Nickelodeon How To Rock

Nickelodeon just introduced a new show to its line up called ‘How To Rock’. How To Rock stars Cymphonique Miller as a school girl turned singer.

Cymphonique is no newcomer to showbiz. She is the daughter of a successful music producer, Percy Miller and has been performing for a long time. Cymphonique has performed with many music acts and singers including including Romeo, JoJo, Raven-Simone, and Ashley Tisdale.

How To Rock is about Kacey (Cymphonique Miller) a school aged girl whose life changes as soon as she gets braces and becomes unpopular because of her new look. The TV series is based on a popular book series called ‘How to Rock Braces and Glasses’.

Now that Kacey is no longer in with the popular crowd, she needs to find something to fill her time with. She finds that she is a great singer and takes on music. She forma a band with other school mates. A band vs. band rivalry appears as Cymphonique’s old friends also form a band and the bands end up battling each other.

The show uses extras for its episodes. To become an extra on ‘How To Rock’ you will need to register with some background agencies that accept child talent. Since many extras on shows are actually very young looking adults, you can register with a background casting agency like Central Casting if you are over the age of 18.

Nickelodeon auditions and castings 2013

Another way to get into the show is to be in the studio audience, even though the studio audience is not filmed and will not be shown on TV, It could be a fun experience to see your favorite Nickelodeon stars live and you will not need to audition or tryout to do it. Tickets for live shows like ‘How To Rock’ are usually given away for free – Free tickets to Nickelodeon How To Rock.

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  1. I’m Kiara and I’ve been acting for a while now. I’ve been in drama and I love being different characters. I am 15 years old and I have a great personality. I love to sing, so please contact me for anymore more questions thank you! 😀

  2. Hello,
    My name is Thomas Brown and I am 14 years old. I am from Tampa, Florida/ Battle Creek, Michigan. I am 5″9′ with brown hair/brown eyes.I have been in over 10 productions in Florida/Michigan/Texas. For more info and resume please contact me.

  3. Zoie

    Hey! Im Zoie. I am 13 years old, with brown eyes and brown hair. I am really tan, and have a gret personality. Ive been wanting to act since I was at lest 7. I will go over the top to prove that I am good for this part. Please contact me at my email for anymore questions. Also i dont live near LA, or Hollywood.? Please respond, and Thank you for reading!!!!(:

  4. Antonella

    Hi I’m antonella and I’m 11 years old I can pass for a 12 year old. I have long straight brown hair with blonde steaks hazel eyes and I’m 4’7″ and im 67lbs. I live near LA. plz, I wanna be on victorious the One direction show and all the rest. I can sing dance and act.

  5. hi,my name is Ashley Taylor.I am 12 yrs. old.And i love your show How To Rock!! you guys are very funny!! I am really looking forward to getting choosen.I am a good singer and a FANTASTIC actress!!! It would be a dream come true and a blessing!!!

  6. LIBOS Coraline

    my name is Coraline LIBOS I am a young 13 year old French from Martinique. I love the world of music and comedy is a true passion for me! Hearing I live my dream because of my favorite chain NICKELODEON!!! Go big kiss french!

  7. Melissa

    Hi! My name is Melissa. I am 10 years old. I love acting and singing. Being on How to Rock would mean everything to me. I have been watching Nickelodeon for a while now. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you so much,

  8. LIBOS Coraline

    my name is Coraline LIBOS. I am a young 13 year old French from Martinique. I am passionate about the world of music as well as that of the comédie. I would love to live in this world, until I look at my chain and imagine myself – go!! French kisses!!

  9. Shannon

    I would love to be Stevie’s little sister , I could totally pass as it , or Molly’s . I love acting and have been in many acting experiences it would be my dream!!!

  10. Kristina Servantez

    My name is Kristina I am 14 years old. I am white and have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’3 100 lbs. I think I might have ‘the look’ for a Nickelodeon or Disney Channel show. I’m very outgoing with a bubbly personality. I would love to be a part of this show. I think I would fit it pretty well. My dream is to be an actress and this is a perfect opportunity.

  11. Diana Chang and Nina Benedetti

    Diana is 13 and Nina is 14 in 2012. I think that Diana and Nina got what it takes to be on How to Rock. Diana has been to a casting audition before and they said that they never saw anyone with that much confidence but she speaks fast sometimes. Diana can sing, play music, and Dance. She is in chorus for four years. She took dance lessons before like ballet and performing arts. Diana was in a Thanksgiving Play in 1st grade, in second grade she was in Going Buggy which is another play. Diana is a first violinist in 7th and 8th grade Orchestra. She can play a little bit of the flute, guitar, cello, and drums. Diana also can play the xylophone. Diana had a singing solo at the Pennsylvania’s Quadrangle in 4th grade. She also got a violin solo in 4th grade. Nina on the other hand she has done recordings before. She says that she did it a lot. She started write songs in second grade. She also started writing music for the violin in fifth grade. Diana can speak chinese, she also does gymnastics, and she did field hockey. She has one chinese trophy, five gymnastics trophies, and three ballet trophies. Diana has also taught chinese before. Nina plays guitar, banjo, violin, piano/keyboards, teaches violin lessons, i sing, write her own songs, play in a band, she and Diana write their own lyrics, and play some bass guitar and drums. She entered the american songwriter competition,and she is working on trying to get a song into the hunger games. She was also the concert mistress for orchestra in middle school. Nina is in chorus for 5 years and she is continuing chorus in high school. Nina has done acting before. Nina was on Gold Team in 8th grade (a service based club. you have to be physically fit and get good grades and help make a school a better place). In school Diana’s 7th grade english teacher helps the class with improvisation. In that class Diana and her team did several of these “comersials” (never was on tv cause they were fake products). Diana can improv really good. One time she and her team had to do this potato museum and she improv all the way. Diana and Nina all have averages of A’s and B’s. They both are on honnor roll for middle school. Diana and Nina are always outgoing and she always have a smile on her face. They are both fun to be with and they really hope that they can be on how to rock.

  12. David

    Hey mate!. I’m David from Columbus, OH. 18 but EVERYONE THINKS I’m 15 due to how I look, I’m 5’11, African American, brown eyes, black hair. I’m a Model for John Casablanka and Stone Model Management, also Calvin Klein. I’ve been acting as well for years now and its become a passion for me. I also play guitar, sing and play drums. I watched how to rock a lot, I love how its focused on music and peoples talents, which I’d love to offer my own if I may, and I think it would be a huge honor to be featured on the show with the cast. THANKYOU!

  13. Lily Mae

    Hey,people say i can pass as Kasey’s cousin almost sister. i would love to be with the all those hotties on set.

  14. jaylen harris

    hey I’m 8 years old in 4 months I’m gonna be 9 and I’m good at piano, a little bit good at drums, some guitar. I’m not that good at rembering my lines. I’m extreamly talented and I would do anything to be discovered.

    1. jaylen harris

      an I live in T.X

  15. chayon

    Wasup how to rock im 12 years old going to be 13 in oct 14. my hight is 5’1 i have seen sime of ur shows i live them i wish u guys let people from mp mn try out for ur show well ill send pics if i an hope u get this -shay oo yha i can sing a little its not great but its something

    1. chayon

      Hope i make it

  16. Hi my name is gavin benfield im from pembroke pines florida i have dark brown hair green eyes im a singer and actor im 13 years old i have been preforming since 6 and it would be a dream to on how to rock please consider me to be on the show thanks for your time.

  17. Kaitlyn

    i’m a really good actress singer and would LOVE to be on how to rock

  18. Regina

    Hey there! My name’s Regina, I’m 15 years old. Eyes: hazel brown. Hair: reddish brown, little wavy, long. Weight: 99 lbs. Height: 5 feet. Good body shape. Good clothing style. I can do anything you need, I’m easy to teach, and I had experience in many different things (mostly art). I’ve been dancing basically all my life. I do many different types of dances. I started when I was about 5 and I took just regular dance classes. When I was like 7 I did gymnastics for 1 year. Then I did a little bit of ballroom dancing in 3rd and 4th grades. After that from 5th to 8th grades I went to a professional ballet school. We had different types of dance classes included in our learning programm, but the main one was ballet. We had 1.Acrobatics 2. Contemporary dance 3. National Ukrainian dance 4. Modern dance. Now I left that school and went to another one. Right now I’m doing hip-hop, jazz-fank (just a little) and contemporary dance. Plus, I sing a lot(and I think pretty good). I play piano (by myself, without a tutor) and I’m planning on learning to play guitar and drums this year. + I know 3 languages fluently, I do a little of translating for foreigners in my country. Oh, btw, i took a little acting lessons for 1 year also. So…… I’m a person of art, and I love being busy all the time. I am a very hard worker, so if you think you have a good spot for me, I am happy to do that. Waiting and praying for your reply! Thank you. God bless!!

  19. Naomi Morgan

    Hi my name is Naomi , I’m 5’7 and im 13 Years old,
    i have had a chance to study in CTA academy but didn’t go because of financial difficulty. Acting has been a huge part of my life and runs in the family. I attend saturday acting school and i’ve grown much confidence , if you give me the chance to audition for this part i assure you , you will not regret it for a second
    please contact me.

  20. Samuel Choe

    My name is Samuel Choe. I am 5’2 and 16 years old. I speak korean, spanish, and english. And for music Sing Jazz, Blues, Ballads, and Pop. I participate in my school’s show choir

  21. Kaila

    Hi, my name is kaila, i love acting, its like the place where i belong. I’m 14 going to be 15 in October and i am 5’7 or 5’8.
    i have brunette hair with hazel/brown eyes.

  22. Jasmin Ramos

    Hey beautiful people! My name is Jasmin Ramos. Im 17 years old and I’m from VA, although i’m currently live ing Guatemala! but if i ever got the oportunity to even audition, i’d fly out right away! I’m a very friendly, outgoing person. I love to make friends and make people feel good! Spread the love you know I absolutly love acting and theater. It’s just so cool to be able to make stories come to life and to be able to entertain and make people laugh. I also love singing. I sing all time. I’m that kind of girl that will make up a song about anything hahaha (yup, thanks to my dad! haha) I can’t see myself in a office (im noot lazy haha). I love being onstage making people happy Living here in Guatemala, i’ve gotten the amazing oportunity to sing and perform, my biggest event being 6,000 people, which for me was truly surreal and amazing! I also love dancing. I love seeing and doing choreographies! It’s so much fun I’m a determined person. i beleive in never giving up, no matter what! Having faith baby! Fame is cool, but i just love the feeling of beeing able to be someone else. Being able to make people happy with what we do, because truth is humanity loves entertainmente! hahaha Ever since i was little I’ve had the dream of waking up every morning and looking forward to going to work as something i love. I also have a diferente view on entertaining. I want to entertain people, but i also want people to know I’m diferente! I have cristian views and i want everytbody to see how God has gotten me so far
    So enough talking! hahhaha Bio:
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 118 (muscle included baby! hahah)
    Hair Color: Brown with black and red. haha yeah my hair is weird.
    Eye Color: Brown
    DOB: June 8 1994 Summer baby!!
    Skin Color: Fair
    I can speak english and spanish. I’ve also taken hiphop classes bakc in VA (so cool!) Im currently taking singing lessons! I have some experience acting by drama in high school. I also have som e experience playing guitar and took classes
    Hobbies: Acting, singing, dancing, basketball, song writing, improv, swimming, plating guitar, having fun!
    So whatever happens, im happy with it! my motto is Positivity always! You never lose anything trying right ! faith baby! Spread the love!

  23. Ija

    Hello , I’m 11 years old, I would like to be an actress and a singer when I’ll grow up , it’s my dream to be on nickelodeon or Disney channel . I live in the Netherlands and I can speak English and a little bit of Dutch ( Netherlands ) . My favorite shows on nickelodeon are : victorious , big time rush . My hair is brown but soon I’ll dye it light brown and red ( maybe ) , my eyes are brown and il 1.61 m tall . I hope you will pick me , to be honest I didn’t watch a lot of episodes of ” how to rock ” .

  24. malik

    i would love to be on how to rock because it has alot of sinnging it has alot of drama and comedy thats why i iove how to rock

  25. malik

    i would love to be on how to rock

  26. Ruth

    Uhmm, i come from Holland,
    and i am 14 years old…
    i love acting!
    but… i think you dont pick me,
    because my language is Dutch.
    but my grades are pretty high for English xd
    i got brown hair, and i am 1.70 long,
    me fav. show on Nickelodeon are BTR, Victorious and Icarly i think.

  27. Genesis Kelley

    My name is Genesis,I love to act and dance. I am 13 years old. I live in Vancouver Washington. I have dirty blond colored hair and I am 4’7 1/2. I am currently waiting to see if i have gotton in a peforming arts school, (Vancouver School of Arts and Acedemics)for Dance and Acting. I can play whatever role you give me, I always put in hard work plus 5 times more. When I was younger watched the Nick stars having fun on camera, and to live that would be amazing!I am looking forward into hearing from you!Have a nice day.

  28. Alex Matic

    my name is alex im 14 years old im 5’6. i have brown hair and green eyes and i have a passion for acting!. i dream of walking the red carpet, i dream of being in TV shows and movies and i dream of winning an Academy Award i would be great for any roles that you have for me. i can play any character and ace it just give me a chance and you will not be disapointed i promise 🙂

  29. Tonya

    Im tonya I’m 14 years old I’m 5’8″. Im blonde ,have blueish eyes,and a baby face. I I’m a very great actress I love this show ,and I am very funny I used to model I stopped when I was 12. I am very advanced for my age and believe I would fit in very well with the cast if your interested please email me.

  30. Tonya

    Im Tonya and I’m 14 years old I’m 5’8″. I’m a very great actress. I love this show and I am very funny. I used to model. I stopped when I was 12. I am very advanced for my age and believe I would fit in very well with the cast, if your interested please email me

  31. gianna

    My name is Gianna I am almost 13. I am an amazing actor. I would love too be on a tv show. Get back too me because i want an audition.

  32. Jazmyne Griffin

    I am seventeen year old, Jazmyne Griffin. I am experienced in acting,modeling,dancing and singing. I would the chance and the opportunity to become apart of Nick’s “How To Rock”. Ive commercials and plays and I would be honored to have that same chance and become apart of this show.
    Please email me the information, and I promise you, you wont regret it.

  33. Alishia


    I am called Alishia, I am 13 in May. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I am around 5ft 2 in height. I am incredibly mature for my age and I am confident and I can adapt to any situation thrown at me. I speak some Spanish and French and have 7 years experience of horse-riding. I can do karate as well. I have modelled once before when I was 11. Overall I believe I have what it takes to become the next biggest superstar. I take drama lessons at school. If interested please email me.

  34. Alishia


    I am called Alishia, I am 13 in May. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I am around 5ft 2 in height. I am incredibly mature for my age and I am confident and I can adapt to any situation thrown at me. I speak some Spanish and French and have 7 years experience of horse-riding. I can do karate as well. I have modelled once before when I was 11. Overall I believe I have what it takes to become the next biggest superstar

  35. Tyshon Nicholson

    My Name is Tyshon Nicholson. I am 10 years of age.I think I might be perfect for a role in How to rock. I was acting since first grade I also love acting at home when alone all i do is act. If you pick me i promise i will do my best in every thing i do so pick me.

  36. Bianca Giuliano

    hey, my name is Bianc. I’m 13 years old, people say I look like 14 or 15! about 5’0, 105 lbs long light brown hair, brown/hazel eyes. I’m half Italian and half french from montreal! i love to do any kind of performing! acting, singing, dancing and much more:) I’m very sweet and super duper fun and silly i love to dance around and laugh! I’ve been looking around for an acting job and How to rock seems perfect! e-mail me back if you guys are interested

  37. Shaunna

    I am 12 years old and want to be in this show can sing and has brown thick hair and awesme style

  38. curtisa

    Hi my name is Curtisa Wooden and I am 14 years old soon to 15 in April.I’m 5’3″I love to sing I have been a young actress at the Highlands Little Theatre for quite sometime.I play the piano and I am an excellent dancer.I work hard everday and I have accomplished so much and I would love to be on my favorite show How to Rock.So please contact me.

  39. Amanda

    Hi my name is Amanda. I love music and acting. I’m that person no one really knows. So it would be awesome to be picked! I’m 5 feet tall. I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, I’m 10 but I look 11 to 12. Hope you pick me!

  40. Mandy willard

    Hi my name ismandy Willard I am 12 and I thought it would be cool if the popular girls specifically the brown haired one I would want to act as a little sister I think this would be anazing from an audiences side of view if u r interesting please contact me. I have had lots of experience and I hope you consider this

  41. Camille Hadley

    Hi my name is Camille I am 11 years old 5’0″ I love to sing and act also dance this has always been my dream I have always looked but nothing has caught my eye and when I say this I knew I had to do something because this has always been a big dream of mine I practice everyday I love to practice and have fun when I act and sing and dance!! Also I know for sure that I KNOW HOW TO ROCK????

  42. aaliyah13

    My name is aaliyah I’m 5’4 Age:14 I love to dance,sing,act,&Play the piano I’m a funny person who loves to bright people day up I have wonderful Supporting friends&family I’m talented&I’ve done talent shows&Modeling,Photograph classes&Hip hop dance classes! I love fashion&I love to be creative I’ve been watching how to rock every since its been coming on. I’m mixed with black&Puerto rican I’m from chicago. I love writing songs&Singing for people me&My friends love to make videos&movies. I love music&I listen to all kinds R&B Hip Hop etc.. But I love to rock out a stage&get people into things&I know how to have a good time but when it comes to my work I’m serious But I can also be goofy..I love nickelodeon&Their tv shows&I won’t forget that I KNOW HOW TO ROCK <33
    -Aaliyah .H

  43. Alexandria Pratt

    Hey I Know How To Rock My Name is : Alexandria Pratt loves singing dancing listen to Little Miss Swagger and i love just being me 100% true I live In Freeport,Grand Bahama i love Cymphonique and i want to try out for this show i love it i have brown and gold hair and bright color

  44. Hello
    My Name is Andrea. I think Im a very
    good actor and would like to become one on the set of “How To Rock”. Can you please email me. This is my dream to become an actor on a nickledeon show.

  45. Taylor benton

    Hey! Im Taylor, Im 14 years Old. I LOVE this show, and id love to audition! you can contact me at

    please and thank you
    <3 Taylor Benton

  46. Erin McMillan

    Hi im erin mcmillan and i would love to be on how to rock because i have watched it and its an awesome show !!!! I dont have any experience though.

  47. Jessica Toyer

    Hello, I’m Jessica Toyer. I’m 13 soon to be 14 in April. I Love Sports except for hockey. I love being around people and most say I’m the life of the party. I act even with out knowing but would love to be a rapper. Being on this show would be a very great experience and hopefully a terrific job for years to come. I recently accidentally got my hair cut shoulder length but it should be back to normal soo. I am a rather light skinned African American. I am 5″6 1/2 and my eyes are a darkish brown. I look foward to working with the cast and would love to have a shot at stardom. P{lease Contact back and I have an Istagram @Rokafella854, a Twitter @Rokafella854 and a youtube- ItsTrulyYaGirlJessiT

  48. Leah

    Hi, My name is Leah, I’m 14 going on 15 in March. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 5’1″ and weigh 100 lbs. My family tells me i should be an actor because my personality fits it and they also tell me that im good at it! I am confident, funny, outgoing, talented, smart & athletic. I always love to joke around and be serious when needed. I absolutely love to act! I’ve always had an interest in acting. I enjoy acting, dancing, baking, and love to exercise. I love How To Rock, I watch all of the episodes and they inspire me more and more to fuful my dream of acting! I like the message you are sending out to everyone. Acting has always been one of my passions. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and hope to hear from you soon! 🙂


  49. Renee

    Hi its Renee I am 15. I love to act and my friends and family say I am really good at it. I am 5’6″ have brown hair and brown eyes and weight 100 pounds. I love How To Rock. It would be very much appreciated if you responded to me. Thanks=]

  50. Hi, My name is Aisha.I’m 12 years old and I think I’d be good for this show because it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I don’t want to be an actress for the money or fame, I want to be an actress and a dancer because that’s what I was meant to do… I act,sing,dance,(fall) almost everywhere. I broke my foot twice, that hasn’t stopped me. I learned to face my problems, not to ignore them. Ive danced ever since I could walk.I sang ever since my words actually made sense. I hope you consider me. Best Regards.
    -Aisha : ) <3

  51. Bria

    Hi! My name is Bria! I am 14 going on 15 in April. I absolutley LOVE acting! All my family and friends say I should be an actress because I am so good at it. I love How To Rock and I watch every new episode that comes on. I am average height, weight 105 pounds, have dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Some hobbies of mine are acting, baking, dancing, and drawing/painting. This would be a HUGE opportunity for me and I very much appreciate you taking your time to read my letter. Thanks alot, and hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

  52. destine williams

    my name is destine williams i can sing/dance and i write my own song i tried so hard to live my dreams and i could not find and my mom past away in 2010 and she told me to never ever give up my dream and i hope ya’ll give that to be

  53. Renee

    Hi I am 15 going on 16 in May. I love this show

  54. Bennie

    Hi my name is Benny. The first time I watched the show I loved it. The message that I got from the show was finding out who you are. I’ve been having some troubles at school and after watch this show it made me think twice about who my friends are. I would be really honored to meet the cast and share my story or be apart of this show. I’ve done acting in my school for a play which is great. Thanks for making such a great show!!

  55. Kathy

    Hello my name is Kathy Camp and I am 14 years old. I can sing and act. I would love to be an extra on the new show How to Rock! Please email me if you are insterested. I am 5’8 I have brown hair so please email me so I can be an extra on how to rock! Thank you.

  56. Jermaine Richards Jr.

    My name is Jermaine I always wanted to be on tv,but I have no experience. I am 10 years old and will try harder than I ever have to become an actor it is my dream.I am African American,browneyes,blackhair,4ft.8in.,and I am 73lbs.How hard it takes to get there i`ll try.I live in Westchester,Ohio and if you give me a chance,I thank you and if you dont its ok.I can dance and me and my step brother like too its fun please accept me.

  57. Leandra Griffith

    Hi I am Leandra! I am 17 years old and 5’3”. I have a young face so people always tell me I look 15. I would love an opportunity to act on the show with the “How To Rock” cast. My age is perfect because I am a young adult who can pass for younger than my age. Please give me a chance and email me!

    Thank you,

  58. Sarah

    My name is Sarah Brady I am 13 years old. People say that I can pass for a 15 year old. I am a singer,I love acting, and I would love the chance that I have always been dreaming of to be on nickelodeon and now on my favorite show How To Rock. If possible I would love to audition and be on How To Rock.

  59. Angie

    My name is angie i live in London,england and I would love to be on nickelodeon how to rock so just email me any time. I am 9 years old( about to be 10) and I know how to sing dance and act so contact me if I fit the roll. Thank you!

  60. Kelli Kirk

    Kelli Kirk

    February 9, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Kelli Kirk. I am nineteen, 5’6″, 110 lbs and naturally red headed with green/hazel eyes. I am confident, kind, intelligent and extremely sweet. Everyone I know who is asked to describe me in one word says “sweet” every time. I have a BA in Culinary Management because I need a career I can support myself with. However I have always wanted to opportunity to at least audition for Nickelodeon. To actually be on the show would blow my mind and be the best occurrence that has ever happened to me. I learned anything very easily. Studying and learning new things are my hobbies. I will be able to adapt to any situation I find myself in as well as take constructive criticism with grace and display an immediate solution. I have taken acting and modeling classes with John Robert Powers; this still leaves me as a very big amateur and I would love the chance to become a better actress and through doing that become a better person. Please consider me for the opportunity to audition further for Nickelodeon. Thank you for your time.


    Kelli Kirk

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