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“Kickin’ It’ is a new Disney XD show that premiered in 2011. Kickin It is a teen sitcom based on martial arts. Kickin’ It is a comedy series that follows a karate instructor at a martial arts academy. The instructor has 5 students and the school is not doing so well.

A few months back Disney announced that ‘Kickin’ It’ will be back for another season that will be filming shortly. ‘Kickin’ It’ is about the Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy. The funny named dojo is also known as the worst dojo in town and the most under-performing of the nationwide chain of Bobby Wasabi martial arts schools.

Disney XD Kickin' It

Bobby Wasabi has a code that goes something like this… “We swear by the light of the dragon’s eye, to be loyal and honest and never say die. Wasabi!”. The group of friends and students in the series try to band together and turn the dojo around.



Kickin’ It stars the following:

  • Leo Howard
  • Dylan Riley Snyder
  • Mateo Arias
  • Olivia Holt
  • Alex Christian Jones
  • and Jason Earles as the martial arts instructor


Casting calls for Kicking It started in 2012 and Jason Earles, (Hannah Montana) was cast in the role of Sensei “Rudy”. Other Disney stars were also cast for Kicking It – Leo Howard (Leo Little’s Big Show) was cast in the role of “Jack”. Dylan Riley Snyder, a Disney on Broadway star from the Disney musical ‘Tarzan’ auditioned for the role of “Milton” and got it.

Some non Disney actors were also cast for the show. The brother of Moises, Arias, Mateo Arias, got a role in the series and Olivia Holt who previously did some commercials was cast for the part of ‘Kim’. Disney newcomer, Christian Jones was picked to play the part of ‘Eddie’. Before this Christian was in a video.

So far the series has been a great success for Disney XD and the shows creator. The mix of martial arts and comedy makes for a great combination and we can’t wait to see where it goes next season.

79 thoughts on “Kickin It Disney XD

  1. Hi I am Lindsay live in a small village in ontario canada, about 10 minutes from stratford. I have experience in karate. But if you decide to pick me I will work really hard. I mostly have experience in drama class. When I get on stage I am a little nervous, but since there are other people I will be fine. I am on the school’s badminton team first year even though I am in grade ten. So around the same age as the characters on Kickin’ it. I work really hard, I am also in the school concert band. If you won’t to know more about me. Please shoot me an email. 🙂 I love the show, I would really love to work with everyone. If you want to know more I work really hard.

  2. Aaron Thor

    Hey, My name is Aaron. I always wanted to be in kickin it. I’m only 8 and I’m turning 9 years old this spring. I live in Blaine, Minnesota. I love kickin it. I do karate I want to audition for kickin it. I always wanted to be an actor and I’m a good actor for. Leo Howard is a good fighter.

  3. Sabrina shukurova

    Hey, My name is sabrina. I love the kickin’ it show. It has inspired me to do martial arts and I would love to be on the show! I’m 14 about to turn 15 and I’m Turkish/Russian! I would love to be a part of the kickin’ it family.

  4. robert

    hi I’m in kung fu and I’m a brown belt. I’m turning 14 this June and I teach kung fu too. I want to be on this show so bad because it is so cool how they make a fight show and I could help out with the fight scenes.

  5. Kira Hankel

    Hey, sorry I meant to put ” karate kinda quick”! Sorry for the mistake!:(

  6. Kira Hankel

    Hey my name is Kira and I absolutely love the show kickin it!! I am a big fan of Leo Howard (jack) and Olivia Holt (kim). I would love to be part of the show! I am 13 years old and I am in eighth grade. I have been in gymnastics for 10 years and cheerleading for my school for 2 years and can learn karate kinda quite! I am in national junior honor society and I play the violin, and kinda the guitar and piano. I have also been in student council for 2 years. I love to act! I have black hair and brown eyes and I am 4’11. I have watched kickin it ever since it came out! I love the show, the characters and the casting crew and hope to be part of the magic someday!!:) Hope I can be apart of it! Thank you for your time.

  7. Tyra MUrphy

    Hey I’m Tyra. I love to act. To do a show with martial arts would be great. I really want to act, its a dream of mine, so email me?

  8. Alex Rodrigues

    My name is Alex Rodrigues and I love the humor and comedy on Kickin’ it.
    I am 15 years old turning 16 in July.
    I have long blonde-brown hair with green-blue eyes.
    Height: 5.8
    I would really like a shot to make an appearance on TV.

  9. Kimberly Nkuku

    I would really like to be part of kickin’ it… like an extra of a person who come in once or just once in a while..

    name: Kimberly Nkuku (so different from the way you say it)
    age: 14 ft
    height: 5’4
    weight: 110 lb
    I am an African and I have been told (and I know) that I have an accent (hope that isn’t a problem :D….

  10. Raquell Johnson-Mendoza

    I would like to audition for kickin it, any part means a lot.

  11. ebany reyna

    Hey I’m 13, I watch kickin’ it everyday since this show came out. I’ve been wanting to be on this show ^_^ I know it might be late but I swear I won’t disappoint y’all!!! Please give me a chance!!! 🙂

  12. melissa flores

    I’m a big fan of this show, I’m turnning 16 on feb 17. I really want to be cast in this show ;P

  13. Samantha nava

    People tell me I can’t live my dream, I want to prove them wrong so bad by becoming an actress on this show. It has everybody I love, my idol Olivia Holt and my inspiration Leo Howard. I am one tough girl and willing to take any risk to be on this show. I go to sleep every night praying that the next day, I will meet someone who can turn my dreams into reality. If somebody reading this can please do so, it would mean so much to this 12 year old dreamer. This would be on news every where… 12 year old El Paso city girl becomes a big life superstar. I even had a script to announce my arrival but won’t tell directors until I get signed.

  14. Samantha nava

    Please email me, you would be starting a future for me, but of course a small town girl from El Paso TC can’t go to the big life of Hollywood.

    1. Destiny nava

      I just turned 10 December 22nd . I have been wanting to become an actress since I was 3 years old. I’m Samantha’s sister and I want to live my dreams and all I have is one thing to do is live it and I’m not only trying to do this for me but I’m doing this for my family because I love them and I care about them. I want to do something good for me and my family. Like my sister said my idol is Olivia Holt and Leo Howard is my inspiration. Plus, If I don’t make it I will always keep on trying and I won’t stop trying until I’m 100 years old. I won’t let anything get in my way and I would like to die in a good career . The best thing about acting is acting feels like it is a part of my family.

  15. Samanth nava

    People tell me I can’t do something, people tell me I can’t live my dream. I want to prove them wrong so bad by becoming a actress on this show. It has everybody I love Jason earles my mom’s crush, my idol Olivia holt, my inspiration, Leo Howard. I have two cousins both 2nd degree black belts in karate so I am one tough girl to live through that and willing to take any risk to be on this show every night I pray that the next day I will meet someone who can turn my dreams into reality. Right now they are only dreams if anybody reading this can turn them please do so, it would mean so much to this 12 year old dreamer.

  16. Kim johnson

    Hi my name is Kim Johnson I’m a 14 year old girl. I love Kickin it. I am a 2nd degree black belt in karate,a yellow belt in taekwondo and brown belt in Judo. I am 5’4″, have blonde hair and sea blue eyes. I live in L.A and I also do Cheerleading, Gymnastics, I have played various different lead roles in productions in school and in theaters. If you chose me, I would be the happiest girl in the world.
    thank you,
    Kim Johnson

  17. Jahred Slate

    I’m also an A student.

  18. Jahred Slate

    And if I practice martial arts for like a week I would probably get the hang of it because I’m a very fast learner.

  19. Jahred Slate

    I believe if I am given the opportunity to be a part of kickin it, I would always do a great job and I’m not just saying that.
    If I’m put in the show, I can definitely be Eddies cousin because I sort of resemble him.

    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Age: 13
    Body Type: Athletic

    PS: Please email me I really think I will do well in kickin it 🙂

  20. tabitha stiltner

    hi I’m tabitha, I’m 14 and I love “kickin it”. I don’t miss an episode ever since I saw what jack can do. I wanna do it so I hope I get picked.

  21. Danita Donaldson

    My name is Danita Donaldson and I would love to be in kickin it!!! It has always been my dream to become famous. I am 11 years old and attend the ACTS program (arts,communication,and theater!!!) where only a few people get accepted each year. I believe if famous actors and actress like Selena Gomez’s and Robert Patterson’s dream came true, then maybe mine’s can too.

  22. Jonathan Perez Irizarry

    Hi I’m Jonathan Perez from Puerto Rico. I’m 18 and I really want to join Kickin it. I am pretty funny and I know martial arts, I practice Kong fu . Acting on Disney Channel was and it will be always my dream.

  23. Lindsey Davies

    Hi, I’m Lindsey I’m 17 and I’ve been interested in acting ever since I can remember. I’ve been through Barbizon but I haven’t really had any opportunities to put myself out there. But I would love to be on kickin it, its a good show, with a good script!

  24. Betsy Wallace

    Kickin it is my favorite tv show. It would mean so much to me if i even got the chance to audition. I love the show and the characters and i hope that someday i will be able to join them. I have acted before and love to do it.

  25. María Y. Hernández Delgado

    Hi, I’m young Puerto Rican actress and started in two plays. I won best actress second in the primary, now that I’m in high school and want to do new things in different language is a little French and I’ve only acted in a film before.
    Resides:San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Occupation:Model and actress
    Date of birth:14/12/1997

  26. Cheyla Sabrosky

    Also, my height is 5’3. I have light brown hair and hazel eyes. I am skinny and weight 80 pounds and I do basketball.

  27. Cheyla Sabrosky

    I am 11 turning 12, my birthday is November 17th 2000. I never tried acting but I would like too! I’m in 7th grade and an A student. Its been my dream to be an actor. I would love any casting role for disney. I live in Casper,WY. Please I practice in the mirror and with my friend. I like comedy drama & thriller.

  28. Thai

    I would be a great actor. I love kickin it. I love Lio Howard, Disney XD and karate. I think I am a great artist and my name is Thai. I am 10 years old but that does not matter.

  29. La'Terryis Destini Kintchen

    Hello there my name is La’Terryis I’m 14 years old, my height is about 5’4 or so. I’m African American,white, Bahamian and Indian. I want to perform in Disney’s movie because I want to be an actor. I’ve been going to camps for more practice on my acting , so I’m hoping you all reserve me a spot 🙂

  30. Ly Huong

    Hello there! I am an 18 female vietnamese born in Australia and I would love to audition for any roles in this show! I also take up taekwondo by the way haha

    I hope you take it into consideration 🙂

  31. brooke

    hello! I’m Brooke and im 14 years old. I have wanted to be an acterss since i was 11. It is a big dream of mine just to become apart of Disney Channel and Disney XD. I am very out going and terrific personality. I love to act with different moods and I love making new friends. Acting is one place I can be my self and make people proud.

  32. samantha

    I’m also very athletic.

  33. samantha

    Forgot to mention I’m a really good actor.

  34. samantha

    I’m Samantha and I m 13 years old about 5’3″. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and my fave show out of all the shows on tv is kicking it. I take karate and am a yellow belt. I’ts been my wildest dream to be on kicking it. I love karate and Ii love acting and if kicking it isn’t on tv, I watch on demand. Its been one of my bigest dreams to be on kicking it. I even know the wasibi code by heart (i sware by the light of the dragons eye to be loyal honest and never say die wasabi) I really hope you email me and choose me to be on kicking it. I’m also very athletic and ready to learn something new. Please pick me. I will be the happiest girl ever. I’m trying to prove I can shine but no one belives me. I believe I can shine.

  35. christian scott jordan jr

    Hi im christian. I would like to be on kicking it because I love acting. I have been doing karate since I was 7 and I can do my on stunts.

  36. Jordan

    hey, I’m jordan, and I would love the chance to finally get to live my dream! (which is to be an actress btw.)

    Hair:Dark Brown, shoulder length
    Body Type:Athletic/Petite

  37. Ketura Mirbel

    I’m sorry i mean Kickin It

  38. Ketura Mirbel

    Hi i’m Ketura i’m 12 i’m turning 13 in September and I love lab rats it is so funny. I love to act, sing and dance.This would be a great opportunity for me thank you.

    Hair: Brown, Medium

    Age:12 turning 13


  39. malcolm purefoy

    i have also have been in many plays at my school and outside of school i also love basketball and football and i love to act

  40. malcolm purefoy

    Hi! I am Malcolm im am 12 years and i was thinking about auditioning for kickin it! I have studied martial arts with my dad since I was three years old. I am a 1st degree black belt and the style I practice is tang soo do. I really like the tv series kickin it so i hope you may contact me.

  41. Kaitlyn

    i am 11 yrs old and i was thinking i can join wasabi warriors and just continue the episodes like that and get hurt really badly in one episode but one thing i dont know karate but i will learn really fast if you choose me to be on kickin it

  42. Grayson

    Hi, I’m grayson, I just turned 15 and kickin it is my favorite show. I take karate and taekwondo. I’m about 3/4 of the way up our belts system. all of middle school I took a forensics (acting) class. I’ve always wanted to be on a show and I can relate to it being that I take martial arts!! I’ve quit all other sports to practice martial arts and acting, please email back!

  43. Grayson

    Hi, I’m grayson, I just turned 15 and kickin it is my favorite show. I take karate and taekwondo. I’m about 3/4 of the way up our belts system. all of middle school I took a forensics (acting) class. I’ve always wanted to be on a show and I can relate to it being that I take martial arts! Please email back!

  44. patrick

    hi my name is patrick james i really want to be on TV so badly if you don’t pick me i will explode like a dragon

  45. Levi zavala

    I’m Levi, age 8.
    I am a model who has taken acting classes and have my green belt in martial arts..testing for my purple soon! I can stand on my hands and am currently in L.A. Because I made the top 5 boy finalists in Gaps online casting call contest. Pls email my mom so I can audition.

  46. mina

    My friends say i’m a really good actor. They said maybe i should be on your show and they also said that i should come up with ideas for the it. I am really good at coming up with ideas. I know what kids want that’s because i am a babysitter. also here is some info about me:

    age 11

    in drama club

    hair: brown with highlights

    height: 5’1

  47. Iris Priscilla

    Hello my name is Iris Priscilla I love Disney Channel and Disney XD and I think I would be perfect for this show because I watch it all the time. And also have alot of acting experience. Please contact me, if you do I promise you will not be disappointed.
    Info about me:
    Age: 14
    Hair: Dark Brown, Wavy, Medium Length

  48. Saundra Saunders

    hello my name is saundra saunders and i have a very talented godsister named markia hatcher and a godbrother named kizmin hatcher. they can sing,dance, and act beautifully! i would really love it if they got a chance to show their talents to the world. They would like to be on kickin it with all of their hearts!!!!!

  49. Jessie

    I would love to be on kickin it. I am a green belt in martial arts.

  50. Phoebe Williams

    Hi I’m phoebe I’m 13 years old and I really would like to be in kickin it and I would really to be on the show so I can show people that I can also be a success in life and it will make my mom really proud…

  51. Leighanna Hornick

    My brother Andrew is 11 years old and very well toned. He had played just about every sport there is. He is not only athletic, but he is a good actor too. He loves disney channel and I’m sure he would make a great addition to this show (or any show). Thank you! Email for more info or pictures.

  52. Hi, my name is Emilija. So yeh , i would like to be on kickin it so watch my video you will se how i look.Im 13 years old. So yeh and i love acting. 🙂

  53. nicole

    hey yall i am a crazy fan and a crazy actor if i could just get a shot at my dreams i would live and work to the fullest. and if any of yall need a backup dancer i am your girl cuz i can dance and i am very good at call me at 0716258351 and remmember you won t regret it

  54. giana

    my dream is to be famous when i was little

  55. giana

    hi iam giana i like your show i do karate i am black belt i go to smith and weston school of martial arts in claton englewood ohio fairborn my number is 8788291 please call if i con go i am really a black belt and leave a message i am good like leo

  56. Bryn Nordmark

    Hello , My name is Bryn Nordmark. I have been interested in acting ever since i was a little girl. I am very outgoing and bubbly and love trying new things. I am 14 years old currently living in Canada, but am willing to travel for auditions. Im very hardworking and willing to do whatever you have open for me. I am 5’4 , blonde with blueish greenish eyes. I want to make a difference and show people that anyone can follow their dreams.. because my dream is becoming an actress.

  57. Katiepaige Richards

    Hi, my name is Katiepaige. I am turning 13 years old. My birthday is June 28. Kickin It is my favorite TV show of all time. I watch every new episode right when it comes out. I love animals, in fact I ride/show horses, and I have been riding horses ever since I was 3 years old, and I have been showing horses ever since I was 6 years old. My horseback riding trainer has taught me so much. Some of the sports I have played are: Golf, Softball, Karate, Ballet, and I have done Gymnastics when I was a todler. I also play some instruments, those are: Piano, Flute, Clarinet, and the Violin.
    Some things about me are: I am 5ft 1in. birthday: June 28, grade: 7, age: turning 13, hair color: Sandy/dirty blonde, length down to the shoulders, I took acting lessons when I was younger (8-10 years old) I played Repunzul in the play we did. I have also been in another play when I was in 4th grade, I sung a solo and I acted some lines, I did another play in the 6th grade and the play was the Shakespear Stealer, I played Maria in that play.
    My parents and other family members and friends always tell me that I am very funny, outgoing, and that I can act very amazingly. My parents say that I can be a little of a drama queen, but other than that, they say I should be on TV because of how good I can act. Although I do not know if I can sing, I never sing in front of people, and I had to sing that solo in the 4th grade 🙁
    If you chose me to be on Kickin It, that would be such an honour to me and my family.

    1. Breshauna

      that’s my birthday

  58. arayah williamas

    My name is Arayah i am 9 yrs old and i can act, sing, and dance My family always told me i can be an actress so contact if i can audition 773-895-1688

  59. elisabeth

    hello my baby boy has 7 month, i will love him to be on tv….his a adorable baby..

  60. Elsy

    My brother loves Kickin It. It really is a very great and funny show.

    1. yasmin

      I love love kick in it I am good actress and my mom said I should audition for a show because her dream did not exactly go to plan so i want to finish it for her
      I’m 10/11 years old and I’m 5feet 1 in heigh so I look about 12

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