Nickelodeon Auditions 2012

Tryouts for Nickelodeon

Are you looking for Nickelodeon Auditions in 2012 – well you have come to the right place.

Nickelodeon auditions and castings 2012

Looking for Nick auditions and cattle calls? many kids and parents are, yet many do not know where to go or hos to go about finding them. so here is what you do.

First things first – Before you go on a Nickelodeon audition you must make sure you have the full permission of your parents! yes, that’s right. If you are under 18, you will need to have a parent or guardian help you.

Here is a list of current Nickelodeon TV shows that you can audition for:

  • The Fairly Odd Parents
  • The Penguins of Madagascar
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum
  • Planet Sheen
  • iCarly
  • The Troop
  • Big Time Rush
  • Victorious
  • House of Anubis
  • Supah Ninjas
  • Power Rangers Samurai
  • Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures

Also there are game shows like BrainSurge

iCarly Auditions 2012

All the above shows cast talent as actors, extras and stand ins

Now Nickelodeon does not have open casting calls like Disney and Disney XD do. To get an audition for a Nick show in 2012 or for one of the new shows they have in the works you will need to get yourself an agent.

Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. Auditions in 2012

Most casting is done in Los Angeles, so if you live in other cities, especially outside the larger entertainment areas like L.A. and New York, you will need to get an agent that can get you into Nickelodeon audition in Los Angeles or New York.

Here is a checklist of what you will need to get on Nickelodeon.

1. Get your parents permission and support. You will need help in securing an agent and an audition. Also, most agents and casting directors will not deal with minors because minors cannot enter into a contract on their own. Your parent will need to enter into the acting contract with you.

2. Practice, practice, practice. Agents and Nickelodeon casting directors are looking for kids who have talent, passion and can memorize their lines. When meeting with Nickelodeon casting directors they will expect that you have talent and can do some acting. They may ask you to read a script or memorize some lines. Casting directors need to know that you can handle the role and practicing your acting skills will prepare you better to ace that audition once you do get it. The last thing you want is to work hard on getting that tryout for the producers or casting directors and freezing up or not performing well.

3. Find a good kids acting agent. You will not need to pay for an agent upfront, agents will make money when you do and a good agent will send you to the Nickelodeon tryouts in front of the people who actually cast the Nick channel shows.

4. Practice with your monologue. Yes all actors will need to have a monologue ready. Most actors, kids and adults should have more than one monologue ready to go at any time. Having a great monologue that you have rehearsed repeatedly is a necessity and all good child actors should have this covered. Whether you are practicing a monologue for your Nickelodeon tryout or your Disney casting call in 2012, it does not matter. get it ready and be prepared to perform it whenever asked. Make sure that you use an age appropriate monologue and have a comedic and dramatic one under your sleeve.

5. Learn to sing and dance- These days kids that audition for top Nickelodeon and Disney shows are expected to be versatile and be able to sing and dance if asked. Many shows have scenes in them that require the child actors to not only act but also do some singing and dancing.

So what are you waiting for? Go get a Nickelodeon Audition in 2012! Break a leg so to speak and prepare yourself for that 2012 tryout as best you can.

Every year the kids network has many new shows in the works. Find a agent that has that information and will send you on those casting calls so you can tryout and go after your dream of becoming a child actor and a Nickelodeon Star.

Need help finding an agent?  take a look at how to find an agent.

You can also look at the Disney Channel Audition tips page to get some ideas on what to expect at a kids tryout for a TV show.


198 thoughts on “Nickelodeon Auditions 2012

  1. Ilias

    Hi, i’m Ilias, 13 years old, and live in Germany, Dortmund, Please write back, i can play football, sing, I’m a Songwriter.

  2. Ryan wade

    And also I love icarly what I wrote on my last post is what I am saying for I Carly it would be a blessing if you picked me

  3. Ryan wade

    I am 9 years old and I love victorious. I have brown eyes, I have light brown hair in the light. I don’t know my height but I’m tall. I weigh 85lbs. I hate animal abusers and love nice people. My wish is that no one goes hungry and I have a really good memory. I always win memory games and I have light brown skin. I am creative and have taken acting classes, tell me what you think. thanx:)

  4. Fiona

    Hi my name is Fiona, I’m 11 and I live in Australia. My 2 fave shows are Victorious and Icarly. I love to sing and act. My fave singers are Adele, PSY and One Direction.

  5. DeMarkus Pleasant

    My name is DeMarkus Pleasant, I’m a 14 yr old big bro to a 3yr old. Do I need to say more! Boy do I have some challenges to act out! I thought I was going to love being a big bro but this is hard work. Help me please! Maybe you could do a show on how to be the perfect big bro and I could star in it on what not 2 do..LOL

  6. Jayla

    I enjoy singing & acting. Overall my two favorite things. A dream of mine for oh so long now, going on two years. If I never take chances in life I will always wonder… what if ? I promise if I get this opportunity I will not let it slip away from me.

    * I am fourteen years old
    * Native American/ Black

  7. Jaila Betancourt Lopez

    Hi! my name is Jaila. I will really love to play a role in any show on Nick. I love acting and performing. I have 3 years experience in drama and am very focused when it comes to the work. I was once told that it was never too late to chase your dreams and I think this is the opportunity for that dream to come true.

    A few things about me,

    13 years old

  8. dedrick

    I’m a really great actor, give me a script, give me a day to memorize it. I’m a 14 yrs old male from Austin Texas.

  9. Tara

    I’m on facebook at Tara Moll. I have curly hair, thank you!!!!!!!!

  10. Tara

    My names Tara and I’m 12 years old. I’ve been in many talent shows and plays. I would love to be on nick because I love acting and me and my friends make movies and put them on youtube. I would love to be on a show! so please contact me and see if you could have me audition please and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Rachel

    i have no agent

  12. Rachel

    I want to audition for icarly too.

  13. Rachel

    Hi, I’m Rachel I think I’m a really good singer. I’m quite flexible, 8 years old and I live in Scotland. I wish that during the summer holidays I can ask my dad if he can take me to America and audition. I know that seems selfish but we can have a holiday too.
    I have brown eyes.
    I have brown hair.
    Kind of small.
    I’m normal for my weight.
    I’m smart for my age.
    I can read very good.
    I’m funny (well my friends think I am).
    I’m weird and random.
    I really want to audition for Victorious and act.:D

  14. Aaliyah

    I am a 12 year old turning 13 in a year. I took acting classes for 2 years and it was very successfull. I am a good actor along with a good singer, and I can dance a little. I am very sophistacated for my age. I can successfully accomplish anything I put my mind to. I honestly don’t have an agent, but I dont want to get one until I know I have absoulutly made it to the top. I honestly believe that if you gave me this chance to make it I would make a difference in the world and prove that children can make it to. Not just adults and teens. If you gave me this chance I would be the happiest person in the world.

  15. Malia Eadeh

    Name: Malia Eadeh
    age: 3
    hair: brown
    eyes: blue
    nationality: italian & palestinian

    Special Skills: Malia is a VERY beautiful and outtgoing little girl who loves attention & currently speaks four languages! ( french, spanish, arabic, & english)
    Everybody always tells me all the time to get her into some type of modeling/acting school so I figured this would be the best place to start!

    Malia has an amazing memory and remembers everything! She also has a passion for singing and sports!

  16. taj Jacobs

    Hi, I’m Taj from Amarillo, tx. Acting is my dream. I would loved to be on your show. I really don’t have any experience but not to waste time I would love to get experience and to do what I love. I’m funny 5’4″ and 20 years old.

  17. Caroline Spence

    I want to be in any show you got.

  18. Darlene Pollock

    My daughter wants to be an actress. I am supporting my daughter’s dreams.

  19. Liz

    Hey I’m Liz. I live in California and I’m 11 years old! I LOVE WATCHING Victorious! My dream is to be on Victorious because this show is all about singing with passion, believe in yourself, have faith in you, and to believe in your dreams. I LOVE to sing. Singing is the only thing that speaks to me. I LOVE acting when you act you say your lines with feeling and I’ve been in a few school plays. In my entire life, I’ve never been of t.v. before with famous actors. I would LOVE to sing with famous actress Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande. I think I have a great personality for this humorous show. Plus, I think I should play for one episode. Tori’s little cousin Scarlet visits Tori because she wanted to hang out with her like they both did when they were little or I could play Beck’s little sister for a two part one hour episode. Beck’s sister Anabelle comes and visits Beck to celebrate her 12th birthday, every year Beck forgets his sister’s birthday, suddenly Beck got in a fight with Anabelle, so she runs away and Anabelle says she will never forgive Beck for doing this.

  20. Julian arciniega

    Hello I’m Julian and I have a big passion for acting. I have experience. I’m 4’6, I have brown eyes and hair. I’m a good singing and great at dancing. Everything you need, I will make sure I have.

  21. maria

    I prefer Disney rather then Nick.

  22. Darren

    Im 5`11 if yawl know that

  23. roshon fegan

    OK guys, I know you guys want to be famous like me, but first you need experience and then you need to take acting classes. The final step is to get an agent and just so you know, don’t pay your agent up front. Your agent will get 15% of your salary

    1. taj Jacobs

      Can you contact me about acting classes.

  24. Tyler Zeringue

    Hi there! I’m Tyler and I live In Long beach, California. I absolutely LOVE singing and I really enjoy acting as well! I’ve been told I’m really funny and I love making people laugh. I’m very family oriented and I love being around my friends. I was in Drama Club in middle school and really enjoyed it. I love trying new things and I love a challenge! I know that I’m capable of doing this if I put my mind to it and I won’t make you disappointed.

  25. cassie taylor

    Hi my name is Cassie. I’m 5’2, african american, and I love to act. I usually am in small plays or something, but I think im ready to go bigger!

  26. Autumn

    I’m 14 yrs. old I was born on September 15. I’m African American I have black hair and dark brown eyes. I’m 5’7 and I weigh 116. I love to sing and I want to become an actress. I’m slender and I’m a very funny person and love to make people laugh. I might have butterflies at first but I will get used to it that’s just how I am. I catch on to stuff very fast that’s why I’m have good grades in school. If you chose me you won’t regret it!!:)

    1. Autumn

      Sorry I was born on September 25 I guess I pushed the wrong key.

  27. bjr,je mapel alpha je suit super fan de votre serie et je veut etre 1,acteur mais,je vie au gabon comment faire pour participer a l’audion disney ou nikeledeon,svp,aide moi

  28. Norman

    15, from England. Have a passion for singing, acting and dancing so if you want the whole package then please PICK MEEE! Black hair, Brown eyes, Light brown skin, fairly tall, athletic body type, good looking and guitar/piano player. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to audition for something as huge as this and I really want it, have a great personality which would fit into almost any show on nickelodeon although I would love to be in victorious seeing as there would be more singers/actors required and I do both! Can’t wait to hear back, please get in touch! 🙂

  29. Maura

    Hey, my name is Maura, I’m 18 years old & from Chicago, Illinois. I’m 5’8, brown hair, brown eyes, freckles, & light skinned. It has always been my dream to become an actress. I know it might seem weird for someone my age wanting to be on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, but I’m willing to start wherever because I’m determined to become an actress & do what I want to do. I hope you will consider me in wanting to meet with me for an audition

  30. Valentina Bernal

    Hi! My name is Valentina Bernal and I live in Latin America (Colombia). This is my dream, to be a part of a Great Chanel like Nickelodeon.
    I am 12
    Date of my birth: 7/30/99
    Height: 5’4″

  31. Christian

    Hey my name is Christian and I live in the California. I am 13 born, 9-25-1998. I am a really good kid so you will have no problems with me at all. I will give you all one hundred and ten percent. I have dark brown hair brown eyes my weight is 75 pounds and still growing. My height is 5ft nothing.So really hope you guys will consider me.

  32. Bryanna

    My name is Bryanna and I am 11 years old. I have brown hair, and brown eyes. I love to sing and dance, silly. I have been on lots of auditions and this would be my dream to be on Disney or Nickelodeon. Please contact me.

  33. My name is Artemis. I’m from Greece and i’m 14.
    I really wanna be an actress. I have dark hair with black eyes and a pale face. I’m bad at memorizing, but I hope i’ll learn how to memorize and i speak English

  34. maidson

    my name is Madison and I am a female. I’m from New York. I would really like to be an actor. I’m not asking for this chance for the money or fame, I just want to follow a dream. I’m 12 years old, I’m very outgoing and fun. I have dark brown hair and light blue eyes I have a pretty good tan. I think it’s easy to memorize script. My friends think I am crazy for even asking for this since there is a slim chance that I will be picked but i would really like it if you considered me. My parents support me in my dream. I am in the drama club at my school. I’m 5’6 and I hope you give me a chance.

  35. Madison

    My name is Madison. I really want to act on Tv. I am White. I live in the USA. I have brown hair and Brown eyes. I am about 5 feet and I take classes for acting and can memorize stuff really well. Please consider me!

  36. Brandon

    Hello, my name is Brandon and I’m 13 years old. I am about 5ft 5in and I dont know if i would very good for this, but i would love to be on Victorious. I watch it all the time and it’s my fAVORITE TV show. I’m a pretty good dancer and I try and practice every day. I can sing a little, not a lot, but i can try and get better at it. I hope i can get hired to be on Victorious.

  37. Mackenzie

    hi, i am 11 years old and currently live in Massachusetts. I have always dreamed of acting and also singing ever since i was a little girl. I have always had a love for music. I currently act in the program South Coast Children’s theatre and sing in a program called Voices in Time. I have always wanted to be an actor. This is the only career I would want in my life. I do not want to be an actor just because I would be famous, it would be because I think this is what i was made to do. I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. I would really like to have a career on Nickelodeon.

    1. Mackenzie

      I have been on television a few times with my singing group.

  38. Anastasia

    My name is Anastasia. I really want to be an actress. I’m a hard working girl.My ethnicity is white.I’m from UK.I’m 13 years old (11.10.1998). It won’t be a problem for me to fly to USA. I’m dark haired with brown eyes and pale face. My height is 5ft8 1/5inch. I’m really good at memorizing, so I hope you will consider me.

  39. Blake McCauley

    My name is Blake and i live in a small town called Corydon in Indiana. I love to act. I can easily memorize my friends say that im halarious. My favorite show is Big Time Rush. My favorite nick actor is Kendall. We named my niece after him. I would love to give Indiana some more credit. More to add on to NBA legends Larry Bird and Oscar Robinson, More than our slave house. More than the fair, And thats Blake McCauley. I am a religous kid and LOVE to sing i came in first out of 50-60 men and kids in the longest running fair, The Harrison County Fair.I have made over 15 songs in my 11 years of my age. I am a very smart kid. I get A’s on my report card. I would tryout for other shows but i feel like BTR is my show. If u hire me, i promise you will not regret it.Please Please PLEASE hire me. I dream about being on Big Time Rush and hanging with the crew. I am a die heart BTR fan. Plase give me a chance. Thank you

  40. Ella

    I’m Ella I am 10 years old and I have brown eyes and hair. My family and I wish and hope for me to be an actress now. We have been looking for auditions. I live in Savannah,GA,USA. I have been acting and showed that i can do diffrent emotions! I can fake cry and pretend I’m sad and everyone says its very good! My talent is Acting. I want to do it the rest of my life! 😀

  41. Kaitlyn

    I’m 11 years old, and I’m really good at acting and singing. I get the lead roles in plays and think I’m ready to go to the next step… to be famous. I would like to be on any of the shows above and I have been acting ever since I was a little girl. My dream is to be on one of my favorite shows on tv.

  42. Kayla erin parrish

    Hi im kayla im 13 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes and 5’5 or 5’6, and kinda average for weight. I would like to audition for a role in house of anubis. whatever it is speaking part, extra, anything just something that involves acting. I love acting. ever since I was a little girl I knew acting was for me. everyone I know says im always over dramatic or the family actress. so I’m just trying to live my dream and make it come true.

  43. Hi,

    Name: Akilah(Akeelah)
    Age: 13 Years Old
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 7 Stone
    Location: United Kingdom
    Clothing Size: 8 (UK) 6, Small (USA)

    My name is Akilah Scott, I’m 13 and I’m living in the UK although traveling is not a problem as I
    am Legally Eligible to work in the United States.
    I’m a young Actress and Singer looking to make a start in the Acting Industry
    I attend 1 of London’s best Acting Academy called the CTA (
    so I’m experienced.
    I’m a Bubbly, Hardworking, Polite and Confident girl so you wont be disappointed.
    Don’t hesitate to contact me.
    Thank you.

  44. Echa

    hi my Name is Echa, I’m 14 from Jakarta(Indonesia).
    I love acting and want to be an actress.
    Indonesia to the United States is too far:(can you hold a casting in Indonesia? please, many people in indonesia want to play in iCarly or victorious!
    I have Black hair and eyes, asian face, white skin and im 4″6 😉

  45. Jean

    I also have black hair light brown eyes and im 5″2. I like to act dance and just have fun. I have a good sense of humor.And i would please like to audition for a victorious episode thank u.P.S im 12 years old my sex is male

  46. Jean

    Hi,my name is jean and i would like to know if i can audition for a victorious episode.Victorious is one of my favorite shows.

  47. hi 🙂 my name is carolina guardiola ,im froom santiago chile , i have 16 years old, and i really like to act and dance , but i have a problem . im not live in L.A ,so is hard , if you want to see me just go to my facebook account and see my pictures , thank you so much , byee 🙂

  48. Hallie Raye

    hello my name is Hallie Raye I am a female actress/ singer, musician, songwriter. I am 15 years old but I look 18, I can dance, ride horses, speak forign languages and have a great personality. I have light brown hair, green eyes, and I am 5’5.
    I am a very dedicated person and when I act or sing I put my whole heart into it. I would like to get a role in a show like Big Time Rush, or i Carly.

  49. Alliyah Benamin

    I’m 5 foot tall i do not get embarrassed when im acting in front of people.

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