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The Troop airs on Nickelodeon and is now in its third season. Find out how to audition and tryout for the hit Nickelodeon TV show in 2013 and 2014.

Nick’s ‘The Troop’ – about the show:
Everyone in school thinks Jake, Hayley, and Cadence are normal, but that’s not really the case. The truth: they’re part of a secret global society known as The Troop. With the addition of Kirby, a well-meaning but slightly dangerous transfer, The Troop works hard to keep the world’s monster population under control. Can these high school kids keep the town safe — and keep everyone else from finding out?

Nickelodeon auditions and castings 2013
Nickelodeon talent search

Now that season 2 is airing, hopefully season 3 will get renewed and Nickelodeon will begin casting for season 3 of ‘The Troop’. The current season began in June and the season finale will be in March of 2012.

“The Troop” is a comedy / adventure series that also has some supernatural things going on. Three teenagers live in a town called Lakewood. On the outside the 3 look like regular teens, however the 3 moonlight as monster hunters and are part of a secret society called ‘The Troop’.

The 3 teens work to fight monsters and keep their town safe from the havoc that monsters tend to bring.

We will keep you updated on any new auditions that are announced for Nick’s The Troop and any other Nickelodeon auditions.

The Troop stars the following actors:
Nicholas Purcell, Gage Golightly, David Del Rio, Matt Shively,
Malese Jow and John Marshall Jones. The Troop also uses countless extras, background actors and featured extras when they film the show.

19 thoughts on “Nick / Nickelodeon ‘The Troop’

  1. Alexis Pearson

    Hi I really enjoy acting and singing so I would love to audition for a part I’m a cheerleader dancer and I play soft ball. I can sing like really good. I been told from my choir teacher.

  2. justin

    I would love to be part of the troop because I love the show and it will be a dream to be in the show the troop.

  3. justin

    I have been acting in drama class and i would love to be part of this show.

  4. Tasiah

    My Name Is Tasiah! Im 13 and would like to be apart of the new hit series “The Troop” on Nickelodeon. Also I’m
    -Hair Color:Brown, Light Brown
    -Eye Color:Brown
    Thank You And Have A Nice Day!

  5. Roshana

    My name is Roshana. I am 11 years old and live in the UK, But really want to live in the USA. I love acting, singing and dancing. I know because I live in the UK, you dont want me but I just want to tell you about my passion for acting. I would really love to be a actress and hopefully you can make my dreams come true. I have so much respect.
    It would be a dream come true. Please fulfill my wishes and help me become an actress. If it dosen’t work, I will still try everything I can do to become an actress. Maybe one day you will hear about me. Please help me to be an actress. I have no hope to be an actress in the UK. USA is where all the dreams come true so please let the dream be mine.

  6. Candace Salazar

    Hello my name is Candace Salazar, I’m 15 about to be 16 in one month. I’m 5’3, my eyes and hair are dark brown and my hair is naturally wavy with some curls. I enjoy being in front of people and acting. I would definitively enjoy particpating in a show like this one because I find it very exciting to make believe. I have taken a theatre class in my freshman year and i find it very fun because you are pretending to be someone your not.

  7. Josie

    Hey, i’m Josie Lowry, 15 years old and 5″2.I love to act and have been commited to a Youth Theater since the age of 4. I have taken part in shows and theater productions and school productions. I love acting and getting the audience involved and to belive in the character and really feel the character. I am known as very bubbly and sometimes loud, I get on well with others. I am quite when asked and make contributions if needs be. I am good at helping others and giving advice. I love to act and get up on stage and be able to show people I can show them a good time and make them belive in the character and not that i’m just acting. I love being someone else on stage, I find it fun and good experience. I have played various characters so I can play quite a few ranges!

  8. Carly T.

    Acting is my dream. Acting is fun and enjoyable and is where I show my talant. The Troop seems like it willl be a really enjoyable show with great actors on it. I feel that I have the potentiel to audition and be on the show.I do drama as an extra curricular in school.I am turning fourteen and have brown curly hair and piercing blue eyes and am 5″5 and female.I also have a fun awesome personality 🙂
    Thank you to all of your work!

  9. i would love to be in the troop. i have some experience in acting and it would mean the world to me to be n the troop. thank you

  10. i would be interested to be on the troop. I have some experience in acting and would appriciate being on the troop.

  11. Erin McMillan

    I would love to be part of The Troop its my favorite show and I have watched it sence it came on !!!!!! I might not be experienced but I would love for The Troop to start off my carrer hope you pick me Thanks!!!

  12. I’ve grown up with you Nick, now I am 13 and I live in London although travelling is not a problem. I am Black, Slim and have brown hair. I’ve been Singing and Acting since I was 7 and still doing so. I’ve had experience Singing and Acting in front of audiences so I am a confident person and I’ve had experience in learning lines before so it won’t be a new thing for me. My inspirations are Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy and Victoria Justice. They inspire me to try get a role on Nick as they did so before and now they are amazing actresses themselves. I’m looking for a start and I think this could be it. Im a bubbly, Hardworking, Polite and Friendly person so you won’t be disappointed. Get back at me if interested. Thankyou for your time nickelodeon!! 

  13. Rhonda Williams

    Hi, I would love for my daughter Candace who is 7 years old to Audition for the Troop. She is a huge fan and I think this would be great for her.

    Please advise.

  14. Elsinora

    BTW, it is a little hard for me to audition because I do not live in Los Angeles or New York. I live in a small town in Texas and there really aren’t any auditions or tryouts here for anything. I want someone to notice me so that I can fly out to Los Angeles and make my dreams come true. Getting cast on The Troop would really help in making that dream perfect.

  15. Elsinora

    I love The Troop and would love to audition to be on The Troop or any other Nickelodeon or Nick show. It is my dream and I hope to fulfill my dream very soon. My dream is to be on a Nickelodeon show and since I like the Troop so much I think that would be perfect.

  16. Bethany Michelle

    Hey! I love to act and Ive been trying to make my break. My mom tells me that you have to be in the right place at the right time and my chances are 1 in a million. I want to be that one. I am very talented and my drama teacher tells me all the time to do outside work. Please help me prove her wrong 🙂 thank you!

  17. Megan Webster

    hello!:) i would like very much to be a part of the troop:D i have previous acting experiences in theatre and i went to a drama school for 2 years:) i enjoy acting and playing the piano and guitar, i am learning guitar at the moment:) i also do gymnastics. i have also been in a talent show singing ‘you can’t stop the beat’ from Hairspray:D i quite enjoy singing too:) thank you very much for reading, and i hope to hear from you soon!:)

    1. Sebastian

      I have some experience acting. I had acted two times. I will love being on the show it’s amazing , I love the troop. I’m 13 years old. Well I don’t have more to say 🙂 I hope I can act in the show

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