Nickelodeon Auditions 2012

Tryouts for Nickelodeon

Are you looking for Nickelodeon Auditions in 2012 – well you have come to the right place.

Nickelodeon auditions and castings 2012

Looking for Nick auditions and cattle calls? many kids and parents are, yet many do not know where to go or hos to go about finding them. so here is what you do.

First things first – Before you go on a Nickelodeon audition you must make sure you have the full permission of your parents! yes, that’s right. If you are under 18, you will need to have a parent or guardian help you.

Here is a list of current Nickelodeon TV shows that you can audition for:

  • The Fairly Odd Parents
  • The Penguins of Madagascar
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum
  • Planet Sheen
  • iCarly
  • The Troop
  • Big Time Rush
  • Victorious
  • House of Anubis
  • Supah Ninjas
  • Power Rangers Samurai
  • Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures

Also there are game shows like BrainSurge

iCarly Auditions 2012

All the above shows cast talent as actors, extras and stand ins

Now Nickelodeon does not have open casting calls like Disney and Disney XD do. To get an audition for a Nick show in 2012 or for one of the new shows they have in the works you will need to get yourself an agent.

Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. Auditions in 2012

Most casting is done in Los Angeles, so if you live in other cities, especially outside the larger entertainment areas like L.A. and New York, you will need to get an agent that can get you into Nickelodeon audition in Los Angeles or New York.

Here is a checklist of what you will need to get on Nickelodeon.

1. Get your parents permission and support. You will need help in securing an agent and an audition. Also, most agents and casting directors will not deal with minors because minors cannot enter into a contract on their own. Your parent will need to enter into the acting contract with you.

2. Practice, practice, practice. Agents and Nickelodeon casting directors are looking for kids who have talent, passion and can memorize their lines. When meeting with Nickelodeon casting directors they will expect that you have talent and can do some acting. They may ask you to read a script or memorize some lines. Casting directors need to know that you can handle the role and practicing your acting skills will prepare you better to ace that audition once you do get it. The last thing you want is to work hard on getting that tryout for the producers or casting directors and freezing up or not performing well.

3. Find a good kids acting agent. You will not need to pay for an agent upfront, agents will make money when you do and a good agent will send you to the Nickelodeon tryouts in front of the people who actually cast the Nick channel shows.

4. Practice with your monologue. Yes all actors will need to have a monologue ready. Most actors, kids and adults should have more than one monologue ready to go at any time. Having a great monologue that you have rehearsed repeatedly is a necessity and all good child actors should have this covered. Whether you are practicing a monologue for your Nickelodeon tryout or your Disney casting call in 2012, it does not matter. get it ready and be prepared to perform it whenever asked. Make sure that you use an age appropriate monologue and have a comedic and dramatic one under your sleeve.

5. Learn to sing and dance- These days kids that audition for top Nickelodeon and Disney shows are expected to be versatile and be able to sing and dance if asked. Many shows have scenes in them that require the child actors to not only act but also do some singing and dancing.

So what are you waiting for? Go get a Nickelodeon Audition in 2012! Break a leg so to speak and prepare yourself for that 2012 tryout as best you can.

Every year the kids network has many new shows in the works. Find a agent that has that information and will send you on those casting calls so you can tryout and go after your dream of becoming a child actor and a Nickelodeon Star.

Need help finding an agent?  take a look at how to find an agent.

You can also look at the Disney Channel Audition tips page to get some ideas on what to expect at a kids tryout for a TV show.


198 thoughts on “Nickelodeon Auditions 2012

  1. Alliyah Benamin

    Hi i am Alliyah Benjamin and im 10 years old. I love acting i can act out any part the reason why that i picked Nickelodeon is because i watch that channel and it every day.I watch iCarly,Big Time Rush, I watch every thing on that channel. I get good grades and i will do anything to get in there. Im a hard worker i’m passionate and im very very friendly and i love to help others. When i finsh with what i have to do like my homework i will start acting and im very good at it. I act everyday. I’m never ever going to change my mind.

  2. Hi, I’m 16 years old, It’s my dream to become an actress, and a big fan if iCarly and Power Rangers. I’m currently taking singing lessons, and I’ve taken improv comedy and Hapkido classes in the past.

  3. Chris

    Hey I have always dreamed and aspired to become a teen actor I love acting and would be very grateful 🙂 I LOVE almost all of dan schnieders sitcoms hope you think about choosing me for any position on one of the nick sitcoms I am 14, mixed race, and I play guitar 🙂

  4. Elizabeth

    i would love to be Tori’s cousin

  5. Elizabeth

    I’m just trying to find my meaning in life and you can hep me i really want the job.

  6. Elizabeth

    HI my name is Elizabeth i’m 9 years old I been acting ever since i was 6 I am trying to follow my dream of becoming a actress and if you let me audition I will be so happy I always remember my lines and i will happy in any action tv show. please reply.

  7. Deborah

    My 2 year old son. He trains in singing, dancing and acting. Love him to audition.

  8. Natascha gwen

    i always want to be in nickelodeon. i always dreamed to be in nickelodeon because i want to help my parents because of the hard work that they did for me and they did anything for just for me to study and im lucky to have them. thats why im doing this for them and ofcourse i also want to be famous:) height 5.bri4,black eyes and black hair , 1/2british 1/2 filipino, but i dont speak british but i know how to speak britishand english.

    1. ife

      i am a Nigerian and i can’t get an agent nor get an audition neither do i have the support of my parents.i need help

  9. vera lucia

    hey my name is veralucia i live in lima- peru right now, i ca sing, act and i m a model i am 16 years old.. if you want to see my photos eenter to my fb vera lucia moreno

  10. Hey, 14 years young and a dope dancer. My personality. Outgoing, hilarious and crazy. You probablly read like hundreds of these before you FINALLY came to mine. Well, I’m here to save you from reading all the rest. Because the star that you’re looking for is right here! I’m African American and as usual I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. Am I a good dancer? You maybe asking yourself, of course I am. I’m still working on freestyle though. Singing?? No not really, working on it though. Anyway, you minus well stop right here because it doesn’t get better that this. Call me cocky, but its the truth. Comedy is what I do best and I know it. So choose this fun loving, crazy, prankster, but at times serious when I hsve to be, funny, talented girl and you won’t regret it. Thank you for reading. (My name is pronounced Makayla, just in case you pronounced it wrong)

  11. Jade Thompson

    hey I’m no the model jade thompson but I think I have a shot at Nick
    Im black and I’ve always had this dream to be andre’s little sister?????
    I’m only 11 tho live In MD loves u NICK

  12. Diamond Whitaker

    i would love to audition for one of your tv shows. My talented arts teacher tells me im a great singer and actor, and theres no doubt i will make it in show biz, im about 5’4, i have black hair that comes right above my shoulders, im a little chuby but not that much, my skin tone is brown, and im 11 turning twelve in July.

  13. Cody

    I have always wanted to be an actor. I have been in my school plays and musicals. I would really like to adition. I think I have the talent to take on any role. I do not have an adgent.” Yet “

  14. Lourdes Dorta

    Hi my name is Lourdes I am aged 11. I love acting my friends and family say I’m a drama queen I would love to be on big time rush they are amazing my dream would be to see the I live all the way in (Aberdeen Scotland) i wouldn’t mind flying at all.I hope I get picked.

    1. Lourdes Dorta

      i also have brown eyes and and white kind of skin

  15. Christian

    hi i am christian i live in south England and i would love to star in big time rush because i love watching there programs and i act 247!!! i have brown hair,blue/grey eyes.

    1. Diamond Whitaker

      how old are you

  16. danielle domalanta

    hi im danielle im a girl, have brown eyes and im from the philippines im only eleven and i love watching icarly and sometimes practice how they act i know i sound weird but i can SING i can DANCE and most of all i can ACT IM ALL YOU NEED! please make my dreams come true!!!!

    1. Amber

      Danielle, I am also eleven, but I don’t sing or dance. For example, I am more of an athletic person who works hard everyday and my sports are basketball, soccer a.k.a. football, and more. I know this because when I was very little like about 4, I wanted to play soccer, so my dad said, well you are competitive. Since then I have been working hard and wishing one day I will be known as a pro-athlete.
      -Best wish Danielle
      p.s. Keep up the dream like I am.

  17. Beth Rodgers

    Hi I’m 13 and I live north east england all I ever want to do is act, my dream is to be an actress, I practice acting every night and I dance 7hrs a week. I am not me if I don’t act I study films and tv series’ to see there acting. I go to stagecoach and I have had experience (no tv/film experience) I would be soooo greatful if anyone could help me find an agent plz contact me. I have blondy/brown hair blue/grey eyes and I am in a modelling agency, I hope to one day act in house of anubis and in victorious along side ariana and victoria <3 thanx

  18. hi, my name is venecia vassell and i love to sing and dance to cheak out some of my videos on you tube here is one ove my faves of me danceing to twist my hips (p.s. i would love to be a reguler new cate member on eather shake it up or ant farm for nick eather icarly or victourius)video of me here ->

  19. Tahmina Chowdhury

    Hey my name is Tahmina and I am 14 years old and I live in England. I am Asian and I would like to make my life more intersersting. This will give me a boost in life and plus it will look good on my cv when I’m older. I am very motivated and have my mind on opportunities(acting) that I desire. And most of all I would love to help my family. Many regards

  20. saphire parck

    hi i’m saphire and i am 11. i love acting it’s my life but i’m also really good at singing and dancing. i’m dislexic but that just helps push me on. i live in stratford but i can come to any place if i need to. i do drama dance and singing groups i also do jimnastic’s. i’m not afriad of animals or hights i am about 5.somthing in hight and i’ve got brown hair and eyes. now i no no ones ever gona read this but if some one ends up reading it thean all i want to say is plese give me a chanc i am a livliy girl and all my teachers love me at school they say i’ve gat an old head which means i think like an adult and not like how i should think at my age. pleas give me a chance thanks.

  21. mijan

    Hi my name is Mijan I am a very good actor who can remember lines quickly and i am a very good team player. Im from London . I give every thing 110%.If you pick me you wont regret it. Thank you.

  22. mijan

    I can act really well, can memo-raise really well and can work well together in a team. From London and aged 14.

  23. frida sophia gavilan

    hi my name is frida i am 13 i can sing vocals or anything and i can remeber lines and i could act scince i was 8 i wanted to show peple what im capable of and when i first saw nickalodeon i wanted to work in that tv company and be and actress\singer i would be glad to work with youre company and this could be a huge chance for my futer of being an actress or a singer

    1. frida sophia gavilan

      and just please give me a chance i wont let you down

    2. neshia


  24. Alicia Lloyd

    hiya my name is Alicia and I live in the united kingdom.I no that it is far away from the USA but if I had that chance I think I would really be the luckiest girl in the world. I am a huge fan of icarly and Victorious and also BTR but it would mean the world to me. I am 13 and in september I will be 14 I dont go to any sort of drama schools but I do go the drama in my school and they last 3 hours on a wednesday afternoon. I love acting and singing and dancing and this would mean alot to me. I have brown hair and brown eyes and in the future i would like to see myself as a actress or a singer or just in soaps and all that but if i had an audition, you people would have changed my life, so if you give me a chance I would be so greatful and thankful so please give me a chance or let the icarly gang or victorious visit england and maybe have auditions there and I know I will be there thanks xxx

  25. Charleigh

    Look, I know your probably not reading this. I know a bunch of teens put their information on this website, thinking that somehow magically talent agents will pick them out of everyone else. I know it’s impossible for teens to become known on a website they didnt know existied until they looked up “auditions for teens” on Google. I know my chances are 1/1000. I tried out for America’s Got Talent on November, 2nd 2011, but didn’t get a callback. I love singing. I am 14. I’ve always wanted to be a singer. I’m not gonna lie like everyone else, my dancing isn’t great, and I have never acted in anything. What I have done, is, well basically nothing. But what I do know, is I can do anything through Christ who strentghens me. I know I can act if the time came. I am a 14 year old girl, and I know I have to be patient for God, because I know He will have me live my dream when he knows I’m ready. Please just give me a chance.

  26. Elijah Morales

    Hi my name is Elijah Morales and i am different from every 11 yr old kid i am funny i am dramatic and the show i would want to be on is fanboy and chum chum i love that show and i think i would be a good character on the show, it’s my mom’s phone number she supports me always and all i want is to be on fanboy and chum chum if i get on that show my life would be changed in a very good way so you should give me a call

  27. julian arciniega

    Hi my name is julian and my dream is to act and sing I always wanted to go on tour. I am 12 years old and I love to sing hip hop, rap, and pop. I learn easily, work hard, and very funny. I also make songs that all my friends love most for the girls. please I want to achieve my dream I would appreciate it if u respond thanks. I really want to go on tour with other singers I sing with at concerts. Nickelodeon rules so does disney.

  28. Genesis Kelley

    My name is Genesis,I love to act and dance. I am 13 years old. I live in Vancouver Washington. I have dirty blond colored hair and I am 4’7 1/2. I am currently waiting to see if i have gotton in a peforming arts school, (Vancouver School of Arts and Acedemics)for Dance and Acting. I can play whatever role you give me, I always put in hard work plus 5 times more. When I was younger watched the Nickelodeon and Disney stars having fun on camera, and to live that would be amazing! Im looking forward into hearing from you.

  29. Katie Kintzell

    Hi! My name is Katie and I love to dance and act! I would love to be on House of Anubis because it is my favorite show EVER!! I am 10 years old and I have brown hair and blue-gray eyes. I weigh 83 pounds and live in Pennsylvania. I can easily travel to New York or England because my grandfather lives there and we go there every July, the time they shoot HOA!! (I think!) Even if I were on 1 episode and be an extra!! I hope you read this!!

  30. Lydia Jones-Brown

    I sing and love watching Nickelodeon and such like channels,I’m 14 in December and i think I would be a very good actress i have experience in theaters and a few musicals, thank you.

  31. Maicha Khang

    Hi my name is Maicha Khang. I’m 10. I’m Asian. I’m 49 in. I love watching every show. I live in Wisconsin. I have never went to L.A. before so here’s my chance. 🙂 If you have any question just ask me. I don’t care what show you put me into. I’m been acting for only 2 years. I some time get scared but I don’t look at the people. I looked straight at something to keep my eyes off. I can’t really sing but i love dancing. I’ve been dancing for 5 years. So just email me. Thank You. 🙂

  32. Gina

    Hi! My name is Gina! I Love Big Time Rush with all my heart! And im BTR’s #1 fan! I would LOVE to e in an episode of Big Time Rush!!!! please e-mail me!!!! I LOVE BIG TIME RUSH!!!!!!

  33. Rianna

    Hello. My name is Rianna and dream of being an actress, of course I understand that most people don’t get this shot and it is understandable. I’m not asking for much, but just the oppuirtuniy to appear in any show on Nick,to kick start my acting career.

    Thank You 🙂

  34. Jack

    Hi i’m jack i’m only 8 years old i am a really good signer i can impersonate a few people i would really like to go on “Fairly Odd Parents as anyone like Timmy, cosmo, A.J etc or anything really i have a fair bit of solo experience in drama classes so please
    Thank you

  35. Tolani Odeyemi

    My Names Tolani Odeyemi And I Would Like To Audition For Big Time Rush Victorious ICarly and House Of Anubis. I Live In UK London And I’m 11 years old Turning 12 Next Month I’m Very Talented I Can Sing Learn Simple Dance Routines And Currently Learn Guitar I Can Learn Instruments Very Quickly I Recently Started Taking Vocal/Singing lessons and I’m A Very Talented Actress I Have Only Just Joined Year 7 and I Have stared In The school Production Bugsy Malone And Appeared In various Scenes I Have Afro Hair And My Skin Is A Brown You Will Find I Take My Acting Singing And Dancing Very Seriously But I’m still a Fun Energetic Person who gets the job Done And Laughs Along The Way I’m Always Bursting Of Ideas I Could Be The Next Victoria Justice Selena Gomez Or Miranda Cosgrove Even The Next Nathalia Ramos! I Have Always Looked Up To Those For Actors and Adore Dan Schneider I’m Confident And Any Role you Give Me I Play Perfectly! Thanks For Reading This

  36. Veronica

    hey my names Veronica and i love acting and singing my friends say im really funny and that im like Kat from victorious. im 13, and i love one direction there really cool. im five four and i love art and volleyball.

  37. Tolani Odeyemi

    My Names Tolani Odeyemi And I Want To Audition For House Of Anubis And Big Time Rush. I Live In UK London And I’m 11 years old Turning 12 Next Month. I’m Very Talented. I Can Sing, Learn Simple Dance Routines And Currently Learn Guitar. I Can Learn Instruments Very Quickly. I Recently Started Taking Vocal/Singing lessons and I’m A Very Talented Actress. I Have Just Joined Year 7 and I Have stared In The school Production Bugsy Malone And Appeared In various Scenes. I Have Afro Hair And My Skin Is A Brown. You Will Find I Take My Acting Singing And Dancing Very Seriously But I’m still a Fun Energetic Person who gets the job Done And Laughs Along The Way. I’m Always Bursting Of Ideas. I Could Be The Next Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez Or Miranda Cosgrove. Or Even The Next Nathalia Ramos! I Have Always Looked Up To Those Four Actors and Adore Dan Schneider. I’m Confident And Any Role you Give Me I Play Perfectly! Thanks For Reading This

  38. Joanna

    Hi, I’m Joanna Veronica Asibal.
    I am 8 years old and becoming 9 this December 6 2012. I live in Cebu, Philippines. I would like to audition for The Fairly Odd Parents. I have been acting since I was 5. I may be small, but I have big dreams. Hope you can read my message. Thank you. Have a pleasant day.

  39. Hannah

    Hello, my name is Hannah and I would love to be on any show on Nickeloden. Email me. I’m 17 my height is 5’1 and I have blonde hair, blue eyes.



  41. Jack

    I think I can act I live in England and would be happy with any show you would put me in I’m decent at singing but cant dance I am 12 and about 5 foot 3 and have blueish eyes and have been in 2 performances one was jack and beanstalk were I played the king and the other was Joseph and the amazing technicoulourd dream coat were I played a brother.

    1. Jack

      Oops sorry for putting it twice

  42. Sya.

    Hey, I’m 17. I’ve always been keen to be a part of Nick. Sadly, I live in Singapore. And I don’t think I might have a chance.

    Why not Nick have auditions in Asia too yeah?

  43. liz krueger

    Hello, my name is Liz Kruger I’m an undiscovered actress. I’VE been in a community theatre since I was seven, so it’s very dear to my heart. I am also very serious about acting, but of course I always have fun with it to. I’m a thirteen year old girl of course I’m going to be. I can speak in many different voices and accents. Here is a little information about me: I’m 5’4. I have very blue eyes I get most compliments on them. I love singing, I’m not the most amazing Singer but I do know I can improve and as I get older i I think my voice will improve. I have brown hair a little longer than my shoulders. I have olive skin, in a tan color. I do get mistaken as 15 and I love to talk to people and make myself different. Characters even when I’m in class being myself. If you want anymore information about me please contact . Thank you for your time!

  44. consuelo trinidad

    hola me llamo trinidad salazar tengo 16 años y me encantaria actuar y cantar por que lo hago muy bien tambien bailo super bien pueden verme en facebook en “consuelo trinidad salazar soto”

  45. Ryan

    Hey, I’m Ryan. I’m 10 and a Half years old. I sing like James Maslow from Big Time Rush. I’m White with a good Tan. I dance like Junior on youtube. I can backflip, sing, dance and act.

  46. natasha kunkel

    And I’m 13 🙂

  47. natasha kunkel

    Hey there, my name is natasha, but everyone i meet and know call me tashi. I love standing in front of people just talking. You could also say i have a lot of confedence. I have reddish, brown hair, green eyes, and an athletic body type. I always put on a show for my family when i was little and i did do a couple school plays. But i have been wanting to get into acting for like ever and i hope this will help.
    Contact me at facebook at “tashi kunkel”

  48. Sebastian

    Im turning 15

  49. Sebastian

    Hello everybody,Im sebastian and im interested (you dont have any idea)to be an actor.
    Im 14 years old and im from colombia, bot i dont know if im from united states cause my english is the best on the city.
    I have been studying to become an actor. im pretty good and my friends and all says that i sing very well.
    Reply, I do it with my hearth.

    And if you see this remind me.

  50. Sophia Liu

    Hi my name is Sophia! I’m 10 years old and I love to be in all of them! It will be a great opportunity! I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, I’m asian, my friends says I’m hilarious! I’ve enter my school talent show competition and I won! I made it to district athletic carnival! I came 3rd in 50m freestyle swimming! I live in SYDNEY NSW Australia Revesby!

    Please reply!

    From: Sophia Liu!

  51. Ashley Pitt

    Hi:) My name is Ashley. I am about to be 12 in June. I have brown hair/eyes. I’m about 5 feet tall. Also, I live in Maryland.I don’t have a lot of experience. I have been in school plays before though! Plus, my friends and I are alway makeing up skits and acting them out! I was also an announcer and gave speeches a lot for my job at school as Vice President last year, so I’m NOT stage fright! My mom is always telling me to chase after my dream. Well, this is my dream!! I would give you my all if you give me a part:) I really would love to work with the casts of Icarly, Victorious, or Big Time Rush. I will NOT let you down.

    Yours truly,

  52. Ashley Pitt

    Hi:) my name is Ashley. In June I will be 12 years old. I have brown hair. I’m about 5 feet tall. I live in Maryland. I don’t have a lot of experience but I am always acting and putting on plays with my friends!I have also been in school plays before! My Mom is always telling me to chase after my dreams, and this is my dream! If you put my on any show i will give you my all!This is my dream and I pray that you will let me live it! I especially would love to be on Icarly, Victorious, or Big Time Rush!

    Yours truly,

  53. Ashley Pitt

    Hi:) my name is Ashley. In June I will be 12 years old. I live in Maryland. I don’t have a lot of experience but I am always acting and putting on plays with my friends!I have also been in school plays before! My Mom is always telling me to chase after my dreams, and this is my dream! If you put my on any show i will give you my all!This is my dream and I pray that you will let me live it! I especially would love to be on Icarly, Victorious, or Big Time Rush!

    Yours truly,

    1. Ashley Pitt

      didn’t mean to post this one. Sorry:)

  54. Keesha

    Hi my name is keesha i’m 14 turning 15 i have red hair i have green eyes i luv acting and i would luv to be in Big Time Rush and iCarly but i would luv to be in Big Time Rush so bad i would be good for the part plezz pick me

  55. Gianna Cummaro

    Hi I would really love to be on a nick show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am 9 years old I live in NY. I am very good at acting I am in a play for my school. I would want to be on a show like icarly

  56. Juan Castillo

    i would really like to be on nick shows i do not have experience but i did go to an audition to be on disney channel and i passed but sadly i didnt have the money to keep going so i know that i can act.i can remember my lines really well.i live in houston texas and im 18 yrs old

  57. Gina

    Hi! I love Big Time Rush soooooo much!!!! and i would LOVE to be in an episode!! Big Time Rush is my favorite TV show!!!!!!:D

  58. Noel Durham

    Hi my name is Noel Durham im 10 years old( turning 11 on November 29) and i would love to be a part of Nickelodeon. I wold love to star in one of these shows (even though i will do any show but a cartoon for example:The Fairly Odd Parents,The Penguins of Madagascar,Fanboy and Chum Chum,Planet Sheen and sponge bob square pants and power rangers) but i will do:Big Time Rush, victorious,icarly,supah ninjas, and house of anubis especially house of anubis i love the show its my all time favorite!!! and on disney i will do: good luck charlie,shake it up,so random,austin and ally,,and jessie especially jessie its another of my favorites!! also i will do movies but i depends what movie (whats the story line?whats it about? how else is in it? and more)

  59. Anyii Campzuano

    hello I would like to act big time rush.

  60. jahid chappell

    Hi my name is jahid i would like to play a role in one of my favorite t.v shows like icarly or victorious because i love both of them.

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