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How to get on America’s Next Top Model

ANTM auditions 2014

ANTM auditions 2014

America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) casting calls go out long before the series shoots or even gets renewed by the networks.

Top Model Update – 2015 Cycle 22 Top Model Auditions Announced!

Tryouts will begin in December of 2013!

ANTM casting calls used to go out 2 times a year because the very popular CW Tyra Banks series did 2 cycles per year. In 2013 and 2014 that will change. America’s Next Top Model will now be doing only one season or cycle per year, planned for spring.

That means that we shall see fewer casting calls and auditions for the popular modeling competition. A few years back it seemed like there were tryouts being held somewhere most of the year, but no longer. One cycle per year instead of two means we will only be seeing 1/2 the casting calls.

America’s Next Top Model is the top rated modeling competition on TV and also probably the first, it has gone 20 cycles now. Other modeling reality shows have come but none of them are more popular or as well known as ANTM. Due to the show’s popularity, there is no shortage of aspiring models wanting to tryout and since the show has been known to take plus size models, petite models and now even male models, it opens the doors for many.

For over a decade now Tyra Banks and the Top Model crew has been giving lovely girls from all around the U.S. (and other countries such as ANTM Asia) a shot at the big time.

So exactly how do you get to tryout for Top Model? Well… you will have to wait until the show announces casting calls. Top Model tryouts are a bit different than many other shows and franchises. Most major TV shows announce open call auditions in major cities but leave out smaller towns and more rural areas. Top Model historically has not.

Top Model tryouts have been held in big cities and small towns alike. You can look at the ANTM tryout schedule from last cycle and see that casting directors went to large cities, small towns and even places you or I have probably never even heard of.

When the show is casting, their schedule is large and covers a large area. It also gets updated and changed a lot. The best way to find out if they are coming to your city or town is to check and check often because new cities are sometimes added daily.

Along with the shows open call schedule, they sometimes take online applications as well. The best way to get on the show is to meet casting directors in person, but if that is not a feasible option, ANTM may have an online audition process that you could try.

For ANTM cycle 20, the show even began using MyStudio which is a video service offered in some malls to help people make video auditions for the show.

So if you are an aspiring model who wants to tryout for America’s Next Top Model cycle 21 or cycle 22 (which we hope they have) you best keep your eyes open for the cattle calls because they will be coming soon. Top Model cycle 20 will be airing shortly which means cycle 21 will be casting very soon in 2013 for the Spring 2014 season.

Don’t want to wait that long? Well there are some other modeling opportunities such as the New York Model Management modeling contest going on now that you can check out. The contest does not air on television, but offers close to the same prize which is a potential modeling contract for the winners.

Top Model Update 2013 – 2014 Top Model Auditions and Tryouts Announced!

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43 Responses to “How to get on America’s Next Top Model”

  1. Jasmine says:

    I’m 18 and really looked forward to trying out but I’m only 5’2 that’s why to short isn’t it ?

  2. Katrina Stevens says:

    I would love to tryout, I will be 33 years old next month, am I too old to tryout?

    • admin says:

      Think so. The requirements do say that they are looking for models (of any height) who are between 18 and 27 years old.

  3. decuba says:

    Hi! I’m Deviba I’m about to be 27 and I really, really, love you guys and being a Chicago dancer makes me love modeling because its a huge passion and a stress reliever. When is the next call back and where can I go for those call backs? love you tyra, always xoxoxo. You are a true inspiration to us all with dreams.

    • admin says:

      Only models who get chosen at the initial audition will receive information about call backs. Call backs are not normally open to the public. To get a call back, you must first go to one of the ANTM open try outs.

  4. Jermaine says:

    Are the casting calls open for everyone, or will there be a select few that will be chosen to show up?

  5. Terri Whited says:

    Hello, I’m 5’9 and I’m 21. I live in Charlotte,NC. I’ve been wondering is it better to do the audition or send the email? This has been my dream to become a model since I was 12.

  6. Denise says:

    For cycle 22, which months will models need to be available?

  7. Wilma Diaz says:

    Hello! My name is Wilma, I’m 25 years old and I’m 5″10. I’m a mother of 2 beautifuls boys. I love fashion and style but mostly I love the runaway. I’m from Antigua and Barbuda, hopefully I’ll get a chance to tryout.

  8. Keegan Allanach says:

    How to enroll or apply.

  9. Martha Amezcua says:

    My name is Martha Amezcua I’m almost 17 and I’m 5′. Have studied modeling at Barbizon in Los Angeles. I am aware that I am short but I have what it takes.

  10. Errica Hampton says:

    Hi. My name is Errica, I’m 25 y/o and I’m a single mother, it’s pretty hard trying to accomplish my BIG DREAM of being a model… there are other things that I enjoy doing but modeling is #1. If I could just get the opportunity to be seen and heard, that’ll make me so happy. Thanks in advance.

  11. Gabrielle Reese says:

    Please can anyone tell me when the auditions for the next cycle will be and where they will be held?
    I am 5’8.5″, 120 pounds, 17 years old, and sort of strange looking. Brown hair, blue-grey eyes, slightly large, dark eyebrows, long eyelashes. Thank you very much in advance :)

    People have told me I resemble Audrey Hepburn, Winona Ryder, Natalie Portman, Natalie Wood, and Brooke Shields.

  12. Mike Htoo says:

    I’m mike. I am a 26 year old guy. I am 5’8 and 165. I love to be America’s next top Model. This is my dream to come true. Please give me a chance.

  13. James Jones says:


    Are you going to start casting people over 30. Im 5’10, african american, male. I look much younger than 35. I have a very unique look. More unique than every guy on both cycle 20 and 21. That can work definitely in the overseas market.

  14. Faranecia Reeves says:

    I would love to apply for Americas Next Top Model cycle 22. I am 21 years of age, African-American, Slim with a nice shape, 5’7, 127 lbs, Brown hair along with eyes, all together nice to view. I know I have what it takes to make it big and I feel this show would change my life. Any answers where to apply?

  15. camilla green says:

    Hello my name is Camilla. I am 5’8, 140 and I will love for Tyra Banks to give me a shot…. I know that I have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model.

  16. Amy says:

    Hi, I want to fill out the paper work. I need to do so I can try out for cycle 22. How do I go about doing that? Every time I search app for cycle 22 it brings me things for 21.

  17. Jessica Summer says:

    Hello, my name is Jessica. I’m 20 years old weighing in at 120 pounds. I am made up of mostly legs and stand at a height of 5’9″. I have pale skin and light brown eyes and hair. I’m currently a student at my local community college about 10 minutes outside of Detroit, MI and also a veterinary technician. I’ve been following America’s Next Top Model since I was about 14. Always saying “when I’m 18, I’m going to try out.” It took me years of being told that I should get into modeling to finally take the step of looking into it. I would love to start by applying for a show that I have grown to love and I’m confident with my body, my personality, and my determination. I’d love to audition for Cycle 22.

  18. Amanda Wickert says:

    I am 18, I’m 5′, 90 pounds, and I feel I have the potential to win Americas next top model. I’m short, but I want to promote petite models, shorter girls shouldn’t have to feel that they can’t model just because they’re not tall. Being small is a disadvantage compared to the other girls and I wanna prove that I’m just as good and deserving as they are.

  19. Vanessa Tracy joseph says:

    Hi my name is Vanessa joseph I am 21 years old, 5″ 6″ , weight 140 currently on a diet plan. I am from this little island nearly known by much TURKS AND CAICOS ISLAND it is in the Caribbean near the Bahamas. I want to audition for cycle 22 and I know I can bring it. Love vanessa aka vj.

  20. Brittney Smith says:

    I currently live in Missouri.
    I am 5’5 and weigh is 125. Last time I tried out for Americas Next Top Model I was 17 and was given numbers to contact your top producers but I turned it down because some family problems came up. I am now 19 and turn 20 in January and I am looking forward to another chance to try out for cycle 22.
    I do not have a face book only an Instagram for you to see my potential.
    For who ever reads this and has any contacts or information or even questions to ask. Feel free to contact me through my email.

    Also i have deep brown eyes, Natural long brown hair, and a smile that makes other people smile back.

  21. franka samson says:

    Hi! My name is franka, I’m 5’8 and I’m about 125 pounds. I’ve always wanted to be on ANTM, it’s my dream. I would love to be on cycle 22 please someone tell me when are the ANTM 2015 tryouts.

  22. monifah says:

    My Name Is Monifah, I’m 17 Years Old and I’m From Canada. I’m 5’7, Have A Really Unique Look. I Weigh 110 Ibs and I Really Want To Be on ANTM. Please Tell Me When Cycle 22 Is.

  23. monifah says:

    When Is Cycle 22 ?

  24. Ananda may says:

    When is cycle 22?

  25. Dolores Marsters says:

    Hello, I am the American’s Top Model over 50 years!….

  26. Jovyann Perry says:

    My name is Jovyann Perry
    From Birmingham
    Weigh 110 pounds
    Hight. 5’5
    From the Philippines
    I’m honored to be a part of huge, huge, huge modeling industry.
    You can contact me and please update me my email address.

  27. Jovyann Perry says:

    My name is jovyann Perry
    From Birmingham
    Weigh 110 pounds
    Hight. 5’5
    From the Philippines
    I’m honored to be a part of huge, huge, huge modeling industry.
    You can contact me.

  28. The Next Top Model says:

    I’ve tried out 3 times for ANTM, Im 5’11 125 lbs I would be the perfect contestant! please keep me updated on audition dates and locations!!

  29. The Next Top Model says:

    where do I send pic to?

  30. Waqiah says:

    Good Afternoon! My name is Waqiah and I am SO glad I came across your website!!! I am an unsigned model and have been for close to 11 years and will NEVER give up on my dream. I have the look, personality, and drive to fill a lot if not ALL of these vacant modeling/acting jobs and because of your forum, I feel like I may finally get my big break!!!
    I do not have an Agent/Manager, but I would love to have one that has my best interest in this industry as their priority. I am working HARD everyday and hope to hear from you soon. Thank You for the opportunity and have a great day.

  31. Tanesha says:

    I’m extremely excited for America’s Next Top Model in general, however I’m really hoping for another casting call for short models. I’m only 5’4 and ONE HALF :) and have my hopes high for my modeling career. So please keep me updated. Thanks!

  32. Shiana says:

    BTW, Top Model is my favorite show of all time and Tyra Banks is my idol. I find her so inspiring.

  33. Shiana says:

    When are The Next Top Model try outs? I guess cycle 21 or maybe cycle 22? I really need to get on Top Model because I think I can win. I am model material. I am very tall, about 5’10″ and over 6 ft with heels on. I am also very thin and graceful. Everyone always tells me I should be a model so I want to tryout for ANTM to see if everyone is right about how perfect I am to be a model. I misssed the last casting call for ANTM because I could not make it to the city for the auditions. I did not have a car at the time, but now I do and I can travel to meet with the Top Model casting directors or even Miss Tyra herself.

  34. kylie umphress says:

    I have dark brown hair blue, green, blue green, and grey eyes that change colors. I have tan skin.I do have dome freckles on my face. I’m 5’4 I weight 92 pounds and if it’s to much to ask for a chance in this crazy world my dream is be an actress or model. I’m 13 turning 14 real soon. I have a cousin who was a super model too. And I wish I could have a shot at it. I love the show and I think I have a chance to make it in pot ledom (top model backwards)

  35. Sharon says:

    I am America’s Next Top Model! I have watched the show for years now and always think, if I had a chance to be on ANTM I would win it.

    I live in Nebraska and hope that Cycle 21, 22, or 23 auditions for America’s Next top model come to my town so that I can get a shot to be on the show. I can’t wait ’till 2014 for my chance to attend the tryouts, hopefully in Nebraska or somewhere close.

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