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Selena Gomez Salary – Miley Cyrus Salary – Miranda Cosgrove Salary and more

Do you want to know what your fave Disney, CBS and Nickelodeon child stars like Miranda Cosgrove make? well here you go. Seems some of the teen idols on hit kids series make more than their adult counterparts or the adults that play alongside of them on the shows.

If you were wondering how much many of the top child actors make here is a quick rundown of what many of Hollywood’s youngest elite made last year.

“Two and a Half Men” 1/2 star, teen Hollywood star, Angus T. Jones was the highest paid kid on television with a salary of $250,000 per episode, as reported by the New York Post. Seems CBS spared no expense on that show. With Charlie Sheen now gone, we are not sure if Angus’s salary has changed or not.

“iCarly” sweetheart Miranda Cosgrove is reported to have made $180,000 per episode for her ‘iCarly’ role. With salaries like that for teenage stars it is no wonder that so many kids are looking to break into acting and searching high and low for Nickelodeon Auditions or Disney Channel Casting Calls.

Selena Gomez, while just as popular as Cosgrove, if not more popular seems to have made much less per episode at $25,000 per episode. But 25k per episode is still a good amount of cash and more than any teen will make in a lifetime of babysitting jobs.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse of “The Suite Life” fame and “Suite Life on Deck” are reported to have been paid $20,000 a piece last year (2010)

Keke Palmer (True Jackson) is also reported to get about $20,000an  episode

Miley Cyrus of Hannah Montana fame seems to have made the least per episode. Her reported earnings for ‘Hannah Montana’ in 2010 is about $15,000 per episode.


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  1. Aileen

    wow that is a lot of money.. but I mean they work hard but I’m not focused on that, all I really want to do is be a backup dancer or just a little part talking because I am afraid to forget my skit.

  2. Vanessa

    Wow, that is a lot. Although the salary is a great pay, I want to become an actress on Disney or Nick for much more than the money.

  3. Josh

    How do i get to join icarly episode when i already have a bit of experience

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