Disney XD Auditions for ‘Lab Rats’ – Disney Pilot

Disney Channel & Disney XD – Tryouts for new 2012 show Lab Rats

Disney Channel and Disney XD are gearing up for a new show called ‘Lab Rats‘ and are casting the pilot episode as well as the series.
Disney Auditions
Disney XD and It’s a Laugh Productions have a new series and pilot in production. Lab Rats is a comedy series about Donald Davenport, an inventor who has created very high tech, bionic children for himself. The bionic children are Chase, Adam and Bree. The inventor also has a stepson named Leo.

Leo his mom and wacky professor / inventor step dad all live together. Leo discovers his step dads bionic children in the basement and befriends them. The bionic children tell Leo they want a normal life and somehow convince him to take them to high school with him.

Disney XD plans to air this series in 2012 – here is Disney’s description of the show:

“After inadvertently accessing a high tech wall panel that sends him plummeting into a secret underground lab, Leo discovers three teen super-humans – Adam the strong one, Bree the fast one and Chase the smart one. The three, eager to leave their confines, convince Leo to take them along to school, where they try to be normal teens while managing their bionic strengths. Along the way, they help Leo build confidence in himself, and figure out a way to keep their bionic abilities and dangerous missions a secret from the world.”

The show is now filming and is casting extras and some speaking roles. The casting for Disney XD Lab Rats is in Los Angeles where most Disney shows are filmed.

The casting director for the show is Howard Meltzer
You can send headshots and resumes to his office at:
1040 N. Las Palmas
Building 2 South Room 113
Los Angeles, CA 90038

For extras casting information for this show and other Disney Channel shows you can contact Central Casting in Los Angeles at 818-562-2755

42 thoughts on “Disney XD Auditions for ‘Lab Rats’ – Disney Pilot

  1. Zachary Lopez

    Hi, I would be perfect for this job. I’m 10, my height is 4.1, my weight is 62 pounds. I love lab rats and even though you won’t get this, I would still like you to look in to it.

  2. tamia bass

    i’m Tamia Bass, I’m a girl who is 9 years old and I would really love to be on the show Lab Rats.

  3. Emily Hou

    Hi! My name is Emily Hou. I am 9 and in fourth grade. I have long, coffee colored hair. I live in California. I know how to sing, dance, play golf, skateboard, ski, play the violin, and do gymnastics. I think I should have this role in Lab Rats because I am pretty good at acting. I recently did a school play called Gold Dust or Bust and got an acting roll. I am smart and also I am positive when someone corrects something I do wrong. I am pretty good at memorizing lines, but you have to give me little time to remember them. I have always dreamed to be on Lab Rats and having a jump start for an acting career. I am also funny. (In my friends’ opinion) I’m creative and for some reason, my says I’m a “Drama Queen”. I know I might me too young to be an actress, but i hope you pick me!
    – Emily Hou

  4. octavian tyer

    I am a beginning actor looking for a job. I have been a model for Audition America. I believe in my self and know I can make it as an actor. Why I want to become an actor is because I have always wanted to be an actor I also want to have a better life for my mom and brother. I love acting and love Disney. I have never went to Disney World but I want to.

  5. My name is siphelele jordan mxoli. I’m proudly south african. I like karate and something with superhuman stuff. I always wanted to be on lab rats, any script you give me won’t be a problem, please, guys give me a chance. I will never ever disappoint you, I promise you i’ll do my best.

  6. dyanie yanz

    Hey, my name is Nur Adyani Mardhiah and my famous name is Dyanie Yanz. I an from Malaysia.
    Hair: black
    Eyes: black
    Age: 13
    Weight: 40
    Height: 154-155
    And I want to act on Lab Rats because I love the story.
    I love lab rats, thanks.

  7. Zakia

    Hi, my name is Zakia, I’m 15 yr old girl. A great actor and dancer. If you are looking for an African (ghanaian) on your show then I’m available.thank you please reply.

  8. Jonas Benjamin Melara

    Hello my name is Jonas. I’m 13 years old and going for 14 years. I am 1. 40 cm in height. I know some martial arts, and I love cinematography. I am also a good musician. I play percussion cello and piano a little. I can learn by ear.

  9. OTasia

    My cousin is Zendaya Coleman and she’s been trying to hook me up, a little help plz!?

    1. Crazy kid

      What Ever

  10. Austin

    I am Austin I am 13 years old. I am a boy. I love to act, I have been in a integrated arts class learning acting, music, dance, and art. And I really enjoy acting.

  11. quan lester

    I am Quan and I am 12 years old. I am a boy that is really into acting. I like acting, disney xd is my favorite station on TV and labrat’s is my favorite show. I am also a committed person.

  12. LaDonna

    Hi, I’m Ladonna and I live in Columbus Ohio. I’m 13 years old and I’m in choir. I love to sing and dance and make people laugh and smile. I’ve always wanted to be on t.v., ever since I was little and Selena Gomez is my role model. Could you please try to have a casting call somewhere in my area. Doesn’t have to be Columbus (Or even Ohio) just somewhere really close. I don’t want to put my grandmother into too much pressure because she knows how much I want this . I’m also a pretty good actor. I’m just a girl with a dream. Will you make it come true?

  13. Danielle Gladue

    Hey my name is Danielle, I am 14 years of age birthdays next month in November, I have been taking drama for 3 years now I love it, it has inspired me since I started, I’m 5,4, I’m athletic, I’m 125 pounds , I have brown eyes and hair. Been in a few school plays, I am creative at times, I like working with people. It’s just amazing! Please get back to me. Thanks for your time
    -Danielle Gladue

  14. jordyn

    Hi my name is Jordyn and I have brown hair with green-blue eyes. I can act, dance, and sing. I am 11 years old almost 12 and am 4-11 feet tall. I am a girl and my favorate show is lab rats. I love the whole cast and I feel like we would get along great.

  15. cassadi

    i am 10 almost 11 i have dirty blonde hair i can play up 2 12 yrs old i have tan skim in 4 ft 7 in i love lab rats im sporty and smart i will try any sport once and i love 2 read and act stuff out i love 2 dane so plz email me if i can have a part

  16. sara alkhodari

    My name is Sara and I am 12 years old. I really love the show lab rats. I watch it like all the time. I really wanted to meet the cast. That was my dream so if you are giving one role for lab rats, I would love to be the one. Tell me where to go to audition and the set location.

  17. jennel

    hello there, im 14 years old turning 15 in july and i would love to be a part of this show. It is very cool seeing these characters Leo , Chase , Adam , and Bree who are very funny. But whats even better is that they have powers, they are always active and i would like to have the chance to act on Lab Rats 🙂

  18. Ketura Mirbel

    Hi, I’m Ketura and I’m 12 i’m turning 13 in September. I love Lab Rats because it is so funny. I love to act, sing and dance.This would be a great opportunity for me thank you.

  19. Tyree Burton

    I am 14 years old and I have been acting since I was 5 years old I have been in several acting camps and many school plays I have never been rejected for anything I have auditioned for I can preform many different genres of acting and I would love for you to get back to me so that I could have a shot at this great opportunity , thanks so much. -Tyree Burton

  20. Giovannie

    Hi im giovannie and im intrested in thiscasting call im 19 5″9 175 pounds I have light skin brown hair and brown eyes I live in lowell,MA please contact me.

  21. Hey, I’m really hoping to make the auditions but its going to be a bit difficult because I live overseas.But I’ll try my hardest to make the auditions. I’ve been acting in theatre since 1st Grade and I think I have the experience it takes to be in this series.I also play guitar, sing and rap. My favourite hobby is Making movies with my friends. Goodluck to anyone else trying out, hope we see eacg other at auditions

  22. nicole

    hey yall did you know that i am a gr8 actress and that i can play any part given to me so i wouldn t mind if i got a shot at my dreams.and did you also know i got moves like crazy so pleaze remmember my name.you won t regret this

  23. Tiffani

    I’m 15 year old Asian female currently living in Houston, Tx. the show sounds really good and interesting and I would love to audition for it. please contact me the information or to learn more about me. thanks for letting me take your time by reading this. see you;D

  24. Halle McCloskey

    My name is Halle Rose i am 18 years old. I am 4ft 9in with a 6ft heart. Im ready to have fun and start my life. I am very energetic and my size allows me to portray a much younger looking person if need be. Lets get this show on the road and let me show you what I got !

  25. Josefine

    Hello my name is Josefine and I come from Denmark. I love to sing and dance (and make it a part). In my spare time I go to the theater, song and dance. I really really like to be part of a series of “Disney XD” or “Disney Channel” for I burn a lot of playing plays and have done it a few times before. It will be fantastic if you will let me be on the show. Love from Josefine

    1. Chloe

      heeyy, my name is Chloe, i’m 14 but most people say I look older, if you are interested in having me on the show then email, it doesn’t matter if you don’t think i’m the right peroson for this, I would just really LOVE to meet Selena Gomez, I know she has already been on the show before and I may not be from the USA im from the UK you see, but I can find a way to get on the show haha, if Selena doesn’t get on the show i’m fine with Miley Cyrus or even Demi Lovato but if I get picked it’s your choice out of those three people who I will get to meet if I get to be on your show, thanks again and remember to email me with details thank you so much !!!

      1. Charl Vries

        hey guys im an actor and if your looking for talent ,your looking at its mail take me for the pilot because i got the skills to pay the bills…..=

  26. Blair Boswell

    Hi my name is Blair. I am an athlete and have played softball and basketball my whole life. I would love to be on lab rats please let me be on the show.

  27. marymatata

    hi my name is Mary i am 11 years old i love to act it’s fun acting.i also love to dance hip-hop and hip dance my sister all ways think i can dance better than my friend. if i could be come a acuter i would do a show that have dancing and singing that’s my favorite ting to do.

  28. marymatata

    hi my name is Mary i am 11 years old i love to act it’s fun acting.i also love to dance hip-hop and hip dance my sister all ways think i can dance better than my friend. if i could be come a acuter i would do a show that have dancing and singing.

  29. Kristen Eifert

    hey my name is Kristen i am 14 years old, this show sounds like it would be a great show to watch, it sounds intresting,funny,and just a really fun show. 🙂 it would be an amazing opportunite to be on the show!!!

  30. Breyon Glasper

    Hello, My name is Breyon Glasper. I am 16 years old and I am also 6’2. I know I may not fit into the age category but pick me & you will not only see talent bloom but also benefit from it. Thank You (:

  31. Jalen Ivory

    I’m 15 and love to act its fun and I have a passion for it. You also get to meet new and exciting people. If u have read this email me and we can talk

  32. kaytlyne

    hi!!:)My name is kaytlyne and I am 11 years old but I look alot older.I am 5’5 feet tall.I’m blonde and I would love a chance to start my acting career in this way.I am good and committed and I would appreciate a reply.Thank you for reading.xoxo

  33. Hanna

    Hi, my name is Hanna, my dream is to be a actress. I would love love to try out for this role, I’m 11yrs. old and I have done some modeling and would love to try some acting!!!
    Please consider me:D

  34. camila

    hi im camila im 12 12 years old . i love acting and sing and i want to work on disney chennel or disney XD. if you have some information of acting or sing should you talk to me ,my email is camilachaves1999@hotmail.com

    tanks you

  35. alexandra

    hi,my name is alexandra (alli) i am 12 years old but ppl say i act older and look older. i would like to be on this show. also i dance,act And sing.and if you would like me for this show email. and if you need a headshot or more info about me just email me.
    thank you ,email:)

    1. Mykel

      Hello my name is Mykel Taylor I am 11years old I’m really good at acting I did a medicine commercial once.I love to sing my magnet is theatre I go to a magnet middle school and I am a female.I would love to audition for lab rats thank you

  36. Maame (grace)

    my name is maame (grace)i am 11 going on 12 i’m quite new in acting but i always try my best, i love to sing, i catch on really fast. i would like to apply for any Disney channel or XD casting auditions available. please reply

    thank you.

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