Disney Holiday shows begin with “Jessie” and “Good Luck Charlie” crossover show

Disney Holiday shows begin with “Jessie” and “Good Luck Charlie” crossover show

Disney Christmas season programming is coming later this month and new episodes of many of their shows are planned including a crossover episode of “Good Luck Charlie” and “Jessie“.

Disney Channel Auditions
2013 / 2014 Disney Casting

The crossover episode is supposed to air on November 29th with a one hour special in which “Jessie” star Debbie Ryan performs a new Christmas themed song. Disney also has other Christmas specials and musicals in store which include a musical episode of “Austin and Ally” which will feature a duet with Austin (Ross Lynch) and Ally (Laura Marano).

December usually is the month for “Fa-la-la-lidays” – The network’s December shows usually have a holiday feel and for the last few years have been called “Fa-la-la-lidays“. This year seems to follow that same plan and “Fa-la-la-lidays” will officially kick off on Friday November 29th.

Also, during the month, Disney comes out with some Xmas themed movies. In previous years they have aired the The Christmas Visitor, The Ultimate Christmas Present, ‘Twas the Night, Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure, and Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas! Along with their seasonal movies, the network usually casts and films seasonal episodes to air this month.

Here are some of the other new episodes planned:

  • “Liv and Maddie” has an episode planned this season in which Liv (Dove Cameron) sings a holiday song.
  • “A.N.T. Farm”, “Dog With A Blog” and “Wander Over Yonder” should also have some holiday themed shows.
  • Plus with it being Christmas season and all, Disney will be airing some holiday movies…. “”Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!,” “Disney’s A Christmas Carol,”, “Santa Buddies,” and “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause”

A recent Disney Channel press release has listed the following special episodes that will air this month starting with the special episode of   “Jessie” and “Good Luck Charlie”!


Disney Jessie

Jessie” and “Good Luck Charlie”

“Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas” – In the crossover episode, Teddy and PJ travel to New York City to tour a university, but a blizzard prevents their return home in time for Christmas. After meeting Jessie on the subway, they embark on a Ross family holiday like no other. Back in Denver, Bob takes the Duncan kids to meet Santa, but Gabe is not in the holiday spirit.


“Liv and Maddie”

“Fa La La La-A-Rooney” – Liv is asked to sing a duet at the town’s holiday spectacular but her partner, a nine-year-old aspiring singer, is not quite what she seems. Meanwhile, Pete and Maddie are tasked with decorating the town Christmas tree, and Parker sabotages Joey’s get-rich-quick Santa booth.

 “Austin & Ally

“Mix-Ups & Mistletoes” – Trish is organizing a Kids Club holiday party at which Austin and Ally will perform their original holiday song and distribute Austin Moon dolls, but a mix-up at the toy factory leads to a scramble. Meanwhile, Trish puts Dez and his arch nemesis, Chuck, through a competition to determine who will be a better Santa for the party.


 “A.N.T. Farm

“silANT night” – Grundy tries to surprise the ANTs by dressing up as Santa Claus, but things take a surprising turn when the backup computer locks the kids in the school after its analytics deem Santa to be bad. It’s up to the ANTs to work together and convince the computer of the true meaning of the holidays so that it will unlock the building and they can return home for the holidays.

“Dog With A Blog”

“Twas the Fight Before Christmas” – Avery sets out to create the perfect Christmas in anticipation of a visit from her Aunt, her mom’s ultra-competitive sister. A series of mishaps take place when Stan invites a stray dog named Sparky to spend the holiday with the family.

 “Wander Over Yonder”

“The Little Guy” – When the tiniest Watchdog cadet, Westley, is accidentally left behind on a planet, Wander and Sylvia befriend him and pretend to be his prisoners to help him reunite with Hater. Guest starring Aziz Ansari (“Parks and Recreation”, “Scrubs”, “This is the End”) as Westley the watchdog.


Check out some of the clips from last years Holiday shows:

So lets get ready for the Holiday season, Disney style…. stay tuned for the special episodes coming up.

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Leave some comments and tell us what you think of the new holiday episodes and who you think should be cast in them!


10 thoughts on “Disney Holiday shows begin with “Jessie” and “Good Luck Charlie” crossover show

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    It would be my pleasure to join Disney channel and perform. I’ve been singing since I was just a little girl. Hope one day I get to join the disney cast.
    From Thailand, Bangkok but I now live in WA Perth Australia.

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    1. Maritsa

      Who do you have a crush on?

  3. Amber Calloway

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    Thank you for your time. And please fill free to notify me any time.

  4. Christine Flores

    Hi. My name is Christine and I love the show Jessie. I love to act. I usually act a lot at school. I really hope I can act on your show.

  5. Myranda

    Hi I am Myranda! I sing good, I can act and I will do my best to do whatever.

  6. DeLaney

    Hey my name is DeLaney Davis. I am a very good actor an singer. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I am 11. I think I am great for the show Jessie. I am very spunky and love to dress in bright colors. I would fit great and get along great with the cast. I think I am going to audition in 2014 I live in Indiana by the way. hope I get the role. BYE.

  7. sadie

    My name is sadie, I am 12, almost 13 in December. I love to dance and I love sports. I have brown eyes and brown hair. My hair is short though and I have always wanted to be on disney channel.


    Hi my name is Jose Gonzalez . I am a very good actor . To be on Disney channel would a dream of mine. If you pick me I’ll never let you down. Information : Age 11, DOB 06 – 18 – 02, Height 5’0 , Race Mexican – American.
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    My name is Ella Gilks and I am 14 years old. I can dance and love to act. I am 5’5, brown curly hair with brown eyes and the person that inspired me is Selena Gomez. I live in Cambridge and am willing to take any sacrifice to help me get on Disney channel.

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