New Disney Channel Auditions 2012

Get on a New Show

The Disney Channel and Disney XD create new shows all the time and the way many of them start is with a pilot episode. When production companies have an ides for a new show, they need to film a pilot for the show so that they can show the show to potential buyers and networks like the Disney Chanel, Disney XD, Nickelodeon and all the other major networks like CBS and ABC.

New Disney Channel Show

Most networks receive hundreds of pitches for new shows every year and those networks go through the pitches and ideas and pick some to film pilot episodes. With so many networks around these days because of cable and satellite, there are always pilots being shot, not just during pilot season which has traditionally been the summer, but all year long.

The production company usually gets a casting director to cast the pilot and often times the actors cast stay on for the series if the show gets picked up.  Pilots are created to showcase and sell not just the writing for the new show, but also the cast and most of the actors cast will remain on the new show if it gets sold. Pilots are a big deal in Hollywood and many actors come from all over to audition for them.

Many child stars became famous because they auditioned for the right pilot, got the job and the pilot was picked up by the network to become a series. The more pilots you audition for the greater your chances of getting onto a Disney Channel TV show.

If you want to have your own Disney show, you need to start auditioning for pilots and the way to do that is by having an agent and usually being where filming is like Los Angeles. To get into a new Disney show it is very important to have an agent since new shows normally are not cast through open calls. Production companies already have a script and have the type of characters in mind that they want. They communicate their needs to agents and the agents then send the appropriate actors to them for auditions.

Without having a good agent or living in Los Angeles it would be very difficult to get cast onto a new Disney Channel show because you would not know where to go to audition or even have an appointment to do so.

However, Disney does have open casting calls a few times a year in various cities. These casting calls are usually not for any series or production but more to try to spot new young talent. When the Disney Channel announces and open call, they usually get 1000’s of hopeful young actors coming from across the country to meet with the casting directors. If at that time the casting directors like you and believe you have great potential, they may call you back to audition when a new show is ordered. The last Disney Channel open call was in June of last year in Austin Texas. Disney announced the open call a few weeks prior to its scheduled date and thousands of kids showed up with their families. The event was held to find potential child actors to be cast in Disney original movies as well as new shows going into production by Disney XD and the Disney Channel. Specific show or movies were never announced but the age range they were searching for was 10 to 18 years old.


Disney Channel Auditions 2012

We can expect another open call event or maybe 2 this year in 2012. So keep your eyes and ears open for the next event and maybe you too can become the next child acting sensation.

You can check out last years notice to the left, hopefully another one like that for 2012 will go out very soon and maybe you too will have a chance to star in a new Disney channel show!

102 thoughts on “New Disney Channel Auditions 2012

  1. Cassie

    I live in Australia and I sing. I have been in a band with my church singing for a year now. I have plans to audtition for Australia’s got talent for singing. I can do acting and I would love to be on any show! Please help me make my dream come true 🙂

  2. tatyanna

    I’m a singer/actor and I would love a shot at my dream.

  3. serli

    My name is Serli. Im currently from Glendale Ca. Im 18 with great dance talent. Im 5’5 120 average. Red hair, Brown eyes. I love to dance. I have been dancing since i was 8. Im currently in the Iternational dance team. we do variety of dance such as Armenian, African, Latin, Bollywood, hip hop and much more. I always wanted to let the world see how much of a talent i have in me. I would love to have contact with you guys and watching me how great i am. I have been on and off of preforming on stage to different school. It would be amazing to meet you guys and just show it rather than talk about it. Thank you for you kind attention.

  4. Shane Fredericks

    I’m a comedy actor and would like to Audition for a New Disney channel show
    I’m 16
    Short hair
    Brown skin
    Dark brown eyes
    Meduim sized
    And have 4 years of experince in acting.
    Oh yeah and I live in South-africa if you are interested in ofering me the job, email me. Thanks for your time and I really apreciate it.

  5. Sheila N. Perez

    I’m Sheila and I’m 12years old. I am 5,5″ and I am from Puerto Rico. My dream is to become an actress and I was hoping someone can help me make my dream come true.

    If you need someone, just let me know and I will be there for auditions. Let me know when and where and at what time. OK.

    1. Sheila N. Perez

      My hair is dark brown, my eyes are brown with green and I am a very happy, lovely, great full, kind, generous and a sweet person

  6. jocelyn manjarrez

    Hi my name is jocelyn I’m half mexican and american. I’m from California, long beach ,also turning 16 in june 29 I’m 5″ft tall, weigh 97,hair color: black, eye color: dark brown I live in sevierville Tennessee,I live in a small town that doesn’t really have auditions in but if I was chosen I would really work hard for it. I love singing and dancing. I’m just more of a talent person I love the show business. I truly adore acting, its my passion. I have always wanted to act in a disney channel show. I know you have heard this so much from so many people but it’s just my dream to be an actress and if I’m chosen,which is a 1 in a 10000 chance for me to get the role, but please, I truly want to live my dream. I’m not in it for the money. I just love acting and if I was famous, I would just love hearing fans say my name, ask for an autograph. Ever since I was 4 I have always wanted to be an actress. I would always pretend to be in a disney channel show. I would act out a scene from a show. I would also pretend to be a singer even if I’m not good at it, also be in award shows. I would pretend so much, I still do. I just love acting and there is nothing else I’m good at but that.

    My life’s hard and I would just love a break in my life, I just pray to god every night and day to help me live my dream. Please it would mean so much to me. I don’t have experience, but I know if I’m chosen I will work hard. Please its the only thing I’m good at. I just want to show the would what I can do. Please take your time reading this, its coming from my heart. Thank you for your time.

  7. Macy brown

    Hey my name is Macy brown I am 12 years old I’m turning 13 on July 24! I am a good singer and actress I am 5.7 feet tall I love meeting new people I have wanted all my life to be a Disney channel actress! I have straight blonde hair! I live in Wichita! I am love to have fun!

  8. Elizabeth

    hi my name is elizabeth. every since i was little i have dreamed of become part of the disney family. it would be such and inspiration to get this audition. it would mean so much to me. i have also been trying to star a singing career to. im 13 i have brown curly hair and im 5 ft. 1. i love the disney family and really wanna be a part of it. I love to sing dance and write songs. I love to have fun but also like to be good at wat i do. It would be so amazing to get to live out my dream and be able to be part of the wonderful disney channel family.
    thnk you so much.
    Ps:if i ge tit which i hope i do plz email me at

  9. kathy thai

    And i live in memphis

  10. kathy thai

    Omg im actually crying while im writing this well i hope you read this and select me because i love acting i always practice with my friends and i never auditioned for anything but i really want to so bad! I am asian 50% black and 50% vitnamese. I am around 5 feet and my hair is long and curly and is dark brown. My eyes are also dark brown. My talent is cheering,dancing,and a little bit of singin. Well i hope you guys pick me! Thamk you for your time! O yea and i am 13 turning 14 in october by the way

  11. Maria

    I’m 10 years old and live in the UK close to London and my dream is to be an actress on disney ! If there are any dinsey auditions in London coming up, please let me know 😀 it means a lot to me.
    P.S my hair is light brown as are my eyes and im quite… tallish….
    Maria x

  12. Victoria

    Hello i’m Victoria. I will be turning 16 in the next month.
    Height: 5 foot (advantage of looking younger for acting if needed to)
    Weight: skinny & toned (115 lbs)
    Hair color: Light blonde (medium length)
    Eye color: Dark brown
    skin color: White but tanner than most
    smile: white and straight
    People always say i look like a cute barbie doll.

    I have had acting expeience in the past from productions at school, 3. I do certainely have a talent for acting, i have heard i am the clearest voice on stage and my smile is very noticable. I hope you are interested!! thank you for your time! i’d love to be part of disney!!! I play a little bit of guitar (in process of getting better) & a pretty good singer! thanks again

  13. Charlotte Williams

    Hey guys, My name is Charlotte Williams. I live in Bridgwater, Somerset, UK. For so long I’ve been longing to be an actress, ever since I was little I was pretending to be somebody else in a different scenario etc. I’m 13 years old and I have medium, black hair and bluey green eyes. I would give up everything to fulfill my dream. I’m about 5ft and still growing! I’d definately come to the auditions, so pleaaaase help!? 😀

    1. Asianne

      I love acting and I really want to be on tv so people can finally notice me and Ican start being a star. So when i speak to people they can look up to me.

  14. Tiffany Bryden

    Hey Disney
    My name is Tiffany Bryden,
    I live in Australia, queensland, and I want to become an actor. I’m turning 14 in september and I really want this 🙂

  15. Ranchan

    Height- 5’11
    Weight- 65 kg
    Hair color- Black
    Skin color- Brown
    Race- Indian
    D.O.B.- April 4, 1990

    hello i am Ranchan from India. My age is 22. This is my dream to be an actor.

  16. Ranchan

    hello i am Ranchan from India. My age is 22. This is my dream to be an actor. Can someone tell me how can i get an acting job at Disney?

  17. Cyndia

    I want to audition for the Disney Channel in 2012. I want to do it very soon because I know that if I set my mind to it, I could do anything. I absolutely love all their shows and think that they have just the most talented actors around. Being famous and trying out for Disney Channel is my dream. I have not seen the open call for 2012 yet and was not able to attend the one last year. I hope it is held in a place close to where I live so that I may attend. If not, guess will have to wait for 2013 and maybe by then I will be able to travel to where they are since my sister will be driving soon and she can give me a ride.But seriously, I don’t want to wait until 2013, that’s like a year away. Please come to the midwest very soon, this year, 2012!

  18. Evelyn

    Hi I’m 11 and i’m in 6th grade. I love acting and modeling. Yes i have photo shoots. I’ve been in lots of plays for my school and other places. I want to become a great actress, it doesn’t matter what show i go in. But hopefully you make my dream come true and hopefully i get something back

  19. Katiepaige Richards

    Hi my name is Katiepaige (most people call me KP for short), I am 12 years old, I am turning 13 in June. Some things about me:
    Height- 5’1
    Weight- 100 pounds
    Hair color- Blonde, short wavy
    Skin color- Tan
    Race- American
    D.O.B.- June 28, 1999
    Hobbies- Horseback riding I have been riding horses since I was 3 years old, and I also show horses I have been doing that since I was 6 years old, I own 3 horses. Shim Shin Do/Self Defence, Shim Shin Do is based on the spirt, mind, and body, and I am a yello belt. Golf, I have been doing golf since I was around 4 years old. I play the Violin, Flute, and the Clarinet. I love animals. I have been in a few plays before. It is my dream to be an actor, I have always wanted to be on Disney Channel or Disney XD.

    Thank you if you are reading this, and I wish to be contacted. :o)

  20. daniel

    I got a lot of talent. I am 5’1″ Bday is 12 – 15 1998. like a man said to me, If you can dream you can do it. Not about money it all about making your dream come alive.

  21. Nicaria Andrews

    Hi my name is nicaria andrews. 12 going on 13.i live in germany but moving to texas and i want to reach my goal of becoming a young actress i would do animation reality or anything i dont really want much juss to make my dreams come truee.
    Thank you for your time and hope to be contacted soon.

  22. katie burek

    hi! im katie and im 11 years old. i love acting. i have experients at talent shows plays and musical insruments. i would love to be not even famous but to even star in 1 show i wish that i could be a singer and actor thats my dream!!!!!!!

  23. Nathan Neville

    I’m Nathan me and my friend Aaron wish we could sing on Disney (hes the higher one) I live in Newry Ireland he lives in Camlough Ireland I have a reddish brown coloured hair while he has pure brown hair I just hope someday we could be famous

  24. Hiya my name is Jordon,
    I’m 14 years old, female Height: 5’7. I love acting, it has been my dream to become an actress since I was 6. I love singing too, but that’s not one of my strong points… :/ I can play a little bit of the guitar and piano. I dance to, as it is fun and energetic. I like have fun and laughs, but I’m serious when needs be. My friends say I’m funny, outgoing and active. The one down side is I live in England, where not much goes on, usually all the auditions are too far away, but I hope that won’t be a problem 🙂 Hobbies: Dancing, swimming, drama youth theater and more. I hope someone sees this.

  25. Shauna

    Hi I absolutely love Disney I’m 11 And I’ve been in theature my whole life and would love to be a part of disney I sing I dance I act and I play a little bit of guitar piano harp violin and drums 🙂

  26. Jennifer;):D Xxxx

    Hello disney my name is Jennifer, I am 13 years old & I live in Lancashire which is in England. Acting is my dream & my passion, I can’t imagine wanting to do anything else. At the moment I have little experience & I am looking for acting lessons! I think that I should be considered for Disney as I would be very dedicated & always try my best!;):D
    Thank you for reading if you have obviously I hope you have XxxxX

  27. flo mitchell + Eve Atkinson

    Hi!, My names Florence Mitchell, Flo for short. Me and my best friend Eve Atkinson have been set on becoming disney channel actresses for ages now. We are both blonde about 5 foot and are 14 years old. We look like twins apparently according to our drama teacher and our friends as they always mix us up. We come from Leeds, West yorkshire in England! We would absolutely love it if you took our application into consideration. We are both very similar but Eve is more tomboyish and I am more girly. Our drama teacher says we work exellent together because we look extremely alike but have completely different personalitys. We also are very talented with accents and can do various acting techniques.
    Eve + Flo ?

  28. Demetriana

    Name: Demetriana
    Age: 13
    height: 1,65
    weight: 50
    hair: light brown
    eyes: green

    hey, my name is Demetriana, and i am 13 years old! i am from Cyprus, and i can speak verry good English, Greek, little Spanish and little Frech…
    i acting, singing and dancing very well…

  29. Rachel

    Hello my name is Rachel I am 12 years old and I will be turning 13 on october 17th.I have always wanted to be an actress and have a hunger to be on tv.I have been performing since I was 3 on stage.I also have performed in front of crowds as big as 1,00 people!I recently entered in an essay contest and won.My esay was a hit and I was asked to read it many times at different places which I did because I love to be on stage.On easter I wrote my own easter poem instead of being assighned one and when I read everyone thought it was great.After I perform I always get lots of applause and standing ovvations.I really hope I get cast on disney and i am ready for the cameras.I am not afraid to perform publicly.If Disney needs a new face I am the right girl to contact.I hope you consider me and send an e-mail.

  30. brittany matthews

    Hey, my name is brittany and i am 15 and I love to act and i am from Memphis TN.

  31. mitzi

    Hi my name is Mitzi I am 11 years old I’m going to turn 12 i have red hair brown eyes. I am from Yuma Arizona. I like to sing, dance, and act and i really want to be on Disney channel it will be a really great opportunity please reply back soon thank you

  32. Cindy

    Hi, my name is Cindy and I am 11 years old. I am 4 feet 9 inches tall. I have brownish black hair and brown eyes. I am from Grandrappids, Michigan. I took cheer when I was 7 till 9 and I did dance since I was 5 and I still do. I take acting classes in school and i’ve been in some plays. Every since I was little I have wanted to be on Disney Channel. My favorite actress is Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez is my role model and I have always wanted to be on Wizards of Waverly Place. I hope that I can audition and get a part. I enjoy acting very much and after high school I really want to focus on my acting career so I think being on Disney will be a great opportunity for me. Please reply back. Thank you. ~Love Cindy<3

  33. Naomi

    hi i’m Naomi and i’m from England. Going to disney channel is my dream. Please send a message in. I have got 9 years old.Thank you so much 🙂

  34. Jazmin

    Hi my name is Jazmin I pretty much go by Jaz. It has always been my dream to be on Disney channel! I am african-american, I have long black hair, I have brown eyes, and im around 6″ tall. I am 11 and will be 12 in September. I would really apreciate the oppurtunity to be on Disney Channel. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read this. 🙂

  35. shaniqua gordon

    hi my name is shaniqua i am 14 years old (female)I have shoulder lenght Brown hair, I am approximitly 163cm, I live in Australia but am happy to move if there is a job opportunity, I love acting and being in drama performances, I take drama as a subject in school,I dont mind if I only get a role as an extra. I have been in a number of school performances, I do dancing after school and I like singing. I have always wanted to be an actor and be on a disney show I watch disney every day, I am a fast learner and I wish to make acting a career. I hope you can get back to me thankyou.

  36. lory

    Hi my name is Lory, I live in Phoenix, AZ. I love to act I took acting classes for a while and I love to dance, and I thought it would be great to audition for Disney Channel I always warch Disney since I was little I am 15 years old right now. But I would love to audition! Thank you and have a nice day.

  37. Kameron

    Hi I’m kamern I really want to be on Disey Channel. I have short brown hair anthletic 12 years old boy ,and i would like to maeet Disney stars like Zendaya or Davis Clevlend. I would like to find an audition and possibly make it on Disney Channel. I’m a good actor I make my friends lagh everyday. Same with my mom and dad. thank you I hope DIsney Channel gets my message.

  38. Kameron

    Hi I really want to be on Disey Channel. I have short brown hair anthletic 12 years old boy ,and i would like to maeet Disney stars like Zendaya or Davis Clevlend. I would like to find an audition and possibly make it on Disney Channel. I’m a good actor I make my friends lagh everyday. Same with my mom and dad. thank you I hope DIsney Channel gets my message.

  39. Nadia Ariai

    hey my name is Nadia i can sing and dance
    I#m 14 year’s old i have red hair brwon eyes and i’m 5’3
    It’s my dream to work by disney
    but i live in germany please make me to a disney star…

  40. Grace

    Hi, my name is Grace. If this site is legit, I would love to be apart of Disney Channel. I am 12 years old and I will be turning 13 in July. It has always been a dream of mine to become an actor. I love to act! I am around 150cm and I have brown/blonde hair. I am from Australia.
    In my school play, no one put on a voice for their characters, but I did.
    I can play the piano also.
    If you are interested please email me. Thank you. <3

  41. Araya J. Watson

    Hi I’m Araya I live in Mississippi and I want to be eight things when I grow up and one of them is acting. I’m nice,caring,and loyal.I love dancing I always wanted to play tennis and I watch disney channel my whole life.I am 10.I have dark brown hair,brown eyes,I am about 4 1/2 feet tall, I never went to acting school nut I go online everyday to learn about acting.I one thing I love doing most is dancing and playing games with my friends we are always coming up with Ideas to make everyday fun, and we both want to be famous.I LOVE saving money for things I want or need and I love to sing and write songs.So please make my dreams come true!!!!!!

  42. Mikaela Newhouse

    Hello 🙂
    My name is mikaela but everyone calls me miki
    I am 13 going on 14
    Have light brown hair
    Green eyes
    Average height
    I live in Australia but am able to one to America etc
    I have been doing acting and singing classes since I was 5, I really enjoy both and hope to someday be a famous singer/ actress. I have been in multiple ads and musicals, and would love the chance to show you my talent.

  43. Harshithaa Mohanraj

    Hi, I’m Harshithaa Mohanraj:
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Height: 5 feet 4 inches
    Ethnicity: Asian Indian
    Characteristics: Smart, Rational, Humble, Charismatic, Outgoing, Funny

    I play tennis, I love drawing and I’m a big fan of bathroom singing! Being in this movie would be the best wish that’s ever come true in the entire world!! When I act, I feel like I’m in another world, out of my shell, and I feel like I can do anything I want. Acting is my passion and I hope you’ll consider me!

  44. Syrena

    Hey i live in a group home and i want to get out of it and have a new life iv been in foster care for about 10 years. so i would love to be an actress or a singer.

  45. Alton Coston

    Hi Disney!!! My name’s Alton. I live in Richmond,VA. I love all of your shows!! I’ve basically grown up arund Disney!!! I watch all of your shows!! I would love to be an actor on Disney!!! That is my dream!!!

  46. Amanda

    Hi my name is Amanda. I love to act! It’s much better than anything else besides family and friends. I’m 5 feet tall. I have dirty blonde hair with blue eyes. I weigh about 85 pounds. I’m 10 but I look 11 to 12. Hope you consider me!!!

  47. Chantea Harbour-Jullian

    Hello I am 11 years old and I’ve always dreamed of being on a Disney Channel show. People say I am very talented because I was in dance class for 2 years, but I do like to act! I watch Family Channel all the time and my favourite show is Shake it up with Bella and Zendaya and I’m big fans!!! But I’ve tryed to apply to the disney ausitions but when ever I try It’s says that it’s only American. But I do live in Niagara falls Ontario and I would love to be on a Family Channel show!!!

  48. Jose Rafael Acosta Ramirez

    Hello my name is jose rafael acosta ramirez I have 13 years I would like to be part

  49. Lindsey

    Hello, I’m Lindsey. I live in Oklahoma city and I’m 13 years old. I have long dark brown hair and brown eyes. I’m about 5’2 and a mix of asian,german,and a little indian. My pasions are singing, acting, softball, basketball, drawing, and playing violin. I have had a big dream to be on disney channel for a long time. I am an execellent student. I currently go to a really really good school. I hope to audition for disney channel so please and thank you!

  50. Nikola Simjak

    hello first I would like to tell you about my self so I live in Swansea in Wales I have no problem with travelling I have brownish blond hair and brown eyes I’m a very good actor that’s what other people think but I think I’m very good to I’m quit good at singing I’m a quick learner and I love it I’m 12 in November 2012 I would love to start like Selena Gomez and I will grab on to it as hard as possible this is my dream but I can’t play any instrument but I would like to if you could get me an audition I would be the happiest person on earth thank you for reading Nikol Simjak

  51. Tiara

    Hey my names Tiara im 13 years old i live in canada and i would love to be a disney channel actress i have acting expierence dance expierence and 4 years of vocal training so one day i could be on a tv show or a singer or dancer i would love to be on one of your guys tv shows anyways ya im 13 years old live in canada i have long brown hair imlike 5’3 or 4around there im not really sure but i know i have and average height and weight for my age but people always say i look like 15 so ya ever sinse i was young it has always been my dream to be an actress like selena gomez or miley cyrus or all the other stars so if you guys are intersted please contact me back

    Thanks Tiara.

  52. Chloee!!

    Helo im chloe how are you ,Im 11 years old i want to take part in this and its been my dream sincce i was 6 so please help me live it.I have brown hair(with blonde in it) i have hazel/brown eyes.A nice smile .And this girl right inside is truthely taleneted and she wants to be seen But no one seems to see her ,She wishes u coudl be the one to acctually bother.Now pleasee can u contact me back if your intesrested .Thankyou so much !

  53. eric

    Hi im eric and i want to be an actor.this has been my dream. im about 5′.im 12 years old and im good at acting. please select me thank you

  54. Maria :)

    Hey Disney 🙂 I’m Maria, I’m 15 and live in South Africa. I’m a singer, dancer, model and most of all.. And actress! My dreeeeam is to be a Disney channel actress:) ever since Disney channel started I’ve had an urge to audition. I’m hard working, quirky and always happy. I will never give up on my dream and will try my best. Looking forward to your response, it would mean the world. Please and thank you<3

  55. Maria :)

    Hello Disney 🙂 I’m Maria, I’m 15 years old, I live in south Africa and have had the urge and dream to become famous on Disney channel. I have long brown curly hair, I’m just above average height and I’m very quirky. I’m always happy no matter what and will do anything and work as hard as I can. To be on Disney channel is the biggest dream I’ve ever had, since Disney channel started! 🙂 I’ll do just about ANYTHING to make my dreams come true. Please email me or contact me because I really want my dream to come true. I’m special I promise:P live like there’s no tomorrow. Even I you don’t, I’ll never give up. promise.

  56. Chloe George


    I’m Chloe and I love to act. I have been looking for my big break for a long time. I can do British accents. Plus I have some acting experience. I can sing and play piano. I hav light brown hair and dark brown eyes. I have glasses but if its needed I can take them off. I am 5.1 ft tall and I am 11 yrs old. Please consider me you won’t be sorry.

  57. Zachary Ockenden


    I’m London, UK based. Willing to travel. I’m aged 18. Can do British, American and Australian accents. Previous tv work, Disney tv Australia, channel 7 Totally Wild and Andre Rieu Australian tour. I have represented Australia twice in sports. Looking to grow as an actor and I believe I would be a great addition to the Disney family. I can be contacted through Famestreet, Starnow, email or via google.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Please and thank you.

  58. Rachel Simpson

    Hello! I am an actress/singer, who is 12 years old. I can pass as an older age, too! I have starred in 2 short films, both in the UCLA film festival. I have longish brown hair and I’m 5 feet tall. This would be an amazing opportunity to showcase my talent! Acting and singing are my passion, and I don’t want to do anything else but that. I am a pretty athletic girl, I’m also bubbly,energetic, interesting, and committed. I hope you will consider me! Thanks so much!

    -Rachel Simpson

  59. Lauren

    i am a singer play guitar a little drums and piano and live to act I’m always speaking to people with different voices or accent I’ve been whatching disney channel my whole life I’m 11 years old and pretty short for my age and have brownish hair and blue eyes and shy at first but when i u get to no me I’m really funny i have a little brother and and older sister
    i l0ove disney channel and sing so much my brother and sister send me to my room

  60. Maggie

    Hello i’m Maggie!, i live in Canada and want to be a big time actress so bad(: I have long brown hair wear glasses and im aroung 5″
    I bubbly kindhearted and funny, my dream is to be an actress, and i won’t stop dreaming!, Please help make my dream come true (: oh yeah also i will be in ANY show at all, but maybe not animation, i love acting:)

    1. Chloe

      I m chloe acting is my life evey time we act at school evey one points at me to go up and act I always get the lead role I have about 198 lines I love to get to know people I’m 10 very responsible black hair and brown eyes I’ll love to have this job to express my talent to all disney viewers if u pick me a hole punch of new viewers will come and watch with famous people I never scream and try and hug them I just like to stay cool and get to know them and treat the like family I’m not perfect no ones is so that’s all from me good luck with the trying out guys bye oh yeah I have short hair bye

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