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Auditions and Tryouts 2014 – Disney Channel Auditions and Nickelodeon

New Disney TV series “Super Awesome Katy”

A new Disney TV show is currently holding auditions for new cast members. The new show is called “Super Awesome Katy” and it is Zendaya Coleman’s new project. That’s right, Zendaya has another Disney show she will be starring in and this time she is “Super Awesome”.

Zendaya, now older plays a teen whose family is in the spy business, trying to follow in her families foot steps, Zendaya wants to be a teenage spy herself. Zendaya plays Katy… a super awesome wiz kid who is great at almost anything but really great at computers and science. Since “Shake It Up” is finally over, it’s great that Zendaya will be getting another show and another cast to support her in the new Disney Channel series.

So Zendaya gets the lead role, but rumor has it that other great parts are still up for grab and casting directors are still holding auditions and casting calls for supporting roles and guest stars for various episodes.

Rob Lotterstein, of ‘Shake It Up’ is also going to produce this new Disney channel Pilot, and the show, if it gets picked up by the Disney Channel. Right now the show is in its pilot stage and if Disney likes the pilot, they will pick up the show and make it into a full blown series.

Disney Channel 2014 auditions

If this Disney TV pilot goes into full series production, we can expect to see it on air either late in 2014 or early in 2015…. and we all hope that Disney does pick it up because Zendaya needs a new project and those wishing to also audition and get on the show hope that it all works out.

So who do you think should star alongside of Zendaya Coleman in this new show? Do you have some great actors in mind…. use the comment section to let everyone know about who should get the casting call for “Super Awesome Katy”.

Zendaya casting call for new show

Since we love pretty much everything Disney, this show sounds great and hopefully it will become a new series giving lots of others a way to get on a Disney Channel show…. including background extras who will get hired once the show goes into full production.

For anyone that questions Zendaya’s popularity, you can check out this video that has over 37 million views:

We know that Zendaya gets the lead role but it would be great to see who else auditions for the coveted roles and who aces their audition and actually gets the gig.

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107 Responses to “New Disney TV series “Super Awesome Katy””

  1. Kathryn Madison says:

    I’ve always dreamed of being on TV, especially to work alongside someone as talented as Zendaya, and I do act, sing (still working on that department, but I might not be that bad),and write. I honestly and truly think that I could ace any script and/or audition given to me. Well, almost any. I just love acting. I’m 13 years old, 5″4′, creative, unique, and my own fabulous kind of weird. I love, live and just want to expand the things I’ve done, and successfully complete all of my goals, while still learning and having an awesome time. Hey, I may be a little late, but I still think I could have a chance. Please consider me, and thanks very much! :-)

  2. Kathryn Madison says:

    Hey, I’m Kathryn Madison, I love acting, writing, and I’m still working on my singing, but I might not be that bad. It’s always been a dream of mine to be on TV, and to be able to work with someone as talented as Zendaya. I’m 5″4′ and I’m 13 years old.

  3. Katie Peterson says:

    HI I would like to say I love acting and my name is actually Katie. I am not lying I love to sing and dance. I absolutely love Zendaya and I have an uncle who lives near the Hollywood area so I wouldn’t have to move. I can cry easily and I can act really mature and funny. I have seen every movie ever made including some from the 1900′s so please call or email me with the news if I get it, thanks. I really need this ( having hard times with my mom )! thanks Katie

  4. Vanessa says:

    Hi my name is vanessa. It has been my dream to act… Especially on disney channel… Since I first watched it! I have seen so many amazing actors on this channel and I have been obsessed with many of the Disney stars – Dove Cameron, Olivia Holt, and more! Please give me a chance! I am 11 years old.

  5. Tiffany soto says:

    I am 11 live in USA . I love to sing play with my brother, he has autism and I am 7. I love him so much.

  6. Kennedi Chastine says:

    Hi my name is Kennedi and I would first like to say that I love Zendaya! She is my role model. I feel as though she’s an older version of me waiting just to happen. I’m about the same age she was when she auditions for Shake It up I remember when on T.V. she said that you started out as an inchworm or something and now she’s on Shake It Up! So I took what she said and believed in myself, mostly because I started like that. I had to play the number 3 in a school play when I was little. I wanted to give up because I thought I would keep getting little parts like that every time, but I still pushed myself to go harder. I’ve always dreamt of singing and dancing on Disney Channel, I’ve even imagined myself getting a pink stick to write my name and say “Hi I’m Kennedi Chastine and your watching Disney Channel!” I always kid with my friends about that, but I’m hoping one day that dream will turn into reality. My friends call me a drama queen because I’m always pretending to be someone on disney channel and memorizing their lines for no apparent reason just for show. It’s silly though. But anyway, I’m Kennedi Chastine. I have one brother who is 4 named Aaryn. (you can tell by the name he’s a handful) I have a mother named KImberly and a father named Torrey. I live in Lithonia, Georgia. I am an 11 year old 5’1 mixed African American. My birthday is April 21st, 2002. It would be an honor to be on the new series SUPER AWESOME KATY!!!!!

  7. Skyy says:

    Hey my name is Skyy, I’m 12 years old. I think I will be great for a role in this new show “Super Awesome Katy” because I love acting even when I was little, I loved to act. My parents say I’m very dramatic. I wouldn’t care being an extra in the background. All I know is that I want to start acting more and more so I can learn a lot more. So that’s why I think a can have a role or be an extra in the show.

  8. Perla Enriquez says:

    My name is Perla. I’m 15 years old. Brown eyes brown hair tan. Hispanic. I just want to see if I can be someone in life. I also have a twin. But we’re not Identical. I play soccer. I may not be skinny most people want to see but I will not change for anyone.

  9. Perla Enríquez says:

    I’m from a small town in Kansas, have a big personality. I can get along with mostly anybody. I’m a jokester. I am 15 year old I like playing soccer so I am kind of tan have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’3. I want to prove everyone wrong that I can become someone in life. I’m a twin the one in the left. We’ll yeaaaaaaaaa…

  10. Isabella Torres says:

    Hey, I’m Isabella. I am 13. And I decided I wanna do acting just like my dad. Also i don’t want to be doubted anymore, I wanna prove a point to the people to doubt me right now, and I wanna make it to the top like they say I can’t, I’m going to take that challenge, even if I lose half way there, at least I tried, at least I made an effort to, and the experience I would have just got from that would be cool too. I don’t wanna work at a boring job sitting in a boring cubicle faxing papers all day while getting nothing else to drink but coffee, no, I wanna act, I want to be important in life, I wanna be looked up to, by kids.

  11. Isabella Torres says:

    Hey, I’m Isabella. I am 13. And I decided I wanna do acting just like my dad. Also i want to prove a point to the people who doubt me now and don’t believe I can do this they don’t believe I can make it to the top but when I do they will remember me and be amazed of what I am capable of, the will be the ones saying “I know Isabella”. I don’t wanna be a boring normal person who works in a cubicle shredding papers all day with her coffee, No, I wanna act, I wanna be important.

  12. Emilee Burleson says:

    I’m Emilee and I’m 12! (13 in Sep.) I would like to star in this show because I want to experience what I want my career to be! I’m 5’7, dirty blonde hair, and hazel eyes! I have been in a few plays and portrayed Oprah Winfrey! Most people say I have a great personality! That is just about me and if you want to know more just contact me!

  13. Kayla Rayburn says:

    Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, or Tiffiany Thorton.

  14. Chantz Austin says:

    Hey! My name is Chantz Austin! I’m 5′ 11, and I have worked my whole life trying to get into Disney Channel! I’ve currently auditioned for a place called, CastHub, but it was way too expensive. I wish to be apart of ANY Disney Program, possible! Even as an extra! It’s a start! And, It would be my dream to be apart of this production! I can sing, act, make people laugh, and I love Disney Channel. So if you would take the time out of your day, just email me and have a full on conversation with me, and you will never regret it! Thank!

  15. Jenna Anderson says:

    Hi I’m 4’11 and I’m 13 going to be 14. I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I love acting and singing and modeling and everything to do with craziness. I have a lot of different personality and love to make new characters and I think I can add a lot of personality to this, show thank you for the opportunity./

  16. Ronnae Murray says:

    hi my name is Ronnae. I’m 18 years old and I love all things to do with performing.
    I do have experience with acting I’ve been in every school play since kindergarten and, I am now in college I have done the Sacramento theatre company acting camp and I was the lead role in a community theater over the summer of 2013. I have been in the Sacramento ballet is production of The Nutcracker four years in a row and I was on my school’s inaugural dance team my senior year.
    I’m 5 foot 3, African American, I play the piano, design, love fashion, write, sing, dance,I can cry naturally and just love the performing arts.

  17. jenna anderson says:

    How do we audition for the part

  18. Courtney says:

    Where do you find the audition info for this or have they already cast it? I am soon to be 10. When I was 8 I played Scout in “to kill a mockingbird”. I currently have a contract with sight and sound theater and play several parts in their current production. Contract is up DEC. 31, 2014. I also sing and dance. Singing is not my strongest point because I have never had lessons, but my musical theater teacher thinks if I would get lessons that I would be a great singer. Not saying that to brag, just so you know. I have also been dancing since age 3. I have participated in several competitions and talent shows. I was tiny miss Randolph CO. when I was 5, and I am the current little miss firecracker for Taney co. I have had some modeling experience…. I have done a few fashion shows and modeled for children’s place.

  19. Felicia says:

    Ok I know a lot of people want to be in a show or become famous. But if you can believe it, you can do it….you are gonna do it! I have been dreaming about this forever, but I just had to keep trying. And what ever it takes to follow my dreams and be who I want to be, I WILL do that! I believe I can be in this show! honestly I don’t do it for fame, I just wanna show young kids to learn to follow their own dreams. Anyway.. I am 11 and a half, 4’4, I know I’m short for my age but I’m ok with it, please Disney this is my dream!

    Felicia Figueroa

    • Breana Shields says:

      Hey. I agree with you. I am right now working on becoming a singer. I don’t want to do this due to fame and popularity, but I want to do this due to the fact that I love to sing. Music period has always been part of me and its really the only this that I am talented at, next to acting. I also want to become a singer to prove to others that it really does mean something when you chase after your dreams and make them come true. Sincerely, Breana Shields:age 13.

  20. Olivia Magee says:

    I would really love to be on this tv show. I have some experience acting. I also enjoy singing.I have waited for this time all my life. I would really enjoy if you would give me this chance.Thanks so much!

  21. Kiki Hulse says:

    Hi! My name is Kiki. I’m eleven years old and I stand at about 5’2. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I also have autism, Aspergers, and I like to express myself through voice acting and acting. My family believes I have charisma and I would love to show you. Thank you and I hope to hear from you. I love acting and want to show society that Autistic kids can express themselves too! Plus working with Zendaya would be rad!!

  22. Samantha Hernandez says:

    I’m 15 years old 5’2 and like to act. I’ve played volleyball and basketball for 3 years. I like to get peoples attention.

  23. Valeria Castaneda says:

    My Resume
    Name: Valeria Castaneda
    DOB: August 08,2001
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5’2
    Experience:Fame Jr…..Dance ensemble
    Special Skills: Speaks English and Spanish, Swimming, Model, Actress
    Interests: Want to be an actress, Singer.
    Personality: Love pale pastel colors, dresses, and bows.

  24. Seaira says:

    Hi I’m Seaira, I am 12 Years old and I am looking for a great acting career. I would love to be part of Disney Channels NEW Show (soon) Super Awesome Katy!!!! And if I can’t get a daily role can you arrange me to have a extra role? plz and thank you! :) plz contact me!! :)

    I have blue eyes,White skin,rosy red cheeks and blonde Brown hair (dirty blonde) I have a obsession with CB and Minecraft (CameronB)

  25. Alejandra says:

    I am Alejandra. I love to act and model. I am 11, I am young but a very good actor and I can sing, replay back.

  26. Mikayla Blevins says:

    I think I would be perfect for a role in the show. I’m 15 years old and 5ft tall. I absolutely love to sing, dance and act. Last year I auditioned for a Disney Channel Show and Nickelodeon through (removed). When I auditioned, a member of ‘Victorious’ told me I was the best he had seen so far. Growing up as a little girl I always knew I had a passion to entertain people. When I sing, all eyes are on me. When I dance I’m in the spot light and when I act in front of the camera, I’m a whole different person. In school I challenge myself to compete with the more inteligent students that’s why I had a G.P.A of 4.0. It wasn’t easy but I was very perservering and dedicated to school just like I am in Singing , Acting and Dancing. I feel like my purpose on this here Earth is to entertain and acting is one of the best ways and to have a shot on this show would be just perfect.

  27. ketiesha robinson says:

    Hi, my name is Ketiesha Robinson, I am an African American 17 year old female and I am a little under 5’5″. It is/will always be my dream to be an actor on disney channel. Many people just want to be on disney channel just to get famous but I want to for other reasons. I have a lot of little cousins who I’ve noticed looked up to me in a major way. They want to do the things I do, act the way I act, go the places I go etc. Its such a wonderful feeling to know that you make a difference in someones life and although it is enough to know that my family looks up to me, I want to be able to inspire little girls and boys or even teen agers the way I inspire my cousins. I have a little acting experience but I am really /eager to learn. I’ve been looking for ways to get an audition at a casting call for disney channel for years but for some reason I couldn’t find a reliable source or I was always too late. If this is the only way for me to get an audition for disney channel then I really hope it works. I can sing, dance, act. I’v been told that I have a great personality and I’m very outgoing. I understand that there’s a lot of hard work that goes into becoming an actress but I am ready for the job no matter how big or small. Please consider me, it’ll be a dream come true! Thank you!

  28. Irene Torres says:


    Name: Irene Shanece P. Torres

    Age: 19

    Age appearance: 16 – 24

    DOB: March 06, 1995

    Location: Northern Marianas Islands (Saipan, MP 96950)

    Hobby: Reading, writing novels and poems, acting

    Occupation: College student, rising actress

    Height: 5’2″

    Weight: 143

    Hair Color/Length: Brown/Shoulder length

    Eye Color: Brown

    Lead – [Footloose (Drama/Thespian); Little Mermaid (Drama/Thespian); Midsummer Nights Dream (Drama/Thespian); Fahrenheit 451 (Drama/Thespian); Coyote Ugly (Drama/Thespian); Romeo & Juliet (Drama/Thespian)]
    Supporting – [The Dentist (Drama/Thespian); Governess (Drama/Thespian); Teen Drama (Drama/Thespian); Reese Took Drugs (Drama/Thespian)]

    Extra – [Crime Stoppers Awareness (commercial); Child Abuse Prevention (commercial); Beautify-CNMI (commercial)]


    Acting (11 years) – [Acting 101 (2003 – 2007); **Dramatic Theater (2007 – 2010); Advance Acting (2010 – Present)

    Dancing (7 years) – [Glushko’s Academy (2007 – 2010); Dream Academy (2010 – Present)

    **In Dramatic Theater, I took 2 semesters (3 months each) of Speech Communications classes**

    Why I want to act?

    - Mainly because I am the eldest of 9 children and I tell everyone of them to follow through until you achieve what you aspire. I’ll be a hypocrite if I don’t at least try to do the same. Plus, I have the experience and the passion to keep acting. I love doing it.

  29. Olivia Kean says:

    Hi Disney Channel producers, directors, and casting directors! I’m Olivia and I am 13 years old! This seems like a wonderful opportunity to be apart of what seems to be yet another, Disney Channel hit show. I do have acting experience. I go to acting classes every week at a place called Stage Right. I also do musical theater at a place called Apple Hill Playhouse during the summer. I have done kid friendly musicals such as Alice in Wonderland, The Enchanted Sleeping Beauty, etc. I have done many different roles(one time I played 3 roles in one musical)! My acting teacher tells me I have a big personality, which is a good quality to have as an actress. Sadly, I don’t have an agent. But hey, neither did Selena Gomez when she was on Barney. Her mom took her to that audition. & look where she is today! Aside from acting, I also LOVE to sing. I’m in my schools chorus group and I have sung numerous solos at church. Zendaya is definitely someone I look up to. She can sing, act, dance, and she’s gorgeous! I hope to be like her and Selena Gomez. I am 5 foot 1 and I weigh 105 pounds. I have dark hair, dark eyes, and light skin. I would love to be able to get a shot at this. Every movie star, pop star, and Disney Channel star has to get their start somewhere, am I right? If you are interested in giving me a shot, feel free to email me. Thank you.

  30. lily says:

    I’m 9 years old and my name is Lily.
    I love spying, dancing and singing. I would love to be able to have a chance to be on tv with my favorite disney stars.

  31. Madelyn says:

    Hi, I’m Madelyn. I have what it takes to be in “Super Awesome Katy.” I am 14 years old in April, about 5 feet tall, have hazel eyes, dark brown hair (might be dying parts of it soon, highlights or tips), I have been in four theatre productions and three school productions. I am a great singer and actor, according to my friends, teachers, siblings, parents, and family-friends. I live in Ohio, so I might not be able to audition, especially if my mom won’t let me, but you might be able to use this for future reference. Thank you, and good day.

  32. Michelle says:

    Hi my name is Michelle and I’m 14 yrs old. I would like to be in “super awesome Katy” because I Believe I can do my best. I love Acting, Singing, hip hop Dancing, Helping people and More, but those are the ones that I really truly Love. I feel like acting is my Life, I always Believe in Myself and Never give up on my Dreams. I would be Super Happy if I got this Role.

  33. Baron King says:

    I believe I have what it takes to be on the new show “Super Awesome Katy” because I can bring good characteristics to the show that some other actors can’t. I’m 18 years old, I have experience with film acting and I would love to be part of this project to make it one of the best shows on Disney.

  34. Cassidee Fall says:

    Hi! My names Cassidee. I’m 20 years old, but get told a lot that I look a lot younger (16-17). I have been in 3 school plays and did a bunch of musical theatre when I was younger. I have been waiting for Family Channel to start a new show and would love the opprotuntiy to be apart of it! Thank you for your time!

  35. Quaneria Epps says:

    Hey! I’M Quaneria. I will love to join this show. I love acting, it is apart of my life because I love creating different people. I’m 12 and about 5 ft.2. I’m tall. I am a honor roll student and never ever got a c. My favorite subject is math. I have brown hair and brown eyes plus brown skin. My favorite color is blue. Things I like to do: I love acting, cooking, getting lead roles, and my best fashion.

  36. Katara jones says:

    Sorry I would like to write a better comment,
    Hi I am a ten year old girl, my range is Charlotte NC and I can also go to Georgia. It is my dream to be on Disney and dreams seem to come true like Gabby Douglas when she won her gold and was on her favorite show. Zendaya Coleman was on TV and danced and sang. She did what she loved and had a chance and took that chance. I want to take that chance that people get and take it all the way.
    Love Katara jones

  37. Katara Jones says:

    Hi, I am in the NC area but I could work in the Atlanta Georgia area. I am a hard working girl. I get good grades and I know what slate means. I’ve been in one play but I still know what I’m doing because I practice acting. It has always been a dream of mine because when people like Zendaya get on that stage and put their hearts into what they love. I want to one day be apart of the Disney family, thank you for taking the time to look at this and bye.

  38. Kortni Knodel says:

    My name is Kortni. I would LOVE to be on the new show “Super Awesome Katy”. I am Zendaya’s biggest fan. It would be my dream come true. I am 10 years old, 4ft 10 inches tall,and 74 pounds. I have dark blonde hair and pretty brown eyes. I am a straight A student. I am in student council. I play basketball.I have performed in school plays and talent show. I am athletic. I would love for you to consider me for this part in her show. I have my mom and dads permission to send this in to you. Thank you, Kortni Knodel.

  39. Zakiah says:

    If I can’t get a role, I would also love to be a background extra.

  40. Zakiah says:

    Hi my name is Zakiah. I am 13 years old and my future dream is to act. I know you guys are looking for people with experience and that you have already seen on TV but I have full potential and I’ll do whatever it takes to be on TV.

    Characteristics about me:
    I am about 5 ft.
    I love math and science
    I am an honor student(never got a c or below on my report card)
    I can play a little guitar
    I play trombone
    I love to cook
    I love fashion
    I can cry naturally
    I have been the lead part in plays in elementary school
    I love acting

    Thank you

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