How much do Child Actors Make

Miranda Cosgrove, a teen girl who has been acting for quite some time makes a very nice per episode salary on her hit show “iCarly” – $180,000. That is one of the largest per episode salaries for a teenager with the only larger salary reported by Angus T. Jones of ‘2 and 1/2 men’ fame.

Most people have a misconception that all kids on television make that much money. Those claims are un-true. Most of the kids you see on TV make nowhere near what Cosgrove and Jones make. Those 2 are kind of the exception and not the rule when it comes to child star salaries.

The NY Post did an article last year about how much some of these Nickelodeon and Disney stars actually made from their TV pay.

Here is the NY Post chart of Child Star salaries below:

1. Angus T. Jones, 16
“Two and a Half Men”

2. Miranda Cosgrove, 16

3. Selena Gomez, 18
“Wizards of Waverly Place”

4. Dylan and Cole Sprouse, 17
“The Suite Life”
$20,000 each

5. Keke Palmer, 16
“True Jackson”

6. Miley Cyrus, 17
“Hannah Montana”

7. Rico Rodriguez, 11
“Modern Family”

8. Demi Lovato, 17
“Sonny With a Chance”

9. Victoria Justice, 17

10. Atticus Shaffer, 11
“The Middle”

20 thoughts on “How much do Child Actors Make

  1. lorena gomez

    Hello! My name is Lorena & I am 14 years old. I’m really good at improvising & I love acting and I think it’s really fun. I live in Phoenix, AZ.

  2. kodie

    Hi my name is kodie n harper. I’ve always had this dream of being a actress. I really hope you can squeeze me in for a show. I memorize really easily. So it would be easy for me to memorize my lines. My friend tells me all the time I should be on tv. I do singing lessons and gymnastics so I’m really fit. Thank you for reading this I hope you consider.

  3. Makenna

    Hi my name is Makenna, I’m 11 years old. I have a lot of dancing experience. I even have one scholarship for dance I love modeling. I’ve been the lead in all my school plays my teachers say I have a gift and I’m pretty good at singing to. It would be my dream to be on Disney channel so Please come to Oregon or Washington!

  4. LaDaina Fuller

    My name is LaDaina. I am 13 years old and I am a female. I live in Sacramento California. I sing really well and I’ve been singing since I was 3… I am also great at acting. On my free time I like to write and sing. I also dance well too. I have brown hair… Slightly poofy. Brown eyes and I’m 5’3 and I weigh 125 pounds.

  5. Bridget

    Hi! My name is Bridget. I just turned 13 this past July. I have thick brown hair that I can curl into ringlets and normal curl. It is a little past my shoulder blades. I have a very nice belt and first soprano voice. I am also very good at acting as a snooty mean person. I can’t dance but instead I play intermediate piano, advanced flute, basic Clarinet, beginner sax and very beginner violin. I do know how to tap dance a little. I also crotchet and write. Please take me into consideration. I play ages 8 to about 14.

  6. kekoa

    I love to act since I was 6. I have always loved acting.

  7. Ashley

    I have always wanted to be an actress it is my dream. I would love to to be on any disney show.

  8. Nadia Alicia Ruiz

    Well Disney Wanted Me When I Was Younger And Now That I’m Older And Decided What I Wanted To Be , Well I Really Want To Act On The Show Jessie. I’m From Texas Just Like Debby Ryan And I’ve Got Freckles But I Prefer Them To Be Called Angel Kisses . I’m 13 Turning 14 This Year And I Can Definitely Act . I Pray To Jesus All The Time Hoping That I Can Get An Audition And Then Get Accepted .

  9. Alison

    Hi, my name is Alison Chapman. I’m thirteen years old. I will do anything to be on a TV show! I always practice by pretending to be on one. I also sing just in case I’m on a show. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m AMAZING! And I promise I won’t mess up. EVER. So can you help me? Pretty please?

  10. Nichele

    I am 11 years old and I LOVE Disney Channel. I keep asking my mom to take me to an audition when there is an opening in Jessie or Ant Farm. It would mean the world to me to be a permanent member of a TV show. This has been my dream since I was like 4. I do Theatre and my teacher Mr. Price says that I’m amazing. I am going to audition for the lead role Juliet but I want to audition for an actual tv show. Can you help me? please? – Nichele

  11. Giovanni

    Hi,my name is Giovanni A. Pagliaro. I’m ten years old and acting is a big part on my life Iv’e been performing in front of an audience since I was 3. I have a lot of experience. I would love to be playing any part on any disney channel show. So if you want to please email me.

  12. faith

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  13. cassidy

    hi, I’m cassidy! I’m 14 years old living in Dalton Georgia. My dream is to become an actress on Nick! I’m not the skinniest person ever but i dont think it will stop me from achieving my dreams! I have brown hair with blond highlights and blue eyes! I’m just a down to earth kinda girl that is very creative! Everyone says my best job would be as an actress! thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  14. Tenzin

    Hi, my name is Tenzin, i am 15, i love the family channel and acting is my passion. I love it so it would be great if i got chosen for any disney channel episodes.

  15. Harper Smith

    I would really like to act on “Jessie” as one of the main characters or any show but mostly “Jessie”, if that could happen I would be the happiest person in the whole world. It’s been my dream since I was 4 years old. I’m 11 years old and being on Disney Channel would change my life forever!!!!!!!!!

    1. Harper Smith

      I also forgot to mention that I have some acting expierience and modeling expierience.

      1. LaDaina Fuller

        Harper Smith: you were modeling?

  16. Sydney French

    I am a female

  17. Sydney French

    Hi my name is sydney and i am 16 years old.I take up theater arts and would love to be on So Random or Ant Farm.I have alot of acting experience.Ive did auditions and made it and i am a really good actor.I love to act and its something ive always wanted to do and thats why im taking up theater arts but i have alot of experience and would love to be on disney.

  18. Cherish

    Hi my name is Cherish and I am 10 years old. I take vocal lessons and acting classes. I practice all the time at home. My friends call me fun,energetic,and crazy. My acting teacher said I should audition for a show so here I am. I am currently taking piano lesson with my mom’s friend. This would be an exciting opportunity for me. Thanks,

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