Disney XD 2013 New Shows Casting

Disney XD is gearing up for 2013 and are casting Zach Fox for 2 new shows coming in 2013.

Disney Auditions 2013
Disney XD New Shows

Disney XD is the boy oriented Disney Channel Network which broadcasts in many countries across the globe. Producers have just announced 2 new shows that will be in production soon. YouTuber Zach Fox has been cast for the lead in both shows and the shows were created with him in mind.


In one of the shows Zach stars as himself, a younger version of himself that is. In the show Zach plays a on air personality on a student TV channel. The show will combine some improv and scripted segments that parallel Zac’s current YouTube persona and include much of what he currently does on his YouTube shows.

Zach Fox is a YouTube star that is now moving into mainstream TV. His YouTube videos caught the attention of Disney execs. Zach’s YouTube channel includes skits, parodies and other comedic segments. Zach is also well known for comedic man-on-the-streets type segments and interviews. In some of those he stands on the street, sometimes in costume and does some improvisational interviews.

Zach has some hit YouTube web shows which include Limelight, The CHeeSe and Stoga Gone Wild.

Besides the above pilot, Zach also has a Disney XD hidden camera / prank show in the works. The show will be a Canadian Disney show. The new Disney XD show is called “Just Kidding”. The show centers around a ‘kids prank adults’ theme in which Zach and others on the show pull pranks on unsuspecting adults. Zach will host the show as well as perform many of the pranks on it.

Another Youtuber has also been given their own show. Fred of YouTube fame also got a nice TV deal after being noticed by execs who watched his YouTube skits.

Here is an episode of one of Zach’s Man-on-the-street interviews:

Zach’s new show proves that YouTube can make you famous. Zach Fox was cast for his own shows by Disney execs without even having the huge subscriber base that other Youtubers have. Some of his videos have a moderate amount of views but Zach is very funny and his comedy is most likely what gained the attention of Disney XD.

David Nickoll and It’s a Laugh Productions will be producing the new comedy series and production and casting of the new Disney XD show will begin shortly. The show will be filming in Los Angeles.

Stay tuned for more info about Disney XD shows and any audition, casting or casting call information for them.

67 thoughts on “Disney XD 2013 New Shows Casting

  1. Tamsin

    Hi my name is Tamsin. I love to act and dance but I live in the UK so I don’t know if I would get the part my hobbies are that I do competitive swimming.

  2. Kinsey McBride

    Well first of all my name is Kinsey McBride. My mom said I watch tv way to much, cause I repeat a lot of commercials and some acting lines off of some tv show’s. But I think whenever I act I can just be myself and not the person I’m trying to be. When I act or repeat acting lines off of tv shows I feel like I can be myself and not get made fun of or bullied for what I do. But when I act I feel like I can do anything or be anyone. All my life I’ve been bullied and abused. I don’t really stand out much at school or anywhere I go. I just want to be me you know and not who people want me to be. Acting brings out the real beauty in me. Sometimes I just have bad days and just draw and makeup characters of my own. And think that someday I can be that person I’ve always want to be. So I can just live my life and act as different characters and meet new friends and have a fun life. Which I have always wanted. I’ve always wanted people to notice me and say “Oh she is good at acting” or “I’ve always wanted to meet Kinsey Mcbride” or something like that. If I don’t make it into this tv show it’s not going to matter to me or upset me or even discourage me cause I can always try again and again. Cause I’m a fighter and I never give up my dream of becoming the real me. And that’s my audition.

  3. octavius williams

    Whats up I’m Octavius. I want to be apart of anything that has to do with acting because I just like to act. It’s what I do best and I’m talented as well as athletic.

    Race: African American
    height: 5’4
    Eye color: dark brown

  4. Alexina Garcia Chavez

    Hi I’m xina and I love to dance, act , sing and more. I am 11 but people think I’m 12 or 13 . I am 5’3 and I have brown hair and eyes . People think of me as a dancer my closer family thinks of me as actress or a singer thy say I will end up on Broadway but I want to be an actress on TV.

  5. Benjamin Dale Carver

    Hi, I am Ben and I am 11 years old. I am about 5’1 tall and I love acting. I have auburn hair and freckles. I am experienced from talent shows, theatre arts class, and I have an account along with an agent.

  6. ramon salazar

    hi my name is Ramon Salazar and I am 14 years old. I’ve been acting since I was 4 years old. My height is 5’5 ft.

  7. Patrina Cyr

    Hi, I’m Patrina Cyr. I have acted in school plays and I just love being on the stage and acting, its like it was meant for me. I have been acting for a long time, I always dreamed of me acting being a famous actress my whole entire life, I want to make my dream come true. I am 16 my birthday is January, 10, 1997 I am 5’3.5″ tall and 115-120 lbs I am small, I don’t mind if it is even in the background, I would just love to act for Disney. I may be shy and all, but it doesn’t take me long come out of my shell. I live in Alberta, Canada near Grande Prairie or Edmonton.
    Thank you for reading this message, and for taking you time.

  8. Justin bureau

    As I was saying I don’t have much experience but I have been in many plays through my classroom (star role) and I just want a chance. I mean if you have a heart you will give me a chance… And scene… I can do any acting you ask! I’ve been watching Disney xd. I can tell you trust me. I can do this.

  9. Hello my name is Veronica Davila and I am a hispanic female who is 5’6″ and is a proud 17 year old weighing at 117 lbs! I have always wanted to be on Disney channel since I was 4 years old always repeating the words of Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens and acting it out. I graduated from John Casablancas modeling and career center 3 years ago and I recently did a short film called The Visit with Terminal 52 Films so I have experience of remembering lines and showing different sides of myself and being behind the camera.. I am a very optimistic person and my bubbly personality always puts smiles on other people’s faces. I always work on groups and work great with other people. Disney has always told me to follow my dreams and that’s what I’m going to so. You can contact me.

  10. nicole

    Just wanted some website for disney channel auditions 2013, would audition for any movie or series. Also point in the direction of any agency of actors for actors musicians and dancers, await your response.

  11. Evan

    Hi, my name is Evan. I am 11 years old and I am 5’1″ tall. I take my work seriously and I am working on accumulating points on my actors candidate card. My most recent regional productions include, “Camelot” where I played the part of “Tom of Warwick” and “Christmas Carol” where I played “Young Scrooge” and “Peter Cratchit”. I love to sing, act, and dance and I am looking forward to hear from you.
    I have a lot of experience, I am not shy, and this is what I love to do.

    Thank you,

    Evan Flannery

  12. Nalyia Mercedes Saly

    Good morning!

    My name is Nalyia Mercedes Saly or “NaNa” for short, I’m a big fan of The Rock! Love his talents and the movies he plays in so far like Tooth Fairies, Journey… Etc. it shows another great side of him, not just being portrayed as a tough serious person but also a funny, humorous side! You need that to make it in life as well as in the entertainment industry! I’m 12 years old, well almost, I’m very out going, super friendly, get well with everyone, I love love Disney channel and all of its hit comedy series and shows, they actors and actresses in there are all great and inspiring. I would love to be a part of that one day(if I ever get that lucky) and just have fun, meet new people who are on the same path and just enjoy my childhood but in an AWESOME, out if the ordinary ways!!!

    Well I see other commenters leaving their info so I might as well do one too:

    Asian(Lao, Thai, Vietnamese mix)
    Female(so girly but can be a tomboy at times but still in girly clothes n swagg :p)
    Probably almost 5’1 (because I’m almost getting taller than my mom, LOL)
    I’m about 80 lbs. slim but not toothpick skinny
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes

  13. Janaya Watego

    Hi my name is Janaya Watego and I love acting and my mum says I am sorta good at singing. I’m 13 and I would love to be an actor for either disney channel or nickelodeon except I live in Australia. Do you have a way I could appear still? Email me if you can.

  14. To be an actress, has been my biggest dream for a long time. I would love to give me a chance, to see my talent. My name is Jennifer, and I really like singing, dancing, and other things. I love to call the attention. I think it’s part of my life that!

    Name: Jennifer Diaz Hellena Villagran
    Age: 18 years
    Nationalities: Mexican
    Languages: English and Spanish
    talent: Comedy Starring type
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 116 lbs.
    color: white
    body type: athletic body and very shapely
    eyes: large green olive with brown, beautiful eyes
    Teeth: White and right
    Hair: long, light brown
    I have visa and passport to go to the U.S.

  15. Taylor

    my name is Taylor. I am a girl. My friends call me Taya and tease me whenever our school serves tator tots. I am 12 and going to be 13 in June. I do choir and sing as a Soprano. I love singing and I am good at public speaking. I do speech in 4-H. I have always had an interest in acting. I love sports!! I do basketball, volleyball, track which also means that I am strong and very fast. I do shot put and short and distant races. I am only a 7th grader and my English teacher LOVES me. The only problem is that I live in the middle of nowhere (Nebraska) and my family can’t really afford the ticket to travel. So I am hoping that you will take me into consideration because acting is my dream. (:

  16. Aubrey wigginton

    Hi! I am Aubrey, I will be five in May, and I am a star! I love to impersonate my favorite characters and I’m very good at it. A joy to watch!

  17. Name: Elizabeth Kathleen
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: Natural Brown And Curly!

    As you all know now I’m Elizabeth Kathleen. I’m from Texas. I love to sing, dance, act and just have a good time. I would love to become a part of the amazing disney channel family. They seem like nice people to be around. I love acting and I do my best and have a good time but I take it very seriously when it comes to doing it. I would love to walk down the red carpet at the Awards. I love dressing up and shopping and I love music, just music itself! My celeb. crush is: harry styles & Justin Bieber. I like to dance and act while I’m bored and it’s also just a fun thing I love to do, it inspires me a lot! Disney is just a great chance to start my career. It gives me the opportunity to follow my dream and help others with their dreams. I love them actually. Well now you know some things about me, love ya! muah! Hoping I get the audition, I’m all pumped up lol! 🙂

  18. Christian Middlebrooks

    Name: Christian ‘Carlos’ Middlebrooks
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Hight: 5′ 10″
    Weight: 170
    Hair Color: Dark Brown (Curley)
    Race: African-American
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Location: Novi, MI
    About Me: I used to play sports a lot for teams but I started to set it aside for school and so I can get my career started. Sports I’ve played: Football, Basketball, and Baseball. I have a awesome sense of humor, I’m outgoing, I hate awkward silences so I break them with random statements, usually about dolphins. I would say I would be a great actor and I am also a rapper/singer I make original songs and remakes.

    If you did read that thank you very much, and if there is a chance I thank you in advance.

    Have a nice rest of your day

  19. Ilein Echeverria

    Hi . My name is Ilein Echeverria . I love to act & sing . It’s been my dream since I was a little kid . I auditioned for a couple of auditions here in Fort Wayne , Indiana & I made it , but never afforded to go . My mom , sisters , & me , are hoping that i have a chance at this . I’m a really great listener so whatever you want , I ‘ll do it . I have been in lots of school theater & choir shows . My mom says I’m pretty talented . & I would do anything to have an opportunity at this .

    Details :
    Height – 5 ’4
    Hair Color – Long dark brown
    Age – 14
    Gender – Female
    Eye Color – Light brown .
    Race – Mexican / Hispanic
    Skin Tone – Im kind of pale .

    Thanks for the attention , & I really hope there is a chance .

  20. Cindy

    Hi, I’m Cindy and I really LOVE Kick’in It. I would really LOVE to be on it, but I’m 11, so my hopes are doubtful, but I would be so glad to be on it!

  21. Antonia Michel

    Hi My name is Antonia
    I’m 14
    I’ve got long blonde hair.
    I’m from Germany but my dream is to work in America. I played in some musicals and I have
    singing lessons. Please send me email and give me a chance. thanks
    Gender – female

  22. Bo Peoples

    Hello my name is Bo peoples…..I’m totally hyped about leaving a message on your blog!!!I would play any male character… I have participated in many school plays along with our city theater, please PICK ME…..you won’t see my talent unless you PICK ME!!!!

  23. Waltavious love

    Hi in Waltavious Love but I’m known as Dr.love. I wanted to be an actor when I first saw Zack and Cody. They where comical and funny, which is how I would be like on a tv show. I can fit a lot of parts. I’m short for my age which is 14 and I can act younger than my age or older which ever you prefer. Please email, you will make my dream come true.

  24. Elizabeth

    Hi my name is Elizabeth! I’m 12 years old and I have brown eyes and light brown hair with red and blonde natural highlights. I’ve watched so many disney shows from when I was really little and even to now. I do not have a lot of experience with acting but I have wrote a play or two for my friends and I act it out! I guess you would say I’m very athletic. The sports I do currently are soccer, gymnastics, field hockey, and horseback riding. If you have any questions please e-mail me. Thanks for reading this comment and I hope you take me to consideration.Thank you!

  25. isabella musachio

    Name: Isabella Musachio

    Skin Color: caucasion
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Location: New York
    Height: 5’5
    Age: 13
    I’ve been interested in acting and singing since age 2, like Barney and shows similar. I am a fast learner and fun spirited. If anything had to be changed I will change it then and there no questions asked. My parents did not agree with me acting in the beginning, but now they see that I have it in me. Being able to move toward my goal would complete my dream. I am willing to travel. I look forward to hearing from you.

  26. oscar

    Hey my name is Oscar Jimenez and acting has always been a dream. It would be a dream to join a cast here. I am a quick learner and I would like a chance to prove myself.

  27. Sierra

    Hello, my name is Sierra.

    Height: 5ft

    Weight: 105lbs

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Brown

    Age: 14

    Home: Around Kansas City Missouri

    I have auditioned for a Talent Agency in San Antonio Texas called “The” and got a call back. Sadly we had to move so I couldn’t go for it. I would absolutely love to be on Disney Channel. I can sing and dance, and I have complete confidence in my acting and myself in general. I believe I can do anything, be anything if I put my mind to it.

    Sierra, next Disney Star.

  28. Nyeah

    Hello my name is Nyeah and I am 14 years old . It is a dream of mine to be an actor on Disney Channel . Ever since watching That’s So Raven when I was a little girl I wanted to join the Disney Channel Crew. I love to make people laugh just making them laugh and seeing them laugh puts joy to my heart . I can sing, I am in drama , and I can dance. I really love to act. I love putting on a show and having great time. I know I can make it in life if I put my mind to it and give it my all. And that is what I am doing rising up to the top of the world . I know this is what I want and I am going to climb up to get it. I am Nyeah the next Disney Channel star. It is my dream, the dream that will come true . And thank you for reading and I hope you would email me back to let me know what do you think or have any questions and etc .

  29. bar

    I have always complimented me on how I act and the way I can play the scenes and situation. I have a lot of experience playing, singing and dancing.
    I finished a course on plays and performed lead roles in theater in my town. I always got to function together and separately and in solo singing and dancing. I can play in a situation like fake cry. I have an American accent and I speak English and British. Like I said, I have experience standing up on stage to sing and act to the camera. I do not know where the next meeting is and I would like the opportunity to show you my talent.
    I’m thin and my height is 1.55 m, brown honey hair and eyes. I’m athletic and I have a beautiful smile.
    I have good work ethics. I am good at what I do and I think it would be great if I could be part of productions. Disney got me into acting and singing and I have been doing it since I was a child. I promise I would show you everything I’ve got, and always give the best and more than one hundred percent.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, please get back to me, it would change my life.

  30. Anna Dinkins

    My name is Anna and I really love to sing and act. I can sing really well. I sing in the choir and sometimes I post videos on YouTube, so you can check them out if you want to. I hope I get the opportunity to show what I’m made of.

  31. sofia schioppa

    HI! My name is Sofia, I will love to be in that show. I speak English and am 12 years old. I can look like a girl of 13-15. I’m tall, have brown eyes and Latin-American skin tone. My hair is brown and long. I can sing and act. I will love to act because that’s my dream. I really want to be part of it. I know this is new for me, but I would appreciate it a lot if you would contact me if I could be part of this project, I hope you will give me this opportunity to act.
    Thank you so much!!

  32. langa ndlazi

    Am langa ndlazi, am 15, a boy and am hot. Being an actor is one thing I am always thinking about when alone.I know I am good in acting and acting is my passion. Thank you love? langa ndlazi

  33. Victoria L

    Name: Victoria L
    Gender: female
    Age: 13 ( turning 14 on August)
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 119 pounds
    Hair: black and wavy
    Eyes: dark brown
    Ethnicity: Asian (but most people think that I’m Asian-American)

    Hello guys, I would love to be part of this project, I know this is new for me, but I would appreciate it a lot if you would contact me if I could be part of this project, I hope you will give me this opportunity to act.

    Thank you so much for your time if you have read.

  34. Margarita

    I’m Margarita, I´m from Costa Rica. I will love to be in that show. I speak English and am 13 years old. I can look like a girl of 13-15. I’m tall, have brown eyes and Latin-American skin tone. My hair is brown and long. I can sing and act and I can also make jokes that are really good. I will love to act because that’s my dream.

  35. Michaela

    I’m 11. I been watching Disney shows since I was born. I was singing and dancing since I was 2. I participated in 3 talent shows, I was singing! I get all A’s and always two Bs and I just love acting and singing.

  36. Jassi

    Hi I’m jassi, and I’m 18 years old. I’m Indian and can bring the foreign spice to make people laugh. I’m 6′ ft and love to act. Unfortunately my parents don’t really believe in my acting career, but this is what I love. Contact me, and you won’t be disappointed!

  37. sam

    Hi I’m Sam, I have loved disney for a long time. I guess you could say it kinda kept me emotionally stable after my brother was diagnosed with cancer. I mean if I want a laugh, disney could get me to that happy place again. I am 15, I live in Sandusky Ohio with my family. I am definitely willing to travel or do whatever it takes to complete my dream. Thank you for giving the time to read this.

  38. Asia Chatman

    Name: Asia Chatman

    Skin Color: African-American
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Location: Milwaukee,Wisconsin
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 159
    Age: 15
    I’ve been interested in acting since age 2, like Barney and shows similar. My parents didn’t agree with me acting in the beginning, but now they see that I have it in me. Being able to move toward my goal would complete my dream. I am willing to travel. I look forward to exchanging words in the future.

  39. camilla

    I’m 12. I’ve experimented with music for 6 years and dance for 4 years. I’ve started acting like since I was born. I am 159cm tall and I am Canadian. I hope you’ll still accept me. Other thing you need to know is I have light skin and dark hair, I’m Chinese. I get really good grades in school. Not history but I’m going to a tutor. I have 1 sister and a talent in hip hop 🙂 please read this and tell me where auditions can be held for a role playing in Disney Jessie or A.N.T. Farm. Thank you for reading.

  40. siya zenzile

    Hay! I’m Siya, a South African young man who’s very interested in acting. I live in the Beautiful city of Cape Town. Black hair, brown eyes and about 2.2m tall(very tall boy). I am 14 years old. I’m confident and I think I would do a good job in that field. I like working with other people and yeah that’s me!

  41. quan lester

    Hi my name is Quan. I am 12 years old. I am a boy and I have an interest for acting. I am a committed person and I want to accomplish my goals and be successful. I am a hard working person. thank you for this opportunity.

  42. Megan

    Hi! My name is Megan in Wisconsin. I love acting, singing and modeling. I am of average height, brown hair, blue eyes, and am 14 years old. This would be an excellent opportunity for me because I have worked so hard and if you choose me I promise I will not let you down. Thank you so much for this opportunity! 🙂

  43. Megan

    Hi! My name is Megan and I live in Wisconsin:) I am 14 years old, have medium brown hair, blue eyes, am average height and pretty skinny. I am very athletic, love acting, fashion and singing. This would be an excellent opportunity for me because I love acting and performing in front of people. Thank you so much, and if you choose me, I promise, I will not let you down. Thanks again!

  44. vivian caceres

    Hi everyone!!! I’m Vivian Caceres!! I love to sing and act! I always act little scripts with my sisters and sing in my room until somebody yells shut up, haha!! I’ve been in plays for my school..wizard of oz. It was really fun. Well right now I am a cheerleader for my school. I’m going to disney auditions in 2013. And this is how I plan on getting my acting career started!!! I am so excited!

  45. My name is Shannon, I’m 14, and I love acting! I am from Austin, Tx! I really want to act on TV, so if anyone important sees this, will you make my years of hard work into something to be proud of?

  46. Tanya Rivero

    I am 11 years old. I have lots of experiences in acting and singing like:
    I played in a play, Anne of green gables as Prissy Andrews.
    I have been in something called Showcase, 2 times, I got in first place one year, the second year, second, Both for singing.
    I do kiwanis every year, I got in first place for singing, 2, and 3.
    For acting I have had a six hour workshop with Bob Luke, Josh Hutchersons agent.
    I have also had a 6 hour workshop with Demi Lovato’s cast mate for Camp Rock, Jasmine Richards.
    I have done a concert against bullying with some friends, on a real stage, that showcase put up.
    I have 2 different singing teachers. I have done lessons 6 years, along with Piano. I can sing and play at the same time, like Someone like you, set fire to the rain, No one Alicia Keys! I could learn many many more.
    I also have done guitar. Not lots of it, but I have for 3 months.
    I have blond hair and blue eyes, my heritage is Canadian, Romanian,and Cuban. I speak English and French. I am learning Spanish and Romanain.

    Unfortunately, I live in Canada, ON. But I travel lots. Every year I go to Florida twice, New York in the summers, Europe too.
    Please consider me, it would mean everything. It would be my dream come true,

  47. Shadiamond Jackson

    My name is Shadiamond, friends call me Shae, I’m 18 and I love acting.

  48. emma

    bonjour je m’apelle emma j’ai 13 ans je suis francaise d’origine malgacche mahoraise je vie en france plus presisément a nîmes je ses danser chanter j’aime beaucoup jouer de la comedi jai fai 3 ans de theatre


    jespére etre selectionné pour vous montrer de koi je suis capable aurevoi est peut etre a bientot

  49. Skyler White

    My name is Skyler White. I’m from Cochran,Georgia. I always wanted to be on TV ever since I was 3 years old. I want to be on kickin’ it. A lot of things I’ve watched have inspired me to be on tv. I hope I get to audition someday.

  50. Diane Sevele

    My name is Diane and I would love to be in this show, I’ve always dreamed of being famous and becoming an actress. I’m 16. I’ve studied drama and dance for 3 years in high school and hoping you’ll pick me for the cast. Thanks and I’m from New Zealand.

  51. Kiana Mallery

    Name: Kiana Mallery
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 feet
    Weight: 126 pounds
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Skin Color: White
    Eye Color: Hazel-ish
    Location: Kentucky.
    Special skills: Played many sports, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, I play DRUM SET and can play it well, I have a great sense of humor, I’m fun to be around, and I say I’m pretty good at acting too!


    Hi my name is DANIEL MAIO. I am 11years old but I look like I am 12-13-14 years old because I am tall for my age. I promise I will put your show as #1 and get your show on top.THANK YOU

  53. Elise

    Hi My name is Elise
    I’m 14 Look 14-16yrs
    im 5’7
    Reddish Brown Long Hair
    Had experience at Acting classes
    Skin – Fair with Freckles
    Eyes – Blue
    Gender – Female

    Hey I’m Elise, a 14 year old girl from England. I have dreamed of being on Disney Channel my whole life. I have been Modelling since end of July and would love to take part in this 🙂 Thank you so much for reading this !! 🙂

  54. Erica

    Hello my name is Erica but my friends call me lashes because my eyelashes are long and pretty. I love to act I am in drama class where we do lots of different plays. I would love to be on Disney channel because it will be fun and it will be a good experience for me.

  55. Allison Sudia

    Hi, I’m Allison and my IDENTICAL twin sister and I are 14 years old.
    Talent: DANCING,acting, modeling

    We’ve been doing competitive dance for 9 years. We are trained in all styles of dance. We also have done ACTING and modeling. WE’VE always dreamed of being in a tv show. We have our own youtube channel and we make short film movies.WE would love being apart of the cast. IT WOULD BE OUR DREAM!

  56. Hayley

    Hi, my name is Hayley and I love acting. I am the star of a play at the Springer Opera House in downtown Columbus Georgia. If you are interested please email me thank you!

  57. Chloe

    Hi, my name is Chloe, but some people call me CoCo. I’m 12 years old and I love acting and singing and my friends say I’m really good at it, but the problem is I live in the UK if you have a solution please email me! Thank You! 🙂

    1. Jayli

      Just buy a flight

  58. Scott

    Hello there, My name is Scott. I am 16, I love to sing and act, I play guitar very regularly, and I even write my own songs! I have always wanted to be part of something bigger than me, so I am hoping this is finally my chance. I hope you can consider me for an audition!

  59. Jenny

    I’m Jennifer or Dulce, what ever you want to call me is fine. Well I’m 16 and I love acting. I always had since I was just a Little girl and I’ll love to be in your show, even if I’m only in the back. Well I hope you guys would consider it. Thank You. <3

  60. Poochi

    Hi! I’m Poochi. Birth name is Kiara but Poochi fits me, poochi’s a cartoon bunny…(my alter ego). I’m very professional. Sometimes, I would tell you MORE about me, but I have something in the oven so I can’t really use a lot of characters. But… Is there an email I could contact? (I feel like I’m talking to myself). Chow 🙂

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