‘Pair of Kings’ Disney XD Auditions

Auditions for Disney Shows in 2012 – A Pair of Kings – Disney XD

The teen series ‘Pair of Kings’ is now in its second season. The show ‘Pair of Kings’ aires on the Disney XD channel and the series is aimed at tweens and teens.

Pair of Kings 2012 tryouts

It’s A Laugh Productions has just created its second season of the Disney XD show “Pair of Kings”. The show, when in production will be casting extras and guests for the comedy series.

“Pair of Kings” is about 2 twin brothers. Brady (Mitchel Musso) and Boomer (Doc Shaw), twins that are raised by an aunt and uncle who come to find out that they are heirs to the throne of some island in Polynesia.

The twins relocate to the island and become joint kings. Through this whole process, their lives change dramatically and the twins learn to cope with those changes and the social changes that came along with the move and their new roles.

“Pair of Kings” was created by Dan Cross and David Hoge. Disney XD is part of the Disney Channel network of programs and the show is broadcast in many countries including Spanish language countries, Asia and the UK.

The main characters in ‘A Pair of Kings’ are

  • Mitchel Musso as Co-King Brady King of Kinkow
  • Doc Shaw as Co-King Boomer King of Kinkow
  • Kelsey Chow as Mikayla Makoola
  • Ryan Ochoa as Lanny
  • Geno Segers as Mason Makoola

There are also supporting actors and guests that appear on the show.

The following companies handle the casting call for ‘Pair of Kings’ as well as other Disney and Disney XD TV shows. If you want to be considered for the show please mail your information to the casting directors below. Please note that extras casting does not take mail submissions and you will need to call Central Casting to find out what to do.

Sheryl Levine
Pair of Kings Casting
1438 N. Gower Street
Building 62
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Extras for Disney Channel and Disney XD Pair of Kings
Central Casting
220 S. Flower Street
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 562-2755

25 thoughts on “‘Pair of Kings’ Disney XD Auditions

  1. Taylon Tyson

    Hi im 15 turning 16 on April 27 2014 and I really
    like Disney. I watch it at least 1 hour a day
    and I figured if I watch Disney everyday
    and love acting why not try to act as a
    professional and tell the story of a Disney
    channel show as a young actor thank you:)

  2. Hey so I want to join the cast of pair of kings. I’m 5ft. tall, I’m 12 years old and I’m turning 13 on October 14. I’m from Quezon City, Philippines, Asia. My full name is Danica Therese Nieves Jacob but I want you to call me Rese Jacob. I like music, I love to sing, my favorite band is Big Time Rush, obviously I’m a rusher, i just audition in Camp Rock 3: Live in Music so I hope you pick me to be part of the pair of kings cast. oh and by the way my…
    Hair Color: Black
    skin tone: slightly light
    Eye color: Black
    Voice tone: Alto 1, Soprano 2
    Gender: Female
    If ever i will pick my role: Princess Brooke, sister of Kings Brady and Boomer
    Favorite color: Vilueink (VIolet, blUE, pINK)
    so I hope you like my bio data and pick me.
    I love pair of kings!

  3. amanda hense

    I love pair of kings and this is who I am.

    Age: 19
    eyes: blue
    hair:dirty blonde
    wears glasses, girl type: girly girl, favorite color: pink, likes music

  4. issy modd

    I’m 13 this March and I’m moving to Texas. I can sing and act. Are there any casting calls after that, btw I’m moving from Australia – thanks bye – oh and I adore and obsess over Mitchel Musso 🙂

  5. Alexandra/ allie

    I’m a 12 1/2 yr old who’s been dreaming about being an actor since I was a young girl. I can sing, dance, play guitar, and play violin. I’m blonde and 5′ tall. I’m in 7th grade and go to Marvin M. Sedway MS. I took dance lessons when I was young and taught myself more over the years. Let me know if I even have a chance.

  6. monica

    My son David is about to be 13. He has wanted to be an actor since he was young. I Would love to see this dream come true for him. He has been in hill fire…our local art counsel play several times.

  7. Brevin

    Hey actually I went to Disney Castings in Florida and was told by one of the ladies at the desk. Who I asked for an audition form I had star potential of a Disney Character and could rise above it. She told me I could make my dreams come true if I work hard enough.

    I’ve been in school plays from 3rd grade to my current grade of 10th grade which I’ll be in this school year. I have been main characters and important minor characters everywhere . Im easy to get along with do sports, speech and debate club, and probably everything else.

    Age: 15
    DOB: June 15, 1997

    I’m a slightly darker caramel tone who’s skinny with a muscular build. I’ve studied martial arts from a young age and then adapted it into my own style. My hair style is a Mohawk and the color of it is black, no hair dye. I’m multitalented and would be honored to get onto Disney or DisneyXD

  8. lama alpha

    moi aussi, je voudrais etre sur paire de rois ou shak it up mais je suis au gabon j’aime fair la commedie avec mais s’amie je rigol,je passe la moitier de mon temps a regarde les series disney et je me dit pouquoi pas moi et depuie je cherche auditions

  9. Tyree Rush

    I would LOVE to be on Pair of Kings! Last year, I went to a live taping of the Pair of Kings episode “Cooks can be Decieving.” It was Amazing! So if I had a chance to go back and actually be ON THE STAGE, that would be more amazing! Please reply back, I’d love to be on my favorite show.-Tyree Rush

  10. Phoebe Williams

    My name is PHOEBE WILLIAMS and I’ve always wanted to be an actress it was always my dream and it would make my m0m proud and maybe I get a chance to show people that I can do it…!

  11. Phoebe Williams

    I’ve always wanted to be an actress it was always my dream and it would make my m0m proud and maybe I get a chance to show people that I can do it…!

  12. Martin Moti

    Hi im martin from Australia but my mom is American my dad got a new job so we moved to south africa and i love pair of kings i would like to be on the show and i beat my life that if u were 2 see me act u would want me on the show.

  13. jessica

    Hi! I’m Jessica and I’m a big fan of Pair of Kings and would love to be on the show!

    1. jessica

      Some background knowledge I know about filming are the green screen and imovie. I have personally used the green screen and have been in a filmaking summer camp. I am also in my school’s tv broadcast.

  14. aist

    my stage name is aist but my true name is ryan i’ve been in loads of plays and think i need to move to tv im 12 years old and i really need this my careers hit a bump in the road and this would be the thing i need i love acting and as a performing artist a one the first talent show i was ever in and my career went up from there ever since i came to secondary school i’ve hit a bump so please this would be a blessing of a life time

    let me tell u about me
    bajan/from barbados
    12years old

    yours sincerely ryan

  15. jermannie burcell

    hello my name is Jermannie I have never missed one episode of pair of kings and I am not shy of ordience and it will be a honoured to be on the show and have always dreamed of being on pair of kings and I’m so talented and when I’m watching pair of kings I pray to be on it and my best characters are lanny and brady

    1. jermannie burcell

      and please may you give me a chance

  16. Nicole

    Hi, My name is Nicole. My family and friends call me Neeka. I love to act and I sing a little. I love Pair of kings, i really like Mitchell, he’s my favourite actor. And my role model is Kelsey Chow. About me:

    Age: 18
    Height: 5’3 1/2
    Weight: 110
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

  17. zack schick

    me and my brother are 12 year old twins and we love the show it is awesome! we were so excited when it started we were thinking that we could maybe be a guest we don’t have to be a huge part(but that would be really really awesome)we don’t have that much experience we have only been in one play and it was so fun and we like to act and it would be even cooler to act with two awesome ninja twins like us! sorry if this is a lot i am just realy hoping to do this.

    1. zack shick

      sorry our last name is shick sorry i was in a hurry lol

  18. Jake

    I would like to act, I`ve been lead in my school play and I am a very good public speaker. I won`t have any problems with audience.

  19. nicole

    i want to be an actress but i want 2 wait like mabey like may 2012 i really want 2 act i love acting

  20. michelle adams

    my little girl Cierra Adams is a huge fan of china ann mclain (and she thinks flecher is cute) she is an amazing singer please prank my daughter

  21. Todd Burnett

    I would like to be considered to be on Pair of Kings even if it is just as an extra or some very small part like that it would still be very cool and I would really appreciate it.

  22. Justins and Tims mom

    My 2 boys are also twins and they love the show. I want to get them onto Disney or Nickelodeon soon. They are both talented musicians and have started their own band. My son Tim is a great singer and my other son Justin plays guitar, drums and the piano. They are more talented than any kids I see and want them to follow their dreams.

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