this June. I’d absolutely love to be on Shake It Up, even if I would be an extra. I’ve bee dancing since I was 3, so i’ve taken hula and hiphop. I’ve watched every episode of Shake It Up and to e honest, alot of my friends and people say I look like Zendaya and that’s always been so cool for me (: I’m a great dancer and a singer. I would honestly be blessed to be on Shake It Up with Bella and Zendaya. I really hope you consider picking me! thanks & God Bless!(:

  37. Ashley

    Hi,My name is Ashley I’m 14. And I love to dance that has just been something that I’m naturally good at I suppose. Only because my mother has a dancing background with her so it just shed on me. But acting came along when I met my best friend Emily we would reenact literally anything on tv. I love watching her facial expressions and she always loved mine. Well I really do hope I get a chance for this audition. I just feel like this show would really just suit me.

  38. Ephraim Hall

    I’m 18, Really Talented Dancer, Artist, And Sing Sometimes, Hoping I Could Be On The Show As Roshon Fegan as Ty Blue Big Brother (Just An Idea). But I Believe I Can Bring An New Dancer And Actor To The Show. I Would Love Information For The Show.

  39. fatima

    Hi my name is Fatima i’m full of life when i grow up i want to be a actress i love dancing especally hip-hop and comtemporary.And Bella Thorne and Zendaya are my idol it would be a honor to meet them usally my friends compare me lot’s to Zendaya

    1. fatima

      you guys can contact me with my e-mail please don’t send me a e-mail if it is spam mail thanx

  40. Nikola

    Hey!! My name is Nikola and i’m 13 years old!
    I love acting and dancing, because it is so much fun always and i can’t go a day without doing that. Everyone says that i’m good at it too πŸ™‚ And i have always wanted to be on TV! I’m from Europe, but my english is really good. Shake it up is my favourite show and one day a hope to be on Shake It Up together with Bella and Zendaya!

  41. Hey!! My name is Nikola and i’m 13 years old.
    I love acting and dancing, because it is so much fun always and i can’t go a day without doing that. Everyone says that i’m good at it too πŸ™‚ And i have always wanted to be on TV! I’m from Europe, but my english is really good. Shake it up is my favourite show and one day a hope to be on Shake It Up together with Bella and Zendaya!

  42. kalia owens

    Hi!! Im Kalia
    I believe I should be on this show.
    Im a freshman cheerleader, and I sing in my schools choir. Dancing is my life, and I love it with a passion. This is exactly the type of show I would love to be on. I hope I made an impression.?

  43. kalia owens

    I believe you should pick me because Im really talented. I am a freshman cheerleader, and I sing in my schools choir. This has always been my dream to be on a show exactly like this. Dancing is my life, and I love it with a passion. I really hope I made an impression.


    i can definitly dance . last week i got a phone call from the barbizon model\actress agency and i have an audition for them february 18th at 12:30 and i can sing opera i am 14 years old and the people love me ,, and im very funny from others people perspective

  45. Alyah Williams name is Alyah.williams i am 15 yrs old turning 16 in december.i would love to be on you guys show. i’ve been dancing, cheerleading, and singing for 4 years or less. i woukld really like it and enjoy being on the show. Theres a first time for everything.
    alyah willims

  46. Ashley Williams name is Ashley and i am 13 years old i would love it if i could be on your show. I have cheered and danced for 4 years and i would love to dance with you guys!

  47. Alyssa Smedes

    Hi! I never win anything! I just wish I could atleast be able to meet my favorite stars! πŸ™ please oh please pick me! HERO may not be the best dancer but I would still love to atleast meet them for one second!! πŸ™ please oh please pick me!!

  48. quadir shedrick

    my name is quadir shedrick i am 11 years old and i would love to be on your show wizards of waverly place please pick me i can be reached

  49. Greg Nash

    Ay I’m Greg and I 15 and I want to be on Shake it Up because I think I would be good at this and it’s the show I want to be in.

  50. Kaleah G. Boyd

    Hello my name is Kaleah Gloria Boyd,I Would love to be on shake it up. It is my dream to act on Disney Channel. I would love to meet and work with Bella Thorne Zendaya. If accepted, I would become a great asset to the Disney Channel.

  51. katelyn


    1. Edward Melnyk

      Hi! my name is Edward Melnyk and i am really funny. It is my dream to star in shake it up. I would love to meet davis cleveland. it would mean everything to me if you accepted me as a shake it up member. i am 9 years old and a really good singer and dancer. please email the awnser if you accept me.

  52. katelyn

    dream:to be on shake it up!
    my favrotie character is rocky blue πŸ™‚
    for the show shake it up

  53. hi am 14 years old ,i love acting in front of a live audience and tv.i am easy to work with any where and am good at making people laugh.this is a great opportunity to show the world my acting talent.i have been auditioning for many tv shows on disney all my life and i hope i would be lucky on this one.thank u,i love shake it from Nigeria.

  54. Kristen Eifert

    hey iam kristen πŸ™‚ shake it up is a really fun show the dancing is amazing i would LOVE to beon Shake it up!!!

  55. Ashley

    Also, a little more info…
    -I have brown very, very short “boy hair”…
    -I have green eyes
    -I am 91 pounds
    -I am “5”ft “2”in
    -I am going to L.A. in Febuary from my little Oregon town
    -I am causian
    -I have an autisic brother
    -I am an active person
    -My favorite subject in school is Drama Class

  56. Ashley

    Hi my name is Ashley, I am 12 years old, I have been singing and dancing since I was five and I am pretty good at it (even though one girl at school thinks her moves are better when all she does is sway). I have always wanted my face to be shown on TV and be known. Right now I am not the most popular, and if I was on shake it up, I might become popular and famous. I have a great voice and I hope to share my voice and dsnce with all of you some day and my dreams will finally come true. Thanx -Ashley (future singer and dancer)

  57. Danelle Jackson

    Hi my name is Danielle im13 and I think I need to be on Tv becouse my mom and dad are not to together no more and acting makes me me and Im not the best but you will be happy to have me if knew me I’m tall and will my number is 353-8963.I will be so happy to be on Tv. I love shake it up by

  58. Hey , I’m Emilija im turning to 13 this February. I can sing , also i play with piano and im learning to play guitar.Onse i had a chanse to try , but it didnt work out , so i really hope i could try again in shake it up or even in ANT farm..

  59. I am a very talented person who has a great deal of ambition and strives to pursue my
    goals. I have strong leadership skills and a ton of energy to work. I also have strong organizational skills and ability to work in a team and also know that I could highlight multiple areas of my talent to work. I would greatly appreciate this opportunity.

  60. Cody

    Hi my name is Cody I am an outstanding dancer with choreography and have won many dance offs and would be honored to be on your show

    1. Cody

      Forgotten to mention I’m 15 Years old

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